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Author's Note: Ruby and Christian

This is just a follow up note because I realised I didn't make it clear at the end of this story. If you're a fan and want more content, there is some more to discover [older scenes] as Shewolf is a short story inspired from the portrayal of Ruby and Christian as side characters who pop up from time to time in Prince Darrius, Hunter Maximus and Prince Xavier.

There won't be heaps of scenes on them or anything, but there are definitely extra scenes worth discovering in the Abducted by Vampires series.

This whole series was started in 2014 [6 years ago] I feel old even saying that but it's one of my first series I ever created. So apologises in advance for any spelling errors. At the time I remember obsessing over Twilight, Vampire Academy, True Blood, Vampire Diaries etc - so I guess you could say that all helped inspire me! I haven't revisited the whole thing for years - as I've moved into other series, hence just a pre-warning, Prince Xavier is incomplete, it is the third book in the series and I stopped at about 75% completion. I apologise for that, I don't have time to get back into it but in the future I may revamp the whole vampire books.

Maybe ;) we'll see!

Anyway, I hope this information helps. If you want to discover more Ruby and Christian content, start with Prince Darrius.

In terms of the timeline - Ruby and Christian are younger in the vampire books, as Shewolf is set after the events in the main series.

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