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The Good Doctor


I rang the doorbell and grinned when I heard the shuffling of slippers and clicking of the locks unlocking.

My grin widened even more when I saw my Princess poke her head out and give me an annoyed look

“What do you want?” she said before coughing like crazy “Shouldn’t you be in school?”

I shrugged “You weren’t there so I left”

She rolled her pretty blue eyes “How will you ever graduate with that kind of attitude? Will you leave school every time I’m sick?”

I grinned and nodded “Pretty much”

She rolled her eyes before going into another coughing fit

I poked her head softly “Let me in, it’s cold out here”

She shook her head which made her pretty black curls bounce around “Nuh uh. My dads not home and I don’t particularly like you enough to let you into my home”

I frowned “Why isn’t your dad home?”

She blinked “What? I don’t understand your question”

I said my question slower “Why isn’t your dad home to take care of you? You’re too sick to be home alone”

I didn’t understand this because usually when my brothers or I were sick, my mother would take care of us like we were newborns. She was psycho even when we sneezed, always worrying if we were coming down with the flu. She would even bug my older brothers that were married and had kids of their own!!!

She looked away “I’m not a baby. I’m old enough to take care of myself”

“Rosabella, you’re not fine” I caught her chin and forced her too look at me “Let me in. I can at least make a decent can of soup”

She sighed and tried to look away but I held on until I got my way

“Okay” she muttered quietly

I controlled my grin “What was that? I couldn’t quite hear you over all this noise”

She narrowed her eyes “Liar, this is the quietest street in the whole town”

I shrugged and nudged her out of the way so I could fit my tall frame through the door.

She begrudgingly let me though

“I’m so going to regret this”

I grinned and grabbed her hand “Come on Sugar plum. Let’s go make some soup”


I turned off the stove and placed a bowl of hot soup in front of my beautiful Mate “Bon Appetite”

She rolled her eyes “Its canned soup. A monkey could make it”

I pouted “But I took extra care to make sure it was just right” for the extra effect, I looked away like I was sad “I thought I did pretty good for a guy that’s never touched a stove in his life”

“I’m sorry Greyson” she said in a quiet voice “I appreciate you coming here and taking care of me”

I grinned at her “I know. I was just messing with you”

She scoffed “Jerk”

I laughed and she blushed a deep red “Now eat up shortie, you need all the strength you can get”

She narrowed her blue eyes and took a bite

“How is it” I asked as I leaned my head in my hand and watched her eat

She smiled but I could tell it was fake “It’s great Greyson”

This time I narrowed my eyes “What’s wrong. I know that smile”

“Nothing’s wrong” she said as she took another bite and grimaced

“Let me taste it” I demanded as I pointed toward the bowl

She shook her head and took another bite “This is mine. Get your own, besides you’ll get sick”

“I made it” I pointed out “Plus, I don’t care about getting sick”

I paused and then grinned “Maybe if I do get sick, you can come play nurse for me”

Her mouth dropped open in shock and it was enough of a distraction for me to swipe the bowl and take a bite of the soup.

As soon as I tasted it, I spit it back into the bowl

“Ewe” she wrinkled her nose

“This tastes like sh...” I paused when she slapped my head

“No cursing in my house or I’ll throw your butt out”

I apologize “Why didn’t you tell me it was flavorless?”

She blushed “I didn’t want to hurt your feelings more than I already did. Besides, it wasn’t that bad”

“It tasted like water” I deadpanned

She shrugged “I have no taste buds right now. It tasted okay to me”

I sighed and made my way from the opposite side of the kitchen Island to where she was sitting. I threaded my hands through her curly hair and tilted her head back gently.

“Rose, don’t be afraid to tell me your true feelings. Trust me, nothing you can say will ever make me hate you”

Liar, I thought. There is a couple of words that will probably kill me if she ever said them to me.

“I’m...” She paused “I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings. Even if they annoy the heck out of me”

She gave me a look and I chuckled

I tilted her head closer to mine, our lips close enough that if I moved my head, We would be kissing.

Her breath hitched and I felt my eyes darken.

Our eyes met and the look I saw in her’s made me tilt my head forward.

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