Lethal Touch

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Rykers POV

Since the beginning I have been using Alethea as a pawn in my game, she’s completely at my disposal when it came to finding my father but all thats changed now that I’m falling in love with her. I know that I’m going to have to tell her that I’ve been using her, before someone from my pack says something to her but for now I need to keep it on the down low so she doesn’t run, as selfish as it sounds I need her to get to my father.

When I first saw her on my land my heart stopped, it wasn’t her beauty that stunned me which confused me but just the sight of her had my wolf stirring, My wolf hadn’t paced since his mate died but one look at Alethea and he was going mad. Don’t get me wrong her beauty stopped me dead in my tracks but that isn’t what attracted me toward her, it’s her resilience to go on after her entire family was murdered and still being able to get out of bed in the morning.

Kissing her was like coming up for fresh air after being underwater, she was breathing life back into me. The cabin had been the biggest game changer for our relationship, I tried keeping her away from me but somehow she managed to break all barriers I had built up over the years. I couldn’t hide my attraction from her any longer and I finally pressed my lips against her deliciously plump lips. I stole so many more kisses from her that weekend and I instantly new she needed to move in to the pack house.

When she moved into the room next to mine its like a magnetic force kept pulling me to her room, I’d find myself in her room at night checking to make sure she was still breathing. I would gawk at her utter beauty glowing in the moonlight as she tossed and turned calling out to her family but last night she called out my name for the first time. My wolf has never been more thrilled when he heard her call out our name, but for me it terrified me knowing that I was keeping her in a bubble with me and soon I would have to pop it.

I just hoped that someday when I told her the truth she wouldn’t try to kill me, because I know she can’t, if she tried I would have to be the one to end her and I already know that it wouldn’t be easy for me to do. I don’t know how I could possibly hurt her after she’s awoken these feelings in me, all I know is that my lies will crush her.

She will never love me after she knows the truth but I’ll love her till the day I die.

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