Lethal Touch

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The Meeting

Beta Grayson led me down the narrow hallway toward the meeting room where we’d discuss Their former Alpha. Where we’d devise a plan to destroy him, this is what I craved the most.

Once I entered I notice I am the only female in the room, their were at least 20 other men including Ryker, who refused to make eye contact with me. I knew he’d regret this past weekend, I’m to messed up to be with the Alpha of a pack, it would ruin his reputation in a matter of minutes. I can feel the pain trying to suffocate me but today I am stronger than it and push it straight back down.

As soon as Ryker sits everyone follows, clearing his throat our meeting is about to begin.

“Let’s welcome a new bystander in today’s meeting, Alethea will be helping us track and devise our plan to kill my father. Please don’t hesitate to ask her questions, she’s far more knowledgeable than us in tracking and killing.” Ouch, is that how he truly sees me?

“Is it really safe to have a murderer sitting in on one of our meetings? We will be sharing top secret information that could be used against our pack and very well could result in our downfall.” An older gentleman spoke not even acknowledging me

“Don’t speak about her like she isn’t here with us John. Ask her those questions yourself.” Ryker still refusing to look at me

Johns eyes find mine asking the questions silently.

“I don’t care about anything but killing Julian, I would never hurt innocent people.” I feel the coldness creeping back up through my veins. This past weekend had chipped away pieces of the iceberg that surrounded my heart but I could feel the ice solidifying yet again.

“Yet you killed the children of the other Alphas, they were innocent were they not?“He questions

Technically they were innocent but I also didn’t know how to control myself, all the things I was feeling would boil over and rage would set in taking over, Alethea was no longer alive it was the monster who possessed her body.

“I knew they’d come for me one day, I couldn’t have them interfering with my plan to destroy Julian. If it’s any consolation I do regret hurting the children, I now know they didn’t deserve what I did.”

“That’s no consolation whatsoever! What’s to say you snap when you’re here? Who’s going to protect our children from you?”

I didn’t know what to say because I knew what he was saying was a definite possibility, but I can control myself now.

“Your Alpha will put me down if I show any signs of losing myself. He will know when I’m gone and replaced with the monster, their’s no mistaking it.” I make eye direct eye contact with John who seems to think its a reasonable compromise.

John looks to Ryker who is now staring at me obviously pissed I hadn’t discussed this with him beforehand. Oh well he will have to get over it.

“Let’s move on to what this meeting is actually about.”

Multiple men toss ideas out on the table but not one makes sense to me, Julian isn’t idiotic and these places they were listing made him seem stupid. Julian had common sense and all these ideas made him seem incompetent.

“Julian wouldn’t hide in plain sight, these places are too obvious for him let alone the fact that nobody is following Julian so I can almost 100% guarantee these Alphas wouldn’t allow him passage to their land because it could potentially cause a war. He’s hiding somewhere nobody would even think to look.” I point out and all the men stare wide eyed at me like they couldn’t believe a female is more than just a hot body. Except for Ryker he was looking at me with an almost unnoticeable grin, like he knew I just outsmarted everyone in the room.

“She’s absolutely right, he’s way to smart to hide in obvious places.” A handsome Native American man says, his long black hair braided down his back had beautiful teal blue beadwork weaved throughout it.

“Okay so where do you think he is widow?” This time a teenager asks the question and I can’t help the scowl on my face from the name he called me.

“Please just call me Alethea. I would start looking into abandoned packs where homes are still built and are still considered neutral territory, including my..” I was having trouble even thinking of Julian being there touching the earth where my family once walked on.

“Including my packs land.” I forced out

“There are at least a dozen abandoned packs in the states, how are we going to narrow it down?”

“Send two men to a location and search, it shouldn’t be hard to find a missing alpha male in an abandoned pack.”

“That’s 24 warriors leaving our pack open to attack, that’s absurd.”

“If sending 24 men leaves your pack vulnerable, your men aren’t as great of fighters as I’ve heard. You don’t need to send all 24 at once, send two at a time or more it’s completely up to Ryker.” I say his name instead of his title and judging by the gasps throughout the room I realize I’ve offended them, I’ve disrespected their Alpha which is apparently a no no.

“Do not call our Alpha by his name, you haven’t earned the right to speak his name you leech!” The same teenager who called me the widow spits at me. This kid needs a hard lesson and he’s about to get one.

Sliding across the table gracefully I slam my foot into his chest tossing him into the wall smirking as he falls to the ground. Stunned he looks up at me speechless, I raise my left fist back ready to swing but a hand stops me. Rykers hand.

“Enough.” Was all he said, his authority is enough to stop me. Not many Alphas were capable of halting me with their commands, only my father and Ryker.

“I don’t like name calling, do yourself a favor and remember that.” I spit at the boy.

“Walk It off Alethea.”

“Yes sir, Alpha.” I spit looking up at Ryker who’s pissed at me for hurting one of his pack members, when I’m supposed to be fitting in and getting them to believe I’m safe to have around.

Storming out of the room I speed towards the door ripping it open, letting the frosty air slam into me to attempt pushing the monster in me back down who was screaming for blood.

I need a run.

Seeing a worn down trail I take it blowing off as much steam as I can. I don’t stop until I find her grave. I know it’s hers because it says Luna Jasmine , his mothers name was Isabella, no other Luna has ruled over the land aside from the two. It’s a beautiful grave, a black marbled headstone glowed in the moonlight surrounded by Lilly’s which I assume were her favorite.

“Pink Stargazer Lilly’s were her favorite.” Ryker was close enough to me I could feel his breath tickle the back of my neck.

“She had good taste, I had a flower garden back home where I used to raise and sell plants, my father even built me a greenhouse the year before he died, him and Orion knew it would mean the world to me, they had saved the money for months before they could afford it. I wonder if it still stands today, how overgrown my plants are.” I chuckle genuinely curious how bad the greenhouse looks now, but my chest burns from the painful memory.

“Pink Lily’s symbolize prosperity, in her afterlife she won’t know what pain Julian caused her. Thankfully.”

“Thank you. Even you find the good in the ugly, she’d like you very much. I know in my heart she’s okay with me feeling something for you.” His hand grazes my shoulder pulling me closer to him.

I kick at the snow not sure how to respond, I hope Orion is looking down on me happy that I’ve found someone to care about. I haven’t had a dream about him since coming here and I’m beginning to forget what his voice sounds like and that’s a pain that I’ll never forget, it fucking hurts missing Him.

“You ignored me in the meeting, why?” I ask calmly refusing to allow myself to get worked up again

“I need to speak to my pack about you, I’m not sure how they’re going to react once I officially make you a member of the pack. I don’t think letting them know about our relationship, because it is so new, we hardly know one another aside from some stolen kisses at the cabin. We have to be careful Alethea.”

" Should we just hang out? Not be together but just be friends?”

" I think for now maybe being friends would be best, someday hopefully we can step it up a level. But its safest this way, I’m sorry.”

I won’t lie and say that this didn’t hurt because it absolutely did. In a way I did see it through his eyes and I began to fully understand the severity of a relationship between us could potentially cause an overthrow in leadership even though Ryker is the best thing to have happened to his pack since his fathers rule ended. His leadership was still on shaky legs and I couldn’t be the one to tip it over.

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