Lethal Touch

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The Death Of A Happy Life

2 Years Earlier:

Blood stained hands clutch the wooden stake pounded into the ground. I could hear the whistle of the silver whip before it made its presence known against the tender flesh of my back.

" Kill the husband next!” Julians voice echoed off the trees, his followers were so silent, I swear we could have heard a pin drop, but my families screams took over that silence.

Twisting my neck towards my mate I observe a large male fist my husbands caramel brown hair exposing his thick white neck.

" Alethea, I love you. Turn away. Please you can’t watch this happen.” He cries out, I couldn’t pry my aqua blue eyes away from his stunning forest greens.

" Stop! Please don’t do this!” I beg with the only strength I have left in my body, I scream and cry out for the executioner to stop and take me instead but he doesn’t listen to my begging.

I wail as the man slides a silver knife across Orions neck. My heart beats painfully against my chest, someones just punched a hole through me ripping out my vital organs leaving me completely empty. The man who murdered my other half turns away before I can memorize his face.

The weight sits on my chest suffocating me slowly, They killed my reason for existing.

Sensing something soaking into my leggings I gaze down, tears pour down my cheeks as my husbands blood pools around me. I can’t physically hear my screaming but I feel my throat burning in agony, goosebumps litter my entire body grieving Orion’s death, my wolf cries out to her other half not understanding what this loss means. She goes silent.

I can’t pull my eyes away from his lifeless body, the blood still pouring from the fresh cut to his neck, he’s gone now but the blood doesn’t stop. The gurgling sound he made in his final breaths are replaying constantly through my mind, I can’t make it stop.

" Kill her family next.”

Attempting to tear away the metal cuffs from my flaying flesh, I twist watching as more wolves begin to join, bringing my family members in front of me. Kicking the backs of their knees, my parents and baby sister kneel before me, Three men grasping their necks in their wide hands looking at Alpha Julian awaiting orders to end more innocent lives.

" Mom, Dad what do I do? How am I supposed to live without all of you? Please I’ll do anything if you just stop!” I shriek whipping my head to Julian who had a smirk on his face.

" Rosie, I love you. You are my best friend. You have given me so much to be thankful for, I hope you know that. I will see you again, wait for me okay?”

" I will wait for you Alethea, Always.” Her eyes bore into mine searching for little hope that I knew I couldn’t give her.

" I’m so sorry.” I couldn’t save any of them, my life as I’ve known is over.

A nod is what makes me an orphan. The sound of 3 necks snapping will haunt my dreams until the day I die. Whatever heart I had left when they killed Orion had been permanently destroyed, nothing was left of the muscle that gave me life. An empty hollow void sitting in my chest cavity.

" She gets to live. A reminder to those who think it’s okay to disobey me.” Julian explains to the multiple packs who joined him in this attack.

My father and mother were the Alpha and Luna of the Red Willow pack. They were vocal when it came to their dislike of Julian and his sadistic ways of torturing innocents, along with his ways of training his wolves. Now it was obvious that he didn’t appreciate people speaking against him.

My body slumped against the pole, there was no fight left in me. The whip once again met ruined flesh but there were no sounds coming out of my mouth, I felt nothing. I am a bottomless pit of emptiness. Once the flesh was peeling off my mangled back he finally stopped. I prayed to the moon to end my suffering but no one came to my rescue that night aside from a single healer.

Movement jolts me from unconsciousness, painful moans escape my bloody cracked lips.

" Shh we are on our way to Whitefire, that is where you will begin to heal.” The healer spoke, she smelt like lavender with a touch of peppermint, a comforting scent that drug me back into the black hole.

" I am sorry dear, this is not a life any person should ever have to live through. For what it’s worth I believe you will get through this.”

" I don’t want to get through this, what life will I have if I survive this?” I whisper emotionless

" You will learn to live again, I refuse to believe otherwise.” her hand swiping away the blood crusted hair on my forehead.

" Their is no life without them.” I close my eyes

Blackness engulfs me.

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