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2. A Lost Heartache

2. A Lost Heartache

..a couple of years later..

Christian’s [POV] Point of View

I hear her loud sobbing from inside a private bedroom, hardly used by pack members but often used by Ruby. The rest of the pack and I lounge around the fire place in the massive underground den while we hear her crying in her sleep.

I found out long ago that waking her up often infuriated her beyond belief. Too many times I had my arms left seriously mauled by her wolf, due to her waking up out of nightmares where she envisaged the death of her last pack mates.

Alpha’s felt failure hard, so I understood her pain.

But by the love of the Wolf Gods, she was infuriating. For years I couldn’t break down her walls because she refused to hear me or interact with me. She barely tolerated taking orders and at all other times she was near to silent around me or spoke few words.

“Go to her,” Finn urges me, her brother and I had become fast friends – to her distaste.

“No –” I refuse even though I want to help her.

However, it turns out I don’t have to as the crying suddenly stops. The pack and I all turn our heads curiously to watch a door open... a red wolf suddenly sprints down through the Den’s centre, heading for the exit.

“Damn it, Ruby!” I growl under my breath and strip off my jeans, shifting to my wolf to run after her.

Her worst dreams came to life when she went sleepwalking; it was rare but when it did happen she often woke up in the very field where her pack mates were slaughtered. It only made her worse; it had been the rare times I had seen vulnerability on her face and in her eyes.

I chase her out, the pack instantly wants to follow but I snarl back at them to stay where they are.

My nose is already on her as I sprint out of the Den’s entrance, a literal tunnel in the ground only a wolf or crawling human could fit through. We liked to keep things traditional in the Evergreen Pack, it also kept us closer.

I follow Ruby through the night of the forest and I notice the full moon is out again.

Her dreams were always strongest at this time of the month and so was my need to protect my pack. Dangerous things happened in the forest on a full moon. People thought werewolves went nuts, obviously no one had documented what witches got up to.

Ruby is damn fast but I stay on her tail until she reaches the very boulders where her pack was lost to her. I watch from the trees, my eyes glued on her as she comes to a sudden halt, sitting on her haunches, she howls like she is mourning her lost family. My urge to join her is nearly impossible to ignore, but I didn’t want to wake her yet.

Gritting my teeth I watch on, eerily finding beauty in the moment. Her howl was haunting but her red fur was glossy in the moonlight, beautifully thicker than any female fur I had ever seen. The tough trademark of an alpha – and she had it.

Her head turns to the side and I spot her golden eyes glowing but clouded over with sleep.

I have to grit my teeth, a low growl vibrating out of my throat as she continues to howl yet again.

It doesn’t last long this time; she quickly halts and when that happens, she shifts back to her human form.

I watch her gasp out.

“...damn it,” she hisses and I know she is awake now. She looks around, trembling with incredible anger and sadness before she bursts out into tears and puts her head in her hands.

I do not say any words, knowing it will only upset her if I attempt to comfort her. I had no doubt, she’ll assume it is my attempt at coxing her into my bed. She avoided me for that soul reason, she thought I had nothing else on my mind.

She was sorely mistaken. I cared for her, I just got a bit... nervous and a bit bossy around her. My instincts called to me to take her, but she had no idea how much I held back and how much I truly cared for her.

Now I simply prance forward and rub into her side. She jumps in fright when my fur makes contact with her leg and I let out another deep growl, this time warning her. She shouldn’t be afraid around me – ever!

“I should have known you’d follow me,” she whispers, eventually leaning into my side and grabbing a fistful of my fur, “I wish I’d stop dreaming... Christian... I can never get them back.”

My claws dig into the dirt from pleasure at the sound of her voice; her two sentences held more words than she’d spoken to me for the past week since I interrupted her bath... but that was another story.*

I told you, the witches do not reside in this forest any longer –

“Shut up, don’t tell me that,” she cuts me off, her anger at the ready, “They’re still here – even if you don’t believe me. I want revenge.”

Revenge is hard when there is no one left to hunt down in this area. This is my territory. I know if it’s occupied. I’d smell them.

“It was my territory too,” Ruby tightens her fingers in my fur, faking a bite.

I will not continuously argue with you about that. A pack of five is not enough to claim territory anywhere.

“You’re biased; if I proved you wrong it would mean you’re a stupid Alpha for not knowing there are witches hiding out there. You don’t believe me because you’re arrogant.”

I find it funny you call me arrogant, little wolf.

“Little, your ass,” Ruby mutters, I know I’ve ruffled her own fur; figuratively. She was the biggest female wolf in the pack when shifted, however as a human she was petite.

I found it hilarious.

I’m about to ask her to run with me, knowing these talkative moments with her are precious because it was rare she’d engage in conversation with me at all.

Instead something gets my fur rising, an inner instinct. I go quiet and sit on my haunches, my ears pricked and my eyes focus on the nearby forest. I slowly roam around with my gaze, feeling something wasn’t right.

“There!” Ruby yells out just before I spot what she has also found, a dark silhouette along one of the boulders. It slips away from view.

There is a dark quiet ethereal chuckle from around the boulder and a horrible dread fills my gut. I watch as Ruby shifts once more into her wolf, about to hunt down the infiltrator.

She doesn’t get far.

As soon as she is in her wolf form, I lunge out and bite her neck. She probably wouldn’t be happy but it was this or her foolishly sprinting into danger. As soon as she struggles I bite down harder and force her to the ground. I step over her as she rolls around, snapping at me.

I ignore her snapping and instead lower my muzzle, sniffing the air and smelling death.

Ruby sniffs the air to catch the same drift.

Home, now! I snarl the order through her head, using my Alpha’s Command to press the point that this was because her life was in danger.

Alphas had a knack for smelling those sorts of threats and I was here to protect her and the rest of my pack.

I let up a paw so Ruby can roll out from under me as I keep my eyes trained on the boulder the silhouette has disappeared behind.

I had the urge to hunt but to also run from whatever that was. But I wasn’t stupid and I wouldn’t blindly rush into danger.

I nip at Ruby’s leg, biting down until it’s painful when she hesitates.

Don’t ignore me, I growl at her one more time and when I go in for another bite she finally prances off into the forest, her fur very ruffled and on end.

I follow close behind, making sure she heads back to the den.

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