The Dragoso Series 4: Loyalty in Lust

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Chapter 6

To say this place was familiar to Anna was an understatement, it really did have an almost exact layout of a dungeon from a video game. It was unsettling though, due to the sheer size of the video game’s dungeon. Would they have to jump through hoops and fight a bunch of Succubi before reaching Lust? Anna didn’t have the patience to do that in real life, especially when her teammates were in danger of getting their hearts ripped from their chests and eaten.

Anna led everyone over the river of lava, which was easy enough considering with just a flap of their wings, they were over it and safe. Anna went ahead of them to the other end of the room, looking up at a statue of a dragon. Judging by the longer canines in its mouth, it was a Venom Dragon, most likely Lust.

“For someone ruled by their sin, she projects quite a bit of pride behavior,” Anna mumbled.

“It is narcissism, anyone can be corrupted by it,” Sylark spoke up and approached. He looked up at the statue as well before his head whipped to the right, listening carefully. “Our mission appears to be rather short, I know where our missing teammates are.” Sylark started through a doorway and the rest of the team followed.

They cut through the courtyard and came face to face with a couple Succubi holding rapiers. Anna and Sylark exchanged glances before the two froze the demons with ice and moved past them into the room they were guarding, finding their missing teammates.

Almost all their missing teammates.

Anna freed Zoymey first and the two worked to get everyone free of their restraints. “Where’s Trevor?” Anna asked.

“An Incubus took him away probably a couple hours ago, they haven’t been back or said anything since,” Zoymey replied. Those that were released turned to their dragon forms and shook themselves out. Darkness phased down into the ground and hid in Anna’s shadow. Anna watched Darkness go into her shadow before looking to the rest of the team.

“Let’s deal with Lust so we can go home, I have a school to reopen.”


Trevor collapsed and panted, Carmilla stood nearby, poised and ready to retaliate if Trevor tried anything. He had taken a number of bites and scratches. Carmilla hadn’t been injecting any venom into him, but each attack was doing a number on him. His blood was splattered all over the tower and Lust watched from her throne.

“Y-you’re nothing but a... sadist,” Trevor grunted as he pushed himself to his feet and spit blood from his mouth.

“Honey, I’m the whole spectrum of lust, it is my name after all,” Lust purred.

“Half of that isn’t...” Trevor grunted as he got to his feet. “Isn’t even lust. It’s just...” He growled as Carmilla approached him.

“You know nothing about my sin.” Lust snapped her fingers and Carmilla pounced on him. Trevor rose up on his back feet to brace himself for her attack. Trevor sunk his teeth into Carmilla’s neck while her claws cut through his scales. Trevor managed to force Carmilla to the ground and he snarled as he held her down.

“You’ll never win, your teacher and her team aren’t coming. You’re all alone, you’ll lose before they even care to notice you’re missing,” Carmilla hissed. Trevor’s grip loosened and that gave the Toxic Valentine leverage to get free and pin Trevor herself. “You lost.” Carmilla opened her mouth to bite into Trevor’s neck, only to be blasted off of him. Trevor looked up and let out a breath of relief.

“I don’t think so,” Anna said, dropping down into the arena and approaching Trevor. “Are you alright?”

“I am now, thanks.” Lust glared at Anna.

“I don’t have time for this. Attack!” Lust commanded. The team was swarmed by Succubi and Carmilla joined in the battle. Anna launched herself at Carmilla, separating her from the rest of the team and the two females stared each other down.

“Your venom won’t work on me,” Anna snarled and Carmilla growled.

“You won’t leave here alive anyway.” Carmilla roared as she pounced on Anna.

Anna flapped her wings to get out of Carmilla’s way, right away releasing ice at the Toxic Valentine. Carmilla hissed and cowered away from the cold. Anna just moved closer, continuing her assault with ice.

Lust watched nearby as the battle raged on. Anna against Carmilla and the rest of the team against her Succubi. The Incubus remained at Lust’s side where she sat on her throne.

Sylark! Assistance! Lust is mine. Anna requested. Sylark bit into the throat of a Succubus and tore it out before jumping to Anna’s aid. He released his own ice at Carmilla who shrieked as her scales froze, being encased in ice.

Lust got to her feet and the Incubus drew his blade from his hip. “I will protect you, Mother,” he vouched.

“No.” Lust snapped as she began glowing light purple and stepped down from the throne. “Anna Dragon is mine!” Lust roared and her body expanded, scales appearing along her skin. Her wings sprouted from her shoulders and her tail extended out, toppling her throne. Lust landed on all fours, revealing her Venom Dragon form and she roared.

Anna faced her now and roared back, flying right at Lust. The two collided and Anna skidded to a stop when Lust fell back, taking to the air now. Lust snarled and chased after Anna. Anna flipped to face Lust, the two hovering above the tower surrounded by dark storm clouds. Thunder rumbled around them.

“Agony failed our master, but I won’t let him down. He’ll surely make me the leader of the Council when we revive him and I deliver your head to him,” Lust growled.

“I’d like to see you try, I’m immune to your venom, dragon and vampire, you can’t do anything to kill me,” Anna responded. “You would know that if you were meant to be any sort of leader.” Lust growled.

“You’ll regret saying those words you trump card!” Lust flew at Anna, swiping her claws at Anna. The Flower Dragon barreled out of the way and spit fire at Lust. Lust shut her wings to drop a few feet, catching herself on her wings to glide before spinning to face Anna and spit venom at her face.

Anna countered the venom with a spray of water, the two liquids falling to the lava lake below. Anna prepared to fly at Lust, but both dragons were startled by a sudden bolt of lightning striking the air, creating a static charge around them. Lust snarled while Anna just stared at her.

“Scared of a little lightning?” Anna taunted.

“Oh please! You’re not immune to lightning, nobody is!” Lust snapped.

“Actually a few dragon breeds are immune to it. But you’re right, I’m not immune and I’m not scared.” Lust roared and flew at Anna. Anna opened her mouth to release a bolt of lightning at Lust who barely managed to barrel roll out of the way of the strike.

“You bitch!” Lust launched herself at Anna and the two collided.

Anna used her back feet to kick Lust, scratching her with her claws while her teeth and front claws held the Venom Dragon. Lust hissed and managed to pry herself from Anna, successfully tearing a chunk out of her shoulder from Anna’s teeth and her underbelly was clawed and bleeding purple blood. The two hovered in the air panting, Lust’s wounds were oozing and her blood dripped from her tail. Lust bared her teeth before flipping backwards and diving towards the tower, landing beside where Carmilla was frozen.

Anna flew after Lust, spotting the Incubus running to Lust and Carmilla. He drove his rapier into the ice and is shattered, releasing Carmilla who shook her wings out and growled. Lust reverted to her vampire form, holding her hand to the side as a spear appeared in her hand and she stepped up onto Carmilla’s back. As soon as Anna reached Carmilla, the Toxic Valentine Dragon was already in the air with Lust and the Incubus on her back. Anna chased after the three.


Trevor threw another Succubus from his back and watched as Anna chased after Carmilla, Lust, and the Incubus. They weren’t getting anywhere with this fight. The Succubi were never ending, Anna wasn’t doing much damage to Lust despite having clawed her up pretty badly.

“We’re getting nowhere...” Trevor mumbled. Zoymey backed away from some Succubi, hitting them with his Earth Shot and huffed.

“No kidding... The Succubi have us occupied here, none of us can help Anna,” Zoymey said and snorted. “Carmilla needs to be destroyed and Lust needs to be incapacitated but we can’t do that if they’re flying around like that.”

Trevor watched Anna chase Carmilla around in the sky. Anna launched a bolt of lightning at Carmilla who dodged the attack. Lightning from the sky struck as well and Carmilla flailed her wings to avoid it. Looking closely, Trevor could see Lust with a very concerned look on her face, almost like... fear.

“That’s it! Malice! Chase after Carmilla with Anna!” Trevor exclaimed.

“Uh...why?” Malice asked and he shocked another Succubus.

“Lust is terrified of lightning and you’re the only one here who has lightning for their breath element aside from Anna.”

“Oh... yeah that makes sense.” Malice took to the air to join the chase. Trevor jumped as a Succubus approached him and he snapped his jaws at her.

“What are these things weak to?” Trevor questioned.

“Fire, like their mother,” Sylark said.

“And none of us breathe fire except Anna.” Galzra and Mitsua perk up.

“Why didn’t we think of that?” Mitsua asked her twin.

“Everyone move!” Galzra commanded. The two took to the air as the rest of the team scrambled away from the Succubi. From the twins’ mouths came fire. Galzra breathed blue flames while Mitsua’s flame was bright yellow like the sun. The Succubi scream and scramble away from the heat.

“Wow...” Zoymey gaped as Mitsua and Galzra landed. “Well... at least we have more than one fire breather now, Anna was the only one before.”

“Happy to be of service. What about Lust?” Mitsua asked. The team looked up at Anna and Malice chasing Carmilla.

“She’s scared of lightning, it’s plasma energy. She’s scared of that and being a vampire, she’s scared of fire too.”

“I see what you’re getting at. Let’s go Mits” Galzra said and he took to the air. Mitsua watched him fly up before following after him, joining the chase.

“Let’s hope they can do this. What should we do in the meantime?” Trevor asked. Zoymey hummed.

“Be prepared should Lust come after us,” Zoymey informed the team.


Anna panted as she chased Carmilla. How could a Toxic Valentine Dragon have more stamina than a Life Dragon? A stray clap of lightning struck the air and Carmilla barrel rolled out of its range, only to shriek as another bolt came from below them. Anna looked to see Malice approaching. The two Life Dragons hover in the air as Lust regained her balance on Carmilla’s back.

“She’s just toying with us...” Anna huffed and Malice watched Carmilla fly around only to charge at them. “Look out!” Anna and Malice rolled out of the way of Carmilla’s teeth and the metal of Lust’s spear and the Incubus’ rapier.

Mitsua and Galzra appeared out of nowhere and released flames right at Carmilla. Lust screamed and jumped from Carmilla’s back, her own dragon form surrounding her and she caught herself on her wings and glided for the tower. The Incubus turned to ash on Carmilla’s back as he howled with pain.

Anna flew up to the twins and nodded. “That works. You two go after Lust, whittle her down.” The twins nod to each other and fly after Lust. Malice flew up to Anna. “We have to deal with Carmilla first. Toxic Valentine Dragons are a danger to the world.”

“No kidding, let’s go,” Malice encouraged and they flew after Carmilla.

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