The Dragoso Series 4: Loyalty in Lust

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Chapter 3

After returning with Mitsua and Galzra, Kathey heard the news of Malice disappearing. It was beyond concerning due to the importance of Compass Dragon power. Nobody was sure what had happened, one moment he said he was going to walk the grounds, the next, he just up and vanished.

“Whoever is behind this isn’t wasting any time taking the bulk of the team’s strength,” Zoymey pointed out. He, Kathey, and Sylark stood in her office. Kathey sat in her desk chair with her head in her hands while the males stood in front of her desk.

“If this continues, I fear our chances to defeat the Council member will drop until we are no longer a threat to the entire Council,” Sylark noted.

“Not helping!” Kathey snapped and dropped her hands to her desk, glaring at Sylark.

“My apologies, Kathey. But you know as well as I do that it is the truth,” Sylark replied, bracing his hands on Kathey’s desk. “What do you plan to do about that?” It was a challenge, as usual.

Ever since Kathey was discovered to be the last member of the Compass Dragons, Sylark always pushed her and challenged her ability to not only lead, but her mental strength as well. Telepaths never got along very well due to their ability to block each other out. It also didn’t help they were North and South, feuding all the time. While they had their moments of teamwork and agreement, Sylark never skipped a chance to push Kathey and challenge her. Truth be told, every dragon had high expectations for the Flower Dragon and for a number of reasons.

She was one of three Flower Dragons left, her breed was just barely holding on. There had only been two until the birth of her first set of twins, giving a Flower Dragon fledgling. Eshala had yet to produce fledglings of her own and Stella had a few years before she was expected to help replenish their numbers. Kathey already had twelve kids by blood and three adopted, she wasn’t having anymore kids anytime soon.

Kathey was born into royalty too. While she wouldn’t be taking the throne when Dawn and Dusk stepped down, she was still expected to be a natural born leader due to technically being the oldest daughter of the current rulers. The Royal Family ran on a matriarch system, oldest born female taking the throne while oldest male protected the Temple.

Having been chosen to be a Life Dragon means the tradition was interrupted as well, which Kathey had always been confused about. The Dragon of the North was supposed to be a Fire Dragon to balance out ice, and yet here was a Flower Dragon who personally used her flower breath and earth breath more than any of the other elements she had. As for those extra breath elements, she had no answer for that and had accepted the gift she was given years ago.

Kathey exhaled at Sylark’s question. She had no answer, not yet anyway. Sylark didn’t know that though, she kept her thoughts hidden from him as she stood, her chest puffing out a bit to assert dominance over the natural born Alpha male. Zoymey smirked in amusement, considering how short Kathey was compared to any of the Compass Boys. “We have one connection, males are being taken. It’ll take a little female strength to take out this threat and get the males back.”


Malice continued to growl at Lust as she walked with an exaggerated sway to her hips, approaching the Thunder Dragon. “Ooo, the scary eyes are out. What’s wrong, handsome? Afraid you’ll grow a little extra if I touch you?” Lust swooned, kneeling in front of Malice and leaning in to toy with the button on his jeans. Malice snapped his teeth at her face and she leaned back before he could bite her. “Feisty little Compass Dragon, aren’t we?”

“Get rid of these anti-dragon binds and I’ll show you feisty!” Malice snarled.

“What, so you can prove you aren’t a failure?” Lust challenged. She snapped her fingers and a male demon appeared, getting on his hands and knees and Lust sat on his back, crossing one knee over the other. Malice’s growl stopped and he just glared at her. Trevor had never seen Malice this... well... not Malice, before.

“Don’t know what you’re talking about,” Malice struggled to say. Trevor looked at Malice before his eyes darted to Lust as she laughed in her throat.

“It’s your fault your parents were killed and your home destroyed.” Malice bared his teeth again and his head tilted down slightly. Trevor couldn’t believe Malice was actually submitting to this bitch. “I mean, really. You had all this amazing power, a Life Dragon! Combining your lightning with the power gifted by those stupid Gods, you easily could’ve taken care of the enemy. You still don’t know who did it, do you?”

“Doesn’t matter, that was a hundred years ago. You assholes were still locked up then!” Trevor could hear the uncertainty in Malice’s tone.

“What do you think Cenod did all those years since being created?” Malice swore in a strange language, probably Draconic, and Lust shook her head. “Yeah, no, Cenod didn’t do it. A mercenary group did it. Bunch of dragons were hired to destroy your family. They probably thought you weren’t worth the effort to kill. Honestly, a lazy, good for nothing child who wanted nothing to do with family affairs. It’s a blessing you snuck out that day or you would probably be dead.” Lust smirked and stood, starting out of the room. She paused at the doorway, her personal chair standing behind her. “You’ll have a new roommate soon. Carmilla is out on another hunt.” They watched Lust leave and Trevor looked back to Malice.

“Malice?” Trevor asked. Malice snorted and shook his head.

“Stupid bitch,” Malice mumbled and exhaled. “I’m gonna look into that though, I never knew what killed my family. I always assumed Storm Dragons or Black Dragons since that was around the time the Red and Black war was going on, both sides were looking for power. Castle was too broken up to even see marks from any battle. Lightning and Acid leave traces of a fight on stone.” Trevor hums and tests the bonds yet again. He still had yet to give up on trying to get free. Haarvik and Jarin’do finally got to their feet and made their way over to Trevor and Malice.

“Don’t beat yaself up for the past, mon,” Jarin’do said, sitting across from Malice. Haarvik sat next to Jarin’do across from Trevor.

“Yes, it was not your fault that you lost your family. Even Jarin’do and I could easily be blamed for similar situations. But you survived, that is all that matters,” Haarvik assured Malice.

“I know, it’s in the past. I kinda stopped caring, closure was never gonna come. I just look forward one day at a time. But obviously you can tell that I’m a little protective of my teammates because of it. It’s a given with my Thunder Dragon behavior,” Malice agreed. Trevor looked between the three of them before an idea popped into his head.

“Jarin’do, how skilled are you in magic?” Trevor questioned.

“Magic? Mon, the voodoo is in all trolls,” Jarin’do chuckled and shook his head. “Don’t mind that, it’s a joke among my people. We actually call our smoking choices the voodoo. Magic though, that I’m great at, if I could use it anyway.” Jarin’do struggles against the restraints. Trevor finally gets a good look at the clasps around Malice’s wrists. They were metal and nothing like any typical handcuffs or chains. It was more like metal rings tightened around their wrists with a small bit of metal connecting the rings with a rune on it.

“What’s the rune there?” Trevor asked. Jarin’do leaned to look at Haarvik’s binds.

“Son of a whore, they be legit anti-magic binds, mon,” Jarin’do replied, shaking his head. “Keeps ya from using magic and limits transformation use on dragons. Can probably change ya eyes and maybe a toe if ya try hard enough.”

“We can’t get them off with our own strength then. Magic is probably the only way,” Trevor guessed and moved to lay on his side. “Guess all we can do is wait.”

“If I know the princess, she won’t give up on us,” Haarvik exclaimed and smiled. Trevor glanced at Haarvik’s hooves and raised an eyebrow.

“Hey how strong is your kick?” Trevor asked, sitting up.

“My what?”


Lust sat on her throne and kicked her feet up onto the back of the only Incubus she had in her command. He remained silent as she crossed her ankles and relaxed. A few Succubi stepped forward, one handing a wine glass of a red liquid to the vampire while the other held a bowl out, also filled with a red liquid. Lust waved her hand over the bowl and sipped her drink. The blood in the bowl swirled and an image of an elf with blond hair came into view.

Lust, where the hell have you been?” he questioned. Lust swirled her drink around and rolled her eyes.

“Entertaining my prisoners, what do you think, Pride?” Lust asked and drank from her glass again. The blood red liquid stained her teeth as she smiled at Pride. “I’m here now, what do you want?”

A status report. Agony made me his right hand and I plan to do my job until we revive Master Rakasa,” Pride demanded and Lust rolled her eyes. She set her glass on the tray one of her demons held and sat up.

“Pride, dear, nobody cares about status reports. Agony is imprisoned in the Underworld and I’m sure the rest of us will have the same fate if Anna manages to defeat us in battle.” Pride scoffed at Lust’s ignorance and the vampire snorted.

Lust, you know very well we still answer to Master even if he’s unable to physically be here with us. I need to be sure Valentine is carried out as intended or I won’t be able to use your magic to summon Rakasa when it’s time to do so. I already have to think of how I’m going to get Agony out without Deathbore catching me. I don’t need more of a burden on my shoulders getting you out as well, or any of the rest of the Council for that matter.

“The Dragon of the East is in my possession as are two of the new members that are native to Dragoso and that foolish boy that Anna took in when Agony sent Cenod to corrupt that Nega Dragon and take over the Underworld. My dear Carmilla is on the hunt for another male now. Her priority is to get the Dragon of the West, but I’m sure they will be careful about the Compass Dragons being left by themselves. She cannot woo or even bite the Ice Dragon, he’s too skilled for her physical tactics and he’ll know her intentions right away.”

It’s a start at least. Do not blow me off again. I would hate to have to report to Agony and Rakasa of your negligence to keep me updated on our plans.” Lust remained stoic, but she was nervous on the inside. Perks to being a vampire, she could hide her emotions so well. Except her namesake and rage, of course.

“Are you done? I have to check in with Carmilla to see how the hunt is going.” Pride chuckled and gave Lust a lazy smile. He knew he made her nervous and of course he would gloat, but she didn’t need to hear that.

Have fun, Lust.” The image wavered before disappearing. Once it did, Lust backhanded the bowl and the Succubus that held it squeaked, pulling her hands away and Lust breathed heavily as she settled her rage. She got to her feet and paced.

“Stupid elf! Thinks he can scare me with threats!” Lust snapped and looked to the storm clouds above her tower. “I believe it’s time to treat my guests to a little fun.”

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