Lethal Touch

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Brian was so thick with muscle I don’t even know if a single punch would do anything. I’m almost positive if I hit him it would feel like a toothpick poking him. He was gonna destroy me no doubt about it. Nodding I look up at him, my eyebrow cocked nervously.

" I wouldn’t put you up against someone I didn’t think you were capable of defeating. It may take more than a few days of training to beat him but eventually you will have no problem in overcoming this obstacle.”

When he spoke about me it held so much more confidence than I had in myself and I didn’t have a clue where it was coming from. This Alpha met me 56 hours ago and it’s like he believes that I can do something greater than I’m capable of.

Gazing throughout the room, I see all the equipment to help one become one of Rykers warriors. Seeing some of the equipment I can only assume that the warriors are put through hell and back to actually fight beside Ryker, from what I can see their are rows upon rows of lifting tools, stairs, boxing rings, treadmills, ropes coming down from the ceiling and so much more that I couldn’t see.

“Okay see you in a bit.” I turn jogging toward Brian the man bear. I can feel Rykers eyes burning holes into my skin.

Holding a gloved hand out I greet Brian. I don’t receive a shake back and I don’t know whether to be offended or just accept that they all believe they know I’m a psycho killer. Which in his defense isn’t completely untrue.

“Jump rope for the next 15 minutes and that’s when our real workout begins. ” he isn’t even trying to hide his disgust toward me and in a way it’s sort of refreshing. He’s a no bullshit kind of guy, I like that, maybe even admire it a little.

Beginning to jump I silently cursed myself for not wearing a more supportive sports bra. Bile rose in my throat but I immediately swallowed it, I was not about to embarrass myself any further in front of these people. I knew I was being silently judged the entire time I was here, I could feel so many wolves teeth bared toward me, I can’t blame them though. If I were in their shoes I’d feel the same way toward me. I was invading their home.

Holding a hand up he signals me to stop and I gladly comply placing my hands on my knees sucking air into my lungs.

“We are going to spar one on one, give it everything you have and nothing less.” As if I would do anything other than that.

Nodding we begin circling each other trying to sense the others first move. He charges first slamming me into the dirt knocking the air out of my lungs which also sends out a pained yelp, I recover quickly smashing my elbow into the back of his neck stunning him long enough for me to kick him off me.

Together we went punch for punch and kick for kick, we both only got a few good shots on each other. The blood continues to drip from my eyebrow onto my shirt but I make no move to wipe it away as Brian could see that as a sign of weakness. I probably looked like a mad woman with blood streaking down my face but I wouldn’t show him any satisfaction.



Finally speaking he told me after we spared that I was quick with my hands and feet but slow when it came to blocking vital punches to my body, a new black eye was proof of that along with the cut eyebrow.

" Thank you for training me today Brian. I appreciate it.” Holding my hand out I give him a second chance to shake my hand. Realizing that I am not as horrible as the stories say his man paw squeezes mine.

" I want you back here tomorrow same time, you have so much potential and I believe with the correct training you’ll be even more lethal than you are now. Also I am sorry for how I treated you earlier, you’re nothing like your reputation perceives you.”

" Wouldn’t miss it. See you tomorrow. Unfortunately Brian you’ve only met the bright and shiny side of me and that is such a small portion of who I am compared to my dark and dangerous side, lets hope you never have to meet her.” My hand carefully reaching up to rub his cheek in my own silent goodbye. In my pack a peck to each cheek is the proper way to greet somebody and say goodbye to them but I obviously cannot do that.

Dropping my hand I notice Brian’s eyes dart to another’s so I turn to see who’s stolen his attention. Ryker had a look of fury on his face so I thought I did something wrong to piss him off and I was about to have the fight of my life but I don’t think the anger was toward me.

" I figured I would escort you back to the pack, have lunch and I am sure your wolf wants to get out.” Ryker states his eyes never once glancing toward me.

" Thank you I appreciate this. When do we begin tracking Julian?” This pack wasn’t going to distract me from my one sole purpose. Julian would be mine soon enough.

" We can begin building strategies tomorrow after training. Is that okay?”

I nod my head, eager to begin so that piece of shits head would be on the end of a stake. That male would be dead because of my hands, And I have never been more excited for a kill.

" Why are you helping me?” I turn to him, strangers working together to find a man who doesn’t want to be found. It sounds like a tacky romance novel where I immediately fall in love with a stranger and we move in together only to realize I have no idea who this person is.

" I have many reasons for wanting my father dead. But none top what he did to you, so I will give you the choice to take his life for those you lost that day.” His face dead of emotion and I cant help but wish he’d smile so I could see just a hint of life in him, in a way he is me but he still has someone left.

Stepping into the pack house the stay at home some males and females had prepared us a delicious lunch of juicy chicken with sides of fresh vegetables that had come from the packs greenhouse. A healthy yet appetizing lunch that suited me well.

For the next month I train everyday with Brian, sometimes Ryker stops to see my progress and I already can see the difference in my body. The extra skin on my hips now was hard muscle and my legs were constantly sore from the brutal workouts he put me through. I was beginning to see the light at the end of the road but like always life has a way of kicking me when I’m down, it’s just a matter of time.


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