WereVamp: Forbidden Love

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Katya is a vampire. She has loved the ancient vampire that changed her. Katya loses her and she spends thousands of years alone, not wanting to get involved with anybody. Until she met Lynexia. Lynexia is a werewolf from a pack in the Western Mountains. Lynexia is separated from her pack by hunters and is forced into Katya's lands, where she is captured by a member of the village that Katya's castle overlooks. When she is brought before Katya, the lady buys her from the villager but she is confused by the woman's intentions. Can Katya overcome her past and find it within herself to love Lynexia or will nature prove to be too great and the two end up as enemies? Can Lynexia find it within herself to let go of her past self and embrace who she truly is and love Katya? Will the laws of nature force these two apart?

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A Vampire's Love

Once upon a time, in a castle far to the East, there lived a lonely vampire, named Katya, who was very beautiful, very kind, and very wise.

For thousands of years many vampires have come to Katya’s castle to become her mate, but she turned them all away. Katya had sworn that she would never love again after what happened thousands of years ago when she was still human.

Katya, the only daughter of a very rich and very powerful noble, had fallen in love with another local nobleman’s daughter. Martha was very beautiful and very kind. Katya confessed to Martha on the day of their marriage interviews with local princes. Martha told Katya that she felt the same way but never said anything because she was afraid that Katya didn’t feel the same. Katya and Martha ran away together and lived in secret for 3 years before their parents found them and tried to force them to return to the city. Katya refused, saying that she would rather die that return and be forced to marry someone she didn’t love. Her parents said that if she didn’t return that they would never speak to her again and that she could just live out here alone. Katya said that she wouldn’t be alone, that she would have the love of her life with her. Suddenly, Martha turned and slapped her in the face.

Martha said that Katya was wrong about the two of them. Martha said that she had never loved Katya and that she only put up with such a vulgar act because her parents had wanted to get closer to Katya’s parents and she willingly the bait to lure Katya in. Devastated, Katya fled from the little house that she and Martha had shared for 3 years. She ran and ran and ran until she could run no longer. Katya fell outside the gates of a very large grand castle. Then, everything went black.

Katya vaguely felt something something pick her up and carrying her but nothing else. Then, Katya awakens in a very large, very extravagant bed. She sees from the corner of her eye, a beautiful woman wearing a very long silk red dress, holding a platter of food. The woman looked relieved to see Katya awake.

The woman places the platter of food in front and introduced herself as Lady Velma. She told Katya that she was a vampire and that she had lived for thousands of years and as such, she was very lonely. Lady Velma offers to let Katya live with her if Katya promised to keep her company, during the day and at night. Katya agreed because she had no place to go and she didn’t want to go back to her parents.

The days went by and Katya kept Lady Velma company during the day and at night. Katya found it strange that such a refined, beautiful woman lived alone in such a large, beautiful house. One day, on Katya’s 20th birthday, Lady Velma said that today marked the beginning of Katya’s new life. Lady Velma presented Katya with a large red box and told her to open it. Inside the box was a red dress much like Lady Velma’s and a matching pair of slippers.

Lady Velma instructed Katya to put them on and the to follow her. After putting on the dress and slippers, Katya followed Lady Velma as she was instructed to do and was led down a very dark corridor until they reached a very large, decorated door. Once inside, Lady Velma lit the dark room to reveal a magic circle and an altar. Here, Lady Velma took Katya to the center of the magic circle and, without warning, bit Katya deeply. After having sucked all of Katya’s blood, Lady Velma gave Katya her own blood and then placed her on the altar in the center of the room. Minutes went by and then suddenly, Katya’s eyes sprang open to reveal that her eyes were no longer the hazel the once were but were now a blood red.

Getting up, Katya walked over to Lady Velma and and asked her why she had turned her into a vampire. Lady Velma simply said that she didn’t want to be alone again so she turned her into a vampire so that Katya could live with her forever. Suddenly, a loud noise was heard from the castle above. Quickly, Lady Velma and Katya ran to see what was going on.

At the door, the girl that so long ago had been Katya’s love, burst though the door. Katya, taken aback by the girl that had so many years ago rejected her, asked the girl what she was doing there. The girl, Martha, in shock from seeing Katya, simply hugged her and started crying saying that she had searched for her for so long, wishing to say she was sorry for what she had said those many years ago. Martha, after she had calmed down, said that she never meant what she had said back then. That she had said it in order to protect Katya and also so that she could move on and find some else better suited to her.

Lady Velma, hearing this, feigned illness and left the room. Katya, knowing that vampires never got sick, knew something was wrong. Katya excused herself and went in search of Lady Velma. While she was still searching, Katya heard a loud scream from the drawing room where Martha was and rushed back. There, in the drawing room, was Martha standing over Lady Velma with a wooden stake, dripping with blood.

Katya rushed over to Lady Velma and cradled her in her arms, calming her and telling that it would be okay. Katya turned on Martha and demanded to know why she had stabbed Lady Velma. Martha replied that it was because Lady Velma was a vampire and was going to hurt Katya if she didn’t kill her. Katya turned to Lady Velma after feeling a hand touch her arm.

Turning back to Lady Velma, Katya was shocked to see how pale she was. Lady Velma told Katya that the reason she had changed her was because she had fallen in love with Katya from the moment she laid eyes on Katya and that she loved her so much. Katya realized at that moment that she had never been in love with Martha. Lady Velma was different. Katya realized that she had been in love with Lady Velma since she had met her and was sad that she had only realized this when Lady Velma was dying.

Then, Lady Velma pulled Katya down to her level and kissed her long and passionately and then went limp. Katya, devastated by the loss of the woman she loved, in a mad rage, set upon Martha and sucked her blood, killing her.

Katya sent Martha’s body to her parents with a note saying to let their daughter’s death be a warning to never mess with her again. Katya then went into morning for Lady Velma, the woman she loved. Lady Velma had given her the one thing that no one else had. Lady Velma had given her love and now that love was gone. From that day on, Katya swore that she would never fall in love again.

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