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Vampire Asylum is a work that goes back to the original ideas of vampires and the mind reading hypnotic skills they possess. The lead character Rick is not only a vampire but because he was born human before his mother was turned , He has an intense hatred for the ghouls and is the vampire hunter bent on destroying the world's population by way of a hidden machine the fiens need to live. The king of the vampires an evil homicidal maniac knows some of a lost trait Rick came upon and tries to defeat him and his associates. Straight out wording and a good attempt at building characters for an enjoyable read was the goal of our manuscript

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Chapter one

Sara McAlister in what could only be described as shock sat on her crisp clean hospital bed and watched the stream of ominous black smoke out of Mire mountain peak, an inactive volcano.Not really interested in the volcano her mind strayed back to the crash.

It had happened so fast . One moment she was looking in the rearview mirror turned to the passenger side of her Silverado so she did not have to turn her head to see her nine month old son Jason then when she had looked back at the road a sudden flash to her left and she had had to swerve hard to the right to miss whatever the large thing was that ran out into her path . Her pick up turned sideways in a quick viscous lurch . She saw the tree but could do nothing.

Now everything after that was a blank.

Except “We are so sorry Sara , Jason didn’t make it.”

Those words had taken her very being cutting it in half.Her husband mark had disappeared without a trace, not long after that she had found out she was pregnant with Jason.Her life now felt like an episode from a made for t.v. disaster movie.

A quite knock on the door caused Sara to turn her vacent stare toward the door and watch as Dr Winnmire walked in. His wise, almost sad grey eyes, gazed at her for a moment before the tall dark haired middle aged handsome, any other time even though he was much older had she not been distraught would have pinched her cheeks to redden her flawless skin , checked her light brown hair and dried her hazel eyes before the physician spoke.

“How do you feel today Sara?”

Her eyes brimmed with tears and he rushed on not waiting for a reply.”I know how hard this must be.”

Sara said nothing so he continued “ Sara, I really feel that you should go to greymoore asylumfor a couple of weeks to get your thoughts back together.I believe you really need the time to heal.”

Sara only looked down and gave a slight nod of agreement as tears slowly rolled down wet cheeks.

“ I’ll get the paperwork ready .” He said and turned to quietly exit her room.

Two weeks at greymoore and Sara didn’t feel that the counseling and therapy had helped any.Her heart ached so badly , it felt like someone had ran a sword through her stomace every time she thought about Jason. Even the therapist had quit bringing her son up because of how much pain it caused her.Sara felt that she would never get over it.

She did like Dr. Winnmire. She had been seeing the kind somewhat mysterious fortyish, tall professional man for a couple years even before Her husband Mark had dissappeared under shady circumstances His suv abandoned near a local site used by hunters and campers, No blood in the automobile or damage to it, no trace of Mark or where he went or why had ever surfaced.

Winnmire seemed almost like a father to her of late and appeared in an offhand way to be watching over her. Or that may be just wishful thinking on her part.

A loud shrill scream sounded down the hallway. Loud enough to make her almost jump to he rfeet. There were strange things here that she was starting to notice . lots more activity in the wee hours of early morning than through the day , that seemed unusual to Sara.

And that orderly , the one with a long beard..something so familiar about him.There was an odd way they walked, all of them. More like an effortless dance than a walk.She still didn’t trust herself after what happened enough to be sure of anything right now, but that one orderly. She would almost swear that she had seen him somewhere before.

But how could that be ? She had never been to gerymoore asylum before.

But still…..

Rick alaman was a vampire.

He passed from life to the eternal doom { in his mind} of being a blood drinking member of the greymoor clan in the 1800s at the young age of 25.

He hated it. He could not stand the idea of human pray, or even animals. So he had slowly over time built up a successful dairy farm that not only provided him with an income but also a supply of the occasional blood he needed to survive on.

Underneath his house was a large underground basement\ laboratory where he worked on serums in the hope of one day overcoming the disease, or nightmare as he thought of it.

He was also a vampire hunter.

Strange but true. In his heart all he wanted to do was kill all those of his kind that hunted humans and animals . Those who sought after evil dark things . Despicable things.Things like his uncle Joe did when he had killed Ricks parents and turned him all those many years ago. The ancient fien had managed to convince them he was sorry for turning their son and so his parents forgave him and let His fathers brother buy into the hospital and asylum.

Fierce anger and a bloodlust almost beyond his control surged through him.His almost super human strength, one of the few things along with the incredible speed that came with it that Rick liked ,was to be controled at all times as he could not give himself away. No matter what he felt or emoition lashed his insidesSuch was his life , even a blessing was a curse.

Winnmire walked down the first floor corridor to the stairway entrance at the very end which led to the basement of Greymoore asylum. His white frock with stethescope dangling from around his collar gave the impression he might be there for a routine check on one of his patients.

That was not the case today.

He watched his shoes as they touched each step of the two flights of stairs down to the basement hallway. reaching the bottom he turned to the right and went a few feet down the short corridor to a door with a sign that said service elevator and a lock key pad instead of elevator call button.

entering the code he watched the door slide open with a whispering sound. stepping inside he pushed one of the three buttons and held it in until a voice spoke from somewhere inside the elevator, " Thank you Dr. Winnmire . you may proceed. Thumb print scan successfull".

Winnmire removed his thumb and pressed the bottom button with his index finger and felt the gentle downward motion of the elevator. Almost as soon as it started it stopped and the door slid open. He stepped out into the subteranean tunnel beneath Greymoore asylum.

As always he could not help being impressed at the sight before him. The underground causeway was wide , about the same width as a modern four lane highway. The hieght like that of a two story building with stalagtites clinging to the ceiling in great sculptures like wonderful art of nature. The mixture of endless age and modern technology was never lost on him.He rarely came down here , only when Joe called on him to. He would not mind at all if he never had to come down because of the distasteful nature of his visit.

He walked over to a railway track with a small two person hand crank rail car awaiting him. He took the handle and began pumping up and down, the rail car started slowly into the bowels of the volcano.

Winnmire smiled at the term volcano. This was no volcano, it was just a moutian hollowed out many centuries by the Vampire inhabitants of it. A disguise to cover for those inhabatants and the dark activities that went on here day and night. The black smoke that was a constant feature from the top vents of the moutian was from machines so ancient only one or two of the top vampires knew how they operated.

The Dr. did not need to know how these strange looking monsterous edifices that filled gigantic spaces on the inside of the moutian that had been carved out for them worked . He just knew they did because of all the things he witnessed that resulted from their creation.

Yes. They worked well indeed.

After a few minutes Winnmire reached his destination , a room next to a section of the strange looking machine he had just passed. Stepping off the rail car just under a foot from a section of the humming rock/metal surface wall he felt the familure tingle of ...what? Electricity?

No . Not electricity. More like a musical tone if that was possible. A note? Maybe. Frequency?

A door almost unnoticable slid open a few feet away for him to enter. There was no need for locks down here. No one dared enter these forbidding underground tunnels and caverns.

Singing walls...Winnmire shook his head and walked into the room.

Sara's baby sat in a small crib and stared at him as he entered his bright blue eyes watched curriously to see what the new comer was doing. A tall dark haired woman who was standing her back to him turned and with barley a glance at him left the room. The doctor began his exam on Jason as the almost eleven month old watched him with a quite tearless look. The child seemed to have adapted well in the month since Saras and his accident. Jason was in excellent health.

Sara was enjoying her first few days of being out of confinement in the lock up ward and being free to go where she wanted at Greymoore as long as that was not out the front door. The patients here had outside exercise and activities in restricted fenced in areas in the rear of the asylum.

She was enjoying a snackroom coffee from a vending machine when she thought she saw Dr. winnmire walk by in the hallway. By the time she had put the hot paper cup full of coffee down and walked to the door He was at the end of the hall going through a door there.

Looking quickly around and not seeing anyone she walked to the door she had see the Dr. go through she pushed it open and went down the stairway quitely as possible not wanting to bring attention to herself. She didn't know why but she did not want anyone to see her. She felt as if she was doing something wrong.reaching the bottom she looked around the wall carefully to see Winnmire go into another room. waiting for a couple seconds longer she walked down to the door anfd saw it was an elevator. With a lock pad.

back in the snack room drinking her coffee Sara thought about what she had seen and wondered if it meant anything. This was a mental hospital and some doors needed to be locked of course, but what was Dr Winnmire doing here?He didn't seem to be visiting a patient. And she did not know where that elevator went. There wasn't a door to it on the other two floors.

Just as Winnmire finished his examination of Jason the tall dark haired nursemaid walked back in. " Joe wants to see you. " a raspy mysterous quality to her voice. Then seeing the question in the doctors eyes. "Control room next door."

Smiling back into Jasons happy eyes he turned went out the door and a few feet down to the right went into the next room he came to and immediately his ears were confronted with low key frequency noises.

Winnmire looked around the control room at the various gauges , knobs and flat panels that he knew from past observation was control panels that only required a hand in the air above to adjust certain arcane functions. His eyes coming to rest on "Joe".

An ancient spanish descendant, possibly mexican, but no one knew for sure or even his real name . The doctor even though he had been friends with Ricks parents did not know how his father and the king ghoul were brothers. If they were real kin or it was some kind of bond lost to time as vampires having children was a very rare thing. Joe rarely came out of the depths of the mountian for he was the one in charge of all vampires and the mechanisms inside it.

Joe had the blackest eyes of anyone Winnmire had ever seen. They were unreadable. He was Not very tall, well under six feet and a medium frame. The feeling the doctor got eminating from the head vampire was one that was pure evil and he always felt, knew was a better word, that somehow there was something of Joe inside himself trying to read his mind , peer into his deepest thoughts.

Winnmire was so sure of that He had sought out several eastern books on combatting this probing and pacticed dillegently in order to make his deepest thoughts unreadable to Joe. The doctor had to, his very life and those whom he loved as well depended on it.

" The baby?" The voice surpisingly gentle belying the violence the man it came from was capable of.

"Fine, Jason is in geat shape." Winnmire felt a twist in his stomache not because he caught the slightest motion from Joe at using the baby's name but at what the reason for the question meant. Joe did not like names on a baby fated to what Jason was. It was a way of doing a necessacery thing without humanizing it. " When"?

Not looking at Winnmire a soft growl came from Joe's lips " Soon, You know the child must be a year old to began."

Not replying the doctor left the control room and went back to the rail car . His thoughts racing as he pumped the handles returning to the elevator. So much had to be done so quickly. It almost seemed impossible.

The doctor was so deep in his thoughts that the soft voice of Sara startled him as he walked past the snack room on his way out.

"Dr Winnmire"? The quesitive look in her soft hazel eyes had such a pleading quality he felt he had no other choice but tell her the truth and do everything he could to help her. Taking Sara's arm he led her back into the vending room and silencing her with his eyes took out his note pad and penned;

"Jason is alive and I am going to help you get him back."

He saw the color leave her face and a mixed confused and joy look coming from eyes that seemed to dare not hope. For a moment he thought she may scream or burst into tears and cause suspicion to come upon them from the many cameras and listening devices in the building.

Instead she quitely nodded and walked out of the room. Relief flooded through him as he followed behind untill she took the stairs leading to her room and he left the asylum. Both lost in their own thoughts not speaking.

Back in her room Sara felt as if the ceiling on her world had exploded unleashing every good feeling and fear she had ever known at the same time. As if her torn being had been pieced back together.

Jason alive! No!She dared not feel relieved. Not until she held Jason in her arms again.

Could that be possible? Surely the doctor was telling her the truth, he had no reason to lie. Did he? The way he had looked at her in the snack room silencing her with a look she could not describe ,only that there was an element of resolve, and one of terror behind that plain as day. There had always been a quality about the doctor she could not place.Like a secret he carried that no one could ever know.

What could the doctor know that could be that terrifying?

Sara sat for a long time in silence , the light off, only the dim light of her small radio alam clock screen flickered in the darkness she saw out of the corner of tear filled eyes as she wept herself to sleep.

Jason smiled as she tousled his short soft blondish baby hair. "You and Mommie are going for a ride today." Jason kicked his feet in excitement as Sara sat him in the carseat facing the back of her pick up and hooked the straps tightly but comfortably around her nine month old son.

The slight snowfall of a mild mid october southern washington state, touched her face and gave her a wonderful free feeling , almost a wild sensation.

A flash out in the road that ran by her rural home caused her to glance that way for a moment before getting in the driver seat and buckling up her seat belt. Nothing seemed to be nearby she dismissed the flash as imagination and started the engine and placed the truck in gear.

As she came upon a crossroad where a sign with an arrow pointing to the right said Kingston 3 miles she saw a somewhat unusual sight for this remote area. A bearded man standing along the roadside near the intersection. Was he staring at her ? She took the road straight ahead. There was no auto near the man. It was cold now and he didn't have a coat or jacket on, nor did he look to be dressed for jogging Sara thought , not perplexed just bemused by the man...curious.

She put her mind on the narrow road ahead, there were places with no gaurd rails and steep declines on the sides. Not to mention the huge white pine and oak trees that could bend a vehicle up easily.

Suddenly a figure appeared out of the forrest on her left...Running! Fast at an humanly impossible pace right at the front of her pick up! It felt like he bumped the front of her truck!

The bearded man from the crossroad! But How?...

Sara turned the steering wheel hard to the right, a knee jerk reaction, to avoid hitting the man. The sickening sound of bending metal and an unreal stunned feeling as the impact of the pick up into a large tree caused a sudden dead stop.

Sara saw the man rip the door off the passenger side of the truck with an unreal stregnth. He glanced quickly at her then took Jason out of the carseat and ran off into the forrest with the baby.

Sara tried to scream but no sound came out..she wanted to run after the man who had her son but her body would not move . As she lost consciousness she heard sirens....

Sara sat up in bed drenched in sweat her heart felt as if it was trying to break through her chest. She remembered! The orderly! That was why he looked so familiar to her! What kind of a nightmare had she found herself in?

Rick gazed across the table at Winnmire as the doctor sipped on a fresh brewed cup of coffee. He seemed older somehow to Rick. The lines on the older mans face were much more pronounced and his shoulders had a little more of a droop to them today. Not surprising the hours they had planned and practiced of late, the many long days that carried late into the night. And the doctor had kept up his practice as well would have aged anyone quickly.

He really admired the doctor and was probably the only one who truly knew the risk the brave man faced on a daily gambit which if he got found out it would mean some very terrible consequences for the kind courageous Winnmire.

" We have to move soon , the baby will be a year old in just a few more days."

"Yeah." rick answered

" I told the woman, Sara, her baby was alive that help was coming."

"Really? Surprised by the doctors statement. Was that wise ? I mean considering where she is at the moment?"

The doctor looked up into Ricks eyes an unreadable expression there in Winnmires grey orbs

" You think it was a mistake ?"

Rick looked past the doctor at something in the open shed outside watching the chickens pecking on their feed just outside of it. He didn't think Winnmire had made a mistake , he trusted the man with his life . He had for a fact done just that for years.


"She has been watching things at the asylum, I think she knows I went to see Joe . She doesn't know what , but she knows something. I didn't think i could do anything but tell the truth. I didn't want to lose her trust , she would have known if I had lied to her." The doctor replied his tone flat.

Rick felt the anger and resentment rise in his chest. "How is uncle Joe?" He snarled

"Dangerous as ever, evil as they come. " The doctor said quietly. Then. " what we have to do won't be easy, if it can be done at all."

Rick nodded. That pretty much said what he was thinking as well.

Winnmire finished the coffee and sat down his cup. " Time to get Sara out of the asylum."

"O.k., Ive got her room ready, as well as i could anyway.' Pausing a moment thoughtfull then Rick finished with." No turning back after we get her free from the asylum."

The doctor merely nodded. Lost in planning what would be the best path to take in completing this next task.

Joe sat in his captian chair looking over the gauges and waiting for the right indications to know when to turn the control knobs and switches. Time was getting closer every day for the one and only function of the ancient machine to began the reset that had to be done once every century for the vampires all over the world to continue to live.

Their immortality was created and not an endowment. Based on more of a frequency than actual physical flesh and bones. A fine mixture of hologram and synthedic flesh. The reason for the great speed , agility ,strength and beauty, to some, of their skin that seemingly sparkles, also the reason the vampires have no reflections when in front of a mirror.It was as well the reason these had to get fresh d.n.a and blood cells straight from a person or animals viens before it was broken down to the fleshly places.

The frequecy aspect was the true vampire genius all those eons ago. Centuries in the making this single most important componant was what allowed the vampires all over the world to live by the one and only station in exsistence. Placed in its location long before humans migrated to the north american continent just for the reason of that isolation. Hidden until mans world grew around their mountian carved out over all those years and new modern techniques had to be put into place to hide the secrets of mire moutian.

now of course many techniques were used to keep the mountian off the human radar and under it. Things vampires were very capable of indeed. People came up missing at times , others saw things that terrifyed them so badly they never went back around the moutian. Mystery and legend did the rest.

Soon the woman Sara's baby would be placed in the chamber and hooked to the machine for several hours a day as the very essence of exsitence was stripped from Him and stored in the frequency chambers to be transmitted over the next century to keep the vamps living.

A process that Jason was to be subjected to untill he turned twelve years old. Then all his essence being depleted, he would die.

The thought of this was not even considered by Joe to be more than a nessecary event as the vampires gained a new century of life.

Joe's mind went to Dr. Winnmire and anger replaced the satisfying feeling of gaining a new century of life. Silly mortal thinking he could block Joe's expert mind reading ability gained through the centuries by reading a few ancient eastern manuels on thought control.

A sneer crossed his dark face. To bad the doctor did not know how easy it had been to make him think he did not know his thoughts.

It did not really matter that the doctor wanted to destroy the mountian and the machine that processed life essense. It could not be, that would mean the end of all vampire life on earth and he could not let that happen.

Others had tried before to do just that down through the centuries and all had failed.

The doctor would too.

This child in the nursery next door was only a one in several million choice for the machine . Because of the many different factors involving dna , tissue type, and certain blood cells . Not those of the child but those of the mother which all came together to make the child the perfect once in a generation candidate for the machine.

An oddity about all this was it did not seem to matter about the dna of the father or what the childs sex was.

This visit today to check on the child by the doctor and one more in just a few days, then the process would start.After that he could kill the doctor , Rick, and the woman Sara. The only one that caused even a small tug of regret at this thought was the doctor. Not because Joe liked Winnmire but because he would be hard to replace.The doctor had been dillegent in the search for the right componants that he had found in Sara . The mans knowledge and insight would be very difficult to replace.

Anger pushed the small tug at his gut away and his face twisted once more into a scowl as a new thought came to the lead vampires mind. The doctor had only done all of this to destroy the mountian and the machine inside it.

And Rick? Ahh.. Joe's nephew Rick caused not a tinge of regret that he had to be eliminated.The same as when he had killed his father and mother to obtain ownership and control of the hospital and asylum. Joe's brother Farron had been the builder of the facilities , he and his wife Delane the sole owners ,until Joe with his vision inspired of vile selfish greed had wormed himself into a partnership and competed the deed of ownership with the deaths of Ricks parents

The hum of the ambulance's quite engine seemed to go along with the silence between Winnmire and Sara. After he had explained everything to her and watched the shock and amazement cross her face everytime he brought up Joe and vampires and what their plans were for Jason Her son , He and Ricks plan to stop them and finally when he had finished Sara, face an ashen color sank almost curling into a ball, seeming to struggle with the belief and disbelief of what she had been told as if trying to decide if all of it was a prank of some kind on her.

He had not mentioned the mistake he and Rick had made thinking Joe knew about plans they had formulated a few months back when he had discovered through Saras blood work that her child soon to be born was the candidate for the machine. He had thought at the time the ancient books and manuels he had been reading and practicing for years had failed him and accidently let Joe read his mind and find out what he and Rick had been up to.

They found out soon after that Joes idea of the real plans for taking down vampire moutian was flawed. In an amazing stroke of luck...act of fate?..Rick and he were studying a book on necromancers and stumbled across a long forgotten trait vampires had once had but lost to time, and found to their pleasure relatively easy to relearn and use

A form of mind and thought control that allowed Rick not only to read any vampires thoughts and motives but place ideas in their minds and in humans as well. A form of telepathy, hypnosis and frequency.

The addition of tone made total control of thought possible without the one it was being used upon even having a clue about being a target. This trait was all but lost on the modern day vampires. The only part that remained was the deep hypnotic stare that made their victims unable to resist them. As the entire combination of the other two attributes had been lost.

It had been very difficult at first to grasp this lost ideal. It had taken many days of practice and one failed attempt after another before finally being able to use the new found trait. He could now sit in his own living room and use any telepathic frequency to stroll through any vampires mind and invent thoughts there as well without them ever knowing he was there.

They had no defence or way to detect him in the lost trait. The vampires had no idea it exsisted.

"Okay...Vampires and machines they have for immortality? The voice quite , subdued. what next ? now you are going to tell me werewolves are real too?"

The Doctor barely could suppress his smile. He knew the movies she had been watching. Or books she had read.

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