The Beginning of the End

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The Beginning of the End

“Burnos, I know what you did to my sister.”

A loud clang echoed throughout the chamber as the God of Blacksmiths, Burnos, dropped his hammer to the ground—his golden gaze landing on a figure who stood by the doorway. The velvet dress and bejeweled crown was all too familiar to the god, standing before him was Xuasis, Goddess of Envy. Dread filled the god’s stomach as he stood straight. The goddess was up to something, he could feel it.

“I do not know what you’re talking about, Xuasis.” Burnos spat with such hatred, causing the goddess to raise her brows in amusement. She stepped closer to the man, tilting her head to the side as she crossed her arms. “You are a terrible liar,” she responds.

“Noena told me herself. She told me how you forced her into your bed. How you ravaged her body like a filthy bea—“ Her words were enough to anger him. Thus, he yelled, “ENOUGH!

Yet, Burnos’ thundering voice did not frighten her. Instead, she tilted her head back and laughter spilled from her scarlet lips. Pure amusement was evident upon her facial features. Seeing this, Burnos growled in frustration. “How dare you enter my domain and accuse me of unspeakable things? Leave at once!” The god ordered, pointing at the door. He was outraged, his face red as droplets of sweat rolled down his forehead.

Xuasis shook her head in disbelief and walked towards Burnos’ workbench. He was crafting an intricate knife, with runes decorating the blade and handle. The goddess looked back at the furious male and asked, “Do you really want me to leave? After hearing what I know?”

“If I step out of this room, everyone will know. Your followers will hear how Burnos, their ever generous god, mercilessly took the Goddess of Flames’ maidenhead!” Xuasis faced him with a wide and unsettling smile. “I will not hesitate to spread the word, Burnos. Unless…” She took the unfinished blade in her hands, clutching it tightly as her eyes sparked dangerously.

The look upon Xuasis’ face should’ve been an indication that she was up to something—something heinous. However, Burnos couldn’t stop thinking of the events that will follow if she were to reveal his wrongdoings. He cannot stomach the thought, he felt sick. “Unless what?” He asked, avoiding Xuasis’ cold gaze.

“I want you to create a weapon for me.” Xuasis spoke with malice, her cold fingers tracing the blade of the unfinished knife.

“A weapon capable of killing gods.”

Burnos knew from the very moment Xuasis appeared in his domain that she was up to no good. She was asking for a powerful weapon; a powerful and deadly weapon. He could only think of the worse things that could happen. After all, Xuasis is known for her…violent ways. Yet, despite the possible dangers, he couldn’t find it in himself to refuse. What he did to Noena, Goddess of Flames, was pure evil. Just unforgivable. He has a reputation to keep, and he will do whatever it takes to protect his name.

As the God of Blacksmiths, Burnos is famous for his impeccable craftsmanship. He can create the strongest of armors, the sharpest of blades. He takes pride in his work, and feels even prouder when his followers praise him for his talents. Creating a weapon powerful enough to kill a god, now that is a challenge.

In order to create the weapon, the god travelled all the way to the south. He located an active volcano named Infamie, and that is where he resided for the next few decades. The whole process was repetitive trials and errors. Burnos’ patience thinned as he tirelessly mixed moonstone and gold in the volcano’s flames. He knew he had all the necessary materials, but something was missing. That is what he needed to find out.

Another decade passed. Another decade of failure, another decade of Xuasis’ constant threats. Another decade until he finally succeeded.

It happened as an accident. A particularly sharp moonstone had left a cut upon Burnos’ finger while he was melting the stones together. A drop of his blood fell into the molten mixture before the wound healed completely. Unaware of what could happen, the god continued with the forging.

“I want a small weapon, Burnos. A knife would do.” Xuasis’ voice echoed in his ears.

“Now let’s see if this is any different.” Burnos whispered to himself as he wiped the blade with a cloth. It was the most intricate among them all. Runes were carved into the blade and handle, the knife emitting a faint glow. He felt energy coursing through his veins as he held the weapon tightly.

There was only one thing left to do. He lifted his other hand and dragged the blade across his arm. It started off as a slight sting, which escalated into a burning sensation. Burnos winced as he glanced down at his arm, amazed and shocked at the same time. There it is, a clean cut upon his arm. Golden liquid started to pour from his wound as the burning feeling spread throughout his entire body. It was as if he was swimming in lava.

Since it was only a small cut, Burnos’ body healed the wound in mere seconds. However, he can still feel a slight sting. Looking down at the weapon in his hand, the god laughed bitterly. He did it! Pleased with himself, he started packing his belongings. It’s time to return to the north and face Xuasis.

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