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7. A Rough and Tumble Between Wolves 2/2

7. A Rough and Tumble Between Wolves 2/2

“I don’t want to... I can’t-” I beg Christian as he stands and leads me towards the boxes with a fistful of my hair wrapped around his hand. When I stop resisting physically, it doesn’t hurt, but when I glance up at him he just shrugs neutrally while his green eyes sparkle with continued satisfaction, “A leash and a collar? Seriously?” I whisper, “Is this some sort of... k-”

“Kink? Yep. Now unwrap your gifts,” Christian shoves me forward and releases my hair so my hands land on the edges of the tall-boy and I am free of his grip.

“Let’s make a deal,” I whisper as my eyes flick between the ‘gifts’ and his gaze, multiple times before I focus back on him completely. I had to come up with the best case scenario here and leaving and running clearly wasn’t going to solve anything between us, “I’ll put on the leash and the collar as long as you never tell anyone about it and you’re sweeter from now on.”

“I’m listening,” Christian doesn’t fail to use a humoured tone in the face of my slight submission.

“I’m not finished,” I snap and his eyes blaze.

“Then speak of what else you wish for... Red?” Christian asks, barely holding off the attitude.

“This is the most important thing. Please don’t hurt me when you take my virginity, because -” he cut’s me off before I can finish.

“Excuse me?” he asks, in a monotone, his eyes glazing over as he thinks before he decides the best option is to just continue glaring at me. Maybe he thought this was a game I was playing or something.

“What?” I ask, confused as he takes a step back and looks me over with scepticism.

“How old are you?” Christian asks, quietly while raising a brow.

“Twenty one,” I answer, “You’ve never asked, why now?”

"Huh,” Christian looks me over and glances to the collar and leash and then to me as I continue to unwrap the products, “And you say you’re a virgin?”

“You didn’t know,” I state, finally working it out, “I hope you’re not a judgemental asshole because of it. Why would I sleep with someone who wasn’t my mate? It’s never seemed right to me. Although, no doubt you’ve slept with countless wolves.”

“In my younger years I couldn’t help it,” Christian growls, “But since I met you... no,” I notice how he’s calmed down a bit and my eyes brighten with the sudden idea to use this turn of the tables against him.

“Well,” I hold up the black leather collar with the golden ring and the black leash, placing them back on the tall-boy now that they were unwrapped, “Since I am a virgin, perhaps it’s best to... ah... just-”

“Just?” Christian catches onto my attempt to get out of trying on the gifts, but he takes a slight step forward to close the distance, his eyes narrowing as he looks me over.

“Just, uh,” I narrow my eyes back at him, forgetting my train of thought with his close proximity and the hard Alpha’s cock rising again between us, “Shouldn’t we just talk... some more?”

“You want me to be more gentle because you are a virgin... okay,” Christian nods, but there is a hint of menace underneath the calm exterior, “But you will wear the collar and the leash. I told you, I have no more kindness for you left in me. You’ve pushed me to the limits of my patience. Every encounter in the past two years, you have ridiculed me, ignored me or chosen to be silent while barely being fully obedient towards my commands... while you were brooding about how much disdain you had for your situation. What happened to you... I understand it was hard. I just want you to know, this collar and leash is not to humiliate you, Ruby... it’s to teach you to let go.”

“Of what?” I ask, ”Alpha?”

"Exactly. Exactly that. Let go of your tension, your thoughts, your instincts to be aware at all times of everyone and everything... trust me, I know what it’s like,” Christian reaches up a hand to the collar and then lifts it up to the leash where he opens the hook, sliding it through the golden ring. I stand still as he slowly moves his large hands closer to my neck with the collar and I stand still as he clasps it around my neck, “Release yourself from the denial you have about our bond. Trust me to lead you without giving up who you are,” Christian murmurs, pulling my hair out from underneath the leather collar, where it got stuck, “Be my mate tonight. Even if it’s just one fucking night. Just...” he takes in a sharp inhale of breath and grabs the leash, pulling it towards him so I have to take a small step closer, “...let me show you...” he tugs at it again while wrapping the long end of the leash around his fist, “...what it’s like to be mine.”

“Then promise me you will never hurt me,” I growl out as we are almost nose to nose while he bends down, about to kiss me.

“I will never hurt you,” Christian then roughly pushes his lips against mine, his hand raising, grasping my chin and forcing me to open my mouth to his invasion so our tongues can dance together. I like the taste of him and the way he takes over, it has the heat between my legs intensifying. When he pulls away to see how I’m coping, I appreciate his silent way of looking after me, in the midst of his ‘hard way’. He was still a caring and protective Alpha, even while dominating me.

“Thank you,” I find it hard to say but I do truely mean it and I hope he knows.

But... Christian smirks and I narrow my eyes.

What was so funny now?

“Careful, Red, don’t get too relaxed,” Christian drawls, “Just because I won’t hurt you... doesn’t mean I won’t make you scream.”

“Oh, dream on,” I can’t help but fall into my old habits as I snap my reply with a roll of my eyes.

"Okay,” Christian grabs my shoulders and spins me to face the bed, “First things firsts, we’re getting rid of that well-honed bitchy attitude-”

“It’s just my personality,” I counter even as his hands force me towards the bed and I strangely feel accustomed to the comfortable leather collar around my neck.

Maybe this kink was suited to my secret sex fantasy tastes after all... or at least just for this night.

“It’s your way of asking, oh please all-knowing Alpha, punish me some more,” Christian mocks me with a high pitched mimcing tone, even though my voice is naturalluy husky.

“I don’t sound anything like that,” I snarl back as we stop by the edge of the bed and his hands, slide from my shoulders, down to my hips. He lifts me up like I weigh that of a twig, and my knees bend onto the bed.

“I just wouldn’t mind if you said things like that to me, letting me know how much you appreciate my existence,” Christian chuckles and I look over my shoulder to see him admiring my butt. I raise an impatient eye-brow at his ogling and he gets a dangerous look in his eye.

“You’ll get your pleasure, sweetie-pie...” Christian takes a few steps forward, gripping my hips once more, he flips me over so I land on my butt, my back on the bed. His hands grab my knees, suddenly jerking my legs apart so he can see the red fiery hair between, my last defence over my private area, “...and then I’ll get mine when I’ve pounded into you and released all my seed into your womb... how does that sound, shewolf?”

“U-uh...” I see his gaze focus between my legs and I think I blush as red as my hair as he focuses in on that area like he’s just seen the gates to heaven, “Um, you’re not going to-”

Christian keeps holding my knees apart, but uses one hand to quickly grab the leash which is dangling down, to throw it over my hip so it’s out of the way... as he pushes me back across the covers so I slide... and he has room to drop between my legs. Okay - so he was going there.

"Try to shut up,” Christian growls, looking up at me after I feel his hot breath fall down and spread over my exposed pussy. I watch him with fearful but excited eyes, “Trust in me, Red... you’re going to love this... oh... and if you whine or moan or beg... or scream... I’m not sorry if I keep licking your pussy. It already smells as good as it will taste. Don’t look so scared.. it’s an Alpha thing,” he winks and I lean back on my elbows, biting my lip in anticipation as his head dives between the spread legs he forcefully keeps holding open.

I don’t know what to expect nor what it will feel like.

All I can do is gasp loudly when I feel a hot strong and knowing tongue, slipping right between my pussy lips and licking up. He does it again, the tip of his tongue prodding my pussy’s entrance before his tongue slides deeply through my folds and then finds the clit under the hood.

His tongue then flicks over that sensitive budd and that is when I squirm while squishing my eyes shut.

Oh, gosh, did he have to?

I couldn’t control the pleasure - I couldn’t control anything... I wasn’t used to it... and... and it felt amazing.

I eventually let go of the tension in my belly, to lean back on the warm covers and surrender to the assault of Christian’s tongue. After a minute or so of squirming, he lifts his head and I instantly whimper when the warmth is suddenly gone.

“You’re plenty wet... for a cold hearted bitch,” Christian growls at me, teasing, while licking his lips. I glance desperately between my legs and to his face, hoping he understands without me having to ask him to return to his handy-work. He just smirks with evil intent and dives back below, flicking his tongue over my clit fast and hard, which makes me raise my hips in resounding acceptance of his invasion.

And then his tongue dips between the folds and penetrates my entrance, unopened and sensitive as all hell. I cry out as his tongue continues to explore and I keep rising to meet his strokes.

Just as I feel a climax rising quickly, his thumb drops down out of no where and rubs over the hood on my clit while his tongue delves deeply into my pussy, penetrating me deeply to gather my juices, tasting me.

I feel my tension build and then release in a flood of cum while his tongue is inside me and I embarrassingly call out his name as I spasm against his head.

“C-Christian,” I cry out and try to crawl away from his tongue, which still doesn’t let up from my sensitive and clenching pussy. His fingers dig into my thighs to hold me still, so he can continue tasting me.

I lie back, impatient for him to rise and say something mocking and arrogant... but he doesn’t. He stays between my legs, torturously licking up my generous juices.

A good twenty minutes must pass before he finally rises his head, licking his lips after having his full... after I’ve submitted to his need by lying back and trying to control my breathing through the constant intense pleasure he had been bringing me.

“What now?” I ask, my brain scrambled so that logic doesn’t come to me straight away to give me the answer.

“Now?” Christian asks as he rises above me, a hand grasping my leash and holding it down to keep me down, as he hovers above me. I look into his unbreakable gaze, “Now I fuck you until you scream. You ready, little Red?”

“U-m... no?” I whisper and he smirks as he comes into kiss my cheek before trailing more kisses to my ear.

“I beg to differ, Ruby,” Christian bites the bottom of my ear as he moves his hips in closer until I feel a huge, hot length slide across my exposed pussy. I raise my hips, automatically, but I don’t have to do any work when he lines himself up perfectly. And then as he leans back up, his hand wraps around my throat, around the collar, so he can force me to look him in the eye as he holds me down, “I bet it’ll slide in easy and fit just right... let’s find out,” Christian slowly penetrates my entrance and my eyes widen as he keeps sliding his hot huge cock into my tight, dripping sheath.

It’s so damn tight, and it’s hot and wet as it clenches over the hot rod filling it.

“More,” I ask, raising my hips to take in more of his length. I exhale in delight when he pushes down and fills me to the brim... and there is little to no pain, “Go.”

“Okay, shewolf,” Christian smirks at my sudden enthusiasm. He keeps holding my neck, which somehow increases my pleasure as he pulls out... and slowly pushes back in, ”Gentle enough?" he growls.

“Rougher, please,” I beg him, and he pulls out in slow motion.

“My pleasure,” Christian growls back before he slams it back in... and it’s a hard thrust but I know he can go harder, he just doesn’t want to hurt me just yet.

I raise my hips to meet his, hoping he takes it as an okay.

“I-It’s about time... y-you just fucked me,” I tease him, “What took you so long?” I try to arc my hips and push him off me for fun, but of course it is impossible.

And Christian just gets an amused spark in his eye.

“Don’t play that game with me, Ruby... I’ll win every damn time,” Christian starts pounding into me all of a sudden, until I can’t talk... until I’m not just moaning but panting... and then he is thrusting in so deeply with his thrusts, he is drawing out a second orgasm.

I bite my cheek, I try thinking of anything to stop me screaming... but I can’t hold it back.

Christian has increased his pace until it’s unbearably amazing.

I arch my hips, I spasm uncontrollably around his hot hard dick as I cum all over him... and he snarls out his own satisfaction while cumming inside me.

It feels like eternity passes in a few heavnly seconds, and his weight drops on top of me as he kisses my cheek.

"Good pet,” Christian teases me while smiling and I can’t help but smile back.

“That was... fun...” I whisper, “Maybe we can do it again, some time?”

“After you move back in, we can do this anytime-”

“I’m not joining your pack-”

"Why not?"

“I’m just not, okay?”

“Then I’ll have to move my pack next door to yours, or I’ll have to buy the fucking building,” Christian is dead seriously and he is legitimately angry... and I can’t hold up my feigned anger any longer.

I burst out laughing and I bite his shoulder, playfully... well... I do leave a slight mark.

“Shut up, you’re so gullible,” I tease back, “I’ll join your pack, okay? As long as I’m still the Alpha of my seperate pack. I just wanted to give you hell for it first.”

“You’ll always give me hell, won’t you?” Christian asks, leaning up to glare into my eyes, but with an added lightness to his gaze.

“You can bet on it.”

“Good, I never wanted a beta for a mate anyway,” Christian shrugs, “They’d be too whiney and needy.”

"Great, I guess I’m perfect then,” I whisper back and he pauses and tries to maintain a serious gaze, but he just rolls his eyes.

“So what if you are?” Christian growls.

“I just want to hear you say it,” I whisper back, “Say it, Alpha.”

I know this helps push him over the line, into my kind of territory.

I can already feel his limp cock inside of me, hardening once more as he gazes down into my eyes and my hands grip his upper arms possessively, waiting for his answer.

He only hesitates in answering for as long as he needs the silence to just gaze back into my eyes, taking in the moment... the moment we had both been secretly yearning for, for two years.

We had finally made it here.

“Fuck it... how can I not say it when it’s so true?” Christian growls, low, “You’re perfect... shewolf. Perfect for me.”

---THE END---

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