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5. An Alpha's Command

5. An Alpha’s Command

Christian leads me from Claw & Blood, away from his pack and down the street. I follow close enough so that he has no need to drag me nor touch me. I was already feeling like my safety net was fading, each and every step down the street we took away from my pack and his pack.

One block down, we stop at the lights and I see the red and golden glow of a five star hotel; Swan Lake Place. An infamous hot spot for celebrities and politicians.

“No vampires here, they’re too stingy for this sort of establishment...” Christian growls down to me as I still walk close beside him, “So thankfully no disgusting odours of cold blood while I finally bend you over and f-”

"Stop,” I say the one word and put up my hand without even looking at him.

I use my cold tone, short and not so sweet. It was a tone I used on him for years and it never dropped. Even if I was in moments of impending or consuming and present heat... like now. I do it to annoy him and because I have no other setting around Christian. I had never had any other way of acting around him. It was always cold, frigid and usually speechless.

The pedestrian light goes green to walk across the road and I feel his hand boldly slide across my red leather outfit, over my waist and over my hip. He grips me, hard, so I have no way of backing off or gaining space.

“If it’s going to be like that, Ruby,” Christian growls as he speeds up his pace, forcing me to catch up with his longer strides, “I might just have to show you to a full unleashing of my dominance.”

“You sound like you’ve just quoted from a terrible movie,” I can’t help but make fun of him as we finally cross the street and enter Swan Lake Place.

“Keep it up, sweety, keep it up... I dare you to keep testing my patience,” Christian almost snarls this as he steps from me, satisfied I won’t run now that we’re in the lobby together.

I slow behind him as he aggressively approaches the receptionist to sign in. I look around the lobby at the golden coloured walls, and golden sculptures and paintings of red roses. Near a stair case at the end of the lobby is a fountain with a swan sculpture in the middle. Past this is the entrance to a restaurant. My keen nose sniffs the air and I smell delicious aromas wafting out of the luxurious five star eatery.

I look over my shoulder to see Christian grabbing the card to the room and when I prick up my ears, I tune in my senses to hear the receptionist sweetly say, “Room 7 is right at the top, darling, enjoy.”

“Appreciated,” Christian growls back and I turn and quickly make my way towards the man standing outside the eatery, waiting for reservations and new comers. I hear stomps behind me quickening and closing the distance when Christian finally notices what I’m attempting. So, I swiftly head around the fountain and smile warmly as I meet the eyes of the awaiting host.

“A table for two,” I ask, calmly.

“Can I have a room number and last name, to add onto the hotel bill? Or would you prefer to pay separately with card or cash?” the host asks, trying hard not to look at my over the top, very red and very leather outfit.

“Room 7 and the last name is Raul,” I turn to Christian just as he slides up behind me, his hand on the small of my back as his eyes blaze with frustration.

“This way please,” the host nods and looks bored as he walks us into the large and very expensive Swan Lake restaurant.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Christian growls low for my ears only as we walk past some open tables, to be led to the private booths at the back, lined with black glass.

“This one night will not just be, me, bending over... for you... it’s going to have some romance even if I have to squeeze out every fibre of non-existent sweetness out of you,” I think it’s the longest sentence I’ve ever spoken directly to him.

For once I get silence, as I’m seated to the right of the booth and Christian slides into the left.

As I shuffle and get comfortable with his over sized legs already entrapping mine under the small length of the table, I see the shock in his gaze.

It worries me a bit and I see him look everywhere, his mind racing before he finally catches my gaze and snaps.

"I am romantic!” Christian snarls so loudly, everyone in the restaurant quietens to look in our direction.

I stare at him, with wide eyes until he notices and looks around to see all the eyes on us.

“Okay,” now I put my hands up in a fake surrender to mimic him in the fighting square, “You are romantic.”

My mock of his gesture before seems to spark his pent up fury for the last month.

“Since when were you fighting for money?” Christian growls, low and dangerously smooth, “Since when did you start doing that behind my back?”

“Since the beginning... fighting helped me blow off steam,” I hiss back.

“I would never have allowed you to. I thought those bruises and cuts in the mornings were from your habit of sleep walking... not because you were going into town to willingly get beat up by other Alphas. Hello? If you wanted a physical rough and tumble, I was right there, Ruby, the whole time-”

“Excuse me, are you two ready to order any drinks?” The waiter with a name tag of Barry, asks us both with his note pad out and his large eyebrows half way up his forehead as he awaits our answer.

“A full bottle of your most expensive wine, thank you so much,” I put on my sweetest voice, which is hard because mine is naturally very husky, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t pronounce it from the menu...?”

“The... Champion? Sure,” Barry nods and seems surprised I couldn’t pronounce it.

“My bad, I just assumed it was a french word when I glanced at it,” I wait for Barry to walk off and then my eyes zone in on a heated and pissed off rival Alpha.

“You think I care about the wine?” Christian asks, “I have more than enough money. I invested in property. Not my body, because I’m not an idiot like you. You only have one body, Ruby. You fuck it up with one permanent injury and you can’t be an Alpha anymore.”

“Alpha’s don’t lose -”

“You lost today,” Christian points at me, “And you know what I’m talking about. If I had -” he bites his tongue and can’t make himself say it, ”Damn it.”

“What, if you had what?” I egg him on, hoping he just lets it out.

“If I had claimed you as mine from the beginning, none of this would have happened behind my back,” Christian snarls this, “You’d be under my hand and within my sight at all times.”

“Yet. Here. We. Are,” I rub it in and sit back to watch him, with hooded eyes, “My big bad Alpha mate, about to drink wine, eat a nice dinner... and put me to bed.”

“Put. You. To. Bed...?” Christian now mimics me, before snapping, “I’m going to fuck you into the sheets until they’re drenched in your heat-”

“Sir and madame... here is your bottle of Champion,” Barry interrupts and clearly hears Christian’s last statement because his cheeks are slightly pink, “Would you like anything to eat tonight?”


“Absolutely not, thank you,” Christian literally puts up a hand and a finger over my lips so no further words can leave them.

Barry pauses, sends me a sympathetic smile and hurries off.

“You look and sound abusive,” I growl to Christian once Barry is out of hearing distance.

Christian just slowly rises his eyebrows.

“There’s nothing left sweet that I have to say to you, Ruby... it’s all mean... it’s all dominance... it’s all brutally true and right from my heart. You’re my mate... my cock’s sliding into that sweet, tight pussy... and you’re going to submit to me in every way once you learn... how to. No better way, than a rough fuck... am I right? Now drink,” Christian fills up my glass with wine and he drinks from the bottle, chugging all the rest.

I pick up my glass and also finish it in a few gulps.

“You went over the line...” I murmur as I put the glass down, referring to the fill-line on the wine glass and the way he spoke to me, “Way over.”

“You’re a bitch,” Christian is ruthless as he spits out the retort, slowly placing the bottle in the middle of the table, ”My bitch. And you smell. You’re taking a bath. Come on.”

He stands up and I hear the lightness he adds to his tone at the end.

Perhaps I am crazy for doing it, but when he holds out his hand... I reach up and grab it.

I tell myself it’s because I’m humouring him.

However, I’ll probably regret it later. Or, I probably won’t. I don’t know. I’m just seriously conflicted right now.

I follow him out of the restaurant, I follow him into the lift. We silently rise a few levels and then walk our way to Room 7.

Once inside, the tension has grown to a level I can barely handle.

I pull out of his hand and walk quickly into the living room, sweating like a mad woman. This damn leather wasn’t helping. I clench and unclench my fists as I look at the perfect lay out of the semi-circular space. A grand sized television, a white fur rug, a cream coloured leather love couch... a fire place opposite... a kitchen at one end... and huge arch way into a bedroom with a four poster bed at the other end.

I hear Christian hang up his jacket near the entrance and I know now he is simply adorned in his ripped jeans and black tight t-shirt.

I hear him take off his shoes and then I hear his familiar, bare foot prance down the hall way.

The type of arrogant foot falls an Alpha did... a male one... with huge legs. My Alpha... my mate.

I don’t know if it’s the heat in my womb, the sweat building on my body or the tension in my heart... but I find a tear of frustration leaks out of my eye and then I’m lost in it’s embrace. Like I had been for years.

I wanted to break that cycle.

Christian stops behind me and that’s when I react.

I turn to him, a tear now running down my cheek as I gaze into his eyes and then his lips.

“I’m sorry I’ve been such a bitch," I have to jump to reach his height, where I wrap my arms around his neck and I lock my lips with his surprised ones.

I feel his shock clear up in mere seconds, however, when his hands boldly grasp under my thighs and lift me up higher.

I think our lips stay intertwined forever, until I remember I need to breathe and I pull away to gasp in a breath.

“I’m sorry that you were too,” Christian growls with a smirk and I look from his smug lips up to his eyes, to realise he isn’t joking. He wanted to be mean.

Even as I glare at him for agreeing with me, instead of apologising also... he just turns and walks me straight into the bedroom while my legs are clasped around his waist.

“You asshole,” I gasp, “You asshole. You bastard. You... you brute!”

“Considering the last three years of torture you put me through... only to reject my pack after I organised a gift that involved crossing realms for your happiness,” Christian growls, “You better get used to it. Now...” he slowly drops me before the bed and takes a step back, “Get undressed.”

I have to blink through the Alpha’s Command he literally thrusts upon me.

It seems to wrack through my whole body.

He turns to head into the bathroom and I find my hands moving on their own as my crazy heat matches his Alpha’s Command.

This had never happened before, it was... strange how strong it was now.

“What the...?” I whisper as my hands swipe off my jacket and then grab the red top underneath. I slide it up and over my bra, over my head... and drop it to the floor.

I start on my red leather pants, I undo the button and the zip.

“I knew I could do it, you know,” I hear Christian call out from the bathroom, “It’s cute you thought I had tried using my Alpha Command on you before. That was the first time, sweety,” The first time?Yikes. What the actual hell? That whole time I had thought he was using the Alpha Command on me... he had just been being himself. Well, this wasn’t embarrassing... at all, “...sweety-pie...” Christian has turned on the bath and now his head pops up in the door way, where his eyes zone in on the way I fling off my bra... and then start on my panties, “ submitted to me... because you can’t help it. You’re my mate and you’re still in heat... as wet as a pussy cat.”

“I’m a wolf,” I snarl, needlessly as I am suddenly naked and even more vulnerable.

“Into the bath, Ruby,” Christian stands tall and points into the luxurious, white lit bathroom.

There goes another Alpha’s Command.

My feet start moving on their own and each step I take closer to him, the more heat puddles between my legs... and I feel a slither of my wet juice, run down my thigh.

I see the centre of the bathroom, with a circular bathtub, huge and spacious... more than enough room for two. I walk to the edge and jump over, sitting on a raised ledge with my feet in the water that only reaches my ankles at the moment as it fills.

I turn my head and watch Christian start to strip.

He takes off his black shirt first, so my eyes have the pleasure of seeing those defined abdominal muscles. Then he takes off his belt and he holds it too long... before he snaps it between each hand.

“I might need this for later,” Christian drawls, throwing it aside as he starts on his pants.

I look away and feel my spine tremble... and then the rest of me starts. I shake and I watch in the diamond patterned mirrors on the wall, to see him not approach me when he is naked... but he approaches the bathroom sink instead. I watch curiously as he rips open a complimentary hygiene packet, with razors and cream for shaving.

He runs the sink and lathers up his beard.

I squeeze my thighs together and look down at my ankles, biting my cheek.

Oh gosh, no... oh gosh, no.

This was bad.

In all my fantasies, he was freshly shaved.

He must have noticed the way I sweetened up every time he shaved in the past three years. He was doing so now and I was already feeling that heat between my legs, intensifying until a literal moan escapes my throat...

I tense up and I glance at the mirrors... to show Christian pause. His eyes find mine through the reflection.

“Cute,” he whispers, while the razor swipes down his cheek... and my eyes drop... and find his perfect butt naked ass.

Another favourite thing of mine to perv at.

My gaze then finds his pile of clothes... and that belt.

Oh gosh, what did he mean, he might need that later?

Something told me, the taking of my virginity wasn’t going to go so sweetly as I had always imagined.

Something told me, he’d be anything but gentle.

My betraying womb, clenches in kind... and I close my eyes in anticipation.

I didn’t expect it to happen this way... but I guess after three years of pushing him away... what else could I have expected?

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