Lethal Touch

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The Tour

After lunch Ryker gave me some time to myself before we were going to set off on a tour of the pack grounds. The downtime to myself let me reorganize my entire campsite but I left Rykers alone. I was a neat freak and couldn’t stand when things were disorganized or cluttered, don’t ask me why because it’s incredibly ridiculous. Tidying up the tent I move to the outside where I pick up some of the twigs laying around the unlit fire, finally I finished up around the outside of Rykers tent which was clean enough that I didn’t really need to pick anything up.

“Why are you cleaning up an area where in a month there will be grass and animals roaming around across it?” Ryker sounded genuinely confused as to why I would clean the earth when it would get dirty in a month or two.

" It gives me a peace of mind I guess, I may have a touch of OCD after that night.” I said gulping the thickness in my throat down and blinking back the hotness threatening to drip from my eyes. I don’t know why I’m being so emotional lately, I know I shouldn’t be bottling up my feelings and I knew that the dam holding in my emotions was going to break sooner than I wanted.

“I understand. Would you like to go on that tour yet?” his face blank

“Absolutely let me just throw these sticks into the fire.”

Tossing the sticks in the fire we begin the journey back toward the pack house where Ill get the final tour of the place where I might make a home for myself. To be completely honest I was loving it here so far, the nature here was beyond anything I had ever seen and I felt more at home here than anywhere I’ve been in a long time.

Instead of going into the house he leads me around to the left side of the home which at a first glance, I think it’s safe to assume that it is the medium sized clinic. Stepping inside I’m hit with the scent of disinfectant and the sound of painful moans escaping wounded lips. Flashbacks begin and I stagger but I shove them out of my head when Ryker begins to talk, his voice pulls me out of the void.

“Obviously this is our hospital, a lot of people volunteer here which I’m grateful for and you’re more than welcome to do so yourself when you get more comfortable with living here. This place has every supply you can think of so if you ever find yourself in need of medical attention or just needing somebody to talk to, this is the place. I also want to stress that I am here to listen to anything you need to get off your chest, we are more alike than you think.” giving a small smile I nod in appreciation.

I noted that this place is a lot bigger on the inside than it looked on the outside, their must have been at least 100 beds and more than 4 ICU rooms which is way above average whereas most packs had maybe half the rooms they have here. So many more lives could be saved with this many rooms and I wonder if my pack had this if my family would have been able to be saved but I know they didn’t stand a chance.

“I used to be a surgical technician back in my pack, it was one of my favorite things to do. Maybe someday I can do that here.”

“We don’t have any surgical techs here, I’m sure you’d be an incredible asset to the surgical team. Whenever you’d like to start or if you decide to start just let me know and I’ll get you all set up.”

Exiting the hospital I see where the pack gatherings are held and it’s massive, a beautifully decorated stage sits a couple feet from the pack house, twigs braided together with pine branches adding a touch of green to the wood. A large willow tree wreath woven with with poinsettia flowers hung right in the middle of the stage making a very stunning centerpiece.

“This is where we have our gatherings, in a month or two depending on mother nature we’re having a ceremony welcoming new pack members who’ve come here with their mates or just seeking a fresh start. Our ceremonies are different, they’re performed by one of my closest friends who happens to be a witch. Ollie bonds us by blood and soul, making our connection to each other even stronger.”

“So your soul is bonded to 30 people? Since you’re still the new alpha their can’t have been very many newcomers joining?”

“My soul is bonded to over 200 people since I became the Alpha. When Julian fled most people rejoined the pack as it’s their homeland, so I’m connected to a lot of wolves but they’re not connected to every soul just mine. Since I’m connected to everyone we only have to perform the ritual once instead of doing it with each individual in my pack.”

“So your soul is tied to everyone here, but they cannot feel your pain or know what you’re thinking unless they’re told through the mind link?”

“Exactly, I don’t know how Ollie does it but she’s a great woman and I think you’d like her a lot.”

“Can you feel everything they feel?”

“Sometimes I can with the people I’m closest with, like my beta and third in command who are my closest friends, I can feel their pain when they’re hurt but that’s all I feel. I cannot feel someones happiness or sadness. Just pain.”

“That has to take its toll on you. I can’t imagine feeling others pain on top of my own.” I say genuinely saddened by this.

“I’ve grown used to it. It helps me, that way I can take care of whoever is hurting them.” he speaks so nonchalantly about this but for an outsider like me its pretty freaking incredible to hear about.

“Sorry I don’t mean to be personal but it’s fascinating to hear about. No other pack does that, I guess its like my pack cremating the dead. People don’t really find it very fascinating though. Just creepy.” I laugh a little.

“When I die I don’t want to be buried either, burn my body and send me back to the moon. I don’t like the thought of being surrounded by dirt and my decaying body.”

“Right! I know i’ll be dead but I know I wouldn’t like the stench of rotting flesh. Hopefully I die somewhere where someone can do me the favor and strike the match.” I smile at him in agreement but his face doesn’t pull up into a smile. His eyes watch my lips carefully before immediately turning away motioning for me to follow.

Jogging across the big meadow field I see a gigantic building in the distance, it looked like a damn football stadium and we were at least a mile and a half away. My sides were groaning in protest with the run but I pushed through so I didn’t embarrass myself in front of Ryker, I did however grasp my sides to try and soothe the pain but we all know that wasn’t going to help worth shit.

“This is the training center, I train my warriors here along with the help of my beta and Brain who’s our specialty trainer, he helps those who come here from other packs wanting to learn how to fight and whatnot. I’m going to have you train with him today to get a feel of how well you can fight.”

Ryker points to the second biggest man in the room besides himself. I nearly faint at the sight of him.

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