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Native American girl born second in her family but stronger than them all. Her Brother was first born but is a beta in reality. No one knows why, and she keeps asking one question. Why me? Takes place where flat land meets forest and density takes over and we don't see it coming. Werewolf born power that hasn't been seen in years. She is dominant and powerful will her mate except all that she is or will he not be strong enough to handle her being an Alpha and Luna combined.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Meeting them was so unreal. I knew it would change me yet I didn’t know how or when. They had me thinking about what I could be capable of when I turned eighteen. If what they say is true could I know my mate sooner than what I expect? Could they know more than they are letting on? I have no time to think of that now, I’m here for my brother and my dad is not the easiest person to convince about letting us do what we want as we get older. They say their son is off at college and will be back after we are gone. I envy my brother now. He will have a chance to go to college and it makes me wish I could go. I hope this goes well for Keme and he gets to join this pack. Then I can visit more often and learn more from them. Changes are coming and I can feel it. I know something big is coming my way in more ways than one. I just hope I’m strong enough to handle what is to come.

It’s time for the talk that my dad wants to have with the Alpha and Luna of the Elite pack. Then my brother will demonstrate his power and strength. I know my brother will do well on this and he will get his beta position that he wants. I will be so proud of him and can’t wait to see him go far with this pack. There is just something about this pack that makes me want to be a part of it as well. So, I ask myself Why me? Why is it always me that seems to be different? Why me?

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