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Chapter 6

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“Rune is Julius’ son?” Niran gasped.

I nodded. “He is.”

Niran then stumbled on the chair. “Damn it.”

“I never thought Julius will have the guts to live,” Jarred said. “After all-”

“No matter what, my dear mate,” Fia said in a hard voice. “Julius was of Royal blood. No comments about him.”

“He is,” Taurus said. “Julius is still alive. He, in fact, had three children with his mate. I bet Rune was born out of mateship.”

“True,” I said. “Rune refuses to talk about it. But he was born out of mateship. His mother was the Epsilon of Summer Coven and she is mated to Sadka.”

Niran then got up and rushed out. I frowned. “Is he okay?”

“Just over-whelmed,” Fia said, waving her hand. “He may have potentially found his mate. He is just happy.”

The soft sunlight filtered through the pale blue curtains of the ward I was in. The white sheets beneath me were clean and the entire place was spotless. It was a perfect atmosphere for a doctor to work.

The room had a shelf with various books bound in leather and a computer next to it. The tiny blip of the red and green light said that the wifi was on. The dreamcatcher that was hung, swayed mildly.

“Don’t worry,” Fia said. “I am not a doctor. I am a scientist. My mate, Jarred here, is a general physician. He knows what he is doing... most of the times.”

“Hey!” Jarred protested. “I am quite skilled.”

Taurus rolled his eyes at the pair. Then he asked, “Why do you go back to that Summer Coven?”

My toes curled underneath the sheets that covered me from my waist below. “What do you mean?”

“I think you know what I mean,” Taurus said. “I could detect intense hatred towards that coven. If so, why keep going back there?”

I looked at the windows that smiled at the rising sun. “The Omicron has my mother and Aiko. I have to get them out.”

Taurus closed his eyes and then opened them. “I will get them out.”

My eyes widened. “Why would you do that? What do you want from me in return?”

“Kill someone for me,” Taurus said. “Will you do that?”

I frowned. “Who?”

“The Zeta of your pack,” Taurus said. “Somsak... the newly appointed Zeta, I want him dead. Can you do that?”

“It will raise a lot of complications,” I said. “And... I quite can’t go against that Omicron.”

Taurus then pulled a smile. “Is it so? But why does something tells me that you are resistant to his power?”

I gulped. “If you know everything and have power to do anything, you can kill Somsak yourself. Why hire me?”

“Just prove me that you are worthy.”

I snorted. “I don’t need to prove anyone.”

“Is it so?” he asked.

My heart skidded to a stop at his question and then took its sweet time to pick its pace up. “The one I needed to prove is no longer alive.”

“Is it so?” he repeated.

“My mate is dead!” I snapped, getting up. “She was killed. Happy?”

Taurus simply looked at me. “Was the one who you needed to prove your mate?”

I was about to pluck the needle from my wrist, but then I stopped. Was it really Harriet? Was it my mother? Or was it just me?

I stared at my left wrist. “Why? Why do you want me to kill Somsak?”

“I thought you never asked questions,” Taurus replied. “I thought you just went and killed.”

“That was people out of my coven,” I said.

“Those people too had families,” Taurus said. “Had packs, tribes or covens to return to. No matter how worse they were, they had someone to return to. Someone who would be waiting for their arrival.”

I had tried to ignore that fact ever since I first killed. To be honest, it never became bearable day by day. It became worse with every bullet I put in someone.

Sighing, Taurus said, “Somsak... he is the one who takes care of Dave’s business with Lana. He has importing some substance which is illegal. And... he is getting away with it.”

“What kind of substance?” I asked.

Fia cleared her throat. “In the island fifty nautical miles from the West Coast, Dave has a setup. In there, they produce a powdered form of a drug that changes a female’s ability to reproduce. Once a female takes that for five weeks without a break, she can conceive with any... sperm. With IVF, they can make her give birth to anything. Summer coven did this project twenty years ago, which we scientists banned them from doing so. But Dave was doing it silently for all these years. He brought it back. And Somsak is an important person in this project.”

I literally did not know what to feel. What was this Dave capable of? To how many females had he given this drug to? How many females have suffered because of him?

After a minute, I dared to ask, “How would you know?”

Fia shrugged. “I don’t know. Insider information. That person did not say who they were. They just wanted me to know.”

While I stared at her, she relented. “I was the former leader of the scientist association. I was supposed to be dead and hence, I resigned.”

I took in a deep breath. I wanted to know who this person was.

“Did that person send you by mail?” I asked.

Fia nodded.

“Get me to that computer,” I said, sitting up. “I will crack it.”

“You can crack it when I deem you fit!” Jarred said, taking an injection.

While I opened my mouth to protest, Fia shook her head and Taurus leant on his chair.

Jarred then injected that liquid into the trips bottle and the last thing I remembered was the way the two transparent liquids mixed.


The next time I woke up, Fia was typing something on that computer. The rustle of the sheets must have alerted her. She looked at me and then smiled. Placed the documents she had, she wheeled her way towards me.

She picked a sandwich and gave it to me. “You must be hungry.”

The sudden roar of my stomach made me realise it. Pulling myself up, I leant against the pillows. “Thank you. How long was I out?”

“Ever since the last time you woke up, it has been two days,” she said. “That bullet wound was nasty enough. More rest will save you.”

I opened the wrapper and munched on it. Whoever made it was one good chef. “No. I will be killed.”

Fia waved her hands. “You forgot. Niran is the one who offered to take you there. He can change the memory of quite a few people.”

I nodded. “Could be. But... apart from Rune being his mate, what other work does he have?”

Fia frowned at my question. “You need other reasons?”

Her question made me think. “No... I guess. But vampires rarely honour the mate bond in Summer coven. I guess that’s why I was curious.”

Fis gave me a look of disbelief. “Rarely honour the mate bond? What is wrong with them?”

I glanced at the empty wrapper. “I don’t know.”

After a suffocating pause, I said, “Just ask what you want to ask.”

“How is Rune?” Fia asked. Then she looked out through the glass doors and then saw me. “I do care about that kid, Niran. While he may be all smiles and jokes, he went through something no one should have. I don’t want him to get hurt. If Rune happens to be his mate, and he hurts Niran, I cannot take it. I cannot see Niran break.”

I gave her a faint smile. “Funny, how I was thinking the same thing.”

Finding the strength to give me a smile, she said, “So... how is he?”

I closed my eyes and sighed. He was a role-model in my life. He was the reason behind Aiko being alive.

“To Rune, his family is everything,” I said, imagining that kind eyes that taught me to look sharply. “Especially his mother, Apinya Bidaya. He was born out of mateship and since his mother gave him her last name and grew her up with her other family as her child, he admires her a lot, though he would never say that loud. He loves his siblings equally, but somehow, Mali has a special place in it. Perhaps, it is because they have similar hobbies. And, though he might say he dislikes Sadka, his step-father, Rune admires him a lot. Anyone can see it.”

Fia had a small smile. Seeing that, I continued. “But the one he is closest with is his cousin, Kyan. He is the Omicron’s second son of Autumn Coven. Other than that, he is close with Wirat and Lawan, the Theta pair and Aiko and me. He prefers to suffer in silence-”

“Does he have other lovers?” Fia asked in a tiny voice.

I frowned. “He once did. Blu was a nice male from Summer Pack. It lasted for three years. After that, Rune is pretty much single for the past four years.”

Fia nodded. “Don’t tell Niran I was asking you these questions. I will never hear the end of it.”

I laughed. “I get it.”

She sighed. “It was time that idiot got mated.”

I could not help asking, “What about Niran?”

A mix of darkness and pain crossed her face. “When Jarred and I was returning from North Coven, we stopped by a small motel outside the Summer Coven. You know, Jarred had a patient there and we went to treat her. But being in the periphery, you know how it is in these big Covens. Ten vampires were a small coven in the Summer Coven who listened to Omicron Boonsri.”

Niran was from Summer Coven? My heart nearly skidded to a stop.

“Boonsri was newly made the Omicron and she spent most of her time partying out,” Fia said. “Among the ten vampires, was Niran’s family. He was a mere boy of ten. I guess it was due to some financial problems like his father had borrowed money from the rest seven and he was unable to pay it on time. They killed his parents and burnt his house with Niran in it. We worked for Taurus and we had some power. We took the boy out and asked Taurus what we are going to do.”

“Since then, Niran was with you,” I finished.

Fia nodded. “I... am quite protective of him.”

I slouched. “I do hate Boonsri.”

Fia snorted. “Who does not?”

“True that.”

I glanced at the computer. “Did you find who gave you the information?”

Fia shook her head. “That person knows computers.”

I suppressed my smirk. “Do they?”

“We hired the best we could find around here!” Fia defended. “Even he could not crack it.”

I slung my legs from the bed and sat up straight. “Did you get your website up?”

Fia exasperated. “Please don’t start that again. We asked Silas Verda to help us, but even the best hacker he got could not crack it.”

That was the feeling I was missing. The feeling of smugness. How long had it been since I touched those keys?

I got up and the needle gave a sharp tug. “Can I take them off?”

Rolling her eyes at me, she wheeled to the other way and took the catheter and she closed the valve. “You can go now.”

I gave her a pleading eye. “Can’t you just take them off?”

“Not advisable,” Fia said. “Jarred began to give you antibiotics and until that course is finished, I won’t let you take it off.”

Grunting, I stood, balancing against the bed for a couple of minutes. When my head stopped spinning, I made my way to the computer and took a chair and sat before it. The slight creak of the metal against the tiles said to me that Fia was close behind.

“What are you trying to do?” Fia asked.

“Bringing back your website,” I replied.

“How?” Fia asked. Then after a second, she understood. “Wait. how did you know that our website was crashed?”

I smirked and the screen made it look eerie.

“Shit,” she swore. “You did it, didn’t you?”

I nodded. “Yes. I did it. Out of fun.”

“Do you have any idea how many consignments we lost in the past two days?” Fia shouted.

I shrugged. “I am sorry.”

She hit me on my right arm. “You are not!”

Ignoring her, I de-coded everything I did and in three hours the website was back to how it was.

“Magnificent,” he whispered.

The hair on my skin stood and my breath was stopped for a second. Slowly turning, I found Taurus staring at me in awe.

Today, he was wearing a white button-up t-shirt with formal navy blue pants. His dark hair was styled by the beach winds and a small smile was playing on his lips.

“You crashed it?” he asked.

Words eloping me, I nodded.

“He did it!” Fia protested.

“And he brought it back up,” Taurus said, dismissing her.

“We lost a number of-” she began.

“Even Evans was not this riled up,” Taurus said. “Why are you so?”

Fia frowned and the looked between us. Snarling, she said, “Yes, you’re right. Why should I?”

Taurus then said, “Draco, if you ever want to change your profession to be my cyber defence manager, you are welcome anytime.”

Fia threw her hands up in the air and then left us.

“I am sorry,” I said, looking at the computer screen before me. “I did not know what took over me when I crashed your website.”

“Does not matter,” he said. “Look on the bright side, only because you crashed it, I knew the ones I employed were not up to the mark.”

I did not know what to say. As Taurus said, one could look at the bright side.

Slowly, I moved the cursor to the mails and then began to track the one who told these people about Somsak.

“Can you find them?” Taurus asked.

I nodded. “I can.”

As I got closer, the IP address was familiar to me. Finally, when I saw who was behind this, I could not help but gasp.

Since when did she do this?

“Who is it?” he asked.

“Lawan,” I breathed. “Theta Lawan.”

“That’s” he began. “That’s something else entirely.”

I could only blink. “How could Wirat not know about this?”

Taurus shrugged. “Perhaps her mate did?”

I closed the tabs. “Perhaps indeed.”

Taurus left when Jarred came in. Shaking his head at me, he pulled me back to my bed and redressed my wound and connected the catheter back. The first few seconds were antagonising. Without caring about that pain, he took a syringe and plunged its contents into the trips bottle again.


The next time I woke, Jarred was taking the needle out of my wrist and he rubbed it until the wound healed.

“You are good to go,” he said. “But before you leave, let me just examine the wound. This wound is supposed to scar a star. I honestly don’t know how you have healed so fast. I bet my life that you have an ancestor out there who is a celestial being.”

I took my shirt and laid on my stomach. He opened the dressing.

“It’s all healed,” he said. “You are good as new.”

Getting up, I wore the shirt. “Thanks, doctor.”

He shrugged. “As much as Fia was cross with you, I was having the best laugh of my life. All this while Taurus was telling us that he got the best computer geeks from Scar. Turns out, he was wrong.”

Before I could reply, Niran came in with a deep navy blue shirt and faded jeans. He held a bag in his hands and ran his fingers through his hair.

“What is in that bag?” I asked.

Niran opened it and grimaced. “It has some spare parts. That’s how I am going to enter the Coven.”

“I don’t buy it,” I said.

He frowned. “I am not selling them to you.”

I sighed. “I can’t buy that excuse.”

“Ah!” he exclaimed. “I have my power. I will manipulate Dave. I will be just fine.”

“You can’t manipulate Rune,” I pointed out.

“Once he sees me,” Niran said. “He will fall for me. I don’t need it for him, anyway.”

I could not help but give him a blank look. If Rune was that easy, Dave would have thrown him out of the Coven. Rune would have died that night during the trials the Halls kept. Niran was underestimating Rune.

“Remember why you are going, Niran,” Taurus said, coming in. “Draco is missing for four days. You need to think of a good excuse.”

Niran waved his hands. “Leave it to me.”

“Mess it up,” Taurus warned. “I will have your head.”

Niran nodded. “I got it. Draco, are you ready to go?”

I got up and Fia came in with a bowl of noodles. “Have some.”

“No, thank you, Fia,” I said. “I think I need to go.”

By her one hard glare, I found myself finishing the noodles and giving her the empty bowl back.

“How is the wound?” Taurus asked.

“Not a scar,” Jarred said. “If... if Draco would come here again, I would like to experiment on him.”

“How much more times will you do it?” Fia asked. “I ran the blood samples and it came he was an unshifted werewolf.”

“Whatever,” Jarred said.

Taurus then gave me a phone. “Call me only through that.”

I blinked. “I can’t argue, can I?”

“Give up on that thought,” Niran said. “Coming?”

Sighing, I nodded. Fia looked down. “It was wrong of me to behave the way I did yesterday.”

I shrugged. “No issues. It was my mistake too.”

Jarred said, “Come back. I need to run a few tests.”

Taurus sighed. “Tell me again, why do I surround myself with these people?”

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