Deepest Regrets

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Felicity lives in the Dark Moon pack who lives in Seattle, Washington. After an attack that killed her mother and the alpha's wife, she was shunned and became the pack's punching bag and slave. After running from the pack into a new one, her old pack comes to her for help when the old alpha is dead and his children severely injured.

Fantasy / Drama
Erin Mahala
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Abused and Shunned

My life was going perfect until that day. I wanted to forget about that day after a couple years of suffering. Even I wanted myself to die because of that day. I was 13 when this day happened. My twin sister and older brother of course are bothering me to get me out of bed and they do this everyday. "Get out of bed, loser." My sister scolded at me while sitting on my bed taking selfies while I was sleeping. "Ugh. Must you always have to do this every morning?" I groaned and rolled over only to have my brother jump on my bed and push me off, making me land with a thud and hit my elbow.

"Sometimes I wonder why I am related to the both of you." I said as I got up and dusted myself off. Today was girls day for me, our mom, Alpha Chris' Wife and their daughter, Jenna, who is my best friend. "Just get dressed and ready. You know how Mommy is when you're not ready." Chloe said as she rolled her eyes and walked out, Devon laughing following her out. I jump in the shower and wash my hair that hasn't been washed in 3 weeks. When I finally jump out the shower, I do my makeup and turn to see the dress my father brought me when me and Chloe turned 13 recently. My father was the Beta, Vince and Chris Morgan's second in command besides Omega Luke Bryan.

"Are you ready, Mija?" My Mother, Valerie, said, standing in my bedroom door. My Father's wolf ancestors were from Italy and my mother's were from Spain. "Yea, Mama. I just got to grab my shoes and I'll be out there" I tell her as I grab my phone and stuff it in the pocket of my dress. Each state has a lot of packs. Each pack sounds the downtown area of a city, small town or country in each state. I live in the North Side pack of Seattle, Washington called the Dark Moon. Chris's rule is that depending on what wolf you get is the rank you have in the wolf society. Chloe and I haven't gotten ours yet, which our parents think we'll get ours when we're 16. Devon got his last year and never shuts up about it.

"Mama, with Christmas around the corner, what will you get Papa?" I turn to her as I was bouncing on one foot trying to put on my shoe. "I don't know Mija. That's why we are meeting with Faye and Jenna at the mall." She said as she kept walking. I'm lazy, already tired and We haven't gotten in the door yet. Our mall was insanely huge with three floors and alot of stores. We get to the food court and Jenna jumps on my back. "You girls go explore the mall while me and Valerie go shopping for gifts and meet back here to the food court." Faye shouted as her and my mother walked away arm in arm.

"So how is Devon and Chloe treating you?" Jenna said as she punched me in my arm. "Both of them woke me up this morning. Chloe as usually taking Selfies while I'm sleeping and Devon pushed me out the bed making me bump my elbow off the floor" I huffed as I was trying to maneuver between the crowd of people. Christmas was around the corner and people were trying to get gifts. "Your brother is cute." Jenna said excitedly. "Ew, you like my brother?" I said disgustingly. "You like my brother." She joked. As soon as she mentioned her brother, Oliver walks out with a group of girls all over him.

I roll my eyes as the school's popular slut, Whitney Brown, is ahead of all the girls. "Is Whitney always all over your brother like that?" I asked. "Yes. She's always over at our house and our dad thinks they are perfect for each other but they're not. She sleeps with every guy I seen and haven't seen." She says shaking her head. We walk up to her brother and they start talking. I could tell Whitney wasn't too happy about us walking up to Oliver. She thinks Jenna isn't related to Oliver and thinks Jenna wants to have him, even though Jenna lives in the same house. "Why are they here? Jenna, You know you're not allowed around me." Whitney scoffs. "And you know you're not allowed around my brother yet you still come around after sleeping with 5 guys" Jenna says, rolling her eyes. I can see Oliver just becoming embarrassed so I grab Jenna and pull her away so Oliver can get his business done.

"Ugh I hate her so much" Jenna scoffs as we make our way back to the food court. "Why is she so attached? It's like she doesn't even care about your brother except he's gonna be Alpha. But I know your brother doesn't like her." I said. When we got to our moms, we drove off to the nearest restaurant, got our food to go and went to the park. I loved going to the park as a kid because it was peaceful. Chloe stopped wanting to go because she's too much of a girly girl to go. That moment was the moment I wish I could have done something. As we were eating, Mom and Faye picked their heads up in unison meaning that danger is nearby and told us to run. Jenna of course ran when rogue wolves approached us. I was scared and couldn't move. "Mom. I can't move" I tell her, fear taking over my body. She must not have heard me when her and Faye both went after them to fight. My mind was telling my body to get up and fight but I don't think it was cooperating as I watched my mom and Faye have their throats pulled out.

I got up slowly, didn't realize there was a twig next to my foot and I stepped on it, causing the wolves to direct their attention towards me. I started backing away, scared out my mind that I was going to die. I tripped backwards when one of the wolves leapt to me. A blur went by, knocking it over when I realized that Alpha Chris was in front of me. My dad and Omega Brian run up to me when the rogue wolves take off running. I finally gain my composure and breathes again when Chris walks up to me, I can tell he was sad and angry that his mate and my dad's mate were dead.

"What happened here?" He growls at me. I become scared again but I know he needs an answer. "We were just eating when the wolves approached us. Jenna ran and I was so scared I froze. I know I was supposed to help them or run but my body wouldn't move until it was over." I said, fear making my voice shaky. "Y-You let them die?" Jenna said behind me. I could tell she wanted to cry from her voice and her face. "I-I'm sorry, Jenna. I tried to help." I tell her, wanting to cry myself before I feel a sting on my cheek. I knew she slapped me by the sting and how hard her hand hit.

"You're not my best friend anymore. I don't want you to acknowledge my presence. Matter of fact don't look at me, don't speak to me, don't come near me or breathe near me. Don't acknowledge my existence. I HATE YOU!!!!" She yells at me before taking off. I look over at Chris and my dad to see them mourning for them. I look over at Brian to see that he knew my pain that I wanted to help. But he couldn't help me. "I'm sorry, Celestia. I know you wanted to help them." Brian tells me. "I truly did but I froze." I tell him. "What's going to happen to me?" I ask. "Chris will either run you out of the North Side or shun you away. I don't know." He says. I turn back hoping they would let me leave the North Side.

An hour later, Chris holds a meeting for our pack. I'm sitting on the stands and tell what happens. Chloe and Devon glares at me with pure hatred and are part of the group that wants me gone. Another hour passes by and there was a verdict. "I hereby declare that Celestia be shunned in our community." Chris yells in the courtroom. I hang my head in sadness as I am given the sentence. I expected to be that or run out of the city. My dad, Chloe and Devon left before I could get a ride so Brian drove me around town for a little while they got themselves together. "Brian, what was your verdict on this whole thing?" I ask him, trying not to cry. "Honestly, as a family friend, You should have at least stayed a month in juvie but as the omega, I agree with Chris." He says. He knew it wasn't my fault what happened to Mom and Faye but as an Omega, he had no choice but to agree with Chris.

After riding around town, he drops me off at home where I dreaded going inside. I just sucked it up and stepped foot inside where I was met with a fist to the face by Devon, causing me to hit the floor. "You're no longer my sister." He yells as Chloe records it and uploads it. He gets off of me and they go to their rooms. Dad picks me up by my arm and shoves me in my room. "From now on, You are given the Cinderella treatment" He says. If you want to know what the Cinderella treatment is, Think of Disney's Cinderella movie where Cinderella was forced to be the Maid, the Butler, the Cook, everything her stepmother made her to be. That's what my family and friends made and turned me into.

I put all of the clothes I had and put them in the trunk under my bed and put on the raggedy, torn maids dress on my bed. This was going to be really hard. There was three separate lists tapped to my mirror on my vanity. One was from Devon, One was from Chloe and the last one was from Dad. On the list is how they want things around the house and in public. It also has how they want their outfits put away and how they want their food. I took a deep breath and looked at the time to see that it was dinner time. Meaning i had to go make their foods based on what they want and how they want it.

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