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Chapter 6.1

For the old readers, I just added this chapter. For the new, you can go on.

Be warned. This chapter is not for light-hearted people. Deals with death, blood and revenge. And of course, sprinkled with clues.


The female who sold flowers outside the small temple for Kamaria was the only one who prevented him from going in. She held him in an iron grip. But he heard his mother’s cry. How could he just be here?

Breaking the hold she had on him, he walked in just to the smell of blood. Not anyone’s blood. The blood of Ruthai Sitwat and Klahan Chankul.

His chubby legs carried him to the source, but no one was there. Even if none was there, he knew who had been here. Who had done this. After all, they entered his house when he was playing out and they came out, stinking like this scent.

His mother was always kind. From the very first memory, he had of her, Ruthai Sitwat had been the synonym of kindness. If she baked, she baked for the entire sub-branch of the sub-coven of Summer Coven.

His father, another honest male. There was never a time he went back on his words. Klahan Chankul was a male who taught him to uphold his words.

If one was so kind and the other so upright, then why were they killed? Why were they tortured?

His father mutilated. His fingers were missing and his limbs were chopped and he was lying in a pool of his blood. But his eyes were still open. His gaze at the female next to him.

His mother’s face was beyond recognition. It was only by her scent did he know who she was to him. Acid was eating her flesh. But had been just the beginning. Her heavily swollen stomach was slashed and a mass of tissue was out, next to her abdomen. Although he was young, he was old enough. His parents had been expecting. Three more weeks and he would have had a younger brother. Akara Chankul. But now, how could his brother be alive, if their mother killed?

His vision started to become blurry and cries of pain escaped from his mouth. Their family had been humble. It was just that his father had some financial problem and he had borrowed money from people he should not have. Unable to repay in the said date, he asked for an extension of time. But their family was not lucky.

He cried and cried, his voice strange to his ears. His tears itchy on his cheek. His rage was unknown to him.

Then there was a fire. It licked his house as it came uninvited with a nasty evil grin. It curled and took time to explore the house before it came to them. With glee, the red and yellow flames began to hiss at his parents’ flesh before it began to devour them. It touched him. When it realised that he was not going to do anything, it devoured him too.

What else could he do, if not die beside his family? After all, he was only a nine-year-old boy.


Lights welcomed him. His body ached, but that just proved he was still alive. A warm face written worry all over greeted him.

“Jarred!” the female said, just momentarily looking away from him. “He’s awake.”

A male walked over to them. They way they looked at each other, he knew that the two were mates. There was something in their eyes. That complete adoration for the other. Complete devotion. He had seen it between his parents too.

His parents.

He could still remember how they looked. That charring flesh and lifeless gaze. And that life that never got a chance to live. A sob rose to his throat, but he would not cry in front of these people. He did not know who they were. He would not show any weakness.

The male came and touched his wrist, checking his pulse. For a moment, he thought of pulling his hand away just to spite them, but what could he achieve by that? He was in Summer Coven and this coven was filled with filth.

“He is doing good, Fia,” the male said with a sigh. “For a second, I thought I lost him.”

The metallic creak made his turn towards the female. She was on a metal chair. More specifically, a wheelchair. A warm woollen shawl was covering her legs. As if they were hideous.

“W-what is going on?” he asked, his voice tiny.

The female touched his forehead. “What do you remember last, child?”

He but his lips. Could he trust them?

After all, the ones who chased him out and the one who killed his parents mercilessly was a male whom his father thought as a brother.

“Fia,” the male reprimanded. “Let him take his time.”

The female sighed as she pinned him down with her warm brown eyes. “We are not from Summer Coven.”

He let out a breath he did not know he was holding in.

“F-fire,” he muttered.

The female inhaled sharply. “What is your name?”

There was a warmth in her voice that he could not miss. Yet he did not give her the answer. If the Omicron found about this, he was sure, she would take his life.

“It’s time for him to nap again,” the male said, bringing in a syringe. “The more he sleeps, the less pain he might feel.”


The next time he woke up, warm porridge was waiting for him. Fia gave him a smile that rivalled the sunshine in winter and urged him to sit up.

“Want to have some?” she asked.

He nodded. His stomach grumbled the second he inhaled that food.

Her smile widened. That was when he swore he would make this female smile for the rest of her life. She gave him a chance.

He opened his mouth when she brought the spoon closer.

As she fed him, the memory of his mother feeding him rose to his mind. Ruthai Sitwat had been an amazing cook. She often cooked new recipes that all turned somehow good. As much as the porridge did not have the taste his mother made, it still had that warmth. That care.

Tears welled in his eyes up as she pressed some buttons to move the wheelchair to the nearby sink to wash the dishes. He would never forget this kindness.

Before she could turn, he wiped his face with his free hand and gave her a tiny smile.

“Can you tell me your name?” she asked. “I am Fia.”

“Niran Chankul,” he replied.


His days with the couple was fine. More than fine. They helped him heal slowly. There had been days when he threw tantrums and they patiently waited for him to calm down. Days when he wanted to lock in his room, Fia gave the food and left quickly. When he had nightmares, they held him in their tight embrace.

After five years with them, he began to accept them as parents Kamaria sent to him.

After finishing the piano piece, he closed it gently. After all, it belonged to Fia’s mother. He walked out to see the female enjoying the december flowers.

Smiling at that, he went to her. “It’s cold. I will take you back.”

“Nonsense,” she swatted his hands when he was about to take them back. “The weather is good. It’s just five in the evening. Let me enjoy more.”

Niran chuckled. When many people saw her as the cold stern female who had the absolute say in everything related to biological science in Laukris, he and Jarred were the only ones to see this soft, charming side of her.

“Come on, mom,” he said. “If I don’t take you in, Jarred’s going to scold me.”

At his words, the female before him froze. “What did you just say?”

“I said, come on, m-” he stopped as his eyes widened. Then he began to splutter. “I am sorry, Fia-”

A lone tear rolled down her cheek. “I am honoured to have you call me that.”

Overwhelmed, he just dove in for a hug. And as expected, her hugs were warm and made him feel safe.

“Can I take you in?” he asked after the sky shredded its grey clothes for something mauve.

She nodded and pressed the buttons to take her in. He always admired that female. Though she was on wheelchairs, she made a lot of people fear her. Only a few did not shit at the sight of her.

One was him, being coddled by her. The other was Jarred who somehow subdued her and the third was a male with silver eyes. Even Fia had feared that male when he had come to dinner once.

Later, he learnt that the male’s name was Torre and that he was actually the legendary Second Warrior, Taurus.

“Aren’t you coming in?” she asked.

Shaking his head, he followed her.

“Y-you are mad at me for calling you mom?” he asked.

She shook her head. “Ever since this accident, I cannot bear any children. Of course, you calling me mom is the greatest honour I ever have.”

“What exactly happened, mother?” he asked.

Fia sighed. “I am a shifter. Not just a werewolf. Jarred and I have been following Taurus for about seven hundred years.”

Niran just blinked at her. “S-shifter?”

She nodded. “Yes. I was there when the curse hit.”

He sat on the sofa. “What curse?”

She smiled wistfully. “Amaris learnt that it was a werewolf who kidnapped Luna and she became furious. Hence, she sent a curse saying that no shifters would be spared.”


“Some of us were spared,” she said. “But I was not spared completely.”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“The curse was supposed to kill me,” she said. “But somehow, my mate saved me. Hence, my both lower limbs became paralysed.”

“Paralysed?” he asked.

She nodded. “Yes. we have tried everything, but nothing could cure it. Taurus once offered to help me. If he willed, he could have cured me, but... I did not want it. It was my fate.”

“It sounds stupid,” Niran muttered. “Why did you not accept it?”

“I did,” Fia chuckled. “I did. Taurus was going to heal me. But then he stopped when a message came. Apparently, Amaris had allowed me to live because I was already her favoured. I was created by her, it seemed. She wanted to settle a score I had left it in my previous life. And the stars, they are very keen at keep scores. If I allowed Taurus to heal me, I would suffer more after.”

Niran’s shoulder slumped. “What if... what if there was AI that could-”

“Warren Whyte of West pack is already doing something similar,” Fia smiled. “If that was a success, of course, I would take it up.”

Niran smiled. “I hope he could do this.”

“Me too, dear,” Fia said. “Me too.”


Unfortunately, three years later, they did not get the news of Dr Warren Whyte finishing the technology. Instead, they got the news that Warren Whyte, his mate, Likira Vade and their three-day-old daughter, Chris Vade had died.

To him, it might be nothing, but to Fia it had been a heavy blow. Not only had he been her hope to walk again, but it seemed, they were actually good friends. After all, being in the same circle, they ought to be.

“This is depressing,” the male before him said. “I did not expect him to die.”

Niran shrugged as he poured himself a glass of scotch. “Who knows what had happened!”

The next news was further depressing. It was something about Autumn Coven. The current Omicron was dead and a female named Lee Jang-mi had taken over. Pity, the past Omicron had been Taurus’ friend, helping him in the business.

As the flash news came to an end, Ilariya Regio, the genius pianist was married to Flavio Conti, a famous movie star and moved to Summer pack. Niran frowned. Ilariya Regio was caught in a scandal just a year ago about having a child. That said, she had a mate. Now, what was she doing marrying a movie star?

“Pity,” Taurus said. “Do-Hyun was a good friend of mine.”

“Autumn Coven’s omicron?” he asked.

Taurus nodded. “Yes. He was suffering from Sey’s disease. Where his fangs did not function. As an Omicron, many were expecting him to fall.”

Niran nodded again. “Why did you call me?”

His silver eyes suddenly shone with a vigour that Niran was forced to gulp hard.

“Do you remember what happened eight years ago?” he asked. “How you came into Jarred and Fia’s custody?”

Niran bit his lips, but he nodded. How could he forget that fateful day? It still haunted him.

Taurus gave him a rare smirk. It was this smirk that made him thankful that he was not this male’s enemy. To others, he may be looking as if he won something, but Niran could see the swirling wrath of destruction in them. There was a promise of death.

He motioned one hand and the male next to him gave him a file. Taking that, Taurus gave him that file.

“Contains details of all those who killed your parents,” he said emotionlessly. “What you want to do with them, is your choice.”

“Even if I want to kill them?” Niran asked, glaring at the file.

“I will clean up,” he shrugged. “I have lawyers and they know stuff.”

Niran looked up at the male. “Seriously?”

Taurus nodded. “If you want to let them go, it’s up to you. You want to humiliate them, it’s up to you. Whatever you want to do.”

“Why?” Niran asked.

“We stars,” Taurus said, his voice soft as the darkest midnight. “We don’t like to keep scores. We settle them as soon as possible.”

Niran stood up. “Is that all?”

Taurus grinned. “If it really bothers you, you can work for me.”

“Why would you do this?” he pressed again.

After seeing this guy having dinner with Fia and Jarred, Niran lost the fear he had.

“Fia asked,” Taurus said. “She said about your anger. You know? Jarred and Fia have accompanied me for so long and they did not ask much. They are one of the best friends they have. When Fia came and asked me this, I can’t turn it down.”

“For Fia?”


Niran inhaled deeply. He knew the friendship between the three.

With that, he stood up and left.


Seven people were bound before him. Out of which five glared at him, while the other two looked away in guilt.

Niran snarled at the five. Did they even remember who he was?

“My omicron will come!” one said confidently. “She will come to save me.”

“Which omicron?” he asked in a bored tone. “Omicron Mali?”

“Bullshit,” another said. “Omicron Boonsri. Mali is a bitch that deserves to die. She has to die for even touching Omicron Dave!”

A punch to his face had his blood flowing from his nose. He howled in pain.

Niran then walked before them. The shed he had chosen was perfect. It was right on the outskirts of the summer coven where the boundaries were hazy. It was midnight and it was shed that people had abandoned about ten years ago.

“Do you even know who I am?” he asked.

Some glared but did not answer, but one was brave enough. “You are a psychopath! That’s what you are! For taking us and-”

Niran sent another punch to his abdomen. “Is it so?”

Niran had to thank Taurus for training him. That warrior was a ruthless teacher. Each time Niran made a mistake, he had to repeat it until he did not get any mistakes.

Then the one who was the quietest the entire night said, “You are Niran Chankul. Ruthai Sitwat and Klahan Chankul’s son.”

He grinned at her. “You are right. I should reward you, right?”

Then he made them bleed for the murder they had done eight years ago. He broke them bit by bit. They had to break under his torment.

Each and every bone in their body was broken to a point of no repair. The portion Jarred gave him worked, it prevented them from healing. First, the bones of the limbs were broke. Then, he moved to the ribs.

At that stage, two died of pain and fear. Those who held on, he went for the pelvic bones and the shoulder blades. Without healing, another three died.

While he kept on, he did not see them. Rather, he saw the face of his mother eaten by acid. The unborn child that was ripped from her womb. He saw his mutilated father, his steady gaze on his mate. He could not scent their blood, but only the charring flesh he saw that night.

The sixth one had somehow died. The last standing looked him dead in the eyes. But he was still breathing. Somehow.

“Are you going to beg for mercy?” Niran cocked his head.

He just groaned.

That that point, Niran Chankul realised that he did not have a heart. With blind rage, he broke the male’s skull and when the bone pierced his brain, he fell down.

Niran looked out. It was still night. Still night, or was it next night?

He could not tell.


Mild sunlight snaked its way into his room. It was after three weeks, he had seen anyone. When Fia had knocked the door that day, he had told her to come in. And behind her, Jarred trailed. After they spoke for a while, Jarred called Taurus who was now standing at the door.

Jarred glared at Taurus who was standing next to them. Fia was holding his hand as if he was delicate.

“What have you done, Taurus?” Jarred raged.

Taurus frowned like a child. “I did nothing.”

Niran sighed before anyone could anything else. “I... Taurus gave me the information. I went ahead and... killed them.”

“Killed them?” Taurus chuckled. “That’s a light word.”

Fia gritted her teeth. “Fine. Don’t ever go and do anything else like that, Niran!”

He knew what she was thinking. After killing them, Niran had vomited and passed out. It took him nearly three weeks to talk to them. He had gone literally insane.

Niran had not been a killer. He never was. But that night, something had changed. He found a part of him, he never knew he had.

Jarred rolled his eyes.

Fia then sighed. “Come and help me, Niran.”

“For?” Niran asked.

Fia exchanged a look with her mate. “I... I am looking out for all the shifters who are alive. If you can, can you help me?”

Niran nodded. “When do we start?”

“After you feel like you can come out,” Fia said and left the room with Jarred.

Seeing the way the Second Warrior was looking at him, he gulped. “What now?”

Taurus shook his head. “To kill them in such a way... I just thought how much rage you had it with you.”

Niran looked away. He tried his best to make Fia smile and Jarred worry less, but he had seen how his parents had died. He had seen his unborn brother being ripped from his mother’s womb. Things a child should not have seen.

Then something cool pressed in his hand. “Take this.”

“What is this?” Niran asked, looking at the silver band Taurus had given him.

“A little something that will get you out of trouble,” he said. “Royals will let anyone go if they have it. Even if you had killed a Royal, you can get away with this.”

“What is this?” Niran asked, slipping the band on his hand. He would let that precious thing go. After all, he was quite famous for causing trouble.

“Just have it.”

“If I want to give it?”

“It’s yours. Do whatever you want with it.”


“Do we need you?” Niran asked, glaring at the cheery star.

Nox grinned. “I am an intellectual.”

Niran spat the water he was drinking. “Intellectual? You?”

“Why not?” he replied.

Rolling his eyes, Niran searched the arena. It was an underground fighting area where many had come. Taurus, Fia and Jarred were up in the VIP section, while they both were down here.

How did Nox come here again?

This star helped Taurus occasionally and when he came today, he tagged along with them to come here. What more, he even went ahead and sighed himself as a contender today.

But Niran was not here to see the pretty star fight. One descendant of Fia’s friend was here. And according to the research, though his parents were werewolves, he was a shifter. After nineteen years of searching with Fia, they hardly got a few names. Varian Rykar, Elin Olsen and Katherine Wees.

“Tonight!” a voice blared. “We shall have the last fight. Everyone give it up for Lupus and Nox!”

With that, Nox got on the stage with that cheeky grin. People screamed next to him.

Niran had to admit. The fight was not fair. Nox was a star and the male opposite to him was an unshifted werewolf. But he had to admit. Lupus was the undefeated champion tonight. If Nox had not entered his name, that kid would have won.

Unlike Nox, the kid had his guard up. His eyes had that unpredictable wilderness. As soon as the bell rang, Lupus sprung like a spring. Even Nox was stunned by the moment.

Slowly, Nox began to go all out when Niran caught the scent he had been trailing after.

Upon the ring, both the males were equally hurt. Who was this Lupus? Where did he come from? How could he even land a punch on a star?

The match was tense. But Lupus managed to reverse the tide. He won and the crowd cheered for him.

As the voice and screams grew louder, Niran tried to track the male they had come for. A shifter born in this time.

He just knew that the male’s surname was Calvo. But in the midst of the celebration, he missed that guy.

Nox came down as if he had never been tossed like a ball by Lupus. “That was a devil, Niran! A devil!”

But he did not care for the star. He missed the person he had come here for.


Nox was pestering him non-stop. Ever since he lost to that boy, he wanted a rematch. But that was not happening. Even after one year, he was unable to find Calvo. If only that night had not been rowdy, he would have found that lad.

“Come on!” Nox whined. “Find me Lupus.”

Niran glared at him, as he surfed the internet on all hitman in Laukris. Who was this idiot who came to kill Taurus but ended up saving him?

“Scram!” Nirand hissed when he was not able to find anything. He shut his laptop down and walked to the room where the assassin was being held. Jarred even treated him and Fia was looking like she was seeing something out of this world.

“Come on!” Taurus shouted. “Come on, damn it!”

Was this the Taurus he knew?

“By the Cosmos!” Taurus breathed and closed his eyes. “Never did I imagine I would worry about someone.”

Same here, buddy. Same here.

“I know right!” Niran quipped. “Taurus worrying. Never have I ever recorded that in history.”

“Seriously, guys?” Fia reprimanded, glaring at him. “This young male defended Taurus and you dare tease?”

“It’s not going to hurt,” Niran mumbled.

“Not going to hurt?” Fia asked. “That bullet I took out, could potentially kill Taurus. That was made of that stuff.”

Niran blinked. What? If it could kill Taurus, why was this assassin alive? What was going on?

“What stuff?” Niran asked.

“Nothing except the weapon made of aether can kill Taurus, I know, Jarred,” Fia said. “But this had that a tiny per cent of that material Taurus once brought. Levedra from Abyss”

“Will he recover?” Niran asked.

Fia shrugged. “I don’t know. Technically, being an unshifted werewolf. He should have died taking one bullet. He is alive after taking two, especially when they have traces of Levedra. He should not be breathing. Even with Taurus giving him energy, he should have died. I can’t judge him.”

The assassin coughed. “W-what d-do you mean?”

Like a stupid, Taurus asked, “Why did you take those bullets for me?”

The assassin just closed his eyes.

“You were sent to kill me,” Taurus continued. “Even if your bullets can’t kill me, you should have tried. At least then, I don’t have to save your life for saving mine.”

“Taurus!” Fia reprimanded. “That is not how you thank someone who saved your soul!”

Taurus mumbled something unintelligent under his breath.

“Don’t move!” Taurus said. With a grumble, he asked. “What do you want?”

He then said, “Push my left sleeve up a bit.”

“What the-” Niran began. Even he could feel the tension in the room.

“Is that-” Jarred asked.

Niran recognised that. “That’s the band I gave to Omicron Mali!”

That one fateful night when he was drunk and drugged by that stupid Omicron of Summer coven and thrown into a prison, it was Mali who had pulled him out. From the conversation they had, Niran could tell that Mali had someone else in her heart, but Dave had killed him. Pity.

For saving him from Dave, he had given this band to her.

“Taurus gave it to you in the first place?” Fia asked.

The assassin said. “I come from her coven.”

“B-But you are a werewolf!” Jarred protested.

The assassin said. “I am. My mother was taken to Summer coven when I was young. She is... Omicron Dave’s slave.”

“That guy never changed his ways, did he?” Niran asked, scoffing.

He should have killed that male that night!

He blinked at Niran. “You know him?”

Niran smirked. “Long story. But since you have this, you basically evoke the Law of debt. Even if you did manage to kill Taurus here, we would have to let you go.”

Taurus then took the band and threw it at Niran. “Don’t casually give it to others.”

Niran shook his head. “I did not! Omicron Mali saved me. She released me from prison!” He then took the band and sniffed it. “She helped me...” The scent was heavenly. It was a mix of everything he loved. From the cakes to the early winter morning. It tugged his soul and teased his existence. This was a combination of scent he never knew he needed. “Wait a minute. Whose scent is this?”

He could not get enough of that scent. Whose scent was it?

“Niran?” Jarred called. “Are you-”

At that moment, Jarred was the one who was keeping him from the scent. Then it struck him. Was this the scent of his mate?

“Who else touched it?” Niran asked

“Who else?” Niran asked when the assassin did not reply. “I have scented Mali and Dave and know that this does not to either of them. Who else touched it?”

He mused. “I... I guess, the Epsilon did?”

Was he supposed to know who the Epsilon was? But how was that Epsilon? Was he fair? Was he dark? Was he tall? Was he lean? Was he muscular?

“Who is that Epsilon?”

“Rune?” he said. “Rune Bidaya, Mali’s half-brother.”

Niran ran his hands through his hair. “Shit!” He then glanced at Taurus. “You said that someone had to take this guy back to his pack or coven right? I will do it.”

“Why the sudden enthusiasm?” Fia asked, cocking her head. “When Taurus asked us to, you were the first to refuse. What changed your mind?”

He did. He regretted uttering those words.

“Don’t laugh at me, Jarred!” Niran warned at the male.

“I... I think he may be my mate,” Niran mumbled.

“I can’t hear you,” Fia said, cupping her ear. Would that female ever stop? “Can you be a bit louder?”

Niran glared a her. “I don’t want to jinx it.”

“Someone’s finally got a mate!” Jarred said. “Thankfully they will move out of my house soon.”

“Niran,” Fia said, chuckling. “Did you not say, a mate was for the weak and all-”

“Enough!” he pouted. These people were heartless. Merciless.

But when he saw Taurus looking at the male with those gentle eyes and speak with him in that caring voice, Niran smirked. This male was always a killing machine for him. Now, he was handling that male like he was delicate glassware and he was even telling him secrets. What spell did this assassin put on him?

Whatever it was between then, let it be. If he took this Draco to Summer Coven, he could find if Rune was truly his mate of not.

He took in another sniff.

Not a matter of if. A matter of when.

A/N: Let me admit something, guys.

I was actually going to kill this character. But now, after writing this chapter, I can’t bring myself to do it.

So, Niran’s not going to die... at least in this book.

Until then,


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