Mating Season (Marked #2)

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I finally knew the truth. I was a werewolf. I was a descendant from a long line of Alphas. One of the first werewolves to let go of our savage ways and lead other werewolves in the same direction. My ancestors were the founders of the civilisation we know today. Though, not all believe that they were saviours. I was finally part of a pack. My grandfather's old pack. The Loucrious pack. Until my mother broke the line to take care of me and marry my father. The new Alpha, Shay had spent the past half year teaching me how to control my wolf and show me the wonders of this new world. Until he dropped a bomb on New Year's Eve and warned me about what he called the Mating Season. He warned me that I soon wouldn't be able to stay away from him. That I would come to him, whatever that meant. But I wasn't going to give up without a fight. He had marked me but that didn't mean that he owned me. Did it?

Fantasy / Romance
Bex Michaelson
4.7 25 reviews
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Clearing the Mind

I was jogging along the forest line. It had been my new thing since New Year’s Eve. Not because of those ridiculous resolutions that most people made every new year. That most of the other joggers around me had promised themselves and would probably drop within the next month.

No. I was out here to clear my mind. To think.

Shay had overpowered me and forced me to change from wolf to human in front of him. Making me expose myself to him. He had warned me about the upcoming Mating Season. That I would come to him. He had bitten me and marked me as his.

I had thought that the two puncture wounds would disappear with time but only the red colour had seemed to lessen. It was not going to disappear anytime soon.

The adrenaline of the night had made me run all the way home in my human form with the many questions bubbling at the surface of my mind. I was angry and scared at the same time. What was Mating Season? How would it affect me? I had wanted to get my mother and drag her into my room to ask her. But as I came near the house, my courage had seemed to fade.

Everly and her parents were still there, having fun and waiting for me. I couldn’t burst into that house and shatter the happiness that seemed to create the perfect atmosphere. I had decided to go back for my clothes and sneak into the house through my bedroom window. I couldn’t face anyone at that point.

And since then, I had to take my time to go for a jog almost every day when I wanted to break the question to my mother. To build up my courage like that night.

But every time I had seemed to gather the courage that I had needed to confront her, it had faded as soon as I entered the door to our house. But today was the day. It had to be today.

It was Sunday and school started tomorrow.

I hadn’t seen Archer the past week. He had been hunting with his father, who had returned from Europe. Who I had yet to meet.

Everly had been skiing with her family and would return tomorrow as well. I had done my best to avoid Shay, though it hadn’t been difficult since I had stayed inside my room for most of the time. But tomorrow, I had to face him and I didn’t know how I could without first talking about that night with Everly or at least talk about the warning Shay had given me.

My mind was eagerly going through ways to break the question to my mother. Though I didn’t know what Mating Season, in reality, meant for me, I had my ideas and I didn’t like them. Especially if I was right and I had to go through THAT talk with my mother.

I could see my own breath in front of me. It was cold but I could run in shorts if I wanted to. If the humans knew about our existence.

That was another thing that had been on my mind. Archer’s father and the other men were back. I had to meet them at some point. Not only that. The founder of Chasseur De Loups had also returned to the house of the Marquardt’s.

Archer had insisted that I was to meet him when he got back but I was hesitant. I mean, Archer didn’t know who I actually was, none of his family did.

I knew that the founder was still alive because of magic but I couldn’t help wonder what else he was capable of, what other powers the witch had given him?

Would he be able to see through me? Would he know that I was a Loucrious right away? And how would Archer react when he found out that I had kept it a secret from him? How would he react when he knew?

The questions were endless. That was why I needed to run. To focus on the questions in another way than I would when I was laying in my bed.

I rounded one of the last corners on my route. Half a mile and I would be home. Back to all the questions and have only one answered.

My stomach started to form several knots. “No!” I cursed myself. I couldn’t let this get to me today. The talk would be awkward, but I needed to know what would happen in a few months from now. I needed to know what I was going to fight.

At last, I was home. I was out of breath and needed a few minutes. I used the time to stretch... To stall the inevitable.

I jumped up and down, trying to shake the feeling off but it didn’t help. I couldn’t let it get the best of me. Not today.

Today was the last chance I had. I couldn’t stall it anymore. ′I need to know... For my own safety,′ I told myself.

Finally, I was able to grab the handle and get inside. I was close to telling myself to take a shower first but that would only make it worse. It was now or never.

“Mother? I need to ask you something..."

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