An Angel' s Love Story

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Ramael and Sam - both male, one an angel, the other a human being. They fall in love. Do they have any chance at all?

Fantasy / Erotica
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First Chapter. First Meeting

Sam was very tired. He had no plans for this early evening. Maybe he should eat something, brush the teeth and go straight to bed. He had the impulse to go outside and he decided to go somewhere and just hang out.

He went out and as soon as he had covered a few steps, it started to rain.

"Damn it!" he swore and pulled his hood over his head. Good thing his jacket is waterproof, he thought.

The city was particularly cloudy this evening. The rain contributed a not insignificant part to it.

Who am I? he mused. Sam Frost, 37 years old, bookseller, unmarried, SWM. His life was as gloomy as this city in the state of Washington. He was slim, wore his hair a little longer, which was brown as well as his eyes

He stopped at the traffic light, which was just red. Across the street was a bar he knew: Angel's Crown. He had been there before and felt comfortable inside.

Finally it switched to green and he entered the pedestrian crossing. In the next few minutes, several things happened at once.

In his peripheral field of vision, he was told that an SUV came in high speed. Sam was almost in the middle of the pedestrian crossing. Everything seemed like running in slow motion. He slowly turned his head and opened his eyes in horror. The car was racing so fast that Sam realized he had no chance to escape. He would surely be crushed immediately.

At the same moment, he felt someone clinging to him from behind, and with a mighty leap, as if flying, to the other safe side.

He landed painfully on the asphalt of the sidewalk, as he registered, as the vehicle rushed by. It all happened in seconds, but it seemed to him that the moment had stretched endlessly.

He shivered as he stretched out and lay down. He did not care if he got wet now. He had got away with life. He was breathing too fast and his heart was about to shatter.

Only a moment later he heard that a figure had crouched beside him.

Sam's hood had slipped anyway and his hair was already soaking wet. He looked up and saw in shining, unfathomable eyes.

"Breathe very calmly, do not hyperventilate!" He put a hand on his back and Sam felt tingling pleasant energy pulsing through his body. His heartbeat normalized, as did his breathing rate. He actually became calmer.

"You saved my life!" whispered Sam in surprise.

"That's obvious!" retorted the unknown.

"Who are you?" Sam wanted to know.


"Sam Frost!"

"You better go home!" said Ramael. He helped him up.

Normally, Sam would have contradicted, because he did not obey to any rules. He knew, however, that his savior was right. One should not challenge his luck.

Ramael took him across the street and said goodbye to Sam.

"Maybe we'll see each other!" said Ramael, left Sam, turned and walked away.

Disturbed, the latter looked after him. What was that now? First he saved his life and then he left him? Sam shook his head in confusion, because he could not remember Ramael's appearance, just those shiny, unfathomable eyes. That must have been shocking. His short-term memory had suffered as a result probably somehow.

Sam went back to his apartment. Once he got rid of his wet clothes, dried himself and rubbed his hair until they were just wet.

He put on new underwear, jeans, and a red checked shirt. First of all, he needed very strong coffee in order to get warm again and get rid of the restless shaking.

With the cup in his hand, he looked out the window and thought hard.

It all seemed so unreal to him, as if it had never happened. He may be seriously injured or more likely dead. Who was his mysterious savior? I would like to know that! he mused.

Why was he leaving so fast? He would have liked to invite him, at least for a coffee. He was in his debt. Maybe we'll see each other! These were his last words. Funny owl! His rescuer showed a strange behavior. Maybe he was the guy who made no fuss about it and was embarrassed by the thank-you. Possible!

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