The Dragoso Series 4: Loyalty in Lust

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Chapter 4

Kathey sat on her bed, the Council’s books laid out in front of her and a notepad on her knee. The fact that this had turned into an investigation was mildly concerning. Brokenstar was an easy case, Deathbore came to her with the information. The hunters had been stupid enough to kidnap her two youngest fledglings on top of Cyrus and Aaron running out on Garrett and joining Voutneth. Agony exposed himself through nightmares and his stunt on Halloween.

This situation, however. It could be any of the remaining Council members! Lust could be taking them because they’re males, Envy could take them because of jealousy towards big strong males, Greed could take them for collection purposes. There was no telling who it really was.

Kathey chewed on her pen as she read a passage in Pride’s book. She was coming to the conclusion that Pride would probably play tricks on them and be pretty direct like Agony was. Pride was only really good for bragging about how great he was and paralyzing people since Horror Dragons had that ability. She looked up when the door to her room opened and Sylark stepped through.

“Don’t tell me they got Zoymey...” Kathey asked and Sylark shook his head.

“Darkness disappeared. He has not been seen since last night,” Sylark announced and Kathey tossed Pride’s book in front of her.

“Fesh... what is happening? Who the hell is taking males connected to the Academy and more importantly who is doing it?” Kathey asked, not expecting an answer. She shook her head and sighed. “Any clues?”

“Not from what I saw, I assume you will be tracking down other locations to find clues?” Kathey closed Pride’s book and stood from her bed.

“You assume correct, Samual still here?” She started out without waiting for an answer.

The flight wasn’t long, Samual leading Anna through the skies as he tracked Trevor’s scent. His tongue flicking out to get a better trace of the trail.

“He flew over the trees and landed a few yards away,” Samual directed and Anna nodded, following him and spotting broken branches.

“Hang on, Samual,” Anna called out, flailing her wings to stop and hover over the spot. She could see how the snow was disturbed like someone had fallen through the trees and crash landed. Anna was reminded of what Arc might’ve gone through when he had been attacked.

Arc... Anna still struggled to trust the Archangel Dragon considering he had little memory of his past and his wings... Archangel Dragons had a unique trait to them, their alignment was displayed in their wings. White for good, grey for neutral, and black for evil. Arc’s wings were a rich black.

Anna shook her head of the thoughts and flew to land a few yards away from the scene, avoiding disturbing the snow where a dragon had crashed through the trees. Possibly. She approached the area and sniffed around a bit. Trevor was here, no doubt, if the scent of his blood was anything to go by. Water-Ice Dragons had clear blood, but blood is blood, salty and metallic. And with Anna’s Venom Dragon traits, she could pick it up so much better than other dragons that didn’t feed on blood. What she didn’t expect to pick up alongside the scent of blood was a sickening sweet scent. It actually burned her nose when the pheromones hit.

“Ugh, what in Kaylano’s name is that?” She coughed and rubbed at her snout. She looked up when Samual landed and he sniffed the air, flicking his tongue and humming.

“That smells amazing, what is that?” he questioned, sniffing around for the source. Anna watched Samual search for the scent, then it hit her. A really sweet scent that repelled her, but attracted a male? It sounded so familiar... where had she read that before?

“Samual, let’s go, I need to go to the castle,” Anna said, taking off. Samual’s head shot up from the snow before taking off as well.

“Castle? Wait, why?” he asked.

“I might know what this is about.”


“Get the hell off of me!” Trevor snapped as Lust drove the heel of her boot into his back. He was on his stomach after being shoved onto it and Lust decided to pull this stunt, whatever it was she had planned.

“Shut it. Behave and maybe I won’t take away your stupid humanity,” Lust threatened and Trevor swallowed. He knew she was a vampire, as for what dragon breed she was, he couldn’t even guess. Her eyes were bright red, much like Agony. But she didn’t have nightmare causing abilities, she couldn’t be a Nega Dragon.

“Leave him alone!” Malice snarled and Lust looked over to the Thunder Dragon.

“Be patient, you’ll get a turn,” Lust purred. Malice growled a warning, baring his teeth which looked like his sharp dragon teeth. So they could get their sharp teeth then. Lust kneeled down with a knee on either side of Trevor’s hips, gripping his hair and pulling his head back, inhaling at his neck. Trevor growled when his hair was pulled.

“Let me go, get off me!” Trevor repeated. Lust hummed like she was thinking about it.

“Mmm, no.” Trevor cried out as the vampire’s fangs pierced his neck. Right away he grew light headed as the life was drained from him. His vision started to get fuzzy when Lust finally pulled away, licking her lips. “Interesting, Water-Ice Dragons have actual cold blood. Rather tasty if I do say so myself.” The weight from Lust is suddenly launched off of Trevor and Haarvik stands over the teen, growling at Lust.

“Stay the hell away from him,” Haarvik commanded. Lust pushed herself up and grinned.

“Look at you protecting the pathetic yearling. Big strong Rukmar protecting the weak human. I hardly took any blood from him and I doubt he can stand.” Trevor grit his teeth and attempted to roll to his back, his head throbbed at trying to sit up so he stayed down.

“I protect them because that’s my job.” Lust scoffed and got to her feet, brushing her skirt off.

“Puh-lease! You’re just obligated to defend the little dragons from the big bad monsters because you are a monster.” Trevor stared up at Haarvik who was tense and his face stoic.

Haarvik? A monster? Lust’s words obviously rubbed the large Rukmar the wrong way. Lust and Haarvik stared each other down for a while before Lust smirked and walked out of the room. Haarvik exhaled and stepped over Trevor and returned to sitting in his spot by Jarin’do who snored away.

“What was she talking about?” Trevor asked, rolling to his side to look at Haarvik. The large creature exhaled and shook his head.

“I don’t know. She may be referring to the near extinction of the Flower Dragons, since I am a Moon Dragon. I have no involvement with that war though,” Haarvik explained. “I was born on Orrumai as a dragon, trained in the ways of dragon magic and was going to be assigned to the temple, but I met Nyx and we started the Night Walkers. I protect others because I was born and trained to protect. I got more out of it with Nyx, Jarin’do, and Kyona.” Trevor hums and Haarvik nods to him. “Get some rest, you’re probably high on endorphins right now, those vampires are known to trigger that reaction when they feed sometimes.”

Trevor attempted to do just that, his dreams being filled with images of Vatuna and a blond haired infant with bright blue eyes.


Anna sifted through book after book in the library, Samual and Welsh sat nearby, watching her look.

Anna, please, if you would tell me what it is you are looking for, perhaps I can help,” Welsh reminded her for the third time. Anna flapped her wings and hovered in front of the bookshelves, finally finding the books she was looking for. As soon as she pulled them all, she glided to the floor and curled up off to the side, skimming through the first book and finding a passage.

While in legends, Incubi and Succubi are said to take advantage of humans in their sleep, those of the real world work differently. They charm, procreate, and steal the souls of those they have sex with. A trait to assist in these situations is they smell appealing to the opposite sex, while repulsive to the same sex. Succubi have an extremely sweet scent and Incubi have a very spicy smell.

“Extremely sweet smell...” Anna mumbled. She continued reading.

The demons are masters at deception and prefer to infiltrate and charm rather than fight, though they will when provoked.

“Trevor wouldn’t start any unnecessary fights, that’s not in his nature. He’s a big brother, he would protect when needed, not fight if he’s left alone.” Anna flipped open the other few books, dragons with aggressive natures. Venom, Toxic, Toxic Metallic, Xeno. Though at the sight of the Toxic Dragon book, Anna paused and looked up at the shelves. “Toxic Valentine Dragon book?” she asked.

Shelf eleven,” Welsh informed her and she flew up to search for the book. Anna pulled it and flew back to her spot, looking through the words.

Toxic Valentine Dragons are known to seduce other dragons before killing and eating their hearts. These dragons are able to put any dragon who’s heart is free under a trance and draw them to a destination. These dragons are also known to have Succubus as their non-dragon form. Toxic Valentine Dragons do not have a breath element, but they do have a venomous bite.

Anna looked up at Samual and swallowed. “I need some parchment and ink.” Welsh set a stack of paper on the floor and a bottle of ink and a phoenix feather quill in front of her. Anna wrote out information before rolling the parchment up into a few scrolls and nodded to her teacher. “We must be off, thank you, Welsh.

I have hopes you will solve this and bring an end to the Council like your predecessor did years before. May Kaylano guide you in times of need.

And may Gradroso grant you eternal life,” Anna replied and Samual followed her out.

“What was that blessing?” Samual questioned.

“I am Kaylano’s child of the skies. He watches over me. Welsh is Gradroso’s actual son, so it’s a blessing we say to Welsh personally in hopes he will live on to educate those about the past.”

The two flew back to Voutneth where what members remained of the team. What was a concern though was Zoymey and Galzra were missing. “They’re sparring in the gym,” Mitsua informed Kathey. It brought some relief at least.

“What’s this important information you have for us?” Sonar inquired. Kathey unroll the scrolls and looked them over before exhaling and looking over what made up her team.

“A Toxic Valentine Dragon is behind the kidnappings. It’s possible she is a Succubus as well, she reeks of a sweet scent that she’s leaving behind,” Kathey started.

“Which means only one specific member is behind this,” Sylark noted and Kathey nodded.

“We’re dealing with Lust,” Kathey continued. “I would consider her a super vampire due to being a vampire and a Venom Dragon. She’s probably under orders from Agony, if his plan was to fail, she was to begin this one. Frankly it makes sense considering she lures away the physical strength of the team.”

“It’s not going to work though,” Tikimune bragged and Kathey smirked at her optimism.

“No, it’s not, because we’ve proved we’re not a typical source of power. I want everyone to keep an eye on each other, I have cots on hand to set up in the gym to sleep. They still have to put furniture together for the dorm and staff rooms. There’s space outside for the cold lovers.” Kathey looks over at Brenda, Aya, and Ractor who grinned back. “Ractor, I would be careful about being outside though.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Ractor replied.

“Rest up, train up, we’ll talk plan in the morning. Dismissed.”

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