His Rejected Mate

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⚠⚠WARNING BEFORE YOU READ: I WROTE THIS BACK WHEN THE WHOLE WEREWOLF THING WASN'T AS CLICHE!⚠⚠ (almost 6 years ago ) Shifting at the young age of six Christina Rosewood didn't have the best life growing up. Not only does her pack mistreat her,her father blames her for mother's death.What happens when she finds her mate and he rejects her and gets married to another? *Sigh*I like the old description better. ◆◆MAY CONTAIN SOME ERRORS◆◆

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His Rejected Mate

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(How Christina's markings should look)


Am I really that useless?

"Yes we are." My wolf Aviaonna said. She whimpered at the sight of the blade on the floor as I reached for it.

"Is this really necessary?" she asked with hesitation as I brought the sharp object to my wrist. She didn't want me to cut.

"Yes. It helps with all our pain...", I said and I slit my skin and murmured every word everyone had ever said to me.








Maybe I should explain who I am before I go more into detail. I'm Christina Rosewood, of the Rosewood pack. I'm sixteen. I have long black hair flowing down my back and a small petite figure. I am the girl who is considered to be pathetic and am mostly ignored by the whole pack.

I was cut off with the words that I dreaded hearing everyday, "CHRISTINA, WHERE THE FUCK IS MY FOOD?"

That was my father, Alpha Trent. I winced at even mention of his name. He hated me because he blamed me for my mother's death. The only reason he kept me around was because my mother had requested him to take care of me if anything happened.

Also the fact that I was a spitting image of her, except one thing, fueled his anger towards me. The one thing that differentiated me was the markings on my left arm which I was told by him to never let anyone see. EVER. The reason why, I still ask myself every day....

I quickly cleaned up the blood and wrapped up my arm then scrambled up stairs. You might ask yourself, why up the stairs? Oh, I slept in the basement with a hard bed. The small basement had a little window through which I was able to see the night sky. The other thing it had was a small bathroom.

I whimpered at the sight of him, you see my father is a very powerful wolf and you can feel the power radiating off of him, as he towered over me.

"Why hasn't my food been made?", he asked in an aggravated tone with not one bit of emotion on his face.

"I-I uhh overslept, I-I'm sorry." I said in a small voice. I felt a sting across my face when he slapped me.

"Stop stuttering, you worthless girl! Go make my breakfast, then go to school." he said coldly. Walking to the living room, I then slowly walked into the kitchen.

"Hi Chrissy.", whispered my one and only friend here Leslie as she poured herself something to drink.

"H-hi Leslie." I said back. Leslie was one of the very few people who were nice to me in the pack. I would feel sad for her because she couldn't bear to see me getting abused so whenever it happened she would dash out of the pack house and go for a run, because she couldn't do anything about it.

Leslie's was a small, short girl with glasses and short light brown hair. And her wolf, Mara, was just as beautiful. It was small with light brown fur.

When I was done making my father's breakfast, I gave Leslie a small wave and gave him his food then went to go get dressed for school.

I looked just as I was treated, like a slave. All my clothes were worn out, torn, old and dirty. I put on a worn out, gray shirt with a small hole at the bottom and a pair of blue jeans that had a mysterious stain on it. I wore my worn out converses.

"We'll let's go to school, our personal hell.", Aviaonna said. I nodded in agreement and let out a big sigh as I walked out of the door.

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