Solomon [WEREWOLF]

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"You don't belong here." "If I don't belong here then where do I belong?" "Not with me," he replied easily, his voice not wavering as he stared at her with a hard expression. "You belong with other wolves, with a pack." "But you're a wolf." "I'm not the kind of wolf that you need." "Sol," she begged him, pleading with her tone as tears streaked down her face. "Please don't do this." He ignored her, only turning around and walking out of the front door, already grabbing her suitcases which he had pulled down the stairs earlier. He walked out of the cabin which they had shared for the past few months and began loading all her bags into the back of the truck, ignoring the immense amount of pain and sorrow that he could feel radiating off of her. After he finished, he sat in the driver's seat and waited patiently for her to join him. When she did, her cheeks were now dry. Her puffy, red eyes were the only tell-tale that she had been crying only mere moments ago. "I'm only doing what's best for the both of us," he muttered quietly, more so to reassure himself than her. But his words fell on silent ears as she didn't even acknowledge his words, just stared ahead. Exhaling, he twisted the key and the engine purred to life. In a few hours it would be back in front of the lone cabin in the woods, but this time with one less passenger. Cover by @Ethereal29 Copyright © 2018

Fantasy / Romance
Layla Knight
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