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"So........ kill her," she screamed pointing at me. I smirk staying seated. "You can try."

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Chapter 1

14 years ago-

"Where are we going, Father?" We had been riding the car for more than hour now and my five year old body was getting restless.

My father looked down at me patting my head. "We're almost there sweetheart. Just sleep, okay?" I nod putting my head in his lap and closing my eyes.

I was finally awoken the feeling of cold air. I could feel my self being moved. I open my eyes to a place blue sky. I was being carried in someone's arms. My father's. I tap his, whispering I want to get down. But he ignores me contuing to walk in a foreign direction.

I turn my head and see we're at two tall doors. They look old and metal with brown rust all over. I didn't want to go in there. I start fidgeting in my father's arms demanding him to put me down but he just ignores me. Again.

He walks inside and I am immeadiatly into someone else's cold arms. I forget struggling to get my way. The person's arms are strong and keep me there.i start crying cause it's the only thing I can do.

I am moved through another set of doors and set on a metal table. It shockingly cold that I start to tremble. I was scared and wanted my mother. But I knew that was impossible. She was dead.

The door opens again and there people walk in with masks on their faces. I try to back away but I have no where to go. I was stuck.

Two of them grab me, pinning me down on the metal. I scream, terrified of what they were going to do to me.

The last one comes over looking me in the eye, he has something pointy in his hands. I had seen one of those before, when my father would take me to the doctor's. But I knew this was not the doctor's office.

The person pulled at the sleeve of my dress sticking the needle in me. I whimper from the pain.

They let me go but I couldn't get up. It was like my body didn't want to move. I could only lay and cry. My eyelids slowly started drooping and the last thing I remember is my father watching in the corner.

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