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“Answer. Me.”, he viciously says as I shrink back. “We were just talking Grayson”, I say in a soft tone avoiding eye contact. “I don’t want you near him. Do you hear me?”, he says. I contemplate defending Carter, but Grayson would be more mad. “Just because you saved me doesn’t mean you have a say in who I talk too. I can’t believe how you’re acting. I-I-I hate you !”. The look in his eyes is dangerous, it disappears and he recomposes, eyes closed and eyebrows scrunched.“ Don’t go near him, Aurora, I forbid it”, he says with authority. My eyes snap to his, shocked, “I can go near Carter if I want, I don’t need your permission!”, my agitation showing. The audacity, thinking he could control me made my nose scrunch in distaste. Just because he saved me from my ex, the bullying and being abused didn’t mean he could control me. Snapping out of it, I realize I shouldn’t have pushed him on the topic. His eyes darken and fist ball up as I stand there unable to comprehend his behavior. “ Don’t say his name!”, he growls at me. “What if I do?”, I tease. “ I’LL PUNISH YOU. YOU’RE MINE!”, he growls lowly, his eyes a tad darker, “If he touches you I-I swear”. His aura changes, face contorts and I no longer recognize Grayson. I’m soon mesmerized by the outline of his muscles, the way his curls fall, knuckles white and ears red. I couldn’t help testing him, I loved challenging him.

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Chapter 1|| The day

As I lay there in my bed I continued to dwell on the possibilities of today’s events unfolding. I’ve been planning this day for quiet some time, but I must admit I haven’t been eager for it.

Lately, I’ve been working myself up over this, but I’ve come to a firm conclusion that today is the day I stand up for myself.

I stare at my ceiling till my alarm goes off, soon the replayed melody becomes an annoyance and I’m forced to get up. I get dressed in an oversized pair of baggy sweats and a sweatshirt with some high top red faded converse to conceal any marks I was given recently.

I give myself a look over and stare at my empty eyes that once held life.

I place concealer under my eyes where the dark circles lay from lack of sleep. I finish off my makeup covering the various marks that needed to be hidden and finish my morning routine.

My thoughts roam about in my head and I’m faced with how Jason and I first met. He use to be so sweet, caring and was always the reason I’d smile. I had really thought we were meant to be because we loved each other or so I thought.

I’ve come to the realization of how naive I was to fall for a guy and such a toxic relationship. He was my first boyfriend, my first kiss and thankfully it never went past that.

Lately, he’s been persistent with getting his way, but I always fight back.

It has become too much fighting back though and it scares me saying that. I understand this isn't a healthy relationship, but that exactly why I want break things off today.

I do a once over again and nod at myself in somewhat of satisfaction. I go downstairs late to avoid my mum and dad because they always leave early.

They’ve been very busy with work they hardly noticed my lack of conversation or the new wardrobe I’ve grown accustomed too.

I walk to school in 10 minutes and practice my tone and how I’m going to confront Jason. My stomach churns at the thought of his reaction. As soon as I reach the school doors I take a deep breath and let it out, locking eyes with the devil himself.

‘So much for meeting my friends first’, I sigh unrelieved.

He grins widely and I cringe inside, “Hey Baaaabe”, he drags making me internally flinch.

I muster up as much courage as I possibly could speaking lowly, but getting straight to the point,“ I want to break up”.

As soon as I relieved myself of those five words I new I’d soon regret it.

He lowers his head into my ear, “We’ll talk about this later”, he says strongly gripping my arm as tears brim my eyes. As his group of friends walk in our direction I stay under his hold unable to move in the slightest.

I whimper trying to tell him to loosen his firm grip, but his grasp only tightens more and his friends soon surround us.

I continue to look down not wanting to start trouble as we walked with his friends.

If you’re wondering his group consist of five guys, Lauren and her three minions. Lauren and Jason are the main ones who try to make my life hell.

I was tired of both groups constantly putting me down and hurting me, but it’s not like I could magically stop it. I thought about laying low and avoiding contact with them in hopes they'd stray away from me eventually.

I close my eyes and glance up at him ready to speak my mind, but nothing comes out. He gives me a glare as if telling me to be quiet and I oblige afraid of the consequences of telling him to let go.

Soon the bell rings signaling students to get to class and we’re off to first period. I went to my assigned seat once his death grip disappeared, caressing my arm in pain and massaging my arm to ease the pain.

Ms. Gomez was calling roll call making me doze off thinking about trying to get through today.

“Aurora Rose?”, Ms.Gomez waves her hand in the air to catch my attention and I snap out of it.

“Sorry, Ms.Gomez”, I say looking down trying not to attract much attention.

Out of no where I’m suddenly overcome with this unusual feeling and I can’t tear my gaze from the door. I could feel myself become more transfixed each second , but I didn’t now why. My answers is soon revealed as the door is pushed open by a boy.

Ms. Gomez was greeting him as I silently kept my head down praying he wouldn’t sit next to me, but my name is immediately called and Ms. Gomez has me raise my hand.

I couldn’t help but stare he was 6’4 at most, his smile just made me lose my breath and he was absolutely captivating with his curly brown hair.

While I’m entranced Ms. Gomez points towards the empty seat next to me as my hand was mid air.

Soon he’s walking in my direction and I’m unsure of what to do. I immediately shoot my hand back down and keeping my eyes on my desk as he’s seated next to me. I let out the breath I didn’t know I’d been holding.

I gain the courage to look up only to meet his hazel eyes that held gold flecks. His eyes seemed to mimic the way my eyes scanned over his face, but his eyes stopping at my lips as if he was waiting to hear me speak.

I’m completely mesmerized by his presence and I soon look down feeling overwhelmed. I’m here completely baffled unable to speak a word, what has he done to me? I question internally as I bite my lip.

Soon I hear a low inhuman growl, but I have to be imagining it... right?.

“Hello Aurorrrra. My sweet little mate”, he drags my name causing me to shiver as I feel myself melt at the sound of his raspy voice saying my name.

Little mate? I question inwardly. I know some people use the term mate as ‘friend’ or ‘buddy’. Was he referring to me as friend?. I continue to think it over unable to make eye contact as the lesson starts.

The entire class time I was a nervous wreck and I couldn’t concentrate because throughout the class I’d catch him staring.

Soon class is over and I rush out before anyone. Eventually, I’m led to deal with the antics of Jason and his friends, not willingly.

“Aurora”, Jason calls, but I don’t stop I continue telling myself he’ll go away. He repeatedly says my name which catches everyone in the hallways attention and again I ignore him. This enrages Jason causing him to walk hurriedly to me and grip my arm as hard as he could.

I wince locking eyes with the new boy who seemed so furious at how I was being man handled.

Soon Jason is leaning in to kiss me and I’m not taking his advances. I wiggle my face around denying him access to my lips angering him more. This causes him to pull my hair a bit, I cry out in pain and someone speaks.

“Let. her. go”, the new boy warns and I want to melt right there. I don’t know how it’s possible, but his voice held so much authority and I could feel it rolling off of him like waves.

Jason laughs wickedly making sure to move his grip from my hair to my wrist making sure it was a death grip like this morning.

“She’s my girlfriend Grayson, I can touch her if I want”, he defends his actions.

That’s his name Grayson I thought to myself pleased with how it sounded.

Bringing myself back to the situation I see how they’re eyes are locked on one another and I’m scared. I see their mouths moving, but I hear no words.

Next thing I know, Jason is throwing the first punch and Grayson is on top of him getting him blow after blow.

I felt beyond terrified, but relived Jason let his death grip go on my now slightly bruised wrist.

I rush into the girls room immediately going into a stall, locking it and crying.

A knock sounds lowly echoing the bathroom as if asking for permission to enter, but I’m unable to respond crying harder and harder at each attempt to stop.

When the door opens I shove my head between my knees and wrap my arms around myself trying to comfort myself. I try to hold the tears and crying in hopes they don’t hear me, but it’s no use.

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