Lethal Touch

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Log Cabin

I feel the heat rise to my cheeks and I know they’re reddening by the second so I turn away from him facing the water.

" Here I’ll show you the way in. If you don’t mind I had planned on shifting to let my wolf out, he’s been restless the last couple weeks and we don’t get out as much as he’d like.”

" No I don’t mind at all, I was wondering if...” I sigh trying to find the right words so I don’t sound like a lunatic.

" If I could see your wolf once you shifted, I haven’t seen any shifted wolves since... well you know.” Its true, I haven’t seen another wolf since that dreadful night, I haven’t felt the soft fur of a wolf and I was curious if maybe it would trigger something in my wolf so she’d come back.

" Yeah thats not a problem.” Tugging his shirt off he began to strip, right in front of me! Oh my god what is he doing? Oh my god please let me see him shirtless.

Letting out a squeal I sprint behind a tree shielding my cherry red face from his intense gaze.

Peaking out from the tree I watch His hands run through his soft hair like he’s frustrated, as soon as they leave his hair, goosebumps rise on his flawless skin, it’s like he felt my eyes on him because he slowly turns toward me catching me. He doesn’t smile just scowls turning around shielding himself from my penetrating stare. Oops.

I hear the familiar bone crackling of a shift but I wait for his wolf to initiate the first move so It doesn’t come off as a challenge. Alpha wolves and their sensitive egos, even my father was proof how ridiculous they can be when it comes to being possessive, aggressive, authoritative and so much more.

The largest ebony wolf reveals himself to the left of me. Rykers wolf is absolutely stunning, he has no trace of any other color on him except his eyes which are a beautiful amber contrasting perfectly with his fur. Rykers wolf cautiously moves toward me trying to read my body language prepared to attack at any moment, reaching my hand out to pet his fur, his wolf steps back surprised by my lack of restraint. Sniffing my hand his head lowers offering to let me pet him which eventually I do, it’s the first time I’ve been able to touch a living being without memories assaulting my brain.

I let out a strangled cry and his wolf hops back startled searching for a threat.

" I’m sorry.” I say reaching back for his body

My knees buckle sending me into the snow, his wolf now hovering over me but that only makes me scratch around his neck which his wolf seems to enjoy.

I feel his wolf rumble toward something in the tree line, turning I see a large deer and I know his wolf wants to hunt. Standing I nod and move out of his way just in time for his wolf to take off toward its prey. Snow flies toward me as his claws dig into the ground as he chases the deer, his fur gliding through the wind, his ears pinned to his head as he glides through the forest.

I watch him for 20 minutes before heading for the warmth of the cabin. Stepping inside I take in the beauty, so simple yet just the right amount of decoration. It’s an open floor plan so the kitchen, dining room and living room are all interlaced together.

The living room is decorated with a large plush gray couch sitting before a large plasma screened television sitting atop a beautiful oak stand I find the remote turning the screen on to a random channel when my stomach begins aching from hunger. Heading to the kitchen to see if there’s anything to make for lunch.

Searching through the fridge I pick out ingredients to make hearty Mongolian beef ramen. Cutting up carrots, broccoli, sprouts, water chestnuts and fresh pea pods I toss them into the frying pan tossing in some delicious black bean paste, sunflower oil, red wine and loads of other seasonings to bring the flavors together. Mixing in the noodles and meat I watch them simmer together bringing out the delicious aroma, making my stomach growl even more.

The door whips open letting cool air rush in, Ryker struts in without his shirt on. What I would give to run my fingers across that chest, to run my tongue across those abs....

Oh my god Alethea stop it! You’re drooling! He absolutely noticed me gawking at him because his eyes were completely black with lust. Four long strides bring his large body to me, his hips pinning me to the refrigerator. I couldn’t breath, not when he pinned me nor when his hands trailed up from my belly button traveling over my breasts growling heavily.

" I’m going to kiss you now.” his voice deep and husky

Before I could stop him his lips pressed against mine putting the perfect amount of pressure to elicit a moan. The feeling of his tongue running across my lips makes me part allowing him entrance. My hands lift from the hem of his jeans to touch his body but his hands immediately wrap around my sleeved wrists pinning them to the fridge. For just a minute I forgot that I was this fucked up female wolf who could see peoples pasts. Ryker made me forget by just one kiss.

His hands trailing down my arms sending fire to my bones, his hands stop just below my breasts holding me tight while his lips continued their beautiful assault against mine. When a moan escapes his lips my legs quake and he has to tighten his grip to hold me up.

" How is this possible?” he speaks almost painfully through kisses.

That’s a great question because I have no freaking idea how this could be happening.

" I don’t know. Honestly. You’re the only person I’ve kissed aside from Orion since he passed.” I blush embarrassed with the possible overshare.

" Touch me.” He says grabbing my wrists pulling them to his chest just till they were hovering inches away from his pecks. I hesitate before I shakily press my palms to his skin, memories begin playing.

I see him with his mother, they’re hugging and he kisses the top of her head gently. I see him bury his mother and thats when I see the infamous scowl start, until he met her.

She’s absolutely breathtaking her strawberry blonde hair bouncing in the wind, that was the moment he first saw her. I could feel everything he was feeling toward her, so much happiness made my stomach shoot up to my throat, I was afraid I would get sick all over Ryker.

It felt just like the moment I met Orion. Fast-forwarding 6 months I see them so happy together until one night Julian shows up challenging his son, he found Rykers weakness which so happened to be the strawberry blonde woman he loved more than anything in the world. Julian wrapped his hands around her delicate little neck and snapped it right in front of his son.

" This guarantees you have no weakness Ryker, now you will be an actual Alpha like you are supposed to be, not some little coward who will defend his mate against any other enemy.”

Ryker stands frozen into place, realizing he’s just lost the love of his life. The sound of his knees crashing against the earth sickens me, the look on his face was beyond being broken, he looks destroyed.


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