Lethal Touch

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Stepping out of the massive oak doors my arms cling to my body to preserve my warmth. I stand gazing at the children with their parents making snow angels that were beginning to melt from the March heat. I remember being that age once, when I thought the world was a safe place, when I was innocent.

" This is my favorite time of the year, seeing the children run around with their families brings a smile to anyones face .” Ryker stands next to me calmly like he didn’t just startle me.

Turning I face the man who constantly remains emotionless, his face has never once risen past a scowl since I’ve been here. I wonder if his father is the reasoning behind that, a cruel Alpha teaching his son the cruel ways of his kingdom. I can only imagine with a father like Julian what kind of suffering he put his only son through. I cringe at the thought of what Rykers childhood consisted of. A childhood of misery.

My attraction toward Ryker has only ignited even more than when I first saw him, it’s a fire that refuses be tamed no matter what I do. I feel guilty but I can’t help the way my heart races when he’s near me, it makes me wonder if he feels the same way or if I’m just imagining things.

" I would like to show you this place thats my own secret, its peaceful and it’s the perfect place to relax especially when you feel like you’re suffocating. I don’t know if your wolf likes the company of other males since Orion has passed away.”

I’m surprised he hasn’t figured it out yet, that my scent wasn’t the same as other wolves. I haven’t felt my wolf since the day Orion died, its like she disappeared just like he did. When he died so did she. I always wondered if shed come back but its been almost 3 years since she vanished so I doubt I’ll ever get her back.

" Ryker theirs something you should know about my wolf. Since her mate died she has been dormant almost like she doesn’t even exist in me anymore, I don’t know if that changes your mind about me. I have all the abilities of my wolf aside from her form. She’s not coming back to me.”

Today is the first time I’ve ever seen Ryker actually stunned beyond words, it almost made me laugh. Almost.

" I had no idea, I can’t even smell the difference. Normally I would be able to but with you I can never tell whats right or wrong.” his notorious scowl returns. I don’t think he meant to say the end of that sentence out loud, but I liked that he was just as confused as he was.

" Well I’d be worried if you could tell whats right and wrong because if you could I doubt you’d take me on as a hunting partner, I mean I am a murderer after all.” I attempt making a joke but when the man you’re talking to is the most quiet man it’s not surprising when his lips don’t even twitch. Twisting away from me he looks out toward the families.

Stubble lines his face like he hasn’t shaved in a couple of days, my hands are itching to run my fingers across his handsome face.

I continue to watch while his face remains passive and his eyes search the area for a nonexistent threat, always protecting his pack like a true Alpha. I can’t begin to understand this male, his face doesn’t give away what he’s feeling as if he’s put up a wall to protect himself from everyone around him refusing to allow himself to feel any sort of emotion. The same way I was so many years ago and in a way still am, the both of us silently battling our own demons that may never go away.

" Well instead of shifting I suppose we’re going to have to take a snowmobile, have you ever been on one?”

" Surprisingly I’ve never been. Never even had one in our pack but thats probably because my parents were kinda hippies. ”

" I would rather have hippies than a deranged psychopath father and a damaged mother.”

I crack a smile at that but part of me thinks he isn’t trying to make me laugh, maybe it’s the way his eyebrows raise up prove he’s joking. Black Iris’ stare at my lips scowling like he’s confused that I’m human and after all I’ve been through, I can still attempt a simple smile.

" Shall we?”

I reply with a curt nod approving of this mysterious place where we could be alone, I still wasn’t sure why he was bringing me to this place but I could feel the excitement bubbling up.

Heading for the garage I listen to the sound of our feet crunching against the melting snow, I had never actually listened to the sound before but I am instantly soothed by it.

Leading me to a very large but stunning black machine I stand beside it wondering if I’m supposed to get on this contraption or start it, but I can’t find the damn ignition key. I wonder if we will be taking separate machines or riding one.

" I can tell by the look on your face you have no idea what you’re doing.. Not that I can blame you. We can take one if you’re comfortable with that... ” he’s so formal about everything, it makes me so uncomfortable. Id rather he just say get on we’re going for a ride.

" You don’t need to be so formal Ryker, but I appreciate you asking me, I have absolutely no idea how to work this damn thing let alone start it. I don’t even know where the damn starter is...” I glance over the snowmobile looking for something that could be the right button to push or key thingy but I see nothing.

Gazing down I watch his hand reach for a small open triangle that rests right above the foot rest, giving it a yank I hear the machine try to start but dies instantly. Giving it a few more tugs while turning some weird button it finally revs to life, handing me a helmet he climbs on and ushers me to do the same. Sitting behind him I have no idea where to put my hands because there aren’t any handles.

" What am I supposed to hang on to!” I yell panicked when he slowly eases the machine forward.

My eyes follow him as he begins to stand, I’m not sure what he wants me to do... Shaking his head his hands grab my waist sliding me forward and beginning to sit behind me. Slowly his arms come around me and rest against the snowmobiles handles, his legs sliding around me settle against the outside of my thighs, his chest pressed tightly against my back and I can feel his heart beating against me.

My body is on fire from the closeness of him, the breath in my throat comes out in a quiet gasp, its been a very very long time since I’ve been this close to another male that I wasn’t trying to kill. Ryker makes me nervous, he makes my insides all bubbly to the point where I feel sick to my stomach. Do I like him for more than just his body? We’ve known each other a whole month and I don’t think that’s long enough to develop a little crush.

Lurching forward we take off at incredible speed that makes me wanna puke all over. The entire way he maneuvers us through the forest barely avoiding the thick tree trunks that threaten to kill us, but since being on the snowmobile was a first for me watching the earth race by us is a sight that I’ll never forget. Natures beauty speeding behind us not caring that we are trespassing on its grounds, the snow beautifully sheltering the ground in its plushy blanket. Before I know it we reach our destination in front of a magnificent log cabin surrounded by a thawing lake. Pulling my helmet off, I step toward it.

" It’s ...” I couldn’t find the right words to describe the beauty that surrounded us.

I stood amazed as fog rolled off the water in waves disappearing into the warming air, The water a Cerulean blue and crystal clear that made you want to jump right in if it weren’t thawing.

“Beautiful.” he whispers

" Yes it is.” I agree but when I turn to him he isn’t looking at the water, he’s staring at me.


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