Lethal Touch

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Red Lips

" Have you ever been on a bike before?” he asks pulling into the packs driveway

“I can’t say that I have, they seem like death machines to me.” I say boldly hoping I wasn’t offending him.

“They are death machines, you just need to know how to handle such powerful things and I know how too.” His infamous scowl turns into a small grin.

Walking to the back of his car he pops the trunk and grabs an extra helmet and hands it to me, noticing my struggle with clasping the chin strap he immediately comes to my rescue with skilled fingers, he loops the strap through the buckle snapping it in place all while avoiding my skin. I respect him for being extra careful of not touching me, he has a kind soul for the pain he’s been through. How someone could still be decent after losing pieces of yourself astonishes me, I mean look how I turned out. I’m fucked up.

Straddling the bike he levels it while releasing the kickstand, his helmet turned in my direction letting me know it was okay for me to join him. Getting onto a bike that is waist high without touching the driver is nearly impossible, my first attempt nearly landed me on my ass if Ryker hadn’t caught a hold of my leather jacket.

Noticing my stare his eyes meet mine in a battle of who would turn away first. I can’t handle the way my body heats up under his eyes, I lose by making my second attempt at climbing on the bike. Ryker grabs onto my gloved hands placing them on his shoulders giving me a sturdy object to help get me situated. Switching on the bike I quickly wonder where I am supposed to put my hands, this doesn’t have any sort of handle to grasp, deja freaking vu. Ryker pulls my hands around his torso and being as large as he is my head rests comfortably against his back. I feel my eyes close comforted by his closeness.

" Ready?” his voice a notch louder from the hum of the bike.

" Yes!” I yell when I really wanted to scream no, being terrified was putting it mildly.

As soon as he hears my response he doesn’t give me a second to think of chickening out because the bike takes off down the driveway way faster than I was expecting. Vomiting sounded like a bad thing to do on the back of a bike especially with a helmet on, quickly squeezing my eyes shut I tried to think of anything other than being on the back of this death machine. As soon as I opened them I regretted it, we were nearing the bend in the driveway and Ryker was still going insanely fast.

Feeling him shift his weight the same way the bike leaned I did the same while simultaneously hugging him tighter. Eventually pulling out into the road I relaxed, most of the diners around here were just 10 minutes from the house and it was a straight shot the entire way. My eyes began taking in the surroundings, it was slowly becoming less scary riding on the bike, I was even beginning to enjoy it. The wind tugging against my clothes made me pull up my sleeves, the cool air felt heavenly against my skin, I couldn’t contain the grin it brought to my face. The nature around us looked like it was at a standstill and it is beyond beautiful, the way the snow had melted from the recent weather changes made small pools of water where birds chirped and dipped their small bodies in to clean, it is a magical thing to witness.

Pulling into the parking lot he squeezes the bike in next to the others. Using his shoulders for support I hop off the bike, taking my helmet off and shake my hair out in attempt to control it. This man standing in front of me is an absolute god, a sex god. I don’t know how he found me interesting when he had every females head turning as soon as he stepped through the diner doors, he had his choice of any unmated female he could want but when he’s around me he ignores them.

" Just 2 tonight Maggie.” he stuns the young waitress who’s red lipstick is the same shade of blood, her neck bares no mark. Every fiber of my being dislikes the way she looked at him, like she was picturing her entire life with him.

" Coming right up Alpha.” her voice feigns innocence when we both can clearly see her undressing Ryker. She shows us to a cute booth with cherry red leather seats and a black and white checkered table. The typical diner decor that I love.

" I’ll be your waitress tonight, what can I get you?” she clearly ignores me asking Ryker the question

" I’ll have a beer please, bottle.” his curious eyes find me wondering what type of drinks I enjoy.

" Whiskey please.” I face her but she doesn’t acknowledge me but I can tell by the scowl that she heard me. Bitch.

" Coming right up.” she pops the gum in her mouth.

I chuckle inwardly as she sashays away from our table, turning I find Rykers eyes on me rather than the girls swinging hips.

" Do they all do that?”

" Most do, except for one who seems completely unfazed by my complex. Drives me insane, like I could stand a female who acts that way.” he shakes his head.

The waitress interrupts my gaze by slamming my drink down causing some to spill onto the table. Rolling my eyes I reach for a napkin but Ryker is already lifting my glass cup placing it underneath soaking up the liquid. Red lips didn’t like the way he willingly came to my rescue, as soon as she set his beer down she stormed off.

" Well I can see how that would be annoying. But you’re a guy most guys like when women act that way. Easy tail.” A small smile playing on my lips

Ryker chokes on his beer and a drop dribbles down his chin, my eyes watch the small trail it’s made from his lips, I wonder how that beer would taste if I licked it off his chin. Jeez I was just as bad as Maggie, I was basically eye fucking him. Shaking my head I smile as he takes a napkin wiping away the alcohol.

" I wasn’t expecting that to come out of your pretty mouth, but I don’t fall for the acts, not anymore, not like I used to.” his serious eyes penetrate me making me squirm.

Red lips makes her way back to the table asking for our orders. I order the bacon cheeseburger with fries, and Ryker orders a medium rare steak with a loaded baked potato. Not gonna lie his meal sounded way more amazing than mine, ugh why didn’t I order the steak.

" Has it been a long time since you’ve been in a pack?” he asks

" I haven’t been in a pack in over 2 years until now obviously. Not many sane Alphas want me to be running wild in their pack, but for whatever reason this crazy ass Alpha decided he wanted my help, not really sure why though considering I haven’t done a damn thing so far.” I smile without my teeth.

" I’m not like other Alphas, Alethea. I give rogues a chance, but you their’s something about you that absolutely fascinates me and I can’t stop myself from wanting to know everything there is to know about you. I would be jealous if another Alpha did the same for you.” his eyebrows scrunched up as if he was confused.

Wow. I inhaled but couldn’t figure out how to exhale, it was the siren in me. I called to Ryker, everything he sees is apart of my act he just doesn’t realize it yet.

" It’s the Curse. It calls to males Ryker you aren’t the only one who’s wanted to know everything about me, but you are the only one who’s treated me like I’m an actual person. I like that about you. What else do you want to know about me?”

" It’s not the curse. It is genuine curiosity.” his tone firm. I peek up from my drink through my thick eyelashes, my face heats up from his gaze.

" I want to know the deep stuff. Not about you becoming the widow. I want to hear about your childhood, your favorite colors, your favorite books, everything about you I don’t already know.” His eyes bore into mine almost like he was gazing into my soul, I couldn’t break the eye contact between us even if I wanted to.

" We were all very close with each other, I loved them dearly, I still do. My favorite color is Black and blue, sometimes I like deep purples like plums. My favorite books are the entire Harry Potter series, along with the movies but the movies never do the books justice. My mother began reading me those books when I was about 8 years old and ever since then I was hooked, I love reading about alternate universes and magical worlds, with those books it gives me a place to lose myself in, a place to forget my reality.”

" Lets see, what else... My favorite food is Bacon cheeseburgers, I have a thing for popcorn it’s my absolute favorite kind of snack. My favorite TV show is supernatural, I’ve always crushed on Dean Winchester, And I love the outdoors but hate wearing shoes outside, I like to feel the earth beneath me.” I say glancing at him, his eyes are trained on me completely fascinated by me.

Red lips brings us our food slamming my plate down causing me to jump at the loudness. Ryker growls a warning at her, she sets his plate down leaving immediately her face red with anger. I shake my head while sighing, biting into by burger I groan at its deliciousness savoring the way the lettuce and bacon crunch perfectly together, grabbing the sliced pickle I pop it into my mouth enjoying the way the juices mix together. A low growl comes from across the table, looking up I notice Rykers eyes have turned a shade darker, he likes the way I sound when I moan more than I expected, it makes my stomach jump to my throat excitedly.

" How is your steak?” I change the subject quickly afraid of the feelings rushing through my body.

Cutting a piece he stabs it with his fork raising it up for me to take. Opening my mouth he brings the fork closer. My lips close around the metal that his lips have touched, sliding the fork out I chew the piece of steak and it’s as delicious as it looked. My eyes close savoring the deliciousness of the tender piece of meat, its juices running down the back of my throat. I moan internally this time.

" It’s amazing.” I smile

" It is.”

We finished our meal in 30 minutes but I still had over half my drink left, we spoke about things I haven’t talked about since Orion died. It was nice to have someone I could rant to and someone who understood me. Lifting up my glass I shoot the rest of it back, I don’t drink that often and this drink has made me a tad tipsy.

“Ryker, you never told me about you. I want to know everything about you too.” I smile staring at his delicious lips.

“I am curious about your tattoos. The Marine Corps, did you leave home to join?”

“I did leave for 4 years. I was deployed to Afghanistan for 9 months and I never came home and visited. The Marines were my family and I lost a lot of my friends and it was hard for me to hold back my natural instincts but I did and I still keep in touch with my brothers.”

“Wow that must have been scary for you and your mother. I can’t imagine leaving everything I’ve ever known to fight a war in another country, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a wolf leaving his pack to join the humans in war time, it’s incredibly selfless and brave of you. I can imagine you looked very handsome in your uniform too.” the booze beginning to speak.

“It was scary but I made it through and got back home just as Julian had fled the pack.”

“So you’ve only been home for a couple of months?”

“Yeah only about 3 months since I’ve taken the Alpha position.”

This wolf still stuns me beyond words, how he just left his pack to protect a completely different species than us. Just when I thought I couldn’t develop stronger feelings he goes and does stuff like this.

“What is your favorite color? Your favorite book? How about your favorite television series?” I ask begging him to answer so we don’t have to cut our time together any shorter.

“My favorite color is green, emerald to be exact. I never got to read much when I was younger, Julian had me training to be the next Alpha from the moment I could speak my first word. I also never really got the chance to sit down and relax to watch tv series, but I think I would like this supernatural show that you mentioned, but I don’t think I’d crush on Dean Winchester.” he laughs quietly. Everything that comes out of his mouth makes me want to jump his bones or cry because of the childhood this poor male had, it’s not fair that he had to grow up that fast. Nobody should have to endure that.

“Don’t say that until you see him.” I smile giving him a flirtatious wink.

Grabbing the bill he stands and I follow but I stumble slightly until a large hand wraps around my arm.

" Thank you Maggie.” Ryker says as we leave

" You are so welcome Alpha.” she smiles seductively.

" Thanks so much for your wonderful service Maggie!” I snort obnoxiously, she glares at me showing her teeth. With a click of my teeth she steps back, I’m not in the mood for your shit Maggie.

" You are something else.”

" It’s the alcohol I swear.” I hiccup

" You barely had anything!”

" I don’t drink very often.” I smile

Handing me my helmet, I take it into my hands but it slips through my fingers bouncing off the ground. Shaking his head he picks up the helmet placing it over my head gently tugging it down so it was on and thankfully he did the strap too. I stare at him unabashedly, my eyes no longer filtering my lust for him and that’s when his Iris’s met mine. I think I hear him groan before his strong hands lift me off the ground setting me onto the small cushion of the bike, as soon as I was situated he slid in front of me. As soon as we were on the road I unwrapped my hands from his torso putting them in the air laughing. The alcohol making me brave.

Ryker didn’t like this very much because a hand reached behind grabbing mine pulling me tightly against him, wrapping my other hand around his waist I enjoyed the feeling of my body pressed against his, the smell of his leather jacket invading my senses. Too soon we arrived back at the house, where he escorted me to my room. Saying goodnight I watched as he began to turn away.

“Ryker! Thank you for today. I haven’t had that much fun in awhile.” I say heavy lidded

" You’re welcome.” he responds ushering me back under the sheets.

" Goodnight.” he whispers closing the door his eyes lingering on mine for just a moment.

" Goodnight.”

I hear the door creak open slightly and Ryker steps back in, he doesn’t make a move toward me for a few minutes but when he does his legs make long strides to the bed, tugging the covers off me his body hovers over mine. Lips smash against mine, the alcohol is making me brave, my hands roam all over his torso, the moan that comes out of his mouth are almost enough to set me over the edge.

Moving away from my lips he tears my tank top in half exposing my upper body, my legs wrapping around his hips. I almost cry out when his cool lips meet the flesh of my toned stomach, his assault doesn’t end there. Teeth nibble into my breasts leaving his scent pressed into my skin. Too soon he pulls away covering me back up, shutting the door behind him.


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