Star Crossed

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[Blaze] 9] To Please a Prince

I run out of the room and up the stairs into the daylight and fresh air. Emalee and Gen are standing together, looking up at Haze as he hovers above the ground with smoke piling out of his feet.

“You honestly think you can defeat me?” he asks mockingly.

“Absolutely,” Emalee hisses back.

“I think I’ll do this one at a time,” Haze replies lazily, “I’ll get her out of the way first,” he indicates Gen, “And then I’ll deal with you and Jasmine,” In one instant he disappears in a puff of smoke and then reappears in front of Gen. She smartly and swiftly flies backward and he follows directly after. She lands on some grass and picks up rocks and broken off concrete with her power over air. She flings them at Haze’s hovering form before her. Emalee runs towards them as Haze dodges the attacks too easily before he encases Gen in smoke a moment later. I get my fire ready to attack as a last resort as I watch Haze lift Gen up into the air, the smoke literally picking her up.

“Would you like a slow or quick death, little girl?” he asks mockingly just as Emalee starts to control the wind all around the ruins, making it pick up speed around Haze and Gen. Debris, dirt and dust gather in the air.

“Stop right there!” Emalee screams at him, “Or I’ll seriously mess you up and I mean it! Get down, Jasmine!” she quickly yells this towards me and I do as I’m told, squatting down.

“Hmmm...” Haze slowly turns to face Emalee, his smoke still holding Gen in place, high in the air. He directs a curious and mocking stare towards Emalee, “First I am challenged by Jasmine, daughter to Miranda, when I have I not been challenged for years, and now it is happening again? By a girl I could crush in a second,” he drawls this off to Emalee, a challenge in his eyes.

“I’m twenty-two years old!” Emalee exclaims, “I’m not some little girl. Put down Gen now and face me. I’m the one you’ve been stalking for the past few months!”

“He has been stalking you for that long?” Gen manages to add in from in the air, shocked.

“That’s correct and yes, you are a priority,” Haze agrees, raising a hand behind him and clenching his fist. The next moment Gen starts gasping for breath while being squeezed by the heavy dark grey smoke.

“No!” Emalee screams, and then the air then really starts to move. I can’t even keep my eyes open properly so I drop down to my stomach, trying to squint to see what happens as the wind starts screaming and screeching as it rapidly starts moving at high speed. I think I hear Haze cry out – well, it was more like a roar of pain and anger mixed together.

The wind then rapidly stops and I rub over my eyes as they hurt from the dust that managed to push past my closed eye lids. Now, I stand up. Gen has dropped down from the air and has landed on the side of a cracked wall and appears unconscious. In the distance I can hear cars screech to a stop and for once I thank god that Alex was most likely the one to get here, with some back up, hopefully! I swivel around to find Emalee who is grabbing on to the sides of some ruins, looking around her in a panic. Haze has disappeared.

Emalee screams as he suddenly reappears in front of her, scratches and grazes all along his arms and side of the face, blood slowly seeping out of the cuts. Haze grabs both her arms, spins her around and pushes her roughly up against the wall. I don’t move, trying to figure out a way I can catch him off guard. Plus – I have to admit, I am a little distracted with looking towards the tree line where I suspect Alex will come out any moment.

“Don’t touch me!” Emalee screams and Haze pulls out a pair of handcuffs from his back pocket of black pants and expertly snaps them around her wrists. He steps back, pulls her with him and then shoves her to the side, turning to face me.

“You’re next,” he hisses.

“I can’t use my magic!” Emalee yells at me, “That handcuffs are stopping me!” Haze has his gaze focused on me and she uses the moment to jump towards him to try and kick him in the back. He disappears in a haze of smoke and appears behind her, putting his hands on her waist, steading her from falling over.

“What is the matter with you!” he hisses at her, “Stop trying to attack, I can snap your neck in a spilt second!” Emalee struggles, trying to kick back at him.

“Let her go–” I’m interrupted as men come running out of the tree line, guns in hand, screaming at Haze to back down. I look to Haze to see him mutter something under his breath before quickly taking off Emalee’s handcuffs. I stare in disbelief at his sudden surrender. He disappears yet again and does not reappear.

The men slow down as they approach.

“You okay?” I ask Emalee and while shaking, she nods. I run over to Gen and as I slap her awake she opens her eyes,” Thank god!” I yell at her, “I thought you might be dead instead! It’s lucky you were only knocked out!” she squints and rubs at the back of her head.

“I hit my head in the fall...ouch, god, it hurts,” she grumbles as she slowly gets to her feet. Emalee stumbles over as her dress gets caught on the edge of some rocks.

“I’m so glad you are okay!” she almost starts to cry to Gen and I can hear running footsteps behind me. I turn around just as a bunch of Royal male Gems reach us and start grabbing both Emalee and Gen. They don’t touch me.

“Let go!” Emalee screams at them, trying to punch one while another grabs both her arms.

“We’re to take you back immediately!” they snap at her, “Don’t fight back.”

Gen glares the crap out of the guy who has just grabbed her arm and she shoves him away from her.

“I can walk myself,” she hisses. The Royal male Gem just glares back.

“Shut up and do as you’re told, now move,” he motions to the trees and she storms forward quickly. I wonder why Alex hasn’t appeared yet or why these guys haven’t grabbed me too. There were about six of them, all looking stern, cold and pissed off. As they walk Gen and Emalee towards the line of trees I look past everyone to see if Alex is here.

I spot him, standing just outside the ruins in the clearing, the slight wind whipping through his gorgeous black hair. He looks like a model, in a ruffled black suit, posing for a shoot in the middle of a field. Except he isn’t... his dark look is only for me. Looking at me from this distance makes him seem like a real predator about to start hunting me down – not that he hadn’t been doing that all morning already.

I just stare back at him, knowing I was really going to cop it big time. I decide to start walking towards him first, to show I’m not scared of his royally pissed off glare and body language. The other men have already walked past him and have now entered the trees with Emalee and Gen, heading towards the cars. Alex continues to glare. I walk right up to him, looking up into his dark eyes I see he was still Supercharged.

“No need to look at me like that,” I start off casually, “I’m fine and so are Emalee and Ge–” I’m cut off as he suddenly grabs my arm and starts dragging me, like the other men dragging Emalee and Gen, towards the cars. His rough hold around my upper arm is not the least bit gentle as he drags me while also draining more of my magic, “Hey! Stop it! What the hell?” I yell at him. He doesn’t reply to me, completely ignoring me. I try to keep up with his long strides but he is not slowing down for me. I look up to his beautiful face which is closed off and I frown before quickly dodging a protruding rock from the ground so I don’t trip as I try and keep up with Alex. From watching him prowl through the trees I notice for the first time just how strong he is and how much he has grown into a real Prince. Right now, the way he was reacting to me running off and finding me confronted with Haze again – he had never been this cold toward me before, “Alex,” I say his name hoping he will reply. He doesn’t and I gulp.

Ok, so I had majorly pissed him off and some small feeling deep in my gut was telling me this was not going to end calmly or quietly. As we break out of the trees and I see two black four-wheel drives, of which Emalee and Gen are shoved into, my initial shock of Alex’s harsh treatment towards me dissipates. Instead a new feeling takes over, anger; at him treating me like a mistrustful, out of control nuisance he had to deal with. He walks over to the other car the girls aren’t in. Gen’s car is being taken over by a Royal male Gem who is obviously going to drive it back.

“Let me go!” I hiss, trying to jerk out of his hold. All I get is pain from how tight he holds onto me in response. He opens the back door of the car and jerks me in front of him.

“Stop,” Alex growls, letting me go and putting a hand on the side of the car, his other hand on the corner of the door, trapping me in so I have no choice but to turn around and get in the car, “Get in,” he adds quietly. I narrow my eyes as I turn around, feeling crowded by his presence. I slide into the car, where there is one guy sitting on the seat next to the other door. I sit in the middle and Alex slides in, slamming the car door shut. I just glare at him glaring at me.

As the driver starts the car, Alex suddenly reaches across me, tugs my seat belt down and does it up for me before doing up his own. I don’t even bother to reply – yes, I had forgotten to do it up myself, but that was because I was too busy being pissed off at him! I turn around in my seat so I am half facing the other Gem next to me, who is staring stonily ahead.

“So,” I say to this Gem, “Is this how you always treat Royal female Gems that try and do their own thing every now and then?” he doesn’t reply, doesn’t look at me either, “Well, if you must know it’s disgusting, degrading and horrible! You should treat Emalee and Gen with more respect! They shouldn’t be man-handled like rebellious pets!” I suddenly turn around to glare at Alex, “And neither should I!”

He doesn’t look at me.

“Be quiet,” it’s all that Alex says.


"Be quiet!" he hisses, putting a hand on my thigh and squeezing it in a warning. I shut my mouth and look ahead, rage, disbelief and also some sense rushing through me. His tone told me he was at the edge of control, beyond pissed off, beyond even talking to me. After about a minute of silence in the car, his hand on my thigh slightly lightens up a bit and I stop grinding my teeth. When I put my hand on his to push it away, he suddenly renews his grip. I try to remove his hand and fail. After a moment of considering fighting him still... I decide not to. I sink back into the seat, sliding down a little before closing my eyes.

No matter what, I wasn’t going to remove his hand now or anytime soon. A small, small part of me needs it there anyway and something tells me that he needed it too. I try and put myself in his shoes, not knowing where I had been all day, thinking I was without magic – since I hadn’t told him it came back. He must have been seriously worried for me – and then he would have heard that I went to ruins that nobody came back from alive. Ok... so he had a right to be worried for me. But the way those guys treated Emalee and Gen? The way he was treating me? Not okay.

I save my strength for later. Once we get back and I get him alone, then I’d have it out with him. Yes, he could worry about me and talk to me about his worries like a normal person. But he wasn’t going to treat me like I needed taming. And soon enough, I would make sure he understood that loud and clear.


All the way back to the Gem Palace.

All the way to his room – since that is where he was dragging me. When he reaches his door we still haven’t said a word.

Now, I decide to speak up.

“What now?” I ask as he stops in front of his bedroom door. He opens the door, lets my arm go and steps aside, pointing into his room.

“In,” Alex growls.

“Say please,” I add sarcastically. He takes a step forward, puts a hand on my back and urges me to step in. I stalk into his room away from his touch. I keep on stalking forward until I am in the middle of his room before I spin around to face him, hands on hips. When he comes in, he immediately shuts the door.

He waves a hand in front of him, I raise an eyebrow, wondering what he is doing. The next moment there are simultaneous snaps from the windows behind me that were behind his bed, and from his door.

“You did not just do that,” I growl, narrowing my eyes. Alex locked all the windows and doors... he was actually trapping me inside his room.

“I did,” he states shortly.

“No,” I repeat, “No, you really did not just do that.”

There is a warning in my tone, indicating I am about to go off at him. He takes one step forward, darkness possessing his gaze.

“I know what I did,” Alex explains slowly, “I didn’t feel one ounce of regret doing it.”

He takes another step forward and the hairs on the back of my neck rise... many warning bells start going off in my head. He was being dead serious.

“What now?” I ask again, “You going to spank me?” I raise an eyebrow and he smiles. He takes another step forward, “Have you forgotten how to walk?” I snap, indicating his very slow – yet very threatening approach.

“No,” he replies, slowly, “I’m just wondering what you’ll do next, I’m curious. What is your excuse this time for acting so recklessly?”

“Freedom, justice, liberty and what is right,” I state, trying to lighten his dark mood – which was really starting to put me on edge.

“You could have died.”

“But I didn’t.”

“You put yourself in danger... again,” he is closer now. Whatever happened I was not going to take steps back.

“I don’t have to explain myself to you! You are over-bearing, over-protective, paranoid and so irritating! I can’t even have a normal discussion with you without you getting annoyed at my logic.”

“That is because I don’t agree with your logic,” Alex replies, simply.

“And I don’t agree with yours,” I also state, simply. He stops a foot from me.

“You really pushed me too far this time, Jasmine,” he continues, his voice dropping an octave, “I can’t ever let you do that to me again.”

I roll my eyes, my anger coming back to me again in a quick rush. This time I take a step toward him, and I push my finger against his chest.

“You have to learn to live with who I am,” I say, “I like to do my own thing, I like to have freedom and I don’t like being held back!”

“You have to learn to accept who I am too,” he voice starts to rise in intensity, “I need you to be safe, you’re mine, I’m bonded to you and I will make sure you are safe no matter what.”

“And I will make sure I am free no matter what!” I counter.

“You’ll never be free of our bond – that’s another thing,” Alex states, “You avoid the inevitable.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“You and me, Jazz,” Alex growls. I open my mouth, not sure what to say.

“I–” Alex comes forward and grabs both my wrists, leaning his head down to touch his nose to mine.

“Stop,” he whispers, “You can’t talk your way out of this one.”

“What do you mean?” I ask, my heart beating uncontrollably from the look he was now giving me.

“Just shut up and let me show you,” Alex speaks more quietly, and then he is leaning down to kiss me. I try not to sigh at how gentle it is, but it doesn’t stay gentle for long. I kiss him back, opening my mouth to his demanding tongue as he devours me. It was so good kissing him, my magic flowing out at the same time, making our bond even stronger.

I suddenly pull back away from him, however, to face his deep penetrating eyes.

“You aren’t going to kiss your way out of this argument, Alex,” I growl back, even though the kiss weakened my resolve to stand up for myself.

“I want you,” Alex replies, his voice gruff and deep with want.


“I can’t wait any longer,” he rushes out, “Just – give yourself to me. Trust in me, Jasmine,” he walks me backward with strong meaningful steps until the backs of my knees hit the edge of his bed. His hands have already found there way underneath the edge of my shirt. He grips the edges and pulls it up quickly. Without even thinking I lift up my arms and let him take it off. He throws the shirt to the ground. Already, I’m starting to feel hot and reckless. Damn bond. I wanted him too. He pushes me back down on the bed and my knees are already starting to feel weak so I fall down willingly. He leans forward to undo the button on my jeans, then the zip. I lean back on my elbows as in one swift movement he pulls off my jeans and also chucks them on the ground.

“Alex,” I say, my own voice lowered, “If you don’t start taking off your clothes I’m going to seriously reconsider why the hell I am going along with this.”

“You aren’t going anywhere,” Alex growls as he unbuttons his suit, shrugs it off and starts on his shirt. With expert quickness each button pops out easily. Then he is also dropping his shirt to the ground. I suddenly feel bold and I sit up and reach behind me, undoing the clasp on my bra.

“If you don’t mind,” I say, with a raised brow, “This is a new bra, not the perfect size and it’s starting to dig into my back.”

Alex watches as I unclasp it and let it slowly slide off before I chuck it to the side.

“Holy,” he mutters, and he doesn’t bother with his pants. He pounces onto me, pushing me back onto the bed. He kisses me full on the mouth, “Thank you,” he hisses out in a breath.

“For what?” I say, “Shut up and kiss me you idiot,” he growls in his throat as he kisses me ferociously and I lie back against the bed, surrendering myself to him. Everywhere he touches me magic slowly pours forth from me, and it makes me feel even more needy, more like I want to fuck him right now. Oh god, Emalee had really gotten to me, it seems. I reach my hands up and run them through his hair, “Stop kissing me up here, damn it. Go lower,” I order. He stops for a moment to look down at me, his eyes ravenous.

“Shut up,” Alex snaps, “I’m taking my time, okay? I’m going to do this my way. I am not going to just fuck you, as much as I’d like to... I’d rather savour you instead.”

He leans down to kiss his way down my neck and I groan as with each passing second it just feels more and more amazing. As he kisses my neck, one of his hands smooths across my stomach before cupping one of my breasts. I sigh loudly and he takes another moment to stop kissing me and chuckle at my sigh of need, then he slides down and finally gets to where I want him to be.

“Oh, god,” I moan, sliding my hands through his hair, pulling him closer as he kisses the skin gently around both my breasts before beginning to suck greedily. I wriggle uncomfortably below him and push on his shoulders, “More,” I urge, lost in the moment of how amazing this is.

“Shush,” Alex scolds, looking up at me with a sexy glare, “You’re not ready yet.”

“I am,” I snap back, trying to push him even lower still.

“You’re not,” his hands slide up and down my ribs then one cups one of my breasts before the other suddenly slips down underneath my underwear. I involuntarily raise my hips into his touch and I groan again.

“See?” I barely manage out in a whisper, closing my eyes in bliss as his fingers come into contact with my sensitive and already wet skin, “I’m sick of waiting, hurry up... oh my god!” he suddenly slips two fingers inside me and he hums to himself.

“Hmmm...I think I could make you wetter...” Alex can’t help but tease, and I lean back into his touch, words lost from me now, “Remember, I am savouring this first time, and I’m not fucking you until I taste you first...” Oh god, his words and deep, lusty filled voice just turn me on even more. I grip the bed’s cover as he slips off my underwear, leaning back for only a moment to discard them, “Just... beautiful,” he mutters and he grabs my legs and pushes them back. He leans in, resting my knees on his shoulders.

“Please...” I whisper, opening my eyes as I feel his hot breath over my skin and I jerk from the sensation. Then his mouth is on me, doing dangerous things. He doesn’t hold back and I push up into him. It felt fuckin’ amazing... but it wasn’t amazing enough. I can already start to feel like I am building to a climax and I grit my teeth.

Why couldn’t he just fuck me already? He leans away from me just before I am about to reach my peek. I open my eyes and glare at him just to see him smiling wickedly down at me, ”Now you’re ready,” he states, going to his pants and undoing them quickly. I watch, my eyes hungry as he pulls them down as well as everything else. He slips it all off and kicks it off the bed. My eyes are glued to his huge cock, full and ready for fucking me. I groan again.

“Now,” I snap, “You – me – now,” I can’t even form a proper sentence and he smiles at me.

“So greedy, Jasmine, who would have known?” Alex teases me again. But then he leans forward to cover his body with mine. I open my legs to him simultaneously, feeling him already at my entrance, “I’ll go in slow,” now Alex sounds worried.

“Are you serious?” I whisper up at him, “Just go... now. I don’t care about the pain.”

“Ah, god, Jazz,” he says darkly, “It’s a little too hot when you urge me on like that,” The next moment he is slowly pushing into me, and his breath leaves him in a hiss, “You’re so hot and tight,” he stops when he can’t go in any further and he looks down into my needy gaze. More, I needed more, “You ready?” he asks. I run my hands down his back and dig my nails into his skin.

“Yes,” I say, I can’t get any more words out.

“I love you so much,” he adds just as he pulls out slightly and then slams into me. There is a tight pain but only for a moment. Alex is buried to the hilt and I get used to the size of him after a few moments.

My magic simply hums in joy.

“I love you too... don’t stop now,” I beg, my nails running down his back, “You feel so good,” I lean back and look at him, urging him on with my gaze.

“I am going to fuck you senseless,” he adds, managing to smirk.

“Please do,” I can’t believe we are still talking. But then he begins to move, slowly at first, each thrust doing wonderful things to my body. I had never felt so... connected to him, in every way possible. My emotions, our bond, my magic, our bodies. It was all so perfect. My thoughts start to fizzle away into nothing as I start to build again and he starts to pound into me faster. When I cum, it’s hard and shocking, rippling through my body. It makes me cry out from the sheer intensity of it. It’s not long before Alex is next.

“Jasmine!” he growls out my name and I feel him release all of him into me. I run my hands up his back to cup his face. I bring him down to me as he slows and stops, and I kiss him showing all my thanks and love and desire into that one action. I keep cupping his face as I lie my head back against the covers.

“I can’t move,” I say shyly, suddenly, feeling spent and lazy, “Please don’t move from me, you feel so good.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Alex growls happily back, “but I don’t want to suffocate you,” and if I had the energy I would have rolled my eyes at him from such an Alex-like comment. He moves off me, slipping out of me, and rolls to my side before he pulls me to him. He wraps his arms around me, spooning me from behind with his chin resting on the top of my head.

“Let’s just solve all our arguments with sex,” I mutter to myself and to him.

“Not happening,” he whispers in my ear, “But let’s not talk now... just... sleep...” he relaxes behind me and I yawn.

“Alex?” I ask, turning to face me, “That was amazing,” but he doesn’t hear me because he has already fallen into a deep sleep and I wonder at how beautiful he is, “I love you...” I whisper, “So much.”

Oh my god.

I bolt right up from Alex’s arms after having a quick nap.

Alex hadn’t used protection.

I turn around to see him slowly open his lazy eyes, a smile on his face.

“What?” he growls as I glare down at him.

“I’m going to get pregnant, you idiot!” I snap and he grabs my arm and pulls me down again.

“No, you’re not,” he reassures me, smiling at me as I turn to face him, eyes wide, “I’ve been taking a herb. It’s a Gem thing,” he pulls me closer, “Come here.”

“So you’ve been planning this,” I say, narrowing my eyes though I do feel more calm now. He laughs, pulling me even closer.

“That’s a stupid thing to say,” Alex teases me again. I look up at him, my sensitive breasts pressed against his chest as he holds me tight to him, “God, I love you,” he adds again. I suddenly smile and put my hands on his shoulders, pushing him back so I am lying on top of him. I kiss him full on the lips and I feel him go hard next to my thigh.

“Now who’s greedy?” I say in between kisses. He growls low in his throat as he kisses me back, his hands running down my back to cup my ass.

“I want you again, do you want me?” he asks huskily.

“Hell, yes,” I whisper against his lips. He grins beneath me and then suddenly flips me over so I am lying underneath him again.

“I like being on top,” Alex mentions as he looks down at me from above, resting on his elbows.

“That has multiple meanings to you,” I add, rolling my eyes.

“Yes, it does,” he says seriously before kissing me again. It was still the middle of the day but I didn’t care. We only had a short nap each and I couldn’t feel any more at bliss. Just as I’m starting to feel all warm and fuzzy inside again, Alex’s bedroom door slams open and we both freeze.

“Alexander,” It’s the King.

Alex rolls off me instantly and I grab the edge of the blanket and pull it over to cover my body, blood rushing to my face as I see the King standing in the doorway, watching us with raised eyebrows. Alex jumps off the bed and pulls on his pants, without bothering with any underwear.

“What do you want?” Alex snaps, doing up the zip and button before turning to face his father.

“You are needed in the court, now. Bring your girl with you. We have some things to discuss about all the events that have taken place since she has arrived. This, seems to be the latest,” The King is not impressed. He glares at his son.

“We’ll be down shortly,” Alex snaps.

“Good,” the King snaps back before leaving and slamming the door. I look to Alex with raised eyebrows. He looks back to me apologetically.

“Well,” I say, “This is going to be interesting, isn’t it?” I chuck off the blanket and pull my knees up to my chest, “Why does everyone always worry about me? Always want to discuss me? I didn’t even do anything wrong...” I mutter this to myself and I see Alex’s gaze darken a tad.

“We still have to discuss this morning,” he says slowly, reaching down to pick up my pants before throwing them at me, “And you aren’t getting out of it.”

I catch my pants and narrow my eyes at him.

“You wanna ruin a perfect moment? Fine,” I jump off the bed and also begin to pull on my pants without bothering with the underwear.

“Wait,” Alex says, his voice suddenly gentle, “You might want to clean up, there’s blood...” he motions to the bed and then I look between my thighs to where I also see a small smear of blood.

“Oh... right...” I look up and he is already walking towards me. He picks me up, my jeans three-quarters of the way up my legs as he holds me to his chest. He starts to take me to the bathroom, “What are you doing?” I ask, curious but also happy to have him holding me again. He doesn’t answer as he walks with me to a door on the right side of the room, where he opens it and takes me into the biggest bathroom I have ever seen. He sits me down on the edge of the vanity and he pushes my legs aside, standing between them as he leans down and touches his nose to mine again.

“I hope I didn’t hurt you too much,” he whispers. I shake my head.

“I don’t care about that,” I say softly back to him as he reaches over me to pick up a cloth which he rinses under the tap, “Oh... thanks,” I smile, suddenly shy again as he uses the cloth to wipe my thighs and then between my legs. When he throws the cloth in the bin he lets out a deep breath and stands back from me.

“You better put on some clothes,” Alex says, his voice husky again, “Quickly too,” I grin as I jump off the bench and as I walk past him, completely naked, he slaps my ass while chuckling. I slap his hand away and then hurry out of the room to put my clothes back on. He goes to a built in cupboard to find a new shirt.

“Are Emalee and Gen going to be punished?” I ask as I slip on my bra.

“I don’t know,” Alex says from the cupboard, “But I can tell you that any punishing you’ll be getting will be on my terms.” I burst out laughing while still grinning like an idiot. Alex takes out a new shirt and turns to face me, “What?” he asks, grinning back at me.

“I love you,” I say, slipping on my top, “I love your cock, too.”

His eyes darken and he roughly puts on his shirt, then he glares at me.

“Put on some pants, Jazz,” he says slowly, “Or neither of us will be going down to that court anytime soon.”

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