All Eyes On Me

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She never thought she'd have to get back into this lifestyle. She just wanted to get some Spaghetti. She just had to take the short cut down the Alley. It's not like she had a choice. She can't leave someone to die. She was going to loose her job. Worst thing of all, she broke her promise.  Down the rabbit hole she goes.  Back into the supernatural world she goes, all because this over-grateful brat wouldn't leave her alone. Now she met him and everything she worked so hard to put behind is coming back to the surface.

Fantasy / Scifi
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Chapter 1

Spaghetti night is positively the best night of the week in Mercy’s eyes. If spaghetti were a person, they would be married. She walked up to the familiar counter and ordered.

“Joe, can I get the usual please.” Mercy asked as she handed him cash.

“We already had it ready ma’am.” He said as he handed over the to go bag containing the best food ever invented. She smelled the inside of the bag and smiled in content.

“Keep the change as usual.” Mercy walked out the door and popped a two-finger salute. She swung the bag slightly back and forth as she headed back to her crappy 1-bedroom apartment. The temperature dropped unusually cold, making her body shiver. The cargo pants and 3 quarter sleeve baseball-tee were probably a poor choice to wear.

Mercy didn’t have the best life growing up. Her family brutally murdered because of her father’s betrayal. The scars covering her back a constant reminder of that night. The night her whole life changed, her life that was once a fortress, just turned to dust.

A once feared enforcer of the infamous Valkyrie coven, now a nurse at a hospital. Kind of Ironic I guess, she used to be the one to put people in the hospital, now she patched them up. Granted she liked the work, but if she had to hear one more person come into the ER, because they were trying to skip out on work or create a scene, she was going to explode like a firework.

The only thing she looked forward to was her Thursday night pasta days. She has been on her own since her 16th birthday. She paid her own way through school and tried to make a change for the better. She worked 4, 12 hour shifts every week, and the other 3 days were usually spent either binge watching Netflix, at the gym, or crawled up with a book in her lap.

Since high school she taught self-defense at the local Community Center to earn cash and help those who don’t know how to help herself. She was recruited by the police department but respectfully declined because she was patiently waiting for the day where she could take revenge against her father. That would involve some very illegal channels and a bullet to his brain.

Mercy craved nights like this, the cold wind blowing her long blonde hair. She sighed in content and thought about what she would do tonight. Eating her Spaghetti was priority one obviously, it was the after that she was contemplating. She stretched her short arms to the sky and let out a breath.

She flung the bag over her shoulder and whistled ‘Here comes the sun by the Beatles’, taking the familiar turn down the alleyway. She looked up from the ground and looked at the scene in front of her. Five guys attacking one girl. She cursed to herself and apologized to the spaghetti in her hand as she tossed the bag gracefully to the ground.

“Didn’t your momma’s ever teach you not to lay hands on a woman?” Mercy’s voice coming out playful. She hadn’t been in a good quality fight in a while.

“Didn’t your momma teach you to mind your own bitch?” One of the attackers said as he started walking towards her. The girl’s clothes were ripped, and blood was running from her lip. Mercy cracked her head and put her hands in her pockets.

“I’m only going to ask this once, leave while I’m still in a good mood.” Mercy’s voice was cold and merciless. The girl was crying. Two of the idiots kept a hold of her and the other 3 approached Mercy.

“Shouldn’t you be barefoot in a kitchen somewhere?” One of the ignorant assholes asked. Mercy chuckled and then her face went deadly.

She walked up to the first goon kicking him straight to the temple, knocking him out. The other two ran up to her after the shock of their buddy being knocked out passed. She dodged the first guys punch and punched the other right in his family jewels. The other one grabbed her, putting her in a choke hold. Mercy jumped up and then flipped him over her, leaving him on the ground with the wind knocked out of him. She bent down and punched him in his face till she was sure he wouldn’t be getting back up anytime soon. She stood up and blocked punches by one of the dumb asses that was holding the girl, she countered his punch by sending an elbow straight to his face, followed by a high kick, rendering him unconscious as well. The last guy must have got the message loud and clear because him and the other guy who had his family jewels kicked, grabbed their buddies and took off in a hastened speed.

Mercy walked over to the cowering girl and checked her wounds. She couldn’t have been more than 18 years old. Her makeup ran down her eyes and her light brown hair was a complete mess.

“What’s your name?” Mercy asked as she put the girls arm over her shoulder and helped her up.

“Amelia, Amelia Steel.” She said as she let out a small whimper as they began walking out of the alleyway. Mercy looked over regretfully at the spaghetti that was scattered on the dirty pavement. A soft sigh left her throat as she hailed a cab.

“Where do you live?” Mercy asked impatiently. The girl gave the address to the cab driver. Mercy noticed that the girl had a huge gash from a knife on her thigh. She ripped off the bottom of her shirt, revealing her toned abs. She also took off her belt, wrapping it above the gash to stop the bleeding.

“This is going to hurt.” Mercy said as she pulled the belt tight and ripped part of the shirt, she tore off into a makeshift gauze pad. She shoved the piece of cloth into her thigh and tied the rest around to get the bleeding to stop. Amelia grunted then pasted out.

“Miss is everything fine back there.” The cab driver asked.

“I’ll give you a good tip, keep driving.” Mercy instructed. The cab driver nodded his head and accelerated. Mercy recognized the situation. This girl was wrapped up in some bad stuff. The men she fought were animalistic, which meant they were probably pack wolves or rogues. Pack Wolves usually don’t fuck someone up this bad unless there is a reason too.

Mercy tapped the young girls face, when she noticed that she was falling in and out of consciousness. Thankfully they pulled up to the girl’s residence. She jumped out of the cab and put Amelia on her back.

“Friend…home...bang...” The girl mumbled. Mercy felt the blood seeping from her shirt tourniquet and onto her skin. She held onto Amelia and walked swiftly to the huge house. She banged on the door and rang the doorbell.

“What do you...... Amelia!” The stranger said as he answered the door. Mercy pushed past him and walked to the dining room table pushing the center piece off and laying Amelia down on top of it.

“What happened to her? What did you do?” The guy asked as he grabbed her by the shirt.

“I could spend the time telling you or I could use the time wisely and save your friends life. If you want the latter I’m going to need hydrogen peroxide, a first aid kit, a sewing kit, water bottles, sugar and salt.” The guy ran around the house.

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