Lethal Touch

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2 Months Later:

The entire pack had begun to trust me, even respect me in a way, this I was actually happy about, I finally felt like I had people who cared about me, ever since the incident with the rogues they knew I wasn’t going to harm there Alpha. Ryker and I still hid our relationship from his pack but it was getting harder and harder to keep something from them when you are their Alpha. It is his duty to serve and protect them and I could tell it was wearing on him keeping secrets from the pack, hell it was hard on me and I wasn’t even apart of the pack.

It was getting harder for us to sneak around without other wolves finding us, I’m almost positive a little pup found us when we were holding hands walking through the forest, admiring the beauty of summer. Ryker knew how much I loved to be outside so he always included nature in any of our secret meetings. He had planned a small picnic close to the cabin just so nobody would bother us.

“I want to officially bind you to my pack, to become one of us. It will strengthen all of us to have you be apart of it and we will be able to speak through mind link if we were to get separated.” I nod my head in agreement, it made sense to link us.

“It’s sort of formal but not formal, a nice dress would be perfect. Nothing over the top though, I was actually going to suggest you take Alexandra, I’ve noticed the two of you have grown close to each other. But I’d suggest something that isn’t floor length since it’s May so the days and nights have grown warmer.” he smiled wiggling his eyebrows.

I met Alexandra within a month of being here, she’s been my friend ever since she told me to “get the fuck over myself, that I was worth so much more than what I was giving myself”. She’s the wittiest person I’ve ever known and its one of the best things about her, their are so many things about her I find admirable. She’s amazing hands down.

“Absolutely that’s no problem, she can show me what would work best for the occasion.”

“I forgot to let you know that it is tonight. I apologize sincerely I thought I had told you last month but I obviously didn’t, I already summoned her and she’s outside waiting by your car.” he apologized rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment.

Stunned is putting it mildly, I wasn’t prepared physically or mentally for it to be tonight! I hadn’t had the time to panic over being in front of hundreds of people in a matter of 5 hours! The anxiety bubbled up causing my saliva to thicken like I was about to throw up.

" I know it’s a lot to put on you but Alethea you will be fine I promise you, I’ll be with you the entire time.” That eases the anxiety a bit but not completely.

All I can do is nod and drive back to the pack house. I head for the car and Alexandra can see the panic in my face and she knows exactly what to say to calm me down.

“Remember Alethea, you cannot control the future and there is no reason to stress about it. It’s completely okay to be nervous but it’s not okay to feel the way you feel. You are in control over your emotions.”

I take a deep breath remembering that everything she says is true. I smile at her placing my gloved hand to her cheek in thanks.

“Lets find the hottest dress in the mall and make the Alpha jealous that he friend zoned you!”

“It was a mutual placement Alexandra! He did not put me in the friend zone, if anything i did by mentioning us just being friendly toward one another.” I hate that I had to lie to her but it was in everyones best interest to wait until Ryker told everyone all at once.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night love.” she laughs knowing damn well I have nothing to respond with. Alexandra 20 VS. Alethea 0

“Get in-”

“Loser were going shopping!” she cuts me off quoting her favorite movie of all time. I roll my eyes and fasten my seatbelt and drive off toward the mall which just happens to be Alexandras favorite place, she’s the opposite of me and I think that’s why we work out so well.

Heading into the Dress Barn she throws all sorts of gowns to me while I am in the dressing room, out of the 15 I’ve tried on she hasn’t liked one. I’m ready to die. I hear her squeal out and I swear I have an aneurysm at the noise that just came out of her mouth.

“I found theeee perfect one for you!” she said tossing over a beautiful plum knee length dress, it’s tight showing off all of my curves. It has long laced sleeves and the part that I least like about it is a completely open back, it shows my entire spine stopping just above my bottom. You can see the dimples on my back, thats how low it is.

“Is this really appropriate for a joining ceremony? I’m practically naked Alexandra.”

“Remember the devious plan of moving to the end zone Alethea? This will work! Even if that doesn’t work you’re going to look absolutely gorgeous in it! Maybe Beta Grayson will notice you instead, he’s single to you know. Show me!” I gawk at her mention of Grayson.

I step out and she admires the way the dress fits my body perfectly, the lace sleeves are my favorite part of the dress I must say. Her husband happened to be the man who trained me, Brian.

“Dang girl I never new you had both boobs and a badonkadonk! Hot damn if I wasn’t mated to my husband I’d be asking for your phone number right now!”

“You have my phone number Alexandra.” I laugh this woman brings so much joy into my life, I have no idea what I’d do without her.

“Don’t ruin it for me Al!” she laughs tears streaming down her face.

" But really love, this is the perfect dress for you, we’re not trying anymore on! Now onto shoes!” She yells running toward the high heeled section. I’m actually gonna die before I make it to the ceremony especially if she’s making me walk in heels.

She pulls out dark gray pumps that actually look good if that’s possible and when I tried them on they were incredibly comfortable, if this is how she shopped maybe I should return all my clothes and have her go shopping for me. She just knows what to get and what will work for my body type.

Buying the dress and shoes we leave and head back to the pack house where Alexandra has decided she’s going to do my hair and makeup, I told her she’d have to be careful not to touch because she knows what happens when skin contact happens.

She doesn’t let me go back to the pack house to rest so we head over to Brian and her home, its a cute little cottage with plenty of space for children which they’ve been trying for. Pulling me through their lovely home she takes me to her room and sits me in front of their vanity and begins curling my hair. She doesn’t go overboard with the makeup either, light foundation and light bronzer but goes heavy on the mascara. She puts an assortment of grey eye shadow on and calls it good. I call it amazing, I’ve never looked like this even before I lost my family.

“You look perfect!” she jumped up and down happily

“You did a great job Alexandra, thank you.” I smile

We have no time to spare and head straight for the pack house and I have to rush to the backyard where everyone is waiting. I don’t even look at Ryker but when I see the eyes of every pack member staring at me in awe. Oh shit. I’m scared again.


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