The Dragoso Series 4: Loyalty in Lust

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Chapter 2

Kathey typed up Trevor’s information as a test for the student database while Dryber sat inside of the computer in his dragon form, watching her work. The nice thing about Tech Dragons was their ability to go inside the digital world of computers on top of creating their own digital dimension to their preference.

“So it’s pretty straightforward,” Kathey said and Dryber nodded.

“Yes, you just insert the general information, the system creates a student ID number on it’s own and the layout for the card is generated,” Dryber said. Kathey finished the last few things and an ID for Trevor appeared with a photo she had uploaded while working.

“Easier than I thought,” she mused. Dryber smirked.

“I made it simple. Plus with a scanner, orientation for students will be easy to work with. Just give them the sheet to fill out and the scanner can do the rest. Translator works too so those that don’t speak English can fill out the form in their native language.” Kathey nodded and cleared the demo card for Trevor.

“This’ll really help us out. And the staff forms?” Dryber moved about the screen, pulling up everything that had been scanned in already.

“Everyone sent their replies and are waiting for us to deliver the scrolls with the announcement to arrive for their orientation.”

“Perfect. I want them all to come next week, show them around the Academy, show them their classrooms, answer questions, all that.” Kathey looked to her cell phone when it rang. She picked it up and answered. “Royals.”

“Kathey, it is Sylark. Is Trevor still at Voutneth?” Sylark asked. Kathey frowned and leaned back in her chair.

“No, he left hours ago. Why?” she asked.

“Brenda came to the dojo looking for him, he is not at home.” Kathey’s eyes went wide.

“Call the team to Voutneth, we need to make sure this isn’t the Council’s work.”

“Why do you think this is the Council?” Sylark questioned. Kathey could hear the uncertain tone in his voice.

“They lost their most powerful member, Agony is locked up in the Underworld and his connection has been cut off from the rest of them. They’re gonna do whatever they can to end us and I’m not risking thinking it’s something else.”


“-up mon...” A voice echoed out. Trevor squeezed his eyes shut tighter, not wanting to wake up. “’Ey mon, wake up!” Someone kicked him and Trevor’s eyes snapped open. He sat up and found his hands bound behind his back. He looked up at who woke him.

“What the? Jarin’do?” Trevor questioned. The troll nodded and looked Trevor over.

“What happened to ya, mon? She woo ya or bite ya?” Jarin’do asked.

“She who?”

“The Toxic Valentine whore. Purple, red, and pink?”

“Shit...” It all started to come back now. The female dragon in the forest faking injury to get his attention. She had bitten him, and now that Trevor thought about it, he could feel the sting in his neck where the bite mark was. He tilted his head to show Jarin’do the bite.

“She got ya good, mon. Surprised you ain’t dead.” Trevor looked around the room a bit, it was dark with hardly anything in it aside from torches to light the room. The only other thing he could see was Haarvik struggling to get his own binds loose. The Rukmar flexed his muscles, but to no avail.

“Just us in here?” Trevor asked and Jarin’do nodded.

“Ya, mon. Haarvik and I were out for a stroll, then it’s just a blur. Toxic Valentines, they can woo ya with just their voice if ya heart ain’t already taken. If she bit ya, means ya love someone more than just those siblings of yours.” Trevor hummed and nodded.

“Where are we anyway?” Jarin’do shrugged.

“Woke up in here just like ya. No way out unless we wanna get charmed by the Succubi.”

“Succubi?” Trevor maneuvered himself to his feet and approached the only exit, it was a pretty big doorway, no actual door, but a few demon females with reddish-purple skin stood guard in the other room. “Oh great... I might know who is behind this.” Trevor made his way back to Jarin’do and Haarvik.

“Who might that be, boy?” Haarvik questioned. His gruff voice held a Russian accent.



“Are you kidding me?” Kathey snapped when she looked around at the team that was present. It wasn’t good. Haarvik and Jarin’do were gone along with Trevor.

There wasn’t much of a connection between the three missing members of the team. Their ages were different, they were different races, from different planets. The only connection was that they were all male and were currently living at the Academy, but that was a given. The Voutneth Team had a huge target on their backs after reclaiming the Underworld, ending the hunters, and now defeating Agony.

Kathey expected the Council to retaliate, but this? This was beyond stupid. Kidnapping members of the team would just draw more attention to them and bring the team to find them faster.

“What’s worse, I couldn’t find any trace of them when I went searching,” Samual hissed. The Serpentine Dragon had amazing tracking skills, the fact that he couldn’t find the three missing males was concerning. “It’s likely they were flown to the location they’re being held at. I can’t exactly track in the air as well as I can on the ground.” Kathey shook her head.

“So what now? Any ideas?” she asked. Everyone was quiet until Comeli spoke up.

“We could use more help now. We know of some dragons that could help,” Comeli said. Vatuna looked to the young dragon then snapped her fingers.

“That’s right. A brother sister pair, Galzra and Mitsua. They’re pretty handy in battle and probably have the best relationship ever,” Vatuna explained.

“Alright, where are they at?” Kathey asked. Ractor clicked his tongue and smirked.

“Last we heard, they were heading to Clayton, funny enough,” he replied. Kathey snorted and shrugged.

“Let’s go get them.”

Clayton was a thirty minute flight from Drake, which Anna, Vatuna, and Ractor took to go in search of the Sunscape Twins as they were dubbed. The Exotics didn’t give much insight on them, aside from being battle ready dragons willing to help out as much as possible. The three dragons soared over the buildings of the city, looking around at balconies and rooftops.

“They like to sunbathe when they’re not busy with freelance work,” Vatuna explained. Ractor snorted a bit.

“Not even the cold will stop them. Look.” he pointed out two dragons laying on a rooftop in the snow, wings open and soaking up the afternoon sun. Anna narrowed her eyes slightly as she looked them over.

One of them was light pink and orange while the other was orange and purple. A Sunrise Dragon and a Sunset Dragon in that order. “They’re twins but they’re not the same breed. On top of that breeds that are sworn enemies?” Anna questioned. Vatuna and Ractor smirked at Anna and flew ahead to approach the twins, landing on the roof and walking forward. The Sunset Dragon lifted his head, stern face turning soft when he recognized the Exotics.

“They live!” the Sunset joked and got to his feet.

“Hello, Galzra,” Vatuna greeted. The Sunrise lifted her head and smiled.

“Vatuna! Ractor! You guys are okay?” she asked and Vatuna nodded.

“As are Ferentar and Comeli. All thanks to-”

“No feshing way!” the Sunrise, Mitsua, gasped. Anna had landed a few feet away from them and was spotted. “The Anna Dragon? She saved you?” If Anna was in her human form, she would have blushed.

“Well, they were captured by hunters, I couldn’t just leave them locked in cages,” Anna said. She approached the group and sat down between Vatuna and Ractor. “And now I need your help.” Galzra frowned at the statement.

“What’s the situation?” he questioned.

“Were you here when those Undead soldiers attacked Clayton?” Anna asked and the twins nodded.

“Yeah, we were on the far side of the city, we heard your team was helping out with that situation,” Mitsua replied.

“Agony was behind it.”

“Agony?” the twins asked simultaneously.

“The Council is back. The hunters were working with Agony’s minion, a Shadow Wyvern I fought with years ago called Cenod. I’m not sure who’s doing it yet, but someone is kidnapping members of my team. I need extra help.”

“Of course, Anna, anything to help,” Mitsua said. Galzra nodded in agreement.

“We’ll fly with you to Drake and we’ll figure out what to do from there.” Anna nodded and stood, stepping over to the edge of the building and opening her wings, looking back at the four behind her.

“Let’s go, we have no time to lose.” Anna encouraged and jumped from the roof, her wings caught the air and she drifted higher, heading to Voutneth with her current and new team members behind her.


Trevor jolted awake suddenly when shouting reached his ears. “Let me go! The rest of the Compass Dragons won’t be happy when they find out I’m gone!”

“Malice?” Trevor questioned, spotting the Thunder Dragon in question being dragged into the room by two Succubi. They dropped him next to Trevor and Malice snarled at them as they giggled.

“He’s cute, too bad we can’t play with them,” One Succubus crooned. The second looked at Trevor, smiling.

“This one didn’t fall for Mistress Carmilla’s spell, I wonder who his heart belongs to,” she purred, tilting Trevor’s head up by his chin. He jerked his head out from her touch and growled. “Both of them are rather feisty, Mother will have quite a fun time with them once the Flower Dragon is dealt with.” The first demon smirked.

“Imagine if the Water-Ice was in love with the Flower.”

“Would be a shame, she’s nothing but a whore after all.” The two Succubi laugh as they leave. Trevor shakes his head. Malice raised an eyebrow at Trevor.

“She didn’t charm you?” he wondered and Trevor looked to him, shaking his head.

“No, she bit me.” Trevor tilted his head to show Malice the bite to his neck.

“And you’re not dead, so they must...” Malice started then mumbled to himself, looking around.

Trevor rolled his eyes and looked to Jarin’do and Haarvik talking quietly to each other in a strange language, either in Troll or in Rukmar, he didn’t know. The Succubi weren’t all that smart, fortunately for Trevor. So the Toxic Valentine Dragon was probably named Carmilla. They called somebody “Mother” which had to be Lust. Succubi were demons of seduction, just like Lust is, Trevor was right then, Lust was behind their kidnapping.

“Does the team have a plan or something? We’re gonna end up dead if they can’t find us, Carmilla already told me I wouldn’t live to tell anyone about her.” Malice snorted and struggled with his binds.

“Well, before I was lured away, Anna was going with Vatuna and Ractor to track down some old friends of theirs. Getting more forces together to fight Lust.” Trevor hummed.

The old friends Malice mentioned had to be Mitsua and Galzra, Vatuna and Trevor had been talking a lot more in the past few months, she told him a lot about her life with the Exotics. There wasn’t time to think about it though, considering their current situation.

“They better hurry up, our hearts are gonna be dinner for a dragon if they don’t.”

“Yes that would be a shame, wouldn’t it?” A female voice questioned.

The four males looked up and spotted a woman with pale skin, almost as if absent of blood, short black hair just past her ears, and bright red eyes. She had on black high heeled boots that came to her mid thigh, a very short skirt, a crop top with the chest split open to reveal her very large breasts, and gloves that came to her elbows, accented with what looked like reptilian wings. Her clothing was black and accented with light purple, almost lilac.

“Hello boys,” she greeted with a sultry tone. Malice snarled, his eyes shifting to a dragon’s.


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