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Chapter 1

Rosangela woke up with a start and in a cold perspiration. She looked about and breathed a sigh of relief when she knew that she’s still in her bedroom. So it meant that what she had just experienced was only a dream. Another bad dream.

She’d had that same nightmare every night since she returned home after being held hostage for months 2 years ago. She wasn’t sure whether the event she witnessed in her dreams really happened or it’s just a figment of her imagination. Because everything that happened during her kidnapping was obliterated from her memory. All Rosangela could recollect was she’s on her way to her friend’s birthday party when suddenly two hooded men appeared out of nowhere and grabbed her arms. Before she could scream for help, one of them clamped a cloth over her mouth and nose and Rosangela soon drifted into unconsciousness.

When she came to, Rosangela found herself in a hospital bed.


Two years ago...

Rosetta Sinclair nearly demented with worry when she knew that her adopted daughter, Rosangela, hadn’t come home yet the next morning after she went to her schoolmate’s birthday party last night. Rosetta was struck by the sudden thought that her daughter might run away from home after their heated argument. She realized that it was wrong of her to get so angry. Knowing how stubborn her adopted daughter was, Rosetta should have been more patient with her.

Suddenly, her husband, Marlon Sinclair, approached her and asked, “Is anything wrong, Honey? You look worried.”

“It worries me that Rosanne hasn’t come home yet since she went to her friend’s party last night, Honey,” Rosetta replied.

Marlon gasped with surprise. “So Rosanne had gone to her friend’s party without permission?”

“Yes. I caught her sneaking out of the house last night. I have forbidden her from going to that party, but she didn’t want to listen to me. Then, we started arguing. And at last, Rosanne stomped angrily out of the house,” Rosetta elaborated.

Marlon nodded his head with understanding after he listened to his wife’s explanation.

“I’m afraid Rosanne decided to run away from home after our blazing row last night, Honey,” Rosetta added apprehensively.

“There’s no way Rosanne decided to run away from home. Maybe she just slept over at her friend’s house,” Marlon said calmly.

“If my daughters want to spend the night with a friend, they usually let me know, Marlon,” Rosetta said irritably.

“Perhaps because you just had a fight with her last night that’s why Rosanne deliberately didn’t tell you that she wanted to sleep over at her friend’s house,” Marlon guessed.

“You may be right, Honey. But I have a foreboding feeling that something terrible has happened to Rosanne. What if she has met with an accident or something?” Rosetta said worriedly.

“Take it easy, Honey! Don’t always think the worst! I’m certain Rosanne is going to be all right,” Marlon said soothingly.

“I’ll only relax when I know for sure that Rosanne is safe,” Rosetta said stubbornly.

Marlon sighed. “I understand. But--”

“I think we ought to report Rosanne missing, Honey,” Rosetta cut in.

“No. Rosanne hasn’t gone missing for 24 hours yet, so we can’t report it to the police,” Marlon disagreed with his wife. “You’d better try to call her first and ask where she is now!”

“I’ve been trying to contact Rosanne all morning. But she’s never answered my calls. That’s why I want us to report her disappearance to the police immediately. I’m afraid something terrible has happened to her, Honey,” Rosetta said with apprehension.

“OK then, let’s go to Rosanne’s friends’ houses now! Hopefully, one of them know where she is at the moment. But if none of them know her whereabouts, we will report our daughter missing straightaway. What do you think?” Marlon suggested.

Rosetta’s head nodded in agreement. “Okay, let’s go!”

Marlon and Rosetta Sinclair snatched up their jackets before they rushed out of the house, and lastly the couple got into their car and headed for their adopted daughter’s friends’ houses to search for her.

First off, Marlon and Rosetta came over to Valerie’s house. Both of them were shocked to find out that Valerie and Rosangela had arranged to meet at 10 P.M. in Josh’s house, but Rosanne never turned up.

“I told you we should have reported Rosanne missing, but you wouldn’t hear of it,” Rosetta flared at her husband.

Marlon raised his hands in surrender. “Fine. I admit I was wrong. Now, instead of blaming each other, we’d better go to the police station to report our daughter missing.”

“Yes, come on, let’s go!” Rosetta said impatiently.

Marlon and Rosetta Sinclair excused themselves. After that, the two of them hopped into their car, and finally, they rushed to police station to report the disappearance of their adopted daughter.

As soon as Marlon and Rosetta Sinclair filed a police report, police started investigating the disappearance of Rosangela. They had several agents on the case, with Detective Inspector Roger Brown as the lead investigator.

After studying security camera footage in the surrounding neighbourhood, police discovered a video showing two hooded men pounced on Rosangela while she was walking to her friend’s house, and then they bundled her into the back of a black car.

Rosetta Sinclair felt as if her whole world shattered into a million pieces after she found out that her adopted daughter, Rosangela, had been kidnapped. Even though they were not related by blood, but Rosetta loved Rosangela as much as she loved her natural daughter, Marirosa. She regretted that she was unable to prevent her daughter from going to the flipping party. None of this would have happened if she could convince her to stay at home that night.

Marlon was no different. He felt like his world fell apart at the seams when he knew that Rosangela had been abducted. He was very disappointed with himself for he had failed to protect his adopted daughter.

Their biological daughter, Marirosa was also deeply saddened by the news of her adoptive sister’s kidnapping. She and Rosangela were very close. She couldn’t bear the thought of losing her sister.

Police was continuing their investigation into the kidnapping of Rosangela. But so far, the police investigation had drawn a blank.

They didn’t have any clue to the identity of Rosangela’s kidnappers. And in spite of conducting a nationwide search for Rosangela, all their efforts to trace her also turned up nothing.

Rosangela had been missing for months and police were beginning to fear the worst. However, the Sinclairs hadn’t given up hope of finding Rosangela alive. Morning, noon and night, they kept praying to God that Rosangela would be found safe and sound.

Several months later, at long last, their prayers were answered. One day, while the Sinclairs were having breakfast, they received a phone call from the police saying that a teenage girl answering the description of Rosangela was found safe and well yesterday. It meant that there was still one small ray of hope that Rosangela was still alive.

After hearing the news, Marlon and Rosetta Sinclair, along with their daughter, Marirosa, rushed to the hospital to identify the girl whom the police found. On arriving at the hospital, the Sinclairs were welcomed by Detective Inspector Roger Brown, the lead investigator on Rosangela’s case. The detective then led the family to one of the hospital rooms that was located on the second floor.

“The girl is inside. I want you to meet her and identify her. You need to confirm whether she’s your daughter or not,” Detective Inspector Roger Brown spoke to Marlon and Rosetta Sinclair.

The couple, along with their daughter, Marirosa, nodded in understanding.

Detective Brown pushed the door open to reveal a girl who was lying unconscious on the hospital bed with tubes and needles sticking into her little body.

They all stepped into the room. Detective Inspector Roger Brown took up his position by the door while the Sinclairs edged closer to the hospital bed and scrutinized the unconscious girl’s face.

“This is Rosanne, Mom, Dad!” Marirosa squealed with excitement.

“Yes, it’s really my daughter.” Rosetta closed her hand over Rosangela’s. Tears of joy sprang to her eyes.

“Are you sure it’s her?” Detective Inspector Brown wanted to make sure.

“Oh, it’s her all right,” Marlon answered with absolute certitude. His eyes shone with happiness.

“I’ll wait outside,” Detective Brown told them before he walked out the room and closed the door behind him because he wanted to give the family some privacy.

After the detective’s gone, Marlon hugged his wife sideways. “At long last, our prayers are answered, Honey. We managed to find our daughter safe and well.”

“Yes, Honey. Thank God our daughter is alive!” Rosetta said gratefully.

“I am so happy you finally come home, Sis,” Marirosa told her adoptive sister who was still lying unconscious on the hospital bed.

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