Lethal Touch

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Movie Night

“Go on a date with me, the new Avengers movie is out and I’ve been dying to see it.” Ryker asks kissing my neck, we are sitting on the porch in one of the swinging chairs. The warm breeze causes my hair to brush across my face, his eyes follow the strands with adoration. How did I get so lucky to find somebody like him.

I ditched the black clothes, they don’t fit my personality very well anymore, theirs a lightness to me now that was never there before. I still struggle with my depression and my nightmares are slowing down but when I do have them, they’re more vivid than ever and some now include Ryker.

Last nights dream was probably the worst I’ve had since Orion died. I was back on my knees tied to the stake in the ground, screaming for them to spare Orions life, but this time it wasn’t just Orions neck they sliced open, it was Rykers too. Both of them were forced to their knees in front of me, both struggling to get out of their binds, they watched and screamed as Julian whipped me. I’ve never heard Rykers scream before and I prayed that I never had to hear it again after this dream, I’d grown accustomed to Orions but hearing Rykers was a whole new pain that I never wanted to feel again.

Ryker woke me up when I started yelling in my sleep, thankfully he was there otherwise I would have had to endured that entire dream for the next couple of hours of sleep. Ryker was always there for me when I needed him.

Putting his arm around my shoulder, he pulls me closer smelling my hair. We sit there for a little bit just watching the children run around playing with their friends and family, Ryker likes to sit and patrol the area for intruders and I guess I give him the excuse to protect them.

“How did you know I used to watch the Marvel series before my life happened? Orion never liked to watch them but I loved them.” I smile, closing my eyes as the sun warms my skin.

“I didn’t know that you did, I guess I was just hoping you’d be a nerd like me.” he whispers kissing my cheek

“Should we go to the late showing like young teenagers?” I giggle

“As long as we get to make out in the back.” he smiles kissing my lips lightly

I don’t know how long we just sit there but I enjoy it. I particularly love it when a little boy pushes down a small girl, Ryker stands abruptly heading toward the pups. Crouching down he smiles sweetly to the girl reassuring her that he wasn’t going to hurt her, he grabs the boy pulling him close.

“We don’t pick on or bully in this pack. Apologize to her.” his stern voice has the male pup looking at the ground.

“I’m sorry.” the little boy whispers sniffling.

“Don’t cry, be strong. Remember above all else be kind to everybody, you never know buddy, she might be your mate someday.” he pats the boys shoulders and watches him run back to his mother with a little grin.

“Don’t let a male affect your life sweetheart, males forget that woman are just as strong as we are. Never let them bring you down.”

I laugh internally because both these pups will never remember what he’s just told them but he’s ingraining himself in their memories as a good Alpha. They won’t remember what he said but they will remember that he came to their aid, proving that he’s safe.

Stepping into the air conditioned home, I head to the fridge and pour two glasses of lemonade. When I get back Ryker’s on his phone speaking to one of his wolves angrily.

“Grayson, get your shit together and get it figured out. I know she’s your mate but she’s causing problems in the pack, maybe go see Ollie or something to see if she can find a way for Maggie to get over herself and figure out that she’s in love with you.”

“I can’t have her going around the pack spreading rumors about you. You’re my best friend and I can’t kill you, and if people begin to trust what she’s saying, I won’t have a choice but to end you.” I can tell he’s angry by his jugular bulging below his skin.

“I love you bro. We can figure this out, she can’t reject the moon for much longer. The pull is strong, just try and get her under control.”

Hanging up he shakes his head, running a hand over his face I notice how exhausted he is.

“Work never ends, if it isn’t Alpha duties its best friend duties.” He gives a small chuckle

“You’re doing an amazing job, its been a very, very long time since they’ve had an Alpha that they could trust and feel safe around. They don’t have be scared to open their mouth and say hello to you.” I say moving toward him with the glass of lemonade

Taking the glass he takes a large gulp, I do the same. Sitting down on the swing, we sip our lemonade like an elderly couple watching our grandchildren play in the yard.


I get anxious waiting in the concessions line, I don’t know why exactly but all of a sudden this wave of unease slams into me. Ryker notices and is quick to ease my tension, his large hands rub the permanent knots in my shoulders.

“What can I get you?” the stunning girl asks, mostly staring at the hunk standing behind me.

“A large popcorn, extra butter, and I’ll take a water.” Turning toward Ryker I wait for him to tell her what he wants.

“I’ll also have water.”

Sitting in the back row, I feel giddy, like a teenage girl on her very first date.

“We can’t make out until the movie starts.” his breath tickling my ear.

Turning my face quickly I capture his lips with mine, my gloved hand pulling his face even closer to deepen the kiss. Fisting my hair he tugs back gently pulling my lips from his, exposing my neck.

“Don’t play dirty.” he grins devilishly

“That’s the only way I play.” I grin back

Breathing out loudly, he sits back in his chair as the movie starts to play. I couldn’t pull my eyes away from Ryker throughout the entire movie, he looked so vulnerable, for the first time since meeting him he’s let his guard down.

That is until an unearthly smell fills the theater, rogues. Ryker perks up the moment they sit at the bottom row, his wolfs hair standing straight up. Placing my hand on his forearm, he sits back attempting to relax, but our date night has been ruined.

Groaning quietly Ryker sits back further into the seat, his wolf is really pushing Rykers human side to the brink. Moving closer to me he snuggles into my neck, his cool lips brushing featherlight kisses across it.

“I just need a distraction before I do something I’ll regret. You are the perfect distraction.” I feel his lips curving into a smile. Slowly moving up my neck his face is now level with mine, his eyes darting from my lips to my eyes, I initiate the first move. Luckily our row was empty aside from another couple who were making out at the end of the row.

Our lips meet hungrily, our tongues dancing together. Rough hands grip onto my hips attempting to pull me closer, but the arm rest prevented it. Giggling I pull away trying to begin watching the movie for once tonight.

The battle of Thanos is happening and I feel tears falling down my face for Iron Mans loss, he was just a kid. I can’t remember the last time I cried over something that didn’t have anything to do with my family, it felt nice to not feel the gut wrenching pain of grief consume me.

“This movie is bullshit Al! I can’t believe that’s how they ended it! Now we have to wait another year or two before we get to see what happens! Marvel is trying to ruin my life.” he puts his arm around my waist pulling me closer to him.

“I’m pretty upset too, at least we will be able to go see it when it comes out! Theirs no way we aren’t seeing it when it comes out.”

Shaking his head he smiles, when we get to the vehicle the rogues who were in the theater are standing around Rykers Audi.

“Alpha Ryker, it’s a pleasure to see you outside of your packs territory and with her at that.” a male with a blind eye says smirking. Ryker is instantly in defensive mode, ready to destroy any threat.

“Just give her to us and we will leave you alone.” one says acting like this is the most casual thing to do

“It’s funny that you’d think she’d willingly go with you, she doesn’t need me to protect her but I will at all costs.” he growls moving closer to the wolf with the missing teeth.

Smiling I gaze at the wolves who think I’ll be going with them willingly.

“Fine, if you won’t give her to us, we’ll just take her.”

Rushing toward us Ryker easily takes down the first two without breaking a sweat, meanwhile I’m distracting the largest male, I allow him to get multiple hits on me, none that really do any damage aside from bruising. Out of the corner of my eye I see a flash of silver, the smallest man sinks the blade into Rykers side, right in between his ribs. Roaring out Ryker snaps the his neck and turns toward the male I’m fighting, but I don’t need him to save me.

Slamming my fist into his jawbone I hear it disconnect from it’s hinge, I take a cheap shot and knee him in the groin. Falling to the ground I wrap my hands around his neck and snap it quickly, without effort.

I hear the metal clink onto the tar, turning back toward Ryker I rush to him, fear coursing through my veins. Ripping a section off his shirt I put pressure on the wound.

“Oh god.” I panic watching the blood seep through my makeshift bandage

“I’m fine, let’s just get back to the pack and they will stitch me up.” he winces when reaching for the passenger door.

Getting into the car I slam the car into drive and race toward the hospital, blowing through stop lights I turn to see Ryker just staring at me.

“Slow down love, I’m not going to die, I promise you I’m not going anywhere.”

I can’t help the panic that has set into my core, I don’t think I could survive another death of somebody that I loved.

“You don’t know that Ryker, that could have punctured your heart or some important arteries!” I push my foot down on the pedal.

“If that were true, I’d already be dead.”

Skidding into the hospital lot I run in screaming at them that the Alpha has been hurt, that definitely perks everybody up. Ryker comes stumbling into the hospital, his pride getting the best of him, the Alpha wouldn’t be wheeled to a bed no matter what his injury was.

The doctor orders Ryker to lay down in the bed and his wolf does not like following a lessers orders. When the doctors said he was the boss in the hospital, I waited for Ryker to rip his head off but he remained composed.

“Nothing serious, 10 maybe 12 stitches should cover it. I will have you out of here in 30 minutes.” the doc said

I’m standing across the room staring at the most handsome man without his shirt on, blood still leaking from the wound, his eyes meet my worried ones. Grunting he stands moving toward me, he’s careful with me, like he’s afraid I’m going to break.

Careful to avoid my skin he pulls me close, moving a stray hair from my face. Bending down his lips meet mine hungrily, this is his way of relaxing me and it was working, but even just breathing in his scent calmed me down. Pulling away from his lips I lay my head down on his clammy chest, feeling his warmth, hearing his heart beating brings me back to reality and that he’s still here with me.

“Sit down before you fall on your face.” I whisper against his chest smiling

“You wouldn’t let me fall.” he pulls away and heads back to the table just in time for the doctor to knock on the door.


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