Hunter Maximus

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Isobel is a bridal dressmaker and high school drop out with the genes of a vampire hunter. What will happen when the resident Hunter of the Vampire Palace comes to kidnap her? Maximus is notorious for his kill count of vampire hunters. Will Isobel become another number on his list or will she become his slave?

Fantasy / Romance
C. Swallow
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Chapter 1

Abducted by Vampires Series:

1. Prince Darrius

2. Hunter Maximus

3. Prince Xavier

Shewolf [short story]

“Wow, it’s amazing!” The 30-something year old woman opposite me grins as she takes in her new bridal dress I had helped design and create, “Isobel, thank you so much! The patterns are perfect!”

“That’s okay, it was my pleasure,” It really was a pleasure but I didn’t want to talk much longer. I had been at the store all day and it was closing time soon. It was a Saturday and in the city this bridal shop, Dresses for Princess’ was open until 10.30pm. I had to work late to present this dress to Mia. She was getting married tomorrow but she called up this morning to say her cat had ripped her dress down the front last night when she had tried it on and she needed an emergency one done today.

I was the only one working today because the owner of the shop, a family friend, was sick.

“I can’t believe you are only seventeen,” Mia says, holding her dress to her chest protectively.

“Well I love fashion,” I say, “And I hated school.” I had stopped going to high school just before my senior years began. Instead I worked here, doing what I loved.

My parents didn’t exactly approve.

Isobel, dresses might be your passion but that isn’t who you’re meant to be. You’re meant to become a strong, capable vampire hunter.

Yep, you heard right.

A vampire hunter.

I apparently had the genes to become one. My parents weren’t hunters, but I was. How that was possible, I didn’t know. However right now I wasn’t an official vampire hunter, I was on my way to becoming one.

I just had to go through the ritual. Which was happening tomorrow night.

“Good luck for tomorrow,” I say, trying to get Mia out of this shop. I wanted to pack up and go home. Get some sleep.

I had a big day tomorrow myself...

“Thank you so much,” she picks up her bag and turns on her heel, walking out of the small boutique shop. I loved this place, with its beautiful baby-blue walls, mirrors at every corner and massive shop front windows. The white and cream dresses were spread out on various racks, there were two main racks down the middle of the room and mannequins at the front. Those mannequins had the most expensive dresses displayed.

I had designed and made two of them from scratch.

As much as I loved this place, I wanted to go home and catch up on some sleep.

I check my watch, 10.30pm exactly.

It was time for me to close up! I let out a breath as Mia exits and the door swings shut. I see people out on the street, but none of them are coming near my shop. Most look like they are out to find some clubs or do some late night shopping. I grab the key from under the desk and walk around the counter, to head towards the front door to lock it -

I freeze.

I’m half-way to the door, standing in between the two main racks of dresses.

I watch as a half-naked man pushes through the front door and enters the shop.

I blink, several times. I was dreaming, surely.

I put the key to the door in my jean’s pocket. My heartbeat kicks up a few notches. My instincts flare out and my eyes narrow at the extremely handsome man with red-gold hair, grey eyes, a completely bare chest and black leather pants.

“We’re closed,” I say as the door swings shut behind him and he eyes me up and down.

Danger, danger, danger.

Every instinct was screaming at me that he was lethal. A vampire, possibly. Surely this man wasn’t a vampire. Why would I vampire walk into a dress shop?

“Excuse me, darling,” he says, walking up even closer. He stops just before me, and quickly eyes the contents of the room before his gaze focuses on me again and he tilts his head to one side, assessing me, “Do you make bridal-dresses or just sell them?” He asks.

“I make some dresses. Listen... I don’t want any trouble. So if you’d just leave that’d be great,” I cautiously look him in the eye. He couldn’t be here about bridal-dresses, no way. Something else was up. He was dangerous.

“What’s your name?” He asks, crossing his arms over his chest and raising an eyebrow at me. Great. He looked determined. But what did he want?

“Please leave,” I say more firmly, “I’m closing up -” he cuts me off as he suddenly closes the feeble distance between us, with vampire speed, and gently but firmly grabs the tops of my arms.

“Look, darling,” he says, “I was trying to be polite, but I don’t have time to waste. I need you to make a dress for my friend, her wedding is tomorrow.”

“Get your hands off me,” I snap, trying to figure out how I could find a weapon to protect myself. He gives me an assessing look.

“Darling... I was hoping you’d just comply,” he mutters, reaching up a hand to grab a wavy strand of my blonde hair. I quickly push out of his grip, shoving him in the chest, I run around to the other side of the desk and fumble around for the ruler I had in the open draw. It was wooden, strong, would work well as a stake. I keep my hand under the desk over the ruler as the vampire grins lazily.

“Aren’t you quick and feisty,” he says, bemused, “However I don’t have time to fight you. You either come with me now... or I kidnap you. Either way, I get what I want,” he laughs when I take out the ruler, holding it in both hands protectively in front of me.

“Who are you?” I ask.

“I’m Maximus, beautiful,” he says, “Nice to meet you. You’re not going to do much damage with that ruler, honey. I need someone who can make dresses. It’s decision time. Come willingly... or not. It’s your choice.”

“I have no idea why you want me to make a dress for a friend of yours, or why you even need to kidnap me for it, but I suggest you leave, right now, before I kill you,” I snarl, ready to attack if he decides to make his move. His sighs, as if disappointed.

“I’m going to have to compel you since you’re so stubborn,” Maximus lunges over the desk in one smooth move, I take a step back and I try and stab the ruler towards him but he expertly grabs it, snaps it in half and throws the two pieces behind him.

“Don’t be afraid , little one,” he says quietly, looking deep into my eyes, trying to compel me. Ha, good luck with that! I decide to pretend I’m compelled.

“Okay,” I say quietly, obediently.

“That’s it, darling, you’re going to be fine with me. Follow me out of this place,” he reaches out for my hand and I reluctantly grab it, pretending to follow along. His hand tightens in mine and I try not to feel how warm and comforting his hand feels grasping mine.

When he reaches the door and opens it to lead me out, I make my move. Before he steps out onto the street, I quickly pull out of his grasp and shove him forward, outside. My super-speed wasn’t as fast as vampires, but it was still fast. I slam the door shut, grab the key out of my pocket and shove it into the lock, turning it to the side.

I watch Maximus on the side-walk as he turns around to look at me with a confused and slightly amused look. There are heaps of people wandering around, he wouldn’t make a scene and smash through the glass or lock to get to me.

So I take the moment to smile at him triumphantly through the glass door, raising my eyebrows at him mockingly. Can’t get me now, bastard.

Maximus takes a couple of steps forward, his eyes are lit up with new knowledge. He knows I am a vampire hunter or potential vampire hunter because I had resisted his compulsion.

He moves a bit closer to the glass.

“You shouldn’t have done that, sweetheart,” he says loudly enough for me to hear through the glass. He leans forward, until his lips are closer to the tiny gap between the door and the side so I can hear him better. He says a little more quietly, “Let’s see how fast you really are, my little hunter,” it’s a threat, his grey eyes locking with my own. With a quick smirk he dashes to the side and around the corner of the boutique-shop into the alley way.

I wonder for a moment where the hell he has gone until I remember... the back entrance.

I hear a crunch from the back of the shop, a lock breaking.

Oh, shit.

I spin around on my heel and clench my fists.

He was fast.

He is behind me, standing a couple of metres from me, smiling.

“I dare you to try and escape now,” he says, amused but also ready to run after me, “You won’t be able to, darling.”

“Go to hell,” I snap and he grins.

He rushes forward and I dodge to the side, running towards the back. I didn’t know what to do other than to run. I get to the store room, but I realise he let me get that far. I look over my shoulder when I’m at the open door way, leading to freedom.

He isn’t behind me.

I look back in front, to the open doorway... of course.

He is blocking off the exit and is holding a torn piece of blue cloth in his hand. A massive grin on his face.

Oh, he was enjoying this alright.

Before I can react he grabs my arms, spins me around and pushes me up against the wall, pulling my arms behind my back. I try and push back but he is far too strong. In a matter of seconds he has my wrists tied.

I can feel his warmth against my back as he leans forward, chuckling, his warm breath on the nape of my neck.

“It’s too bad for you you’re not strong enough to fight me off. You’re such a cute little vampire hunter,” he says admiringly.

“Let me go!” I yell into the wall, heaving out breaths of fury and frustration. A vampire freaking caught me!

“Not a chance, darling,” he stands back and pulls me back against his chest, “I need your help and if you’re good and sweet, I won’t have to kill you at the end. I might just keep you as a pet.” I gulp, that didn’t sound like a half-hearted statement, he meant what he said. When I look up at him he is smiling gorgeously, beyond happy he has caught me. “Let’s go, darling,” he leads me out the doorway into the alleyway beyond.

I couldn’t believe this.

I was being abducted by a vampire.

What’s worse is he had a sense of humour.

“Do you know what vampires do when they catch vampire hunters? Especially cute ones?” He asks, grinning.

“Go to hell,” I snarl.

“Oh, I am going to have so much fun with you,” he says back, leading me down to the opposite end of the alleyway to a more deserted street.

I don’t answer.

Yep, I was being abducted by a vampire with a sense of humour.

Just my luck.

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