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6. A Rough and Tumble Between Wolves 1/2

6. A Rough and Tumble Between Wolves 1/2

“Stay right where you are Ruby and don’t even think about trying to run away now,” Christian murmurs while he takes his sweet time with the razor in shaving off his beard.

He’s almost done while I’ve become exceptionally fidgety in the quick filling bath tub. I keep glancing towards the exit... first I’d have to maneuver the bedroom, the living area and then I’d reach the door to freedom. All the while, in my tortuous wait for him to hurry up and shave, my brain catches up with my womb. I was seconds away from having my virginity taken. Seconds away from sexually submitting to another Alpha. It went against all my own Alpha instincts, however, I had a more primal instinct currently over-riding my need to escape. He was my mate. I could not change that.

And it had been years; far too long for any mates to avoid the bond that drew them closer. We were always drawn to each other by an inexplicable force of nature. And although I avoided him for a month and had kept emotionally distant for a few years... it didn’t mean I was heartless.

I had given Christian my heart when I knew the bond was real, but I had kept it from him so I could regain my sense of self. It was all I knew; being dominant with other wolves and being an independent thinker.

Christian, however, was a force to be reckoned with in the Evergreen Pack. He never took no for an answer and he always brought pack mates into line with a harsh threat, a few growled words, a single bite or blow to the head. He was ruthless, he was renown as the greatest Alpha ruling the largest wolf pack in the near by territories.

Aka, if I finally did let him take me as his shewolf, his mate, his... his beta... I’d have to submit fully. Yuk. I never wanted to be a beta, in any sense.

I mean, maybe in bed only -

“Fresh and clean, Red,” Christian chucks out his hygiene packet loudly before his butt ass naked perfect alpha body, turns to mine.

My back is to him, but I can still view him from the diamond patterned mirrors.

“You don’t have to call me Red, we’re not fighting anymore,” I cross my arms over my chest.

“I certainly hope we’re both done fighting each other... for eternity... Red,” Christian doesn’t listen to me as he approaches on swift feet. I stay absolutely still as he comes to the other side of the bath and jumps in with a deliberately huge splash.

He slides back into his side, while I blink through a wall of water that just smacked right over my face.

“...why?” I ask, watching him settle onto his side, reclining back with a smirk on his freshly shaved and ridiculously, far too stupidly handsome face.

“I’m glad you don’t stink anymore, darling,” Christian baits me further and I just hold my tongue and glare at him with hooded eyes.

Was this his idea of wooing me? Of flirting? Of seducing?

...because, let me summarise; it was terrible.

“I hope one day you realise how much of a jerk you are to me, compared to -” I can’t finish because he pounces on my words.

“You’re a mate that has given me the cold tail since the day I saved you including the day I gave you your heart’s desire to have your dead ‘pack’, alive again... if you can even call three other members, a pack in the first place. Don’t give me that look, Red. You’re a cold hearted bitch. One measly apology and kiss just before this isn’t going to change your past decisions,” Christian settles back and his smirk turns into a curl of the mouth as his darkened eyes roll over my naked body, so close to his reach.

“I’m an Alpha,” I growl, ”An Alpha. Do you understand what that means to me? I don’t back down. To anyone. Not even you.”

“I’m an Alpha. I’m your Alpha... and you will back down to me... sneaky little Red wolf or sweet innocent apologetic nun, I don’t give a fuck what you are anymore. You’re submitting to me. Right now. All you have to do, is call me your Alpha. It’s simple, it’s not even hard. Three words, sweetie pie, three words...” Christian quietens his tone and waits for me to react.

I pause and consider my options.

Should I drown him?

Or perhaps I could bite his balls off?

Or maybe, I could run while I had my last chances... my last opportunities of escape... my eyes roam to the bedroom... the exit -

“No way,” Christian ducks into the water and grabs one of my outstretched and floating ankles. My eyes snap to his and I only try jerking out of his hold once, before I realise his grip will not loosen unless he wants it to, “Seriously, Ruby, where were you thinking of going?”

“A gun store?” I joke and then smile as I try to feign confidence in this moment of intensity, “I will not run, Christian...” I pretend to sigh casually as I add, “...what’s the point? We should... talk. We never really have,” I change tactic drastically, hoping he will back down.

“I don’t want to talk,” Christian replies, also casually and quickly, “I just want you to speak those three words. That’s the easy way, sweetie-pie.”

“...and the hard way?” I ask, too curious for my own good.

Because he pounces on this too.

“I don’t feel like physically beating the crap out of you to make you submit, since that is how most Alpha’s settle contests of dominance,” Christian explains professionally and far too smugly, “I guess I’ll just have to verbally destroy all your confidence until you feel subordinate. I might have to make you cry,” he whispers the last part for dramatic affect. When I don’t respond, he takes my silence as an answer for; the hard way, and so he begins while I sit back with a dark curiosity about how far he’ll continue to push me, “There are so many ways I could take a bitch... but since your legs have more sense than your brain, your mouth isn’t really needed. I could just strap my belt around your little head, gag any complaints from your mouth... but, where would be the fun in that? I could tell you exactly what I’ve always thought of your ideas about scouting, foraging, protecting, securing and improving the Evergreen Pack’s Den... I know you’ve had many ideas you’ve passed onto Finn, Julie, Jessica and the others when I’m not there. They all filtered back to me. Can I just say, your ideas were all terrible and I wouldn’t even consider letting one pass through? That’s why you never saw any of your suggestions come to light over the last two years... because I never gave a fuck about what you had to say. I was just waiting for you to realise what your true worth was in the pack. Basically... nothing. Other than a hot hole. For me. You got to admit, sweetie-pie... at least you’ll enjoy your only fit purpose. The best way to teach you that is to, probably, buy you a kennel-”

I stand at the end of this statement after his hand has relaxed enough on my ankle for me to move.

The water drips off my tits and my wide hips as my fists curl, clenching and unclenching as I look down at the bastard. At least in this one moment, I am above him.

“You’re my Alpha,” I growl the words, forcing them out, just to see his eyes widen while my mouth curls into my own smirk, “At least now you can shut the fuck up.”

“Cheeky... subordinate... shewolf... with a smart mouth,” Christian growls low and speaks slowly as he shrugs and his eyes roll over me again, like I’m a piece of meat, “However, you’ve always shown me a cold side... what about that temper, sweetie-pie? Show me your temper. I’m curious. Go on-”

"Fine,” I don’t hesitate on this round. I lean down and slap him as hard as I can while thinking of the kennel comment. My palm collides with his cheek and it almost instantly stings red from the force I put behind it, “Suck on your own dick, Christian -”

I have to take a quick step back in the water as Christian rises dramatically, to hover over me in an instant. I pause and look up at him, and his crazy and somewhat very satisfied, sparkling gaze.

“I’m no longer Christian to you, you will only refer to me as Alpha,” Christian’s hand darts out to grab my chin, his thumb and forefinger squishing my plump lips together until I look like a silly duck, “Understood?”

I wasn’t exactly in an understanding mood after his recent words.

And... I know this is against the rules.

I know it’s low as can be.

But his hand on my chin, his degrading taunts... his happy, arrogant glare... it pushes me to the edge of my temper.

And my temper blows.

For the first time.

My fist strikes out fast and hard... and it collides with the very area that causes the type of pain that every man, of any species, never wants to feel once they feel it even just once.

Christian’s hand slips from my jaw as he bends over, almost collapsing into the bath water which was now over flowing out of the tub after running too long.

I leap back and look over my shoulder as I hop out of the bath.

I catch his gaze...

...and then the fun and games are over. Because his temper blows too.

My heart finally kicks into gear when I see the snap in his eyes, and I lunge for my clothes and head into the bedroom, trying desperately to hop into my sweaty leather red pants... which as you can guess, is a problem.

I don’t manage to get half a leg into the leather when Christian comes barreling towards me out of the bathroom once he gets his balance back. I try to skip to the side but his huge muscular frame, is as fast as I know it to be. I don’t manage to get anywhere as his arm wraps around my middle and lifts me completely off the ground. He holds me into his side while I dig my nails into his forearm, arching my spine and kicking stupidly to try and gain any form of momentum.

But, I don’t get anywhere, he just takes a step forward and throws me onto the bed.

“Try it,” Christian snarls, as I land on my back and raise a leg to kick him if he tries to get on top of me, “I dare you, shewolf... if you try that move on me one more time, I’ll fuck you in the ass -” Christian pauses as if abruptly reconsidering all his options, “Fuck this,” he turns and storms his way back into the bathroom, quickly reappearing with the belt even as I slide my way to the end of the bed in another escape attempt.

My hand is already reaching for my leather pants. As I’m bent over, he stalks up to me, closing the distance in a few easy strides. His hand locks into my hair and he jerks me away from my clothes on the floor.

“Jeez, Christian -” I cry out and he just pulls my hair tighter, holding my head up as he shows me the belt in his other hand.

“You ready to get a red ass, Red?” Christian slowly bends his knees to reach my eye level, “Oh, poor pup, you’re not? Too bad.”

I open my mouth to complain but just end up gasping in more pain as he sits on the edge of the bed, swinging me around as he pulls me by the hair, to shove me over his naked lap so I feel a hard dick ramming into my stomach while he holds me down, nice and tight.

“Seriously -” I get my face shoved down into the covers for attempting to retort and then I have a belt colliding with my ass, in punishment for the pain I caused him not too long ago, “...ah!” I try to gasp in some breaths through the blanket as the belt thwacks against my bare butt a second time...and then a third... and a fourth... each time a bit harder than the last until each butt cheek receives equal number of punishing hard thwacks.

Christian chuckles as he drops his belt on the ground, grips my hair and pulls my head up so he can look to see if I’m tearing up.

I have a single tear running down my cheek.

And he smiles.

“I told you I’d make you cry,” Christian growls, “You know what comes next, don’t you? The real introduction into a life of submission... real submission... I bought something for my bitch... a gift...” Christian murmurs while he jerks my head around to look at the other end of the room where a dresser has two boxes of new items on top. I almost can’t believe it. It’s a leash and a collar, wrapped up inside the boxes... and then Christian arrogantly drawls, “More gifts just for you. Let’s try them out, little Red... after all... it’s about fucking time you showed me a little gratitude.”

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