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Two Brothers...One Girl...One Choice Who would you choose? ~ "How Dare You?" I shoved him until he was pressed up against our sliding glass door "What's the matter Grey" he taunted and pushed me back "Are you mad because I kissed your girl or are you mad because you know she liked it?" I growled and punched his face "What's the matter?" I asked in disbelief "I'm mad because you're my damn brother. My twin. The one person I trusted with my life" He said nothing so I continued "And now, your jealousy broke that trust. I hope you enjoyed that kiss because it will NEVER happen again. Not only did you lose her, but you also lost your brother. The one that had your back from the very beginning" ~~~~ Beautiful Cover by: sarcastickupkake (If your reading this Sarcastickupkake, I need your Wattpad Username to give you credit) Book #3 in the Cursed Series 1: Little Red 2: Our Story 3: Mates This book can be read as a standalone but I suggest you read the first two books in the series in order to understand what is happening.

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Grey 💀: Where r u?

I ignored the hundred text from my brother as I made my way to the waterfall.

I needed to get away from everyone

I needed to think

My phone buzzed in my hand for the tenth time

Grey💀: Where r u? Mom’s worried and she won’t stop bugging me until I get a hold of you

Grey 💀: I swear to God Garrett, if you don’t answer me I’ll find you. I’m your twin for a reason.

Grey 💀: Listen here you little...

I deleted all his messages before turning my phone off.

In less than 5 minutes, I was at my destination.

I couldn’t enjoy the view like I normally would because I had too much to think about.

I couldn’t stop picturing her beautiful face in my mind. Those blue eyes. Her long flowy hair. Those curves.

I couldn’t believe that this was happening

There was no way that I, Garrett Green, was in love with my brothers Mate.

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