Lethal Touch

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I pulled the steaming mug of hot cocoa out of the microwave, I’m frozen to the core after sitting outside at Jasmines grave for 15 minutes. I hand Ryker his and watch him sip it immediately but he didn’t even wince.

Setting it down on the island I gaze over at him and he’s just staring at me.

“What?” I question

“I want you to move in to the pack house, into the room across from mine.”

“I don’t think your pack members are going to like that, I did just attack a boy today.”

“They trust me, that’s all that matters to them. I trust you so they will follow soon after.”

Nodding I decide to let the hot chocolate cool a little while longer and head toward the campsite and pack up my things. Ryker joins me but gives me the privacy to pack my stuff away without lingering eyes. As soon as everything is cleaned up we head back toward the pack house where I’m even more excited for my hot chocolate because my fingers are numb.

Rykers hand meets my lower back gesturing me toward the room down the hallway, entering its fresh and crisp smelling like someone just cleaned it. The room is a deep gray which is a very pleasant color, the king bed was covered in a deep plum comforter that’s so fluffy that I can see myself never wanting to get out of bed in the morning. Dark wood dressers and nightstands littered the room perfectly, I felt like for the first time I was truly home.

“You can change whatever you’d like. I know you need to go shopping for clothing, I have some personal money set away that you can use.”

“No need I have an account from my family, me and Orion had a hefty savings account, I was just waiting for the right time to use it. But I could use a lift whenever you have time tomorrow, I’ll also be looking for my own transportation if you’re okay with spending a few hours with me or just dropping me off and having someone pick me up.”

“I’ll make the time. Maybe we should go Friday instead? That way I can devote the day to helping you.”

" That sounds just fine to me.” I reply cooly finding it hard to put boundaries back up.





Friday rolls around faster than I expected it to, I’m not sure I was prepared to spend all day with him. Alone. I know we had discussed us being just friends but I was having difficulty putting him back into the friend zone, he’s not just someone you can push off to the side, he was the Alpha male who ruled over everyone. Who stole pieces of my heart.

I get ready for the day out wearing jeans and my favorite Friends sweater, I almost always wear my hair in a braid but today I decide to let it breathe. I try to tame the waves but when its this long their’s not much I can do about it. One time I tried cutting my hair into a pixie sort of style but it had grown back to the same length within a couple days, I guess going through a life altering change it makes your hair grow back incredibly fast.

Ryker doesn’t even knock before entering my bedroom making my heart skip a few beats. I smile involuntarily.

" Ready?”

" Yes just let me grab my bag and we can go, should we go to the car dealership first? Get the most boring thing out of the way?”

" Sounds like a plan, but tonight I’ll be taking you out to dinner so plan on driving us to the diner down the road. Maybe we can discuss a plan to make our lives easier, to help with the attraction we feel toward one another.”

" I’ll be driving?”

" Well it is your new car and I’m not gonna force you to let someone else drive it right away, but it is incredibly gorgeous out today and if it’s still this nice later on I may just have to convince you to ride on the back of my bike.”

" Your pedal bike?” I question uneasily, I’ve only heard his laugh the one time at the cabin and it still makes my heart stop.

" No Alethea not on my pedal bike, my motorcycle.” he give me a sexy smoldering look and all I want to do is jump his bones like a horny teenager. Dear god I’m never going to be able to put him in the friend zone.

" You should laugh more often, I like the sound.” I say unapologetically

" I haven’t had a reason to laugh in a long time Alethea, maybe you’ll be the one to change me.”

I can feel my heart thumping against my chest nervously. Dammit why does he have to say things like that! If he keeps saying these things I’ll be a puddle at his feet. What happened to “Friendship” Ryker?

“Sounds good, lets’ get this shopping day over with.” I sigh not remotely excited to spend hours looking at vehicles nor do I want to spend hours shopping for clothing, Everything I get is long sleeved and black so it’s not like I’m big into fashion.

Leading me to his black Audi, I quickly close the door and fasten my seatbelt, mentally preparing myself for shopping. We sit in silence aside from the rock music in the background, I never would have pegged Ryker as a rock fan but I have always been into it. Rock music is the most powerful music genre in the world, so many beautiful yet tragic songs fit my life perfectly. I relax when I hear one of my favorite bands play an acoustic version, he must notice because he turns the music up.

Pulling into the car lot I’m already overwhelmed, I know absolutely nothing about cars and I’m not looking at spending a fortune to finance one. It’s like Ryker can sense my anxiety because a hand hovers above my uncovered one, it’s the thought that counts. I turn to him and see the apologetic grimace, something I’ve grown to loathe over the years. I slip my gloves on before the salesperson tries to shake my hand.

Rushing out of the car I head for the dealership entrance. Immediately I’m greeted by a bubbly salesman who’s just the type of person that can make your day better by the sound of his happy voice. A tall pale man with the smile to brighten up my day ushers me around the car lot showing me cars and informing me about all aspects of the car but he fails to notice the utter confusion on my face at the mentioning of the size of the motor. As long as the damn thing runs that’s all that matters to me. Ryker stands away in the background allowing me to experience this on my own, and to be honest I’m grateful that he lets’ me handle this on my own, even though he seems like he might know vehicles better than me.

I take interest to the wine colored Impala, its elegant and the color is genuinely growing on me. In total Michael showed me maybe 6 cars before I told him I was ready to purchase the Impala.

When I saw the price tag my bank account cried, luckily theirs this thing called Auto Loans, I’d never be able to afford to pay for a vehicle in cash and I find it incredibly unrealistic that people actually can pay that way. It feels like hours worth of paperwork need to be filled out before Michael lets us know the car will be ready for tomorrow after they clean it and fill the gas tank.

" Well you’re an easy shopper, I’ve never seen someone pick a car so fast.”

" I may be one of the few women who despise shopping, it was a relief to get out of there as quick as possible.”




Searching through the mall I notice the stares of not only wolves but humans too, I assume the human females are jealous that somebody like myself has landed such an attractive male but they fail to realize he’s an entirely different species than they are. They also fail to realize we’re nothing even if we were, everything I love dies, surely he would follow soon.

Heading into American Eagle I grab multiple pairs of blue jeans that are on sale, my favorite type of shopping is bargain shopping. Instead of getting my usual all black apparel I decide to get some tops that are bright and cheery to reflect how my mood has been lately and with spring here they’re all beautiful floral tops that I used to wear all the time.

I needed a lot of shirts and with that came spending a lot more money than I wanted too but I walked out with enough tops to last me for a long long time. Of course they were all almost long sleeves and the ones that were short I had to buy multiple cardigans so my bare skin wasn’t showing.

Next we head to Victoria Secret because underwear and bras are a definite necessity to any female. Rummaging through the bins I pick out the prettiest panties I can find.

" You should buy this.”

Ryker is holding a itty bitty teal blue swimsuit that looked like it would fit a 16 year old but I loved how it looked so I picked out the correct size and decided to try it on for shits and giggles. Ryker followed me back to the changing room and waited outside while I changed.

“Come out I want to see how good of a shopper I am!” he said knocking on the door.

“You picked out a bikini that shows off a women’s body Ryker that doesn’t mean you’re a good shopper! All men like women in clothing that shows their body off!” I laughed opening up the door and standing right in front of him self consciously .

Ryker stares at me wide eyed but manages to hold a finger up swirling it signaling me to turn around to see my backside and I oblige. As soon as I turn back around so I’m facing him his body slams into mine, his hands fisting my hair before reaching behind him locking the door. Gasping I feel every fiber of my body coming alive.

“Shh.” he whispers against my skin leaving featherlike kisses across my neck, it was almost painful not being able to let out a moan.

His lips finally meet mine almost painfully teeth clashing against each other, Ryker presses his hips into me pressing his hardness against me causing me to give out a breathless moan. Rykers lips leave mine kissing down my neck and suckling the skin, moving down from my neck his lips meet the overly sensitive skin between my breasts. Teeth grazed the valley between my breasts before I feel teeth bite into my left breast, I can’t help the moan that escapes lips this time.

“Ryker.” I whisper tugging on his hair.

" I thought we were supposed to be friends.” I ask

“Fuck being friends, all I can think about is you Alethea. Doing unspeakable things to you, I don’t care what anyone says because all I want is to be with you, and not just because I think you’re the most beautiful creature to walk this earth, because you understand me better than anybody else here and we still hardly know each other, I want to be with you.” he says biting my neck and moving to my lips taking one between his teeth slightly nibbling down.

A knock on the door has us freezing.

" Excuse me, theirs only supposed to be one person per room.” a younger gal says

“He’s just helping me get zipped up!” I say quickly hoping she’ll buy the white lie.

" Sure he is.” she laughed her heels clicking away.

I slap my hand to my forehead in embarrassment giggling. Ryker steps away readjusting himself and actually smiles at me, looking down at my chest I notice all the red marks he’s left on me. Little love bites that will stay on my skin for the next couple of days, I hope he meant what he said earlier because now some of the pack members would smell his scent he pressed into me.

“Lets go home.” he says handing me my clothes before stepping out of the room.

Going to the register I put my clothes up and wait while she rings everything up, Ryker steps away taking a phone call.

“If that was my boyfriend I’d be making out in a dressing room too.” she says continuing to ring up my items with a huge devious smirk on her face.

Blushing I pay for my items and we head home together.

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