wolf blood

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He was wolf, He was alone, He was monster, he was nothing more, then dog, yet can he love human? He fines love, He fines him together two worlds come together, can he trust when he been hurt, ?

Fantasy / Romance
Rebecca Court
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Chapter 1

i never seen another human in 31 something years, most time i live in woods, way from people, i watch hikes i watch them , i do not understand humans , i have live in the woods all my life, i have leather skins and such, my hair was long, i was tone, but not i was fit, i was wolf, my name as others have call me moon, i was never to shy with my animal friends . i watch seasons go by. i was lonely soul, but i never thought to much about my life, not as werewolves if i was close to humans, my everything i want to eat them distory them and kill them, reason why i removed my self, i forget to be human though, i forgoton to talk to live as humans do.
i never could image my life as they the campers do, but i can tast their flash how i wanted to distory their very bean, i am monster , i am killer within who will love monster like me?
no one will, i sit near their camp sit, looking watching, i wanted to be human to be loved. no one loves me.
it was spring, i am glad winter was hard, and food was scarth. i wanted more then this. but who will love me a mosnter?

Travis Weeds wanted more then one night stands, breaks up, he wanted the whole magic, feel. but he know that wasnt going to happen anytime soon, he wish though, every day he wish, he was Nurse, and studying at the same time, he live with his sisters Lucy and her husband David, nice guy, loved his sister, he wanted that type of magic he told his family he was gay when he was 14 years old his mother die when he was 16 from car crash, he wish she told him how she felt but never did, his little sister still in school, so both kids lived with Lucy and David. David didnt mind he was in Army was gone needed men in the house, he expect Travis with open arms they soon to be best friends, and Travis never will forget there friendship, ever, even David friends were his friends, they live in small town in Airzona, and he love hiking David best friend was also Nurse, Marc was one of those type who was just nature kind, loving soul, and with good heart, he never judge anyone on their faith and who they are.
They will waiting for their coffees at coffee shop in Hoispal chaft . You ready for hiking trip? Yeah who all going? Molly, And Sam. and Johnny, smile Marc Due you just need to ask him out , oh come on i dont even know if he gay or not, ask Molly or something, Molly know everything even about the Doctors, True , but still, we going hiking come on he will never go with us, true is lucy going? I think so, i know my little sis has swim team meat coming up, so i dont know if she going to that with Lea or not, i know more tonight and call you in morning before you come over, we had four day break, and we taking it.
WE always go for camping or hiking or maybe both, This trip was going to change my world , at the time i didnt know what it ment, but i know it was going to be difficent, we got our coffees and want our diffiect ways .

Moon sit next to his fav spot, the river, he came to for water, and bath, he loved it here, it was high up trail to the high montinas it was nice and peaceful, and some nights he sleeps on ground, he was use to the cold , he never know about warmth of blanted, or house, he seen them though when he hunting, pasting behind family farm, He notice his hairs on his arms will standing as chill want though him oh no, oh no, oh no he said, he know that smell, of burn wood and smoke, they will hear, the hunters, they been huting his kind for ever long as he can remember, their order he know . very well he was scare of them, and humans, He was human too, he thinks, he took off running into hills, over the small creek, he keep on running, as fear of what hunter will do too him. He hated his fear, he hated to be scare, he was monster, hated, he keep on running over the hills, and rocks ,not looking where he was going he must be miles when he hit dead stop as bear trip caught him he scame as piain shot though him he fall on to his side, crying, as he tug on his leg, trying to free him self, he try not to scamre to alert the hunters, he lost their smell, off them the bear trip was to strong , even for Wolf, he must pass out from the blood lost though it was night, he was hungery, he try to tug more but more pain shot though him, he try to lay still, mostly likely dramage to his leg wasnt good, he can feel his bones being crash by the sharp points of the trap and more he tug the wroest it become, he lay there on cold ground, crying, lost, cold, no help, not for monster like him, this was his death. he wanted to dream of loving family but he know no one was ever going to love him . it was cold, always cold, slightly all the pain he felt, came crashing around him, teas, fall, into dirt, and mudd, as the light rain fall. He never going to know what love was.

Travis called Marc that Lucy and Lea were indeed going to the swim meat to just pick him up. by nine in morning Jhonny, Molly and Sam and marc and himself hit the rode, it was good and half hour till they got to the park to hike, and fish near the rivers, this is great idea smile molly, molly was pretty thin girl with long black hair blue eyes, her boyfriend Sam smille i thought it will rain today , yeah me too but it warm up , enough to go on hike said Jhonny, we all work together.
ER Nurses and Doctors, inter, learning the ropes. we must been walking about three hours into the hike when i notice lump in path hey guys slow down i see something, that something become human, more we got closer, to it, the person, no boy, small thin, fit, dirty kid, dame, is he ? said Mac ,easy Trav you dont know, he has fucking bear trip around his leg i am just checking for pusl , and i did and that very moment, i touch him he his grey eyes snap at me fear, only fear, he jerk try to pull from my touch and from us, easy i said, easy, there, dame said molly he scare shittless you think i snap, easy , the wolf couldnt smell, he didnt see anyone coming near him not like this, the hunters will here, touching him, only fear he was watching them . easy said solf voice, voice that was not like the others, easy we not going hurt you, my name is Travis, this here he pointed to girl, is molly, and the three dorks over there Sam, Marc and Johnny, we here to help you if you let us, smile molly, it okay to be scare, he cant be more then 17 said Johnny, he was skin and bones, his hair was long mated, like it was never been clean, and his skin was cover in burised and dirt, and blood, he was fit but skinny, His eyes were most beatufure grey blues that travis ever saw. He spoke solfy. it seem to work, for now, marc you got the first aid kit? Yeah i get it, what we need? Everything looks like, Sam Jhonny going need to hold him down, molly when i say pull, pull, on three, each one took there spot around the boy, as they did they pull him free from ugly bear trap, he was scare, he didnt moved, they will going to kill him, he was hugary, he was tried, soar, he was hugray , they will going to kill him tears fall, slowly, as pian sit in and painc set in, easy there love, we not going to hurt you like Travis said, smile molly, we here to help, shh shh, now lets get his leg wap up we can carried him to camp sit said Johnny it was while tell we got him fix up till we get to the camp sit , he was out of it, some reason Molly got him to take pain pills, his body didnt weight much, he was light, his leg was in bad sharp, and need to be re set, and stich something we all can do, but it be better in hostiapal then here. in the woods, no phones it be pain to hike back. He was tried. not from hike but from the heat, they always had over night stay, so that was plan, and set up camp they did.
Travis notice the kid was scar on his arms and legs, and stomach and back just about every where, burn marks, you think he vitcm ask Jhonny looking at the kid, maybe, those are old, scars same with burn mark old, he had them a while, you know maggie was telling me this old story, we had night shaf and she was telling me about this family being attack by wild dogs, maggie likes stories loves telling them to nurses and doctors who will listion to the old betty woman. maggie was trying to scare you Johnny, nah i think it true, the wolfs attack this family and took this kid, and every night under full moon you can hear howl of the wolf crying out for his family that was dead and lost . hey tav, what i answer johnny, you think marc will date me? i smile so not the time, i know but look i am into guys always have been, never dated anyone. Later go talk to marc okay , he my best friend, okay right now this kid going to need our help. so help me get him com p enough i can go and pee in peace,

the wolf was warm, he hasnt been warm, he smelt humans near by, they havent sold him nor kill him, he felt wozzy , like he wanted to throw up, but didnt even though he needed to, he also needed to pee but he know better, if he know hunters he be big trouble for peeing or if he did throw up, he will get hurt, he wasnt in mood for games of hunters, he had scars to prove it, he know if he did wrong they will hurt the wolf, he was monster, he lay still, trying to even out his breathing, i think our young friend is up but hiding himself into sleep, smile Sam, i go and check on him said Travis, walking over to the boy. Easy sweets, not here to hurt you, wants some water? He pull his water botter up, and smile, he look at him, just looking as he was going to throw up, hey if you sick, you can throw up, no one going to hurt you, pomise, you, that. he did, he throw up, he was scare he throw up, and travis was shocked to see the tears and fear of this boy, he know he was the wolf, in the stories, that this was him , kid, fear of humans, and his slight hit of yellow, grey, as they come into his veiw, sight, he was scare, it okay love, we not the hunters, he heard of the hunters who hunted the wolf, this want happen to the kid, the wolf he was been hunting chess into bear trip, no men has the right to do this to another human or werewolf still human. Hey guys we need to talk i said walking back to the others as the kid want back to sleep, he wolf i said, he the want? in maggie stories, jonny you right, he is wolf, How you think he is? his eyes, when he throw up it was fear i am guesting that his eyes are yellow like of wolf, so if the stories are true then, he really is the werewolf , looks like it, it expline lot to said molly, how so ask Sam. He scare of people, if he is werewolf then he hasnt been around the humans hide himself from them, if the stories are true then he never been around so many people like he is now, the four of us look at the sleeping wolf, sound sleep, he was safe said the wolf, his sent of smell was retunning to him they will not hunters. that hurt him . just maybe he can be loved. By These Humans just maybe.

Travis know that the kid was hurting, or scare or maybe both, He will be too, if the stories that the others told was true, then this kid has never seen human life up close The fear he seen in pale grey eyes told him how scare the wolf was. even of human touch, Travis heart was fill with sadness and hurt.

By morning the hiking trip was cut short, and they hike back down, the wolf was sleep, with high fever, They made it to the small cottonwood AZ area, and made it beline for hotale , they got the kid in doors, before anyone asking, it was mid after noon and to Scotsdale was few hours a drive, and Travis know the kid couldn't make it, so here they are they gotton two rooms one for Sam and Molly and two bed room for Travis and Mar and Johnny, they didnt mind sharing beds, well the kid might. but he was pretty much out of it.
the pain pill knock him out. He dirty, said Molly looking at the boy, yeah smelly to , so how do you want to do this ask Marc . He gotton feaver so not good idea to bath him. No true, i think spound bath work for now, he looks thin, we just Found him in the woods, we have no idea how long he been living like this, or if he really is werewolf to begin with said Sam. What if he really is ? The full moon was lost month, so what say he is? Said Johnny. what do you know about him i ask? Johnny smile, only the stories maggie told us, that boy live in the woods with his family when wild dog attack his family the kid was never found. Some say he was raise with the wolfs, some say he monster, that attacks , some say lot of things that are not true. True but i know for fact that this kid is scare, if he is wolf, then he should be scare, i also know that these hunters will hunt him down, few years ago Nacy said young boy was brought in, he was totoague, baeting, it was sad all of this, same kid, said Johnny, i know this is crazy, but i know it him he is werewolf/ the kid has no idea where he was. The dreams of memiores, of people he use to know, no idea if there were family or not. it was nice dream. He saw handsome men in his dream, with blue eyes and doll white skin, dark brown hair, he sment good,, he was kind, it was all dream, then hurters will near by, fear woke him up from his nice dream, and then he hear his voices, many voices, but hunters will near by they were here. he was in room , no Cell, they found him he wasnt tie to the bed, no chins ? what going on ? where was he? Hunters will near, but there too many names here, voices, after talking about the kid, travis and molly help sponge bath him noticing that he had many burns and scares, dame whisper molly, these are old, look like they from sliver chins, hit off lavender fill his sent of small, the warmth of heat from the water felt nice to his body, the hands were not hurting him yet, he know better then they. thought he did. He only know of pain, not love.
He wake smile Molly, He good at hiding. I think we did enough, he looks clean, give the kid hair cut he look good. she smile and left , it safe, i whisper, you safe, no one here going to hurt you, tears fill my vision, can he be trusted? can he just hold me, yet i know better. i can tell the kid needed something, so i did my best and crawl in bed with him he watch me, i smile kidnly at him, as i pull the boy into my arms, that min i did, he broke down, in tears the others sit a cross the room and watch, the boy was holding back, years of abuse, years of no huminty, no touch, he gip me tightly as he just cry. i let the boy hug me so tightly, as his small body shocked, from everything his fever still high. i just didnt care, shh, i whipser, you never have to be alone, shh you alright , you safe now, i found you, solf words lovely words he never heard before, he falling sleep and the four friends know that there life will change the moment, on forever.
sometimes though life can get crazy, in fact that life they living going to change them into projecting the wolfs, that live, being hunter down by thounds of years and then sam was looking at the hotel windown saw black suban at last four of them pull in, we got trouble said marc looking too, yeah, taking these basterd are the hunters ? yeah looks like it, he know, the kid know they where here. wolf secnt he has hearing, as wolf, or dog, he has speed, healing, what about the healing he has high flever ? True i know he should been healing, but the bear trap was lace in sliver, so werewolfs are know to have make or kill werewolfs in his case it casing him pain, so what we do ? How do we treat him ask Johnny, he not just human, We treatment like human, said Molly, how do we get out of this hotel with out them knowing, finding out about us ? not too sure, for now we okay, they know the wolf is here, for us it pay on words, we know where they at, we know where the wolf is said Sam, they dont know who we are. so we can use that, Sam and Mac why dont you see in getting rented car so we can dubble up, on car, then we can head out, yeah okay then what? we have to keep moving, keep going, get to Soctdale AZ this is the plan get home, then, We get kid some more help, take in one step at the time.
The hunters, Eric jhonson know the wolf was close by, he know monsters will never, him and his team will on the hunt, to kill beast. anyone who dear helps him.
he set sliver bear trip to slow him down, he didnt know those fools hikers will pick kid up. there were here, he follow them back here. gotton room, he know he was here dame it, but what room, Eric said Tony Reed, he pointed cross from the, two of the hikers, well boys look like we fine our monster, now what said Alice, we wait , they human, we cant kill humans that never stop us before said Alice, True, but still we wait, see what happens, and follow them.
Same notice the room a cross the street, as eyes were on him, we got people watching us max, i know i felt their eyes on us when we will in the room, i think getting two cars might be best ideas, so far, we can use decod, and get the hell back home, right, so lets do this.
Both men walk to the office to ask where there car rentle was and gotton jeep, four door, I know Molly and Johnny was worry about the hunters, how many you think we dealing with? at last five, for now, three men, two woman, woman? yeah gosh that sucks he just kid, molly whisper looking at the bed where two sleeping men will sound sleep where. i know, the point is he still werewolf hybrid, i got feeling we have no idea how deep we getting us into this. Sam and mar made it back with the jeep, and told the others that they were being watch, how are the?
Travis is dealing, best why he kind, and the kid, still the same, my brother Seth is computer and horror film buff maybe he can help us, good thinking the kid is smart, Molly know two things about the hunters they have listinging diesvices, and Seth is the only one who can block them, from finding them.
Seth is seventeen, and senior in high school, he had three sisters and brother. both sisters are nurses. and such he love them dealying he gotton text, can you block our call ? From Molly, and he texted back and yes, he text back.
He block his sister call, hey whats up ? lot what do you know of sliver? and werewolfs? sliver kills or make werewolf ill, it there wakeness, beside the full moon, and there few stuff that helps, gold, and such, anything with hit of gold can help but that myths, why? because we might fine the werewolf , no why really good fine sis, but if he is ill cause of the sliver, then someone put in his past, yeah the hunters ,if you can get snap of their pictures i can hack into the computer FBi files and fine out who they are, if they listed, sure they are park cross the street, we in cottonwood, Sam watch out of the window when he saw, the three hunters he snap the perfect shot. three, men two woman, he sent it to Seth. got it thanks There names are Alice Cooper, and her sister Lynn Cooper there brother is Max Cooper. That was fast, though. He smile . thanks so they have track list, of really nasty shit, they into some bad stuff, there father is murder , name Kayle Cooper he started clut call the three rings, they will very powerful in the late 1920s and up to the 70ws kinda die out, said Seth. Do you think they the ones who kill kids family? the story of the wolfs? Yeah mostly liking, they willing to hunt him down, dame that got to be tough, how come you think he never gone for help/ mostly likely cause he is scare of humans, all you life being hunt down, kidnape, etc who knows what he been though. so sliver thing, can be delete with. just get some gold and such, you can get poweder and use some of the water and let him drink it, it myth but it might work,
Thanks seth, oh and yes, They skill in Army rangers all of the Cooper family, Thanks, Becarefull guys these guys want blood, they will kill you anyone who will try to stay in there way of the wolf.
thanks Seth, you be careful of hacking, ha i am good enough not to get too caught, but thanks just be careful, watch you back also i hiding you phone calls so you can call each other and or me, and they cant trace it, thanks, i see you soon, yeah for sure, love you, love you too.

So Seth block our calls so we can be free to call amounts us , he also say they are Ex Amary Ranger it family, two sisters and a brother, Seth say there father kayle cooper is one of most famous killers in American, and know for his clut three rings, in fact Seth belives he the one who kill the kids family, if that the case they out for our blood to, cause we are helping, said molly, Dame said Johnny, their family are nightmare group too, dame poor kid, at last he fine us, or we fine him , he needs us, we going to have to get him out, somehow, also we need Gold it will countend clock the sliver, in his blood system, we really need to thank Seth, kid to smart for his own good/
Seth was siting in his bedroom reseaching the cooper family, knowing his sister like he does they will digging up trouble, knowing who they were, this was not going to be easy, he pull his cell out to call his best friend Sean , into this, hey Sean ? yeah what to take trip to cottonwood? why? i think my sister is in more truble then she told me, i want too help her, she fine that wolf kid and now these bad asses hunters are after them they bad news. okay sure what we need? Everything, kk i bring Katie with me, katie was Sean girlfriend for past six years, from middle school, and up, they been together, katie is goth and know more about supernature worlds then all of us. \Katie had long black hair and blue eyes, she smile at Sean as she got into the car too pick up Seth, the three friends headed out too meet with Seth sister Molly, in her kit, she had everything to heal werewolf, her family as key players into the community of werewolfs and hybrids like she is, her gift is smells she can trace down any wolf , near her or her town, it was easy, task , she love her life, her mother is werewolf and father too, you can contarl you wolf, she is hybird wolf, she can change at will. Sean is hybird vamipre and werewolf mix breeds are rear but know, Seth is computer hacker, and geek, know it all, in all things, they trust him with everything.
so you sister fine the wolf? yeah on hiking trip, he was trap in bear trap that last in sliver, dame that will make any wolf sick, how bad? high feaver for two days. they hold up in hoilday inn in cottonwood, and hunters shown up, i finger we can help in this, i just dont trust these hunters/ so we have hunters and we got the wolf, they dont have us smile Sean, no, they don't
Moon sleep, best sleep he ever had in bed, with men he can only hope will love him. just maybe he be loved, he remeber those in his drams, the others he lost, he lost hope, in menkind, his kind of wolf is long gone, sliverpack was the last kind, they were hyribirds, He was lost so many years ago, he was cold, the pain , of what those hunters did too him become his nightmare, but for right now he was safe, Warm, so warm ,and safe, even the nosies are in background will safe, sounds, they not going to harm him yet for now that what it matter to him that he was safe, for first time in his 31 years he was safe, from the elements of weather and pain. He was hugary but didnt want to eat anything, all his life, he can get buy with out eating, hunting for small pray was easy, he hunt better in wolf skin then human, he can change doing the month, with out the full moon this was their jounery of sliverpack hybids there nothing, left. his family gone, his pack gone, just pain and heartaches for now he was safe and warm. life cant get better then this.

Travis was sleeping, he was beat, but was warm, the small body next to him, he can get use to this,he heard the others talking for now he was tried, long nights of studying, and working, hiking , hiking back down he was beat, so he hold on to the boy, his lover, he hope , he know little of werewolf history, he hope to learn more. maybe he will. There community was still learning about the magic community, witchs, warizds, vamipres, hybirds and such, so it was new to him, he love learning, he love being nurse and helping as much as he can he was always thought the wrold was good, but still it trouble him to see such hate, in people, what others are willing to do to each other, he saw much in ER as he a ER Nuse, and he say some pretty bloody stuff going on. there, yet he love being able to help someone in need. He came out gay when he was 14 years old, and he always know he like the boys, better, he just did, he know it was wrong, but love it, if this his own kind of sin then he take itHe can deal with it.
He let the small body next to him he know this is his soul meat, this is his world, he will show him all the love in the world, show him family, kindness, love, friendship, brotherhood. this is who he is, he never going to change. He know his friends will help, and that they will show him good world, not all people are bad.
Seth call his sister to let her know they getting room next too hunters, hit he was going too type into their ways, to set up some bugs, he know katie and Sean they can slip right in. then he be hook up. he smile , he going to hunt them down like they hunt the wolf down, this time the wolf is not alone. he has friends Seth was going to do everything he can keep him self, He had to, when he was small child he remember wolf saving himself in deeps cold water, he dig the kid to shoe line and save him , with out the wolf he will die.
He was thankful, so here he was driving towords future of the unkonw, the fate.
Sean know he was hybide wolf and vamp his father wolf and his mother vamipre, there family life was were wired/ His life is weird, at best, but when he meet Katie and Seth they become his pack meats, he share his life with the three of them. they are his everything, he know if this wolf that was told by town people. he hasnt had human love, is needed by alpha pack, if he is sliverpack then he in treat.

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