Lethal Touch

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" I’m so sorry Ryker. If I had known I wouldn’t have come on your land demanding I be the one to kill him.” I couldn’t hide the selfishness that consumed me.

" It was a very long time ago. I have managed to overcome that obstacle in my life and I only lost one person, you lost 4.”

" Don’t do that. Don’t you dare think just because I lost more people that your mates death didn’t matter. She mattered. They all mattered Ryker. All of them.”

" How do you do that? After everything that’s happened to you, you’re still a half glass full kind of woman.”

" I don’t know, sometimes I can say stuff like that but not necessarily mean it. But I promise I meant every word of that. Because they really do matter.”

Lips gently press against mine before taking a step back heading for the closet. Pulling out a red long sleeved plaid shirt he slips it on buttoning it up before coming back toward me.

Grabbing plates and forks he scoops a portion onto my plate and then a larger portion on his. Heading toward the living room he sits down motioning for me to do the same, so I do. Flicking through the channels he finally stops on a scary movie, I think its called Shutter Island or something, all I know is Leo is in it and its creepy as hell.

There always has to be a person jumping out of the middle of nowhere to scare the living shit out of you. A scream escapes my lip making Ryker laugh loudly, I stop and stare at the rare sight happening next to me. To see his laugh in a memory and to hear it in person are two completely different experiences, one that I’m glad I got to hear.

" Stop looking at me like that Alethea, it makes me want to rip your clothes off.” he growls, my insides are loving the effect we have on Ryker. I never suspected him to say this kind of stuff though and that is definitely a big turn on for me.

" Sorry.” is the only response I can come up with mentally slap myself for being so idiotic.

We continue watching the movie and I managed to only jump and scream a few more times throughout it. I was pretty proud of myself.

" You make a mean meal Alethea, I may just have to keep you around even after Julian is gone.”

A small smile forms on his face and in this moment I knew that I was already falling for this man whom I hardly knew. I was absolutely terrified by this, I shouldn’t fall so quickly for a man especially one thats the alpha of one of the strongest packs in the U.S.

" Ryker I know we haven’t discussed this yet but when do we begin plotting our revenge against Julian? Or even just tracking him down? I haven’t been able to find him since his disappearance and I don’t know if you have anybody following any leads or whats going on.” We hadn’t made any progress trying to gather trackers the past month so I’ve just been playing house for the past month now, I could feel myself getting restless.

" I have my men following up on leads but so far they’ve all been dead ends, Monday I’m holding a meeting with a select few warriors of mine and that’s when we will discuss where we go from there. You’re most definitely invited, I even encourage you to come. Maybe you can bring something to the table that the others cannot.”

" Hopefully we can come up with a bullet proof plan with everyones brainstorming.”

" I’m sure we will be able to come up with one thing at least.”





We talked for another hour before he let his wolf out again but this time he didn’t come back for more than 5 hours.

Adventuring through the cabin I turn into the room on my right finding the master bedroom, it’s decorations similar to the rest of the cozy home. Im in desperate need of a shower so I locate the bathroom and twist on the hot water, before stripping I open the closet doors grabbing a fluffy cotton towel and search for shampoo or even conditioner, I find men’s body shampoo so that’ll have to do for now.

Grabbing the products I place them on the shower ledge before heading out to the closet where Ryker got his shirt, I needed some clean clothes theirs no way I was putting on dirty panties after a fresh shower. All I find in the closet is another flannel this one black and green so I head back to the bedroom rummaging through the drawers and find boxers and sweatpants that are far to big for me but they’ll do for now.

The shower felt heavenly running down my skin. Lathering the body wash I scrub it into my scalp loving the feeling of my hair being cleansed, rinsing I knew this would be a bitch to brush through without the help of conditioner. Cleansing the rest of my body I step out drying myself then wrapping myself in the towel.

Dressing myself I head back to the living room switching through the channels until I find a show called The Following. So far I love the show, I’ve never really been into crime shows but for some reason I find this one fascinating. A man creating a cult of killers is insane but what’s even more insane is how incredibly brilliant this man is to have power over everybody under his thumb.

The front door rips open as a battered and bloody Ryker rushes in slamming the door and locking it behind him.

“What the hell happened?” I scream rushing toward him pulling on my leather gloves

“You seem to be a magnet for fucking rogues, they’re gone don’t worry, I took care of them.”

“Dammit Ryker you shouldn’t have to protect yourself or your pack from because of me, maybe I should go, we can still work together but I don’t want to put anyone in danger.”

“I don’t want you to go. Please.” His eyes searching mine, how do I leave now? His knees buckle crashing to the floor.

“You’re hurt, let me get the first-aide kit.” I rush back to the bathroom closet and grab the kit and run back to him.

Twisting the cap of Alcohol solution I pour the liquid onto a large gauze square and press it to the largest cut on his chest making him hiss in pain.

“I’m sorry, god I’m so sorry.” I whisper flashbacks taking over my mind, I see Orion next to me gasping out in pain. Rykers voice pulls me back to reality.

“You smell like me.” He groaned gripping a fistful of the flannel I’m wearing, yanking me closer to him.

“Ryker,” I moan trying to distance myself

“Please, let me touch you, it helps me feel again.” His voice strained

“You know you can’t touch me, you don’t want to see anything.”

“Not with my hands Alethea.” His eyes falling to my lips once again

I answer with my lips pressing to his, he’s quick to respond with his tongue pushing lips apart roughly, his moan arouses me more than I care to admit. This kiss is different than the first, this is anything but gentle; it’s desperate, passionate, rough and beautiful.

Getting up on his knees he grabs my waist pulling me up with him, his hands running over my bottom stopping just below it, in one fluid motion he is standing up with my legs wrapped around his waist. I moan feeling his member pushing against my sensitive core.

“You’re going to be the death of me Alethea, I won’t do anything more than kiss you I promise.”

I wanted nothing more than to rip his clothes off and lay with him but we both knew that wasn’t possible. I kept my gloves on so my hands could roam over his body, even through the gloves I could feel his abs, I could tug his soft hair, feel his face. Things I haven’t felt in years. Not just physically but emotionally.

His hands roamed over my clothed upper body, applying pressure in just the right places. He lifts his face so he hovers over me, looking down with his eyes filled with lust and I knew his wolf being present.

“I just want to try something.” He said huskily

Nodding I watch as he lowers his head, his lips pressing on mine once before moving to my jawline feathering kisses all along it. Continuing to move down I feel his cool breath below my ear where a lot of wolves mark their mate, I gasp as I feel electricity course through my body from his lips.

“Where did Orion mark you?” He whispered against my skin

I point to the opposite side where he kissed me. His lips once again meet the unmarked side.

“Someday that’s where my mark will be on display for the whole world to see.“he growls

I freeze knowing his wolf is in control, I know that when a mans wolf is in control it is a dangerous situation especially to an unmated female.

“Alethea, don’t move.” His voice straining against my skin

Closing his eyes he rests his head against my breast trying to get control over his wolf. The moment he opens them I know Rykers back, those eyes are the eyes I’ve dreamt about.

“I’m so sorry, he’s never pushed me aside and acted without my input, he is taken with you.” His lips meet mine in a chaste kiss before he stands moving away from me.

“It’s okay, I knew it was your wolf his eyes are easily deciphered from your human ones.”

“I shouldn’t have gotten so carried away, I apologize.”

“Don’t, I enjoyed it.” I blushed furiously

“What I said earlier about marking you..” I could see it in his eyes how much it hurt him to retract his statement, I think he was more worried the statement would push me over the edge.

“It was your wolf I understand.” I really did understand

“I’m sorry Alethea, the both of our futures are so unknown that I’m afraid I cannot promise you anything, maybe someday we will be together.”

I can’t say I didn’t feel pain when he said that but I knew it wasn’t actually Ryker but a small part of me hoped that it could have been true. I knew that we barely knew each other and us kissing was definitely a bad idea but we just couldn’t seem to keep our lips off each other.


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