The Dragoso Series 4: Loyalty in Lust

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Chapter 5

Trevor shot awake suddenly when Lust and Carmilla strolled in with a few Succubi dragging more captives behind them. Darkness, Zoymey, and an unknown male with long brown hair tied in a ponytail and sun kissed skin. The Succubi drop the males to the floor and Lust sneers at everyone there.

“Only fools sleep when they think it’s safe,” Lust spoke and Trevor sat up.

“What the hell are you even doing? Kidnapping us, especially two Compass Dragons, just draws attention!” Trevor fumed. Lust glared at him before approaching, jerking his head to the side by his chin to look at the bite she left, only there was no mark.

“Stupid dragons and your accelerated healing,” Lust grumbled. Trevor pulled his head free and snapped his teeth at her hand, which she pulled back before he could sink his teeth into her flesh. “You won’t live long enough to know, Anna’s star student can meet his end first. Then, the rest of you will have slow, agonizing deaths. I may not be a Nega Dragon, but I have no shame admitting I’m a sadist.” Trevor growled at her as she walked away with a sway to her hips, despite how enraged she appeared.

Once she was gone, Trevor stood and made his way to Zoymey first. “Are you okay?” he asked as Zoymey sat up. The Earth Dragon had a bite wound on his neck. “She overpowered you too, huh?”

“It would seem so, not entirely sure why. Toxic Valentine Dragons lure any with a free heart, like mine,” Zoymey advised with a shrug. “Who else did she have to invenomate?” Trevor looked away, guilt on his face. “Ah, do you still love Amy or...?”

“Someone on the team...” Trevor said slowly. Zoymey gave him a look of concern. “It’s not Kathey, I swear.”

“Alright. After Mykau, I doubt she’ll ever find a mate again. She has her kids to raise, a school to run, and the world to save. I would be very surprised if she ever found a mate again. Anyway, have any of you come up with a plan to get out of here?” Zoymey asked the group.

“Nothing we can do with the magic cancelling handcuffs, mon,” Jarin’do stated.

“Or the fact the cuffs are locked with magic too,” Malice added and Zoymey huffed. He got to his feet and stepped around Trevor to stand behind him.

“Kneel down and hold still,” Zoymey commanded and Trevor raised an eyebrow before doing as the Earth Dragon requested. Zoymey brought his foot up before striking the middle of the cuffs with his heel, effectively creating a crack in the stone. “Brute force can at times be the answer.” Before he could strike it again, Zoymey is shocked with magic, roaring angrily and falling to his knees.

“Stupid Earth Dragon!” a new demon snapped. The Incubus from earlier stood with his hand smoking after his attack on Zoymey. The Incubus looked to the two Succubi that stood behind him. “Restrain the West Dragon’s ankles and bring the Water-Ice Dragon to Mother.” The Succubi come forward with new shackles that they sealed to Zoymey’s ankles before the two grab Trevor. “It seems Mother has other plans for you aside from ripping your throat out, you best behave.”

Trevor snarled before being dragged from the room. They led him through a courtyard, an entrance hall, and another courtyard before coming to a spiral staircase to a tower. Trevor was thankful for his dragon stamina, else he would’ve been exhausted from walking that far. He would rather not be literally dragged up stairs.

They finally reached the top of the stairs and Trevor was stopped at a ledge that had a five foot drop. The demons released Trevor of his cuffs and shoved him off the ledge. Trevor landed and rolled forward to absorb impact before glaring at the demons. The Incubus pointed forward and Trevor growled before whipping his head around to face a throne. It was a basic bronze frame with pink cushions on the seat, back, and armrests. Lust sat in it with one leg crossed over the other.

“What the hell do you want?” Trevor demanded and Lust simply smiled.

“When was the last time you were with a real woman in bed?” Lust questioned. Trevor sputtered at the question.

“That’s none of your damn business! I have more important things to do like stop monsters like you!” Trevor pointed at Lust who scoffed.

“Really now? Because Carmilla told me she couldn’t influence you, she had to bite you in order to kidnap you. That tells me your heart has been given to someone. You’re still a teenager by nature, wants can’t be pushed down, yearling.”

“Why not ask Zoymey that, his heart clearly belongs to someone!”

“Foolish child, I know who he gave his heart to, she will never return the affection though. I knew about it long before we were released from our prisons.” Lust stood from her throne and snapped her fingers. From the edge of the open air tower flew Carmilla, landing before Trevor and snarling. “I believe it’s time someone put you in your place.”

Trevor barely had enough time to turn dragon as Carmilla pounced on him.


Kathey huffed to herself as she tightened the straps to her gauntlets. All the precautions they took and still the Toxic Valentine Dragon got in and managed to take Zoymey and Galzra. The team couldn’t just sit and do nothing any longer. If they didn’t attack now, there was no telling who else would be taken.

“Dammit!” Kathey cursed, looking at the scratch she just gave herself on her unprotected hand. She watched it heal closed before she dropped her hand and exhaled.

“What did you do?” Kathey turned to see Sylark standing behind her, already in his armor with his blades strapped to him and Malice’s blade at his hip.

“Nothing, I have a lot on my mind.” Kathey shook her head and strapped on her other gauntlet.

“Do me a favor, Kathey, do not do anything rash while we are trying to track down Lust and when we find her. We cannot afford to lose you, you lead this team better than anyone else, but you are also a big portion of our strength.” Kathey stopped short and turned to look at Sylark as he continued. “It is not just this team that needs you, Anna. Earth and all of Dragoso needs you.” Sylark stepped forward and adjusted the cloak clipped to Kathey’s shoulders. He gave her a soft smile which she returned.

“I don’t have to worry too much, I have you to watch my tail,” Kathey joked and Sylark chuckled.

“Indeed, you do. But...?”

“But the team also relies on me to keep them safe, I know. Don’t feel like you have to give me a pep talk, Sylark. I’ve been a Compass Dragon for a few years now. I know how important it is to keep Earth, Dragoso, and my team safe. We made a bigger team to counter the first generation’s mistakes. They didn’t have the numbers to stop the threats, the wars, the Council.” Kathey exhaled. “We can do this.”

“Yes, we can.” Sylark nodded and stepped aside to let Kathey step out of the armory and head to the front of the Academy where what remained of the team waited. They were lacking in numbers, but they had strength. Even with two strong dragons missing, they could still prove they could beat Lust and her Toxic Valentine Dragon.

As soon as Kathey and Sylark stood before the team, the idle chatter stopped instantly, the team looking to their leader. Kathey looked over at everyone present before exhaling through her nose. “I won’t lie to you guys, you know I don’t mask the truth. We lack numbers, our strength will be what helps us. The Compass Dragons before us never had a big team like this, it was their downfall in the end. We need to remain vigilant to achieve our goal of keeping Earth and Dragoso safe from the Council and stopping them from reviving Rakasa. Let’s just hope our missing teammates are wherever Lust is hiding out.” Kathey looked to Samual who nodded.

Everyone turned to their dragon forms and Samual flicked his tongue out, tasting the air. He took off and everyone followed behind him, Anna and Sylark staying close behind Samual. They were following the Toxic Valentine’s scent and hopefully find where she went and is keeping their missing teammates. Soon they came to a clearing, a field covered in snow. It was usually a field of crops judging by the area.

“The trail endsss here. What now?” Samual questioned. Anna sniffed the air, looking around a bit at their surroundings. A dove flew past her head and landed in the middle of the field, watching the dragons intently.

“There is something off about that bird,” Sylark noted. Anna narrowed her eyes at the dove. Sylark was right, birds usually flew away from them, not taunt them and land a few yards away.

Anna growled low and approached the bird cautiously. She expected the dove to turn into some sort of monster, but instead, it exploded into a small puff of pink smoke before a spark appeared. Right before her, a pink and black swirling portal opens.

“Huh...I suppose this is something... shall we?” Anna asked. She stepped aside to allow Sylark to lead the team through. Anna jumped through and skidded to a stop as she observed her surroundings.

They stood on a platform seemingly in mid air. Below them bubbled a lake of lava, they were surrounded by walls of black stone, obsidian most likely. Before them, stood a cathedral looking building. It was run down, probably from Lust taking over. Pieces of the building were missing, the cross that would’ve been on the front of the cathedral was missing, in place of it was a pink banner with what looked like an image of vampire teeth in the middle of it.

“Keep your guard up, no doubt this is Lust’s base. Watch out for her and the Toxic Valentine Dragon she has working for her. We can’t afford to lose anyone else,” Anna warned and everyone nodded. Anna led the team across the narrow stone bridge and into the cathedral.

Anna and Sylark shoved the large doors open and revealed a rather long hallway lined with torches. The middle of the hallway had a statue of a provocatively dressed woman, sharp teeth visible in her mouth. Nyx approached the statue and looked up at it. The silver and black scaled female tilted her head slightly as she looked at it.

“Lust I assume? Very unprotected in that sort of...garb,” Nyx noted and Anna snorted.

“Agony only wore a cotton tunic and slacks with a cloak around his neck. Hardly considered armor,” Anna noted, approaching Nyx.

“Agony was a mage, was he not?” Anna nodded. “Mages rely on their magic for defense and offense, armor just gets in the way of their casting.”

“Hm...let’s move, if the rest of the team is anywhere, it’s in this cathedral.”

“I swear to God if this is gonna be like a video game where we have to solve puzzles in this dungeon, I’m leaving,” Brenda grumbled and Anna snickered.

“I doubt the Council has any understanding of video game dungeons, but yeah, that would be very annoying if they did that.”

They made their way to the end of the hallway and through another doorway, coming to a room that appeared to be split by a river of lava. Anna raised an eyebrow at just how familiar the place seemed now. This actually was looking like a dungeon from a game she played a lot. But that wasn’t important now. They needed to find the rest of the team then take out Lust and the Toxic Valentine Dragon. Anna didn’t want to think about what would happen if the two succeeded in their goals.

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