The Dragoso Series 4: Loyalty in Lust

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Chapter 7

Anna and Malice chased Carmilla side by side. They needed a decent plan to get rid of her.

“What’s the plan?” Malice asked. Anna looked down at the lava below them.

“We need to save our Life Breath for Lust. But we can still destroy her body. The lava will work,” Anna noted.

“You’re the only one immune to it. How do you want to do this?” Anna hummed.“Lightning cage.”

“Roger that.”

Using their Life Dragon speed, Anna and Malice catch up to Carmilla. They released concentrated balls of electricity and hit her, immobilizing her entire movements and she plummeted to the lava below. The two Life Dragons watch as Carmilla screeches in pain as her body is claimed by the molten rock.“Good riddance,” Anna snorted.

“You’ve never been one for a ruthless death like that,” Malice commented.

“Toxic Valentine Dragons are sociopaths, they’re better off dead. Lest they lure, kill, and eat more dragons and their hearts. Let’s go, we have Lust to deal with.” At that moment, Lust flew right at Anna who braced to take the blow and the two clawed at each other with their back feet. Anna flipped backwards to throw Lust off and she flew for the tower. Malice, Mitsua, and Galzra followed behind Lust as she chased after Anna.

All the dragons landed, save for Lust who snarled as she hovered above the tower. “You’ll all regret angering me. Luckily, Agony was smart enough to loan me these before being captured by you fools. Hellhounds!” Lust roared. Pink portals appeared and Hellhounds made of lava ran through them and attacked the team. Anna snarled and snapped at a few before looking to Lust.“How the hell did you get Magma Hounds under your command?” she questioned and Lust snorted.

“Like I would tell you,” Lust snapped.

“Enough games! Fight you coward!” Lust rolled her eyes and flew higher. Anna growled and took off after her. Lust rounded on Anna and swiped her claws at her. Anna avoided the attack and landed on Lust’s back, digging her claws in and biting the Venom Dragon’s neck, holding on as she thrashed around. Lust flew at the obsidian that surrounded the lava lake and tossed her head. Some of the rock was pulled away and made a decent sized platform in midair. Lust spun in the air, making Anna lose her grip and they both landed on the platform, Lust reverting to her Vampire form and standing with her spear.

“I’ve had it with you and your petty attempts to defeat me. This ends now!” Lust shouted. Anna growled and with a flash, was in her human form holding her sword and shield.

“I couldn’t agree more, Lust,” Kathey said and got into a stance. “You won’t walk away from this fight.” Lust snarled before lunging at Kathey who raised her shield to block the stab, swinging her sword right at Lust’s shoulder. The vampire shrieked as the blade pierced her skin and she pulled away from Kathey, arm dripping with blood. Lust hissed at Kathey who just smirked. “You should recognize the blade just by its color, Lust.” The lightning above shone some light on the blade made of rubies, infused with fire magic.

“Even so, you won’t win.” Lust growled. She lunged again, Kathey parried the blow and kicked Lust in the stomach before driving her blade towards her torso, successfully driving it through her shoulder. Lust screamed as her skin burned, kicking Kathey and pulling herself from the blade. She held her wound and panted, hunched over slightly.

“Hellhounds! To me! Kill this bitch!” Lust called. Portals appeared above them and three rather large Magma Hounds dropped from them and Kathey brandished her sword before striking at the hounds that attacked her. She struck the first in the back. The second received a slice across the head. The last one was stabbed in the chest as it reared up to strike. Lust charged and swung her spear down. Kathey brought up her blade and used two hands to resist the strength of the vampire, which was not easy to say the least.

Lust kicked Kathey’s legs out from under her, sending her onto her back. Lust drove her spear down. Kathey shifted to avoid the attack and kicked the vampire in the stomach before rolling to her stomach and getting to her feet, only to have the shaft of the spear hit her square in the back. Kathey’s wings appeared and they flailed to keep her from falling, lifting her up and spinning her to kick Lust right in the jaw. Lust stumbled backwards, holding her jaw while Kathey hovered there.

“Fool! Locking us up won’t stop us! As long as at least one of us is free, we WILL succeed in our mission!” Lust snapped. Kathey landed and opened her wings fully as her amulet started to glow.

“Not if I can help it.” There was a buildup of light in her mouth before she released the Life Breath on Lust who screamed as she was damaged. Once the light ceased its assault on Lust, the vampire fell to one knee, panting.

“P-pathetic! W-we cannot be destroyed!” she panted. Kathey flapped her wings, launching herself forward and driving her blade right into Lust’s heart.

“No, but I can incapacitate you.” Lust stared with wide eyes before her head dropped. Kathey withdrew her blade in a swift motion and Lust fell backwards. Kathey looked down at Lust and exhaled slowly as the tension in her body relaxed. “Time to put you where you belong, Lust.”

The dragon on Kathey’s amulet turned pink and in a flash of light, she was in the Underworld standing before Deathbore with Lust at her feet. “Greetings, Uncle.”

“Congratulations on your second capture, Anna,” Deathbore responded and snapped his claws. Two cambions approached Lust’s body and lifted her up, carrying her to the chambers behind Deathbore’s throne. “I must ask what you plan on doing should they revive their master.”

“Evacuate every dragon from Earth and make a plan of attack to bring him down.” Kathey said and exhaled. “Hopefully it does not come to it. Excuse me, I have a school to reopen.” Deathbore nodded with a smile and opened a portal for Kathey to return to the living world.


It had been just a week since Voutneth Academy and Drake Town have opened their gates once again. The Compass Dragons have been hard at work keeping our planet safe from evil. I’m here with Headmistress of Voutneth and leader of the Compass Dragons, Anna Dragon to give us the latest on the most recent attack on her team. Anna, tell me, what exactly had been going on this month?” The reporter spoke from the TV, turning the microphone to Kathey.

A long standing enemy of the first generation Compass Dragons has risen and we are working tirelessly to capture every member and prevent them from harming Earth and Dragoso. Our job as the Compass Dragons is to keep dragons and humans safe. Now that Earth and Dragoso has reconnected after two generations, we are hoping to ally humans with the rest of the races. It’s a long process that we will leave up to each race’s respectful leaders.” Kathey explained.

Should we expect the Dragoso races to go outside of Drake?

No, we are keeping them strictly within Drake to avoid any feuds or mishap. The only ones to be seen outside of Drake is our sub-team known as the Night Walkers, they are dragons, but three of the four do not have human forms. They can be trusted.

What hopes do you have for the future of the Academy?

The team, the staff, and myself hope that we can work together to keep Earth and Dragoso safe.

Thank you Kathey, best wishes to you and Voutneth. I-” Kathey shut the TV off and exhaled. Trevor stood nearby, arms crossed.

“Well... at least it wasn’t TOO bad, right?” he questioned.

“She’s the only reporter I would talk to, she’s not heartless like a lot of other reporters. I have a feeling she has a connection to dragons in her personal life. She understands how sensitive being a dragon is, but since we’re not much of a secret anymore, it’s safe to say we can be open about what we are,” Kathey said and turned to face Trevor.

“So what now? Wait until another Council member attacks the Academy? Twice now they’ve used their influence on the team to weaken us before we just go out to attack them directly.” Kathey sighed.

“They hide way too well in different pocket dimensions, we can’t track them down unless they make themselves known. It’s all we can do, Trevor. Just keep up with training and prepare for anything. We only have two out of eight captured and who knows what’ll happen next.”

“Let’s hope nothing too major, we need to stick together.” Trevor stepped out of Kathey’s office, only to stop short when he spotted Vatuna waiting in the hall for him. “Vatuna? Um.. wh-what’s up?” Trevor blushed slightly. He noticed she had a dusting of blush on her cheeks as well.

“I wanted to talk. Walk with me?” Vatuna requested and Trevor nodded. They started walking through the halls. “After you were taken by Carmilla, it got me thinking about a lot of things.”

“Okay...?” Vatuna stopped and Trevor did as well, facing her.

“It’s made me realize how quickly life can change and how short it can feel, even as dragons. So...well...I was wondering if um...” Vatuna fidgeted with her hands as she spoke, not looking at Trevor. “You’d want to... go on a date sometime?” Trevor blushed, but smiled at the offer.

There was no chance he would ever get back with Amy, his world was too dangerous for her. But Vatuna? She was a beautiful woman and a stunning and powerful dragon. They lived in the same world. Trevor reached out and took Vatuna’s hands in his own.

“I’d love to,” He said and smiled at her as she looked up at him, smiling as well.


Pride smacked his goblet of blood aside in a rage. First Agony, now Lust! These imbeciles were proving to be useless. Lust made a grave mistake of capturing males. She never should’ve held them. They should’ve been killed on the spot and Carmilla eaten their hearts. Fools, both of them.

Pride waved his hand and repaired his goblet and the blood, the image wavering. “Wrath!” he shouted. The orc in the image jumped and picked up his goblet, looking in at Pride.

You look angry, what did the bitch do?” Wrath asked.

“She got herself beaten and locked up like Agony. Anna Dragon and her idiot team are relentless with their countermeasures.”

Tch, figures. What now?

“Betrayal my rage fueled friend. It’s time to twist loyalties and bring about ancient rivalries. Anna had a Sunrise and Sunset Dragon join her team recently. Start with them.” Wrath smirked.

Don’t worry, Pride. Unlike Lust, I don’t wait to act.

“Don’t be a fool, make sure Blackaxe Fortress is ready and guarded and be sure Talia is prepared for a fight if it comes to it. Give the fools time to let their guard down before influencing the rage. Wrath nodded and the image distorted before disappearing. Pride set his goblet on his throne and stood. “Mark my words Anna will regret crossing the Council and my Master. We will end you.”

Pride pulled a black pendent from around his neck in the shape of a dragon’s head with rubies for the eyes.

“Master Rakasa, we will not fail you this time. I promise.”

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