Lethal Touch

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A Challenge

Jogging to the border felt like a 3 hour trip but we finally made it and the scene before me awoke the monster inside. They ambushed the Eastern border killing 4 innocent men and 2 innocent women, their deaths wouldn’t go unpunished. I’d avenge them like they deserve.

" You wanted to see me?” I call out into the forest walls mentally preparing myself for the death I was about to bring upon this so called pack.

An Alpha female stands before me tall and proud like she’s accomplished something by getting me here. Like she’s so proud of herself because she killed 6 innocent people with an army of warriors, as if it was a fair fight.

“Do you need something?” I spit burning with rage of the pure souls lost.

" I want you on my side. Together we can overthrow every pack in the United States.” Oh great another Alpha who wants to use me. At least she isn’t here to kill me like I originally thought. I can’t stop the cynical laugh that escapes my lips, my god she’s a freaking psycho.

“Just because you got kicked out of your pack or rejected by your mate doesn’t mean everyone else wants to defeat every pack and take over the wolves.” She growls warning me. Rolling my eyes I wait for her next response that I already know is coming.

" I figured since this mans father destroyed your pack you’d want to at least take this one down. I guess the rumors about you aren’t true.” She spits thinking I care what people say about me.

“Who killed these people?” Nobody came forward so I went to them, tugging my gloves off smiling sinfully as they all froze.

“You don’t have to tell me but one way or another I will find out who did it.” Venom dripping from every word.

People start shoving others forward until just 5 stand in front of me. Grabbing onto the face one the small male I watch him snap the neck of the 2 females, he gets the same fate they did. A loud snap startles everyone and they watch their pack mate fall to the ground lifeless. The others try to escape me but I take 3 down within seconds earning a threatening growl from the Alpha Female who’s to afraid to attack me. Slamming my fist into the last males face I see him slit a males throat who’s eyes are almost identical to Orion’s.

I snap.

I scream out In agony feeling like I’m constantly reliving that night on replay. Throwing the male on the ground I straddle him punching him over and over again until his face is unrecognizable and then I grab the knife stashed in my leather boot and swipe the blade across his neck. Dead.

“I dare you to come at me bitch.” I growl savagely

“I see we are done here. This isn’t the last you’ll be seeing of me Alethea.”

“I look forward to our next meeting Alpha Hestia.” Spinning around she is surprised I know who she is.

“You think I don’t know everything there is to know about the packs around here? You think I just come into people’s packs blind? You’re even more naive than what people have told me. Move along we’re done here, you’re trespassing on another Alphas land and I guarantee he won’t be as nice as I am.”

A skinny wrist motions her soldiers to move out. Their wouldn’t be a fight today but someday she’d come for my head and I’d be ready.

Ryker steps out from behind the trees and the breath stops in my throat. Why does he make me feel things again? Why does he make me feel sick to my stomach? Why do I want him so painfully?.

“That’s all she wanted? To rule over all the wolves? You didn’t even seem phased by her requests?”

“She’s not the only one who’s recruited me to destroy things that have hurt her.” I raise my eyebrows hinting that Ryker did the same thing she did but I only agreed to help him because it benefited me. A scowl is the reaction I get from him, it seems that is the only reaction he allows others to see. I’ve never seen this male laugh or even smile for that matter, just scowls and grimaces is what we get.

“Nothing bothers me anymore about other peoples requests, I don’t ever feel anything but pain Ryker.” I only felt pain but lately I’ve been feeling something else that I will keep denying until I die.





Rykers POV:

The Alpha female shows no restraint when speaking with Alethea so it’s no surprise that she turns the girl down. What surprised me was that Alethea knew who the wolf was immediately without having to touch her, that and the fact she took down 5 full grown male wolves. I know it shouldn’t have stunned me as she’s cursed with the moons powers but to see it in action in front of my own face was a completely different experience than the stories everyone shares.

Alethea is so powerful and so incredibly beautiful, I couldn’t help the attraction I had toward her, I can see the way she feels about me too but she’s also conflicted by these feelings whereas I am not.. I want to believe that It is pure lust we feel toward one another and nothing more but my emotions say otherwise, She’s so confused about me that she forgets to put up the wall she’s spent years building essentially giving me a crystal clear look into her soul.

I continue to keep my emotions in check not letting on that I feel something for this beautiful creature who stands before me so utterly broken, she tries so hard to appear like she’s mended every piece of herself but doesn’t realize I see through the bullshit. What she doesn’t know is that it’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to be broken, We are all a little fucked up inside and that’s what makes us human.

" Come on I’ll give you a tour of the pack.”


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