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Chapter 5

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My breath was ragged and that point, I did not care if I was found.

The last Royal was alive?

“Lyra Throne?” Torre’s voice cut through my revive.

Aries nodded. “That female.”

“Isn’t she that Beta’s daughter who was banished-”

“You don’t even know the full story,” Aries said and leant back on the chair. “She is... perfection. Her eyes have the hue of golden dust sprawled with brown. When she laughs, By Cosmos! I live for that. And-”

“Did the mighty Aries fall?” Torre asked. I sensed a smile in that voice.

Aries sighed. “I did not fall. I just... adore her. Am fascinated by her. I just don’t know why, Torre, but my heart flutters. My core energy that makes who I am, flips at the mere thought of her. If you met her-”

“I won’t be fascinated by her,” Torre cut in. “If I was, I am sure that you will kill me.”

For some reason that calmed a burning bubbling emotion that was rising in me. I frowned. Why was I bothered by who Torre was fascinated with?

Aries frowned. “You are right. I would have. Damn it. I got it worse than Leo, haven’t I?”

“Mighty Aries is no longer a bachelor?” Torre asked.

Aries shook his head. “No! By Moon above. I have not confessed to her.”



“Then it’s all good,” Torre said. “I can’t wait to meet her.”

Aries snorted but helped himself with another glass of that alcohol.

“Does Ant suspect anything?” Torre asked.

Aries nodded. “She is suspicious. But other than that, she is bearable.”

Who was this Ant?

“I just can’t wait to tell the rest of them,” Torre said.

Aries rolled his eyes. “The rest? Gemini is in a country in the continent Asia. Sage is dressed as a high-school girl to find the rebellion that she owes to a witch. Leo is posing as a motorbike racer and Libra is a detective. I don’t even want to talk about others.”

I licked my lips. The Warriors were not a myth after all. Two were sitting right in front of me and they were talking about others. My heart raced. My job for this night was to kill Torre and get out and save my mother and Aiko. It was not stumbling into the secrets this land had.

My shoulders slouched and I placed the gun next to me. It was no use pointing it at them. I knew I could not kill them. I had to escape, but something was stopping me. Was it the conversation or was it my curiosity to see how Taurus looked like?

“Well said,” Taurus said. “I should let you know. Scar helps me once a while. He is a damn good businessman.”

“Scorpio?” Aries asked. “I know. I have been to the hotel he owns.”

“Well,” Taurus began. “We all have some work or the other, Aries for income. What do you do?”

“We need an income?” Aries snorted.

“Aries!” Taurus warned. “You told me you did some job. But you never specified what you did.”

Aries smirked. “I design and sell weapons.”

“Y-you mean that,” Taurus spluttered. “You own that-”

“Yes,” Aries said. “I own Steel.”

I glanced down at my gun to find the symbol of Steel company embedded on it. Steel was a company renowned for manufacturing top-grade weapons. Nearly all the weapons my coven had was from this company. And this Warrior owned Steel?

“Wonderful,” Taurus said, echoing my thoughts.

“Sometimes it is,” Aries said, shrugging. “But I don’t exactly involve myself, you know? I just... allow my workers to take care of it.”

“And they are?” Taurus asked. “At least everyone knows that Fia, Jarred and Niran works for me. What of you?”

“Can’t I be a loner?”


“Pick a guess,” Aries said, getting up.

Taurus was silent for a few moments after which he gasped. “Don’t tell me it is-”

“It is Regina,” Aries said. “As much as that female lusted over me, she is damn good when it comes to designing weapons. Not to mention, she is mated and she has a son.”

Taurus stood up. That designer suit he was wearing was as if it was stitched for him. It was a perfect fit. It showed how shoulders were broad and that taut muscles underneath.

While Aries was no less inferior to Taurus, I simply could not take my eyes of Torre. Aries was an example of a warrior. And that black linen shirt he was wearing with the first button open, left everyone to their imagination. And that black pants that were worn with causality did not hide those powerful leg muscles. Aries’ black hair fell gracefully over his forehead, that one curl giving him a vibe of a bad boy.

If I was affected by him, I knew Rune would definitely gasp and find a way to date him, even if he was fascinated with a female named Lyra.

Damn, that girl was lucky when she got this one.

This just increased my interest to know who this Taurus was. Would he be as breath-taking as this Warrior was? After all, the legends did say that the Warriors were pain-strikingly attractive.

“Well,” Aries drawled. “I am going to leave.”

The man in the suit shrugged. “I know. I don’t know when I am going to meet you again.”

Aries sighed. “And what of him?”


“That male who is hiding in the other room, eavesdropping on our conversation? The one... if I guess right who was sent to kill you?”

Sweat drenched my back and my palms could no longer hold that blasted gun even for my own defence. They knew I was here the whole time? They knew?

My heart raced and my breath became erratic. I was sure I would die. If I jump out of the window-

“I know,” Taurus said. “That’s why I put a seal over that room. He cannot escape no matter what. He listened to some stuff that no one should have. I even sent Fia and Niran out. I have to kill him.”

I stopped to even plan my escape. So they knew. Damn it.

“Why didn’t you snap his mind?” Aries asked. “I mean... I could have, but tonight, I came as your guest and I could not break that code.”

Taurus snorted. “His mind... it is guarded.”

“Well then,” Aries said, opening the door. “I am leaving. Tell Fia and Niran.”

“Will do,” Taurus said. “And I do want to meet that Lyra someday.”

“Someday!” Aries shouted and left when a bellboy came in.

Before I could move, the door opened and by some force, I was pulled up to my feet and dragged before the Second Warrior.

I fell down. To my surprise, the gun was still next to me. What a faithful thing.

Before me was the shoes from Espoir. Since Wirat was a crazy one about shoes, I knew that this was a limited edition. Slowly, my eyes trailed up the designer suit from Shadowlife.

His torso, much like Aries was broad and strong. I could literally feel how powerful those pectorals were. There was something about how the way this grey shirt hugged him.

I heaved a breath. Since when was I bothered by a male? I mean, I knew I was a bisexual, but I never thought I would be attracted to a male, especially after I was mated to my mate, who died. After what Lana did.

His jawline was so sharp, defining his face in perfection. Even that tiny frown on his forehead was defined in focus. That silver eyes that I saw in the photograph were magnetising a hundred times more so than it did in that photo. That photo was a poor excuse of what his eyes were.

I had seen many shades of silver. The common silver-coloured laptops to silver metal hardware. But this was was something out of the world. I had been to a planetarium when I was young and there I had seen an image of cosmic dust.

There was no other way I could describe his eyes. There was something that grounded it yet stood tall as a mountain. There was determination in them. His hair that was the hue of the darkest brown was messed up as if he had run his fingers through them purposefully.

There was a dull pull towards him. Like a persistent itch that one could simply not be rid off. And that scent! By Amaris! I could die just breathing that.

It was a unique blend of vanilla and silicon. The two scents that undid me. Even my ex-mate, Harriet never had this enthralling scent. I took another greedy sniff to find that there were a few more things that made his scent, but for the life of me, I could not find out what they were.

“Who sent you?” he asked me in a deep voice.

I literally swooned inside. I then gave myself a mental slap. I was a hitman. A male. A guy who made others swoon. Since when did I swoon?

He then knelt to my level, giving me a perfect view of his face. “I asked, who sent you?”

Before I could answer, instinctively, I rose my head to see that bellboy take a pistol of his own. My eyes widened and I grabbed Taurus. By that alarmed look on his face, I could tell that not many have touched him like this.

I did not know what took over when I spun him and myself. It was then the pistol went off and the bullet that was to be for Taurus pierced my back. Before another bullet could hit me, I raised my left arm, the one that still clutched to that gun loyally and shot that bellboy. But before he could die, he had shot another bullet that went into my back again, close to the previous one.

I was quite stunned when I realised that all of this had taken place in a matter of three seconds. That meant, three seconds ago, I thought I would die by this male’s hands. Never did I think I would die defending the one I was sent to kill.

Footsteps echoed and people rushed in, but Taurus grabbed my hands and a sudden burst of energy flirted in me. That was all I remembered before I gave into that darkness.


“Come on!” a voice shouted. “Come on, damn it!”

I tried to pry my eyes open, but they were sealed. Was this how death felt like? Like my body was on fire while being pierced by a thousand needles? On top of that, my soul was extremely tired. Tired of everything. Right from the moment my father left me to the moment Dave said I had to kill Torre. There was a time I wondered how I survived the death of Harriet and my baby girl, Tressa. I guessed this was how I would end.

Another burst of energy coursed through me and I was finally able to open my eyes. To my surprise, it was not the afterlife that greeted me. But a pair of silver eyes filled with anxiety and worry.

I gasped. I was still alive?

“By the Cosmos!” he breathed and closed his eyes. “Never did I imagine I would worry about someone.”

“I know right!” A voice I had never heard said. “Taurus worrying. Never have I ever recorded that in history.”

“Seriously, guys?” the female voice reprimanded. “This young male defended Taurus and you dare tease?”

That must be Fia.

“It’s not going to hurt,” Niran mumbled.

“Not going to hurt?” Fia asked. “That bullet I took out, could potentially kill Taurus. That was made of that stuff. I wonder how the other assassin got hold of this material.”

I slightly turned my head to see Fia sitting straight on her wheelchair wearing a light green formal shirt and white formal pants. Her auburn hair was pinned in a tight bun and her fair skin held narratives of various time.

“What stuff?” that guy asked.

“Nothing except the weapon made of aether can kill Taurus, I know, Jarred,” Fia said. “But this had that a tiny per cent of that material Taurus once brought. Levedra from Abyss”

I blinked. What was that? I have never heard of substance like that. I have worked with warlocks and witches in the past to get some portions and small spells. Never this.

“Will he recover?” Niran asked.

Fia shrugged. “I don’t know. Technically, being an unshifted werewolf. He should have died taking one bullet. He is alive after taking two, especially when they have traces of Levedra. He should not be breathing. Even with Taurus giving him energy, he should have died. I can’t judge him. Even a normal star would have been dead.”

I coughed. “W-what d-do you mean?”

The silver eyes frowned. “Why did you take those bullets for me?”

I closed my eyes to find an answer, but I could not find a single excuse.

“You were sent to kill me,” Taurus continued. “Even if your bullets can’t kill me, you should have tried. At least then, I don’t have to save your life for saving mine.”

“Taurus!” Fia reprimanded. “That is not how you thank someone who saved your soul!”

Taurus mumbled something unintelligent under his breath.

I shifted my left hand only to find a venflon attached to my veins over my wrist. And that shift moved the damned needle and it pricked. While the bullet did not cause me much pain, this needle did.

“Don’t move!” Taurus said. With a grumble, he asked. “What do you want?”

I eyed the sleeve that was hiding the silver band. “Push my left sleeve up a bit.”

Slowly, Taurus moved the sleeve up my forearm, looking into my eyes. For some unknown reason, I heaved.

“What the-” Niran began.

Apparently, he saw that band, but I could not bear to break my gaze from Taurus. And from what it looked like, neither could he.

“Is that-” the male I assumed to be Jarred asked.

“That’s the band I gave to Omicron Mali!” Niran gasped.

“Taurus gave it to you in the first place?” Fia asked.

At the mention of the familiar name, I nodded. “I come from her coven.”

“B-But you are a werewolf!” Jarred protested.

I broke the staring contest. “I am. My mother was taken to Summer coven when I was young. She is... Omicron Dave’s slave.”

“That guy never changed his ways, did he?” Niran asked.

I blinked at him. “You know him?”

He smirked. “Long story. But since you have this, you basically evoke the Law of debt. Even if you did manage to kill Taurus here, we would have to let you go.”

Taurus shook his head and took the band from my wrist. Eyeing it, he threw it at Niran. “Don’t casually give it to others.”

Niran shook his head. “I did not! Omicron Mali saved me. She released me from prison!” He then took the band and sniffed it. “She helped me... wait a minute. Whose scent is this?”

While we all starred at the vampire, he took in fast sniffs from the band, as though he was chasing something important.

“Niran?” Jarred called. “Are you-”

Snapping him from whatever he was doing, his eyes were feral. I inhaled deeply. Was I trouble again?

“Who else touched it?” Niran asked me in a feral calmness.

I gulped. Was it safe to answer him?

“Who else?” Niran asked. “I have scented Mali and Dave and know that this does not belong to either of them. Who else touched it?”

I frowned to recall. Before Mali gave it to me, Rune had taken it and scented it. So apart from us both, it must be his scent that was on the band.

I bit my lower lip. “I... I guess, the Epsilon did?”

Then a dreamy look came over his face. “Who is that Epsilon?”

I glanced at an equally confused Taurus and a smirking Fia and a Jarred who was finding it hard to control his laugh.

“Rune?” I more or like asked. “Rune Bidaya, Mali’s half-brother.”

Niran ran his hands through his hair. “Shit!” He then glanced at Taurus. “You said that someone had to take this guy back to his pack or coven right? I will do it.”

“Why the sudden enthusiasm?” Fia asked, cocking her head. “When Taurus asked us to, you were the first to refuse. What changed your mind?”

“Don’t laugh at me, Jarred!” Niran warned at the male.

So I was right. That male was Jarred.

“I... I think he may be my mate,” Niran mumbled.

I could not stop that gasp. To think of, Niran was exactly the type of males Rune would prefer. That carefree laugh and that face and body. If Rune found out, that guy would be head-over-heels for him. And seeing the way Niran was getting excited, I knew that he would not hurt my friend.

“I can’t hear you,” Fia said, cupping her ear. “Can you be a bit more loud?”

Niran glared at his friend. “I don’t want to jinx it.”

While Fia and Jarred were teasing Niran, Taurus sighed and sat on the chair next to my bed.

“Are they always like this?” I asked him.

“It is...” he drawled. “They do behave well somedays.”

I laughed and the bullet wound ached. I winced and stopped my laugh.

Taurus took my hand again and sent a bolt of energy into me.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked once he released my hand.

“You saved my life,” Taurus said. “I have to save yours.”

I tried to shrug. “I honestly don’t know what came over me to do that. I must apologise.”

Taurus sighed. “Do you know that I am a Warrior?”

I nodded. “You are Taurus, Second Warrior.”

He waved his hand. “Enough with the titles. You saved my life. It is okay if you call me by the name Cosmos gave me.”

“Taurus,” I tested and a fleeting emotion of unknown origin flashed in his eyes.

“But I don’t know your name,” he said.

“You did not check?”

He shook his head. “No. After you saved my life, it was not right of me to intrude your privacy.”

“I am Draco Stykes,” I said.

“Draco,” he whispered.

I inhaled sharply. There was something the way he said my name.

“Do you know what hit you?” Taurus asked me.

I shook my head.

“I bet you did not know,” Taurus said. “I am a star. Yes, stars are true. And I am one. Even among stars we have hierarchies. Some are treated like Royalty. Some even more than them and many more tiers.”

I nodded my head. Why was he telling me this?

“I am a star who is placed even above that Royalty,” he said. “There is nearly nothing that can kill me. But those bullets that you took, it was coated with a substance that you can find in a place called the Abyss. An endless chasm. Levedra. While it could kill the stars ranked below me, it could knock me out cold for days, leaving me vulnerable to my energy. And in that window time, anyone could kill me.”

I gulped. If that substance could kill a star, why was I still alive? Wait a moment, stars had life? Stars were a race? My whole astrophysics classes were a lie.

“I can understand,” Taurus said. “And that’s exactly what I am asking. How can you be alive? Even if I give my strength, only if you were a star or higher ranking star like me, you could have survived. How did you?”

I blinked at him. “I... I don’t know?”

Taurus sighed. “I tried to find what race you could possibly belong to. I mean, I asked Fia to run blood samples. It came out that you are an unshifted werewolf.”

Shame filled me and I looked away. In front of such a powerful person, how could I lay like that, without having anything backing me up?

“In other words, you are a shifter, Draco.”

“That means?”

“That means, unlike the werewolves of nowadays, Amaris gave you the ability to shift to any creature you want. You get the freedom to choose what your second skin will be. It could be a wolf, it could be a tiger, hell, it could even be a phoenix. From what Aries told me, I thought that only Lyra was a shifter. Turns out, a shifter was sent to kill me. It’s just that, you have not shifted yet.”

I frowned. “Aries told you?”

Taurus laughed. “As much as spoke what you overheard, we spoke via the family link we have. He did say that Lyra was a shifter.”

I stared at him for a long time before I said, “If I am a shifter, why haven’t I shifted yet?”

“Cause your body, mind and soul are not aligned. While your body and mind have a good relationship, your soul is wretched,” Taurus said. “Unless you let go of your past, see the truth in it, you can never mature to shift.”

I looked at the venflon. “How can I forget?”

“I am not asking you to forget,” he said. “I am asking you to see it more clearly.”

I nodded. “I will try.”


“Finally!” Jarred commented. “You both finished your conversation.”

I glanced at the werewolf. “You were listening?”

“It’s rare to hear that Taurus talk so much about the deeper meaning of life,” Jarred said helpfully. “Especially to a stranger.”

“What do you want?” Taurus asked in an irritated voice.

Niran quipped. “I need to know about Rune’s family.”

“Why so?” I asked.

“He could be my mate!” Niran defended. “Can you? I just know from his last name that he is related to Mali.”

I sighed. And my ears caught the sound of dripping saline from the trips bottle. “He is Omicron Mali’s half-brother.”

“But why did he take his mother’s last name?” Fia asked. “Should he not be taking his father’s?”

I glanced at the other three before finally resting them on Niran. “His father never cared about him. Like he disowned him. His father is Julius, the Royal that was cast out.”

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