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4. Alpha vs Alpha

4. Alpha vs Alpha

..a month later..

“Here’s ten thousand,” I put my bet down at the small desk before the fighting square lined with red tape, “Ten thousand from the other Alpha or I’m not in on this fight.”

“This Alpha is huge, experienced... he isn’t a teen looking for a brawl... you can’t win this one, baby,” David, the man with spectacles who handed out the money to the winner, shoves my cash back under my nose.

I glare at him and quickly find that my pack mates, have my back. Jerry is at my right shoulder, Lucas at my left.

Paige is waiting by the bar grabbing drinks while the club rocked out rock anthems and gothic tones for the werewolf community that frequented Claw & Blood. A dodgey, somewhat old underground establishment. Guaranteed to be fifty percent human, fifty percent wolf, zero percent vampire and witch.

“Take it, she’s in,” Jerry slams his fist on the table and it rattles the crossed elbows of David, as he squints through his spectacles while pushing them up his nose, “She hasn’t lost a fight each weekend since we’ve come back here.”

“If you want to cause some trouble in my establishment, I’ll call security,” David warns Jerry, lifting a hand and waving a finger at him, “No trouble, you hear me? I’m Ruby’s friend. We go way back.”

“We do, so you’ll take the money,” I growl and push it towards David again, “Make sure that big and bad Alpha puts up the same price.”

“I’ll put down one night, not ten thousand,” I know that interjecting, rude and familiar tone.

I had dreamt about it every night, waking up in sweats... from a damn heat that hadn’t left me for a whole month since I left the Evergreens.

A shiver runs down my spine at the unexpected new arrivals. Jerry and Lucas pull me back, away from the sudden torrent of smells that fill my nose upon my turning in the heavy aired club.

My eyes widen at the line of familiar faces; every member of the Evergreen pack. They happened to never come down here. They were more fancy shamancy werewolves.

They liked to keep it to upper class clubs only, which is why I came to Claw & Blood. There was no chance of running into them here. Yet now, Christian steps forward, leaning his elbow on the desk, he barely looks in my direction as he takes in David with respect.

“If she wins, I’ll give her fifty thousand... if I win, she can keep her money... but I want one night, with Ruby, alone... you catching my intentions, David? That’s my red headed problem over there, yes, the short tempered brat with her two oh so very scary, intimidating, macho pack mates,” Christian has to yell the last part as his eyes avert to mine, from David’s, to spark with another challenge and heavy sarcasm.

“Take this, Red,” I turn to Paige as she slips in front of me and gives me a full bottle of whiskey, “I made out with the bar tender and he gave it to me for free.”

“Sure you did,” I don’t believe her, because I know what kind of thief she is; ruthless. My pack was small but we were ruthless all together. Trouble makers from home, outcasts from school and especially with other werewolves. Hence we were small... but close.

“Pack Foursome is about to becomes pack Evergreen, Red,” Christian stalks past while I say nothing.

But, my heart does beat faster as I take off the cap off the whiskey and start downing it as I see Finn stalk by without glancing at me.

“Not too much...” Jerry accuses, grabbing it from me, “Jeez, Ruby, leave some for us.”

“Why the blush, you scared or did the alcohol hit you that fast?” Paige asks me, raising a brow, “Toilet break?”

“Yes,” I nod and turn to Lucas and Jerry, “Stay safe, you two, don’t go outside without me. Two lone wolves we’ll get picked on by other packs... you know this. It’s a rough club.”

“We can take care of ourselves,” Lucas reassures, winks and takes the bottle from Jerry, also having his fill, “Let’s find some bitches to fuck tonight,” he high fives Jerry and they walk off together with arrogant grins.

Paige helps drag me into the toilet’s through the crowd and I stand with her before the mirrors, looking at my straight shoulder length red hair, red lipstick and mascara. I had a red leather outfit on to match the style and my fighting figure; Red. I was third on the ladder of winning Alpha fighters for the season. The bets were huge on some of my fights.

I was lucky my red wolf was huge compared to my slight human frame as the majority of the fights happened in wolf form. Paige stands next to me, pulling out a smoke to light as she gazes me over with scrutinising eyes only a best friend is allowed to have.

“You’re scared, aren’t you?” Paige asks me, “I got an idea, Ruby... let him win, let him fuck you. Do it like that. Fuck buddy mates. Use each other when you get horny. And rule your seperate packs... separately.”

“I don’t want to submit,” I growl, my eyes nearly popping out of my head with her suggestion, “Not to Christian. Never to him.”

“So you want to ride?” Paige asks, grinning, “Really?”

“No, not like that... that’s not what I meant!” I whisper and turn to her, leaning back on the tiled wall as I cough through a puff of smoke she blows in my face, “I told you to quit.”

“After being enslaved by witches in that realm for three days, which felt like three years... and actually was... hell... I”m still traumatised from their wandering hands, treating us like lap dogs,” Paige spits on the ground, her face contorted in disgust. Her hair is black and her eyebrows are white, but her lipstick is black like her hair and she cut her hair short to match mine... ever since they got back, my pack mates had been clingy.

I didn’t mind.

“I wish we could just go home,” I sigh, “But that would mean backing down and admitting defeat.”

“So, what are you going to do, sis?” Paige asks, “Back down, knock him out, or... try to win in other ways. Manipulate his ass, girl. You said he’s a brute. He won’t be able to win mind games with you.”

“Enough chit chat, I’ll fight him,” I close my eyes as I say this and count to ten.

“Next up, the two Alpha’s are our local Red and Christian of the Evergreen Pack... welcome the infamous Alpha. Unofficially the biggest and baddest in town,” a boy on the microphone, that sounds like he should still be in school, yells out to the whole club.

“Go rip him up then girl,” Paige tries to sound confident as she taps my shoulder and urges me on, “...and try to have some fun.”

“Sure...” I turn and walk to the place the fight will take place, feeling that my inner fur is completely ruffled the wrong way. I wasn’t sure if I was more aggressively ready for a fight... or an aggressive fuck... I admit... I was still a virgin... but all my fantasies were anything but innocent.

Not that I would admit that to anyone. Least of all; Christian.

The fighting square in red tape is now in sight as I slip through and I see a crowd forming and Christian standing at the centre, waiting for me.

His brown hair has grown out on his face, which I like, but his ripped jeans and brown leather jacket, never change. Not that I mind, but damn, it was just a reflection of his stubborn genes. He hated to change almost as much as me.

I waltz through the crowd, which parts for me and I step out to walk across the concrete fighting square.

“Skin or fur?” I ask, glancing up into Christian’s eyes and holding his gaze as I widen my stance and place my hands on my hips, “Up to you, tall, dumb and clueless.”

“So you accept my terms, Red?” Christian growls, choosing to ignore the insults I throw his way, “You lose, I get one night with you. Remember that. There’s no changing it.”

“Skin or fur?” I repeat myself through gritted teeth.

“Skin... that way I can drag you right out of here and back to the hotel I booked up for us,” Christian gives me a wink but it doesn’t hide the fury in his gaze.

Either he seriously missed me or he simply felt like he wasn’t dominating me as he should... which is the usual reason we always had fights. Christian was usually a cool, calm and collected Alpha. Unless you disobeyed or forgot your place in the pack... or you were a rival. I guess the fact I wasn’t in his pack anymore, infuriated him beyond belief.

Especially finding me down here, in a place he never knew I used to frequent. I bet when he got a whiff of me being down here, he realised how much little control he never truly had over me. No doubt he tried to check up on me, to see if I even had shelter. I bet, through his sources, he found out I had an apartment. Then, he probably wanted to snoop around some more.

And here he was.

“One night? What, so you think we’re mates or something?” I ask, raising a brow. He takes a step forward, closing the distance instantly with one step. He then leans into whisper so I hear and no one else can.

“On the contrary, it’s to teach your ass a late and well needed lesson,” Christian murmurs before taking a slight step back.

I narrow my eyes and I don’t reply as I look him over, taking in his size. This would be a fight to remember.

I wonder if he’d actually have the balls to hurt me?

“It’s time, wolves. It looks like we got a skin-to-skin with Red and Christian. Let’s see if the tiny wolf can overthrow the giant? Everyone bare those teeth, support your Alpha, paws up pals, let’s get this fight started in 3... 2... 1... fight!” the boy from the speakers already has my teeth grinding.

I take my fighting stance as Christian just stands still. I watch with narrowed eyes as he slowly raises his hands in the air.

In a fake surrender.

Mocking me.

Of course.

My mind flashes with images of him in fights before. Christian always appeared to be a huge lumbering mass of muscle, but his movements could be as fast as a snake. He’d strike like lightening just when you thought he’d move slow.

He blinks in slow-motion, watching me, simply waiting for my first move.

“Go,” I snarl at him, wanting him to desperately make the first move.

“Don’t pussy out, go low,” Paige encourages me from the side lines and I feel nervous as Christian looks so patient while I’m filled with nerves.

“Omega,” I hear a few insults from the crowd from drunken wolves as neither of us attack first, yet I am the one shuffling nervously on my feet with my fists clenched in front of me.

I look weak already and I hadn’t even started to fight him.

“Oh, Red... you want me to go first?” Christian points to his chest and the black shirt underneath... which was tight and rippled across his muscles, “Are you sure you want that, sweety-pie?”

"Fine, I can’t wait to see you bleed anyway,” I can’t hold off any longer with the insults around me.

And that damn endearment... kill me now... I never wanted to be called sweety-pie and the three times he attempted to call me so in the last three years always ended in Christian bleeding from a bite from me.

I use this to my advantage as he clearly think’s I’ll come in for such an attack. Instead of a bite, however, I duck and weave and strike out with a quick fist. I aim for his throat as I swerve up, but Christian steps back and my short arms miss completely.

I was never used to Alpha’s that stood still or backed off if we were in a human-to-human fight.

“Is that it?” Christian nearly chokes up with laughter, but he purses his lips and tries to keep his cool, “Seriously... Ruby... is that all you got?”

"Fuck you,” I go high and low again, with a round house kick, coming down to hopefully smack him right between the legs.

I hope he doesn’t see this movement coming as it’s large and sudden, but with a single hand he grabs my ankle. Christian flips me around, so my arms are behind my back. He grabs my elbows and shoves me down, until my knees drop. Then he simply puts his weight forward... and I fall face first to the floor with his weight on top of me.

His tactic is literally; squish.

“5...4...3...2...1! Christian wins!” the boy from the speakers calls out and Christian jumps straight off me, so I can breathe, pulling me back up.

Some of the crowd boo in disappointment, some clap and laugh at how easy I fail.

"Nooo, girl,” I hear Paige run up to my side as Christian is backed up by his huge pack. They all watch me wearily as I watch them back, my cheeks pink, “Are you okay?”

“I can handle him,” I murmur back to Paige and some of the crowd laugh some more at me, and I blush even brighter.

“I win, Red,” Christian gives me a mock bow, “A truely formidable opponent form the underground werewolf fighting scene.”

“The funny thing is, Christian, you never specified what ‘one night’ meant -” I start off, feeling smug with my choice of words, but I’m shocked as his hand flies right up and covers my lips. In a horribly degrading and obvious gesture, he shuts me up.

"Don’t play that crap with me, Ruby,” Christian snarls, his tone dropping and his eyes narrowing, “The one night starts now and you’re not leaving my side until the sun rises over the fucking horizon. Now, do you want me to do something about that flood of heat I smell seeping from between your ass cheeks since I put my hands on you...? Or do you - oh wait... there is no other option. You agreed to this... sweety-pie... tonight, your sour, scowling face and beautiful tail is mine.”

Christian takes his hand from my mouth and I gasp in air, my cheeks as red as my hair.

He always had a weird obsession with my wolf tail.

Thank god it didn’t stay as a human or he’d probably tug at it all day long if I was still in his pack.

“Go,” Paige pats my back, “You know where we’ll be at the end of it. You’re still a seperate Alpha. You didn’t agree to submit under his Alpha Command and join his pack.”

“Not yet,” Christian raises his hand and points a finger at Paige, just as Lucas and Jerry appear behind her, to give us some support, “And when she does, you’ll all submit too. Come on, Red...” Christian turns to me, curling two fingers for me to move.

“I suppose the whole pack will join us?” I ask him, as I see all their eyes still watching me intently.

“Not quite,” Christian grabs my throat momentarily as I take a foolish step closer... just because now he can... and unfortunately it sends further heat and wetness straight to the middle of my legs, “I promise. Tonight, it’s just you and me, shewolf. You... and me.”

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