Rosangela: The Half-Blood Princess' Mate (Book #3) - On Hold

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Chapter 11

King Bellamy, together with Sigmund, Prince Maximilian, and Jasper, finally left for London after he had withdrawn his troops from the Kingdom of Nightshades and sent them all home. Directly after those four vampires arrived at the capital of England, they went to the Sinclairs’ house only to find that nobody was at home. After asking around, the four of them later learned that The Sinclairs’ youngest daughter, who had been missing for over a year, was finally found last night and she was taken to a nearby hospital. That’s why now the Sinclairs was going to the hospital to check on their daughter, Rosangela.

Without wasting time, King Bellamy, Prince Maximilian, Sigmund, and Jasper headed straight to the hospital to visit Rosangela. However, the problem was that place was buzzing with journalists, so they couldn’t get inside to see her. They didn’t want to run the risk of getting caught on press reporters’ camera. They had to keep the supernatural realm secret from the human beings at all costs. That’s why they tried to avoid publicity and minimize contact with the humans.

Lastly, the four vampires bribed someone working inside the hospital to give them regular updates on Rosangela’s condition. They were glad to hear that Rosangela didn’t suffer serious injury and she’s even well on the way to recovery.

After she spent a week in the hospital, lastly the doctors allowed Rosangela home. King Bellamy, Prince Maximilian, Sigmund and Jasper went to Rosangela’s adoptive parents’ house soon to check on her. Apparently, a backyard barbecue party was being held at the Sinclairs’ residence to celebrate the homecoming of their adopted daughter. The four vampires could only watch them from the rooftop of a building opposite their house.

“Apparently Prince Xavier was not lying,” Prince Maximilian blurted out, “He really sent Princess Mirabelle back to her family in London.”

“Her adoptive family,” King Bellamy said through clenched teeth.

“Sorry, Your Majesty, I meant Princess Mirabelle’s adoptive family,” Prince Maximilian quickly corrected himself in order to escape the vampire king’s wrath.

“Why do you look so surprised, you silly?” Sigmund chided Prince Maximilian, “We already knew that Prince Xavier sent Princess Mirabelle back to her adoptive parents’ house, which is why we went all the way to London to see her.”

“Sorry Sigmund, but I’m the type of person who wouldn’t believe something if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. Because as long as we are in London, we have never met Rosangela in person, so I’m not sure if the Rosangela that people are talking about is the same Rosangela we are looking for. But after I found out that it’s really Rosangela aka Princess Mirabelle and saw by myself that she is safe and sound in her parents’ house, I feel so relieved,” Prince Maximilian explained.

Sigmund rolled his eyes and then turned to look at his king. “What shall we do now, Your Majesty?” he asked.

“You needn’t ask, Sigmund. Of course, we must bring Mirabelle home,” answered the vampire king.

“No, I disagree!” piped up a voice behind them.

King Bellamy, Sigmund, Prince Maximilian, and Jasper swung round to look behind the four of them, and found Donovan, Alpha Adolph Wolfgang, and Randolph walking over to them.

“Donovan, what the hell are you doing here?” King Bellamy demanded aggressively.

Donovan explained, “Well, since I could not visit my daughter when she’s in hospital, so I decided to come to her adoptive parents’ house to see her. That’s the reason why you came here too, right father-in-law?”

King Bellamy only replied with a snort of annoyance.

“OK, now, let’s return to our original topic, shall we?” Donovan went on, “I don’t think taking Rosangela to your kingdom would be the right thing to do, father-in-law, so you’d better forget that!”

“Who are you to tell me I can’t take my granddaughter home?” King Bellamy stormed.

“In case you forget, let me remind you who I am! I’m Rosangela’s biological father, so I have a say in where she should live,” Donovan answered calmly.

“I am her grandfather, so I also have a right to decide where my granddaughter ought to live,” King Bellamy countered.

“I understand, father-in-law. But now, it’s pointless taking Rosangela home with you because she can’t remember any of us anymore,” stated Donovan.

King Bellamy looked at his son-in-law in mystification. “What are you saying, exactly?”

“According to her medical records which we’ve stolen from the hospital, Rosangela suffers from amnesia,” Alpha Wolfgang explained in Donovan’s stead.

“What?! Amnesia?!” King Bellamy, Sigmund, and Jasper gasped in astonishment at the news that the Alpha broke to them.

“Yes.” Donovan nodded.

“Don’t trust him, Your Majesty! He must be lying,” Prince Maximilian pointed an accusatory finger in Donovan’s direction.

“See for yourself if you don’t believe me!” Donovan pulled out a document from his inside pocket and threw it to King Bellamy which he deftly caught.

As the vampire king opened the document, Sigmund, Prince Maximilian, and Jasper gathered round him to read what was written in it.

“I don’t believe it! Why wasn’t I informed about this earlier?” King Bellamy raged after he read the document.

“Perhaps our informant hadn’t heard of this news either, Your Majesty, that’s why he didn’t make any mention of Princess Mirabelle’s amnesia in his report,” Sigmund guessed.

“I paid a lot of money to get regular updates on my granddaughter’s condition from our informant but how could he miss the most vital information?” King Bellamy complained.

“We can’t blame him, Your Majesty. Our informant is just a lowly employee, so it is perfectly understandable if he can not gain complete access to the Princess Mirabelle’s medical records. As we all know, patients have a right to keep their medical records confidential,” Sigmund defended their informant.

“Why did you stand up for that stupid informant?” King Bellamy asked angrily.

Sigmund was about to answer, but King Bellamy cut him off, “Wait! Don’t tell me you know about it already, Sigmund!”

“No, Your Majesty. I don’t know anything about it, I swear,” Sigmund denied.

“Maximilian!” King Bellamy casted an accusing look at the vampire prince.

Prince Maximilian raised his hands in surrender manner. “Don’t look at me like that! I swear I don’t know about it either, Your Majesty. You can ask Jasper if you don’t believe me.”

“Yes, Your Majesty. Prince Maximilian has nothing to do with it,” Jasper stood up for his prince.

Ignoring the vampire prince and his bodyguard’s statements, King Bellamy wondered in utter bewilderment, “I don’t get it. How come my granddaughter suddenly suffer from amnesia?”

“Your guess is as good as mine,” replied Donovan, shrugging.

“Xavier,” Prince Maximilian said through gritted teeth, “It must be him who has erased Rosanne’s memories using his power.”

King Bellamy clenched his fists in fury. “That jerk! How dare he did it to Mirabelle! I swear I’ll pay him back for all he’d done to my granddaughter.”

“I’m with you on this one, Your Majesty. We have to teach Xavier a lesson!” Prince Maximilian entirely agreed with the vampire king.

“Whatever you’re planning to do to Prince Xavier can wait, Your Majesty,” Sigmund chipped in, “Now, we’d better focus our attention on Princess Mirabelle. We have to decide what we shall do next after knowing that Princess Mirabelle has lost her memory about all of us and the whole supernatural realm.”

“Even though she can’t remember me anymore, but I’ll still take Mirabelle home with me,” King Bellamy said decidedly.

“No, you can’t do that!” Donovan disagreed, “Rosangela doesn’t remember you anymore. So it will only frighten her if you suddenly approach her and ask her to come with you.”

“I know she will be very scared. But I must take her home with me no matter what happens,” King Bellamy stressed.

“You totally selfish!” Donovan flared at him, “You never consider anyone but yourself. You don’t even care how your granddaughter will feel.”

“I’m not being selfish!” King Bellamy answered back, “I am doing this for my granddaughter’s own good.”

“For her own good you said? If you really meant it for the best, then why do you keep insisting on her living with you when she’s clearly unhappy about it?” Donovan growled.

“Do shut up, Donovan!” King Bellamy bellowed, “You don’t know anything about Mirabelle. Who says she wasn’t happy staying with me?”

“Even though you deny it, but it’s obvious to everyone that she’s not happy staying with you,” Donovan spat.

“Don’t try to bullshit me!” King Bellamy hollered.

“Fine. If you don’t believe me, take a good look at your granddaughter now! Have you ever seen her this happy when she was staying with you?” Donovan inquired in a challenging tone.

King Bellamy gazed down at his granddaughter who was in the Sinclairs’ backyard below. The vampire king could see that Rosangela was clearly enjoying herself very much at the homecoming party that was prepared for her. She was chatting away and laughing with her friends and family as if she didn’t have a care in the world.

King Bellamy hated to admit it, but he realized what Donovan said was absolutely right. He had never seen his granddaughter as happy as this when she was staying with him. But how could he leave his granddaughter in the hands of those feeble humans? No, he could not do that. It’s far too risky.

“I admit she might not be happy while she was staying with me,” King Bellamy said reluctantly, “But I still think it’s best if she lives with me. Because it would be dangerous for Mirabelle to stay here. That’s why I prefer her to live under the same roof as me where she’s out of harm’s way.”

“I see what you mean, father-in-law, but you have to know one thing. Wherever Rosangela chooses to live, there will always be dangers lurking around her. Even if she lives with you, you cannot completely guarantee her safety. The proof is we had ever managed to kidnap Rosangela right under your nose a year ago. Remember?” Donovan reminded his father-in-law.

“You may be right, Donovan,” King Bellamy agreed, “But one thing is for sure, I am much stronger than those humans, therefore, I will be able to protect her better than them.”

“I agree that Rosangela would be much safer living with you. But it won’t make her happy. So you better just let Rosanne live with her adoptive family. As for her protection, we can still watch over her from afar to make sure she comes to no harm,” Donovan suggested.

“Why do you very insistent that Mirabelle should live with her adoptive family? I understand if you don’t want Mirabelle to stay in my kingdom, but don’t you want her to live with you?” King Bellamy asked fiercely.

“It’s not that I don’t want to live with my daughter,” replied Donovan, “To be honest, I’m not too happy about Rosangela living with her adoptive family either. But I know Rosangela will never be accepted as a full member of the werewolf society. As she can not be completely accepted as a vampire princess. So perhaps it will be best for her to live in the human world. Besides, it can make her happy. As long as my daughter’s happy, that’s all that matters.”

“I think you should listen to Donovan’s words this time, Your Majesty. Let Princess Mirabelle live with her adoptive parents. It’s for her good,” Sigmund advised.

“I agree with Sigmund on this, Your Majesty,” Prince Maximilian commented.

“I’m damned if I’ll let my granddaughter live with those pathetic humans, Sigmund, Maximilian,” King Bellamy said stubbornly.

“Please stop being stubborn, Your Majesty! Let Princess Mirabelle live with her adoptive parents this time! Please, for Claribelle’s sake!” Sigmund pleaded.

The mention of his late daughter’s name left King Bellamy at a loss for words. He then began to ponder over Donovan and Sigmund’s words, weighing the advantages if his granddaughter lived with her adoptive family against the risks involved.

The rooftop lapsed into silence as the three vampires and there werewolves were waiting for the vampire king to take a decision.

After a few moments’ consideration, King Bellamy finally spoke, “Fine. I will allow my granddaughter to stay with her adoptive parents for the time being. But if ever I feel my granddaughter’s life is in danger, I am going to take her to my kingdom immediately and none of you can stop me. Do I make myself clear?”

Alpha Wolfgang, Donovan, and Randolph exchanged glances before the Alpha gave a nod, and Donovan finally stated, “Okay, fair enough.”

“All right. It’s a deal, then,” said King Bellamy.

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