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Chapter 4

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The male had striking silver eyes. I had never seen anyone with that eye colour before. But I could keep looking at his eyes forever. The eyes that mocked the camera that took the photo. The irises that languidly stroked the curiosity in people who saw them.

But that was all I was able to get of Torre. Apparently, no one could even take a proper picture of him. Zeke went through great pains to get this picture for me. The rest of his face was covered by the shadow of the newspaper he was reading and his forehead was hidden by the hat he wore.

Next to him was a female in a wheelchair. She seemed to point something to Torre in the newspaper he held. What surprised me was that he was an old soul who preferred newspapers over the online inshots of news we got on our tabs.

They were in a bakery and this one was situated in near the North Pack. It would be a tough time to get through this pack, the pack just like Winter Tribe having a lot of internal issues.

“So,” I began. “He goes here often?”

Zeke shook his head and sipped his lemon soda. “That was his first and last time there.”

“Wonderful,” I commented, placing the picture next to my plate that had a half-eaten slice of vanilla cake. “You took a week to get this? Dave is going to come back today from the shipping and he is going to kill my mother. He said he wanted Torre dead in five days. Since there was a problem in some shipment, he got delayed by two more! I don’t want to delay this any further.”

Zeke gave me an annoyed look. “Do you know how difficult it was to get this picture? A man working under Silas Verda got it. It was damn hard to bribe that guy.”

I closed my eyes and sighed. Even this flavour that usually calmed me, was unable to get me. Opening my eyes, I ate that entire leftover cake in one bite and ordered another.

“Draco,” Zeke whispered. “I am sorry.”

I shook my head. “It’s okay. Rune was able to get a few things about Torre. He is going to see the import of marble in the Northern Coast under Summer Pack. As much as he is protected, today might be the day I can kill him. Not might be. The only time before Dave comes back.”

With a slice of dark forest in one hand and coffee in another, Erica made her way to the table where Zeke and I were sitting. Surprisingly enough, she fit in right with my friends.

“About Torre?” she asked, sitting down on an empty seat. “By the way you search about him, I think you are obsessed with him.”

I gave her a blank look. “Whether I kill him or not decides my future.”

She shrugged. “Whatever. You have missed no one, right, Draco? Then why are fretting?”

“I am fretting because no one has targetted him,” I exclaimed.

She rolled her eyes. “You know what? I am going to go with Zyon and tell you that this one will be amazing!”

“What did Zyon tell?” I asked.

My friend’s faith in me moved me too much.

Erica bit her lip and chuckled. “He said that this mission of yours will be unforgettable. I am beginning to think that too.”

“Unforgettable because I will die!” I said. “Because you guys have to plan a funeral.”

Zeke shook his head calmly. “We have already planned one.” After a pause, he took his mobile out. “We have planned many funerals for you. Want to pick which is your favourite?”

I blinked at the blue-haired male. This was their faith in me. It was good to know.

Erica hit Zeke on his head. “Don’t be an ass.”

Zeke pouted. “I am telling the truth. Look, I have faith in Draco, but I do know Torre.”

Erica sighed. “I must appreciate your ability to be realistic.”

Zeke smiled brightly at her. “Thank you, Erica.”

She shook her head. Then dug her bag and got a file out. “The information that I managed to get.”

Opening the file, it had a few information about Torre. Like his business was with import and export of various things, from marble to ivory to tea. He pretty much dealt with a lot of trade from our hidden continent, Laukris which was in the majority of Pacific ocean in the Southern hemisphere to the other six continents.

In that, it specified that he was usually seen with three people. A female named Fia and a male named Jarred. Both werewolves. And a vampire named Niran who was smirking at the photo. Only that male had a photo. Others did not have one attached to their names.

If these three people were the ones closest to him, then the female I saw in the picture Zeke showed me must be Fia.

Browsing through the file, my mobile cried from a call. Picking it up without checking the caller ID, I said, ”Hello?"

“Draco.” Rune’s soft voice reached my ears. “Dave is going to come in five hours. That’s all the time we have.”


“To prepare you,” Rune said. “Wirat is completely against sending you to kill Torre.”

“Why can’t we-” I started but my words faded when I saw something that was very crucial.

Even at times like this, I thought about it. There must be something wrong with my brain.

“Draco?” Rune called.

Cutting the call and fixing my eyes on the e-mail ID, I asked, “Erica? Do you happen to have your laptop with you?”

In my peripheral vision, I saw her nodding and took out a sleek black laptop. Punching in the password, she gave it to me.

Cracking my knuckles, I set to work.

Zeke and Erica peeped at the screen. When they saw it, they gasped.

“Is he serious?” Erica asked in shock. “Is he seriously hacking Torre’s official website now?”

Zeke shook his head and gulped his soda. “He has lost it. He is officially insane.”

Erica sighed and sipped her coffee. “Well, this just proves that Draco won’t die.”

“How so?”

“Cause you see,” Erica began. “If he was going to die, he will have his intuition screaming-”

As their conversation faded, my fingers remembered what to do.


I smirked to myself. My fingers and ears were happy. They finally did something they were familiar with. My ears heard the sound that it missed for ages.

Humming to myself, I picked my favourite gun and other weapons I might need. Packing it in my bag, I came out of the weapons’ room. Lawan, Wirat’s mate was standing right outside the room. Considering the fact that she was the one who controlled everything about weapons in this coven, this was a place where she would hold the absolute authority.

“Are you serious, Draco?” she asked. “What is wrong with you?”

I smiled. “Nothing.”

Her hazel eyes widened. “Nothing? Then what possessed you to hack into Torre’s website? Crash his email?”

It had been an impulse to do it. I tried to stop myself, but the second I saw that email ID, I could not resist. It was so long ago that I last hacked. How my fingers remembered to do it, I did not know.

“I don’t know,” I mumbled.

She exasperated. “That’s not an answer now, Draco. Since his website crashed, he might not even go to that business dealing tonight and you just lost a perfect opportunity.”

“Lawan,” I pleaded. “Can you let this thing go?”

Her eyes widened. “This decides your future. You dare play with it?”

I looked down. How could I talk back when she was right? It was foolish on my part to do it. But I could not help it. Something forced me to do it.

Sighing, I moved past her and left the building. The evening sun cloaked the coven in various shades of coppery orange and lazy gold. The winds stirred lightly from the slumber the afternoon had coaxed it into. The leaves rustled and laughed to a tune that I did not know while the small pink flowers that adorned the late autumn months blinked at the blood-orange sky.

Rune was waiting next to the shed that had my motorbike. Seeing me, he inhaled sharply and looked in the shed. Inside were three females waiting for me. My mother, Kessa with a hardened face, Erica with a laptop in her hands and Omicron Mali with a silver band on in her hands.

When Rune and I entered the shed, the Epsilon closed the doors behind me.

I bowed to my Omicron. “Omicron Mali. What do I-”

Before I could finish, she pressed that silver band in my hands. “If... if you get caught, show this to the male who will be next to Torre. He is a vampire and his name is-”

“-Niran,” I finished. I read the reports Erica had given me.

Mali nodded. “Yes. That guy. He owes me a favour. But... but only if you get caught.”

I nodded and slipped that cool silver band on my right hand, my non-dominant hand. “Thank you, Omicron.”

She stiffened. “Had it been the coven I knew, it would be more considerate and generous to you and your family, Draco. I am the Omicron, yet I hold no power over the matters of this coven.”

“Mali-” Rune began.

The Omicron shook her head. “Dave must... let’s not talk about that here.”

Not knowing what else to do, I turned to Erica. “If... if I do not come back alive, please take my mother and Aiko to Peggy in Summer Pack. She will know what to do.”

Kessa came forth. “You won’t die, Draco. You won’t.”

I smiled at my mother. “Do you honestly think that I can come out alive?”

“Yes,” Mali said instead of my mother. She motioned the band I was wearing on my hand. “You have no idea what power that band carries.”

Rune glanced it again. “Mali are you sure-”

“Listen to yourself, Rune,” Mali said. “Without this, do you think Draco can come out of Torre’s place safely?”

Rune gritted his teeth and took my right hand and sniffed the band. At that, his feral expression calmed down and his eyes widened. Dropping my hand, he looked away.

“But still,” I pressed. “Can you, Erica?”

She looked at my mother who shook her head. “Yes. I will get Kessa and Aiko out.”

“But you said your work was not done,” Kessa said.

“What was your work again?” I asked.

“Summer Coven began a project many years ago, Draco,” Erica said. “They tried to create hybrids and sent many groups to try that project. So many females died those years. The worst part was that our Alpha’s mate was the one who was responsible for that. So, under my ex-alpha, Alpha Aspen Ruiz a team of five was sent to investigate on this. No matter what we discovered, all clues led to Summer Coven. That was why I came to Summer Coven and try to stop it.”

Mali frowned. “How can a team of five wolves stop Summer Coven?”

“In that team, we have Omicron Riley Gracia,” Erica said with a flare of pride in her voice.

“Omicron Riley Garcia?” Rune echoed blinking at Erica. “Riley?”

She nodded. “Riley Garcia.”

Mali’s face was pale. “Riley is alive?”

Erica nodded slowly. “He sure is.”

Before the two ranking members of my coven could get stunned, I intervened. “That’s why you are here.”

“Yes,” she said. “Rune allowed me to work here and in turn, I get to do a work for him and that is to get Kessa and Aiko out.”

“How far are you in your search?” I asked.

“It is an ocean, Draco,” Erica said. “An ocean. I thought our work will stop with Summer Coven. Never did I expect it to find roots in Autumn pack and South Tribe. So many are linked. We have to infiltrate Autumn pack next.”

Kessa inhaled sharply. “Twenty years ago. The Widow Alpha.”

I stared at my mother. “You know about this?”

My mother said, “Everyone knew about Widow Alpha. It is not easy to kill your mate, Draco. She did it because what he did was wrong and she delivered justice. Alpha Aspen Ruiz is a role model for many.”

That alpha had my respect alright.

I swallowed and slung my bag. “I am leaving.”

Rune nodded. “Right. Leave before Wirat comes. As much as he understands that you have to leave, he cannot bear to do so.”

I knew. Everyone here knew that my chances of survival was low. If I made it out after tonight, it would be a miracle.

I snorted and revved my bike up. “Lawan saw me.”

Mali had a rare grin on her face. “Lawan is a hardcore chick. As much as she sees you like a baby brother, she knows you are a hard nut to crack. Wirat is a problem. He might not let you go, but Lawan? She might open the gates for you.”


Cool starlight breeze teased my hair. After the conversation with my mother, Erica and Omicron Mali, Rune opened the door for me and gave me a short nod. His eyes that were always guarded wanted to tell me something, but he held himself back. He just took a step back and walked towards the building that had his office.

What did he want to tell me?

Shaking my head, I stared at the traffic light ahead. To my delight, they blinked green at each signal. My way was clean and smooth. As much as I was happy, dread filled me. Nothing was this smooth. If the situation was leaning to my side now, it might lean to the other side later.

What if Torre did not come and sent Niran or Jarred to do this job tonight? What if I was caught and Niran did not recognise that silver band? Many things could go unfavourable to me this night.

Exhaling, I took a sharp right turn and this street led to the shipping dockyard where my sources said Torre would be tonight. The North Pack, Coven and Tribe offered to guard this Northern Port. Two warlocks walked around the entrance gate with guns in their hands.

I snorted. Why did they need those guns for? They could hit anyone with their magic. At the post, a werewolf was sitting and watching television.

Parking my motorbike at the start of the street, I glanced at the ground and air to see where the Magyc’s range was. At places like this, magycs were hired to cast a protection spell. But that spell had a range. If anyone without authorisation-like me, breached that, it would alert the Magyc. Apart from that, they would also have a camera, which I would have to avoid. Being caught would not help my profession.

Crawling behind the bushes, I wracked my brain to find a path that would conceal me. Getting past the Magyc’s power was nothing. I had spells and charms to keep myself hidden from them. It was that blasted CCTV cameras that could catch footage.

I smirked when I found a huge container that would hide me inside the dock. But to reach the dock? I had to find a way.

I glanced that the camera again. It revolved 20 degrees for every half a second. That gave me roughly nine seconds to cross the yard. But the other camera at the other pole rotated in the opposite direction that cut my nine seconds to four point five seconds.

I grit my teeth. There was no way. I had to cross this span of ground naked, vulnerable to reach the wall in four point five seconds. Strapping my bag, I braced myself. The second the first camera turned, I ran. I knew I was pretty fast for an unshifted wolf. I could beat Zeke, a fully shifted male in a running race. But never did I imagine to run that fast. I reached the wall in exact four seconds and still had half a second to catch my breath.

What the hell did just happen?

If I survived, I was going to look into my body’s physiology. I climbed the wall and used that container to conceal myself. The witch’s portion from the night market veiled me from the spell the Magycs here had cast over.

Smirking, I used the night to my advantage and walked. To my surprise, many were concentrated towards the ship that was unloading its goods that many failed to check me. One vampire did near me, but her co-worker called her and she left without hesitation.

Where will Torre be in this place?

Out of instinct, I glanced at the office from where soft LED lights shone. Torre, being a businessman would be there. If not, I would wait for him to come here. This was the head office, Torre had to come here to give his signature and thumbprint before leaving with his goods. The goods were high-quality marble after all.

I climbed the pipes and entered the empty office via the window. I had entered a high-ranking officer room which led to a larger room out. Why was no one here? I went in further to check the register. As expected, Torre had yet to sign. Seeing the fact that he had signed to check-in, I was sure that Torre had come tonight personally. But the fate could abandon me and Torre could have given the signing authority to one of the three people he was close to.

Noises came and I went into the room by which I came by. I closed the door that was opaque below and transparent above. The scent-concealer and the heartbeat-concealer that I bought was worth it.

Luckily, no one entered the room and from the noise, I guessed about four people was out. I took in a deep breath to calm myself. I could escape via the window if someone was to near this room. It was then that exquisite scent of vanilla and silicon reached my nose. For a second, I did nothing but to inhale that scent like it was my drug of choice.

“Enough!” a female reprimanded in a soft voice. “Jarred is down there. You should be too, Niran.”

That voice brought me out of my lull. This female must be Fia. I dared to peek a little through the glass.

The vampire whom Mali told I should give that silver band to if I got caught, smirked. “That’s your mate, Fia. You go.”

The female on the wheel-chair glowered at the vampire. “I hope you will find yours and your mate will make you suffer.”

Niran was about to retort something when a male who was seated facing me, groaned. “Damn it.”

The other male who sat opposite to him poured whiskey in a glass and gave it to that male. “Well...”

That male raised his head and glared at his companion. I froze. Those eyes. The silver eyes that I saw on the photo. But somehow this pair of eyes felt wrong. The one in the photo had a magnetising effect on me. That pair pulled me in a world of wonder and dreams. But this eyes, they were mysterious and oozed with an unleased inferno. Was this Taurus? I raised my gun.

“I don’t wish to talk about that,” the male with silver eyes said.

The one holding the whiskey shrugged. “Come on, Aries. You rarely come when I call you. What bothered you?”

Aries? Like that fabricated Warriors of Moon? But the name was wrong and I lowered my gun. I hated my profession and I did not want to hate myself by killing unwanted and innocent people. People I was not sent to kill.

Aries shook his head. “You have no idea, Torre.”

I gritted my teeth. So the male who was holding the whiskey was my target. But he had chosen his seat well. I could only see a few unruly strands of his hair that was like spikes and his hand. If I shot, the cushioned chair would take the brunt of the bullet and save him. I had to find a better way.

Upon seeing, Aries took the whiskey and drank it in one swing.

“Fia and Niran,” Torre called. “Leave us be.”

“But Torre-” Niran began.

“You suspect my brother?” Torre asked. “My kin to harm me? It is Aries we are talking about. He is the First Warrior. Even if not for him, do you take me to be a fool? I am Taurus, the Second Warrior. You know what race I belong to. What do you think can break my defences?”

My eyes widened. So the Warriors were not a lie? They actually existed? And I was sent to kill one? Who on earth thought it would be amazing to see a dead hitman trying to kill a Warrior? This was the reason why nothing could kill him. If all the stories about the Warriors were true, then nothing indeed could even hurt him.

Niran gulped but before him, Fia wheeled her way out. Nodding, Niran followed her, closing the door.

“Tell me, Aries,” Taurus said. “What brings you to help me the second I said my website crashed? This is a very minor thing. You don’t usually come to help me if something amiss happens in my business. Especially when Princess Antlia, the last descendant of Luna is under your care. So what happened?”

“Lyra Throne-” Aries continued, but I could not hear anything further.

The last of the Royal was still alive?

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