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The Wait is over!!! I couldn't just end Our Story or Little Red just yet!! Here is the stories I Promised If you're new, I suggest reading Little Red and Our Story to understand what's happening Hope you guys enjoy Beautiful Cover Made By: fangirlbooklover13

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🐾Sky’s POV🐾

1 year after Kaden killed Christian

“Kaden!!” I called from the other side of the bathroom door “Open up!!”

“No!!” he yelled “This thing is hideous!! why couldn’t we pick something else?”

“I gave you the option” I said as I adjusted my braids “You chose this one”

“I want to change my decision”

“It’s too late” I said in frustration “Now come on!!! I don’t want to be late to Eva and Gabriel’s Halloween party”

I heard the click of the lock a second before the bathroom door opened. When I saw Kaden, I giggled.

“That’s it” Kaden said before turning to go back into the bathroom.

I caught his hand before he could go any farther “Nope, you’re not going anywhere”

He grumbled something incoherent before wrapping his arm around my waist and dragging me to the front door.

“We’re leaving MOM!!!” he yelled before opening up the front door

“WAIT!!!” Mrs. Matthews called from the kitchen “I have to take pictures”

“We’ll take them at the party and I’ll send them to you” Kaden said in a rush before practically shoving me out the door.

I raised an eyebrow at him “I think we have enough time to take pictures” I said when Mrs. Matthews walked into the room.

She beamed and held up her Iphone

He growled at me

“Aren’t you two just the cutest thing” She squealed before taking another picture.


“I can’t believe this” Was the first thing that came from Gabriel’s mouth as he took in Kaden’s costume

Then he started laughing

For a good 10 minutes he didn’t stop laughing until finally Eva came and handed him Baby Kenna.

Even then, tears were still gathering in his eyes.

“I think your costumes are cute” Eva announced with a giggle “You’re Dorothy and he’s Toto from the Wizard of Oz”

I twirled my blue and white checkered dress “I thought so too” I said before clicking my ruby red heels.

“But I love your costumes Eva” I said “Gabe’s the Wolf, your the Grandma, and Kenna’s Little Red from the Little Red Riding Hood story”

She laughed before pushing up her fake Grandma glasses “I saw it in a magazine and thought it was the cutest idea”

“It definitely was” I said before Gabriel announced that it was time for us to dunk for apples.


“Where are the Twins?” I asked as I took a bite of my Caramel Apple pumpkin.

“Greyson decided to skip this year because Rosie’s at home with the flu and he wanted to take care of her” Gabriel said as he bounced a squirming Kenna. “I don’t know where Garrett is because Mom said he took off without telling anyone”

“So did she finally accept him?” Kaden asked before taking a drink of Blood “AKA” Fruit punch

Eva shook her head “She’s fighting him every step of the way. She doesn’t realize the attraction she feels for Grey will never go away”

“Sooner or Later, she’ll have to give in eventually” Kaden said

“Hopefully its sooner” Gabe muttered “Because I don’t think I can handle anymore of Grey’s moods”

“Guys...” I said, going back to the conversation regarding Garrett “Isn’t Garrett acting strange? It isn’t like him to just disappear”

Eva nodded “Sky’s right. He isn’t acting like himself”

“You guys are freaking out for nothing” Kaden said “He’s a teenager. Teenagers do these things all the time”

“I didn’t” Gabriel said

Kaden shot him a look that said “You’re not helping”

Gabriel shrugged “Maybe he met his mate”

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