MYSTICS (Book one of the Mystic series)

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Void was just an ordinary orphan.Nothing special about her. Within no time she was freed from the place of terror by Ash and Flint. She learns she is a Mystic.A species of human that control the elements. They are forced to hide and run from everything that wants to see them dead.She must learn how to live the life that a prophecy bestowed upon her.To endur all the highs and lows that come with it and to take her place among her brothers and sisters in arms

Fantasy / Adventure
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Hi. I’m void. A strange name, I know but when you learn a bit more about me, it won't seem as weird. I’m what you would call a mystic. At least that’s what we called ourselves. You heard me right. We. I’m not the only one.

My tale begins when I was just 7. No more than an orphan. An unimportant, insignificant orphan. I was told my parents' disappeared. No signs of a struggle, no footage of the incident. The only camera still working, saw me running from my home in terror. I ran straight to the police. By the time I got there and had them come to my house, my family was gone. Just a large spherical-shaped whole in my room.

They immediately took me outside and asked if this was where I lived and I just said one word. “Mum.” I started to cry. They comforted me and then put me in their car. They continued to stand there baffled about the damage. None of the neighbours heard a single peep from our house that day. The police took me to the orphanage straight away and I’ve been here ever since. I had refused to give them my name so they decided to name me void after what had happened to my home.

The matrons here call me Hollow as I never speak. Never show signs of personality. I would sit there blank-faced never playing with the other girls and when it came to having to make something I did exactly what the matron made. Never anything different. This went on for five years, but finally, something changed in me.

I watched as a girl just like me walked in. Her story was similar to mine but instead of empty space, all that remained of her home was a single pole on which they found her sat on. The rest of her home had turned to dust. She too refused to give her name and so was called Ash.

I went up to her and instantly her personality changed. She went from looking like a corpse to being full of life. She grasped my hand and pulled me to the nearest window. She told me to jump. I was very reluctant to do so. She then picked me up and sort of lobbed me out the window. I fell out the two-story window and came tumbling down a hill. My head was spinning and then I slammed into a rock and a boy came running towards me. He tried to pull me up but I blacked out.

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